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Motorhead/No Sleep Til Hammersmith(1981)

Amazing how a cover could sell the album to you! No Sleep Til Hammersmith did just that to me back in early 1982. That album cover with the Bomber airplane being used as a lighting truss and another power trio band(Power Trio being the term used lightly here) playing METAL!

Lemmy(RIP) Fast Eddie and Philthy  Phil blew my brains out with their style of Metal. It was loud/noisy/fast but there was still hooks buried somewhere in between Lemmy’s vocals/rumbling distorted Bass and Eddie and Phil’s thrashing about on the Guitar and Drums respectively.

Ace Of Spades opens the 11 song album and Spades just destroys anything in its path. Welcome to the world of Motorhead as an 15-year-old! Stay Clean/No Class/OverKill/Bomber and my favourite tune on this album We Are The Road Crew just reek of booze/smoke! Just general chaos!

This fellow in high school with me at the time David Kunis bought all of Motorhead’s stuff so the next album I had heard was Iron Fist but it didn’t take to me at all and it wasn’t until 1992’s March Or Die that I would purchase another Motorhead album!

Make no mistake though No Sleep is Live! No OverDubs!

Loud Metal!


Moose (punk rocker kinda guy)first played me this tribute for the Ramones done by Motorhead at the time of its release in 1991 from the album called 1916. Aaron one of my good blogging buddies at his site Keeps Me Alive just did recently a Ramones compilation album review (We’re A Happy Family)that featured artists like Kiss/U2/Red Hot Chili Peppers/The Pretenders covering Ramones Classics. Missing though from the compilation was this great 1 minute 30 second Blitzkreig of a tune performed and written by Lemmy/Phil Campbell and Mickey Dee paying homage to the Ramones called well R.A.M.O.N.E.S!

This song just flat out rocks from the opening riff the music is played fast like ummmmm like speed! Super duper fast speed shit I need some of what these dudes are taking!(than again maybe not!). Seriously though as quick as this song is over you can’t help hearing Lemmy spewing the words R.A.M.O.N.E.S thru your noggin! This song is friggin catchy like Motorhead has hook(er)s!

Misfits Twillight Zone…R-A-M-O-N-E-S…..

Bottom line this is a serious kick ass track and for your viewing expierence along with the live video comes the lyrics so you can all sing along at the breakfast table when your all eating and spilling your Cheerios while reading my blog! Ha….

Also of note a few of my great followers who get my blog zipped to there cellular device said we can’t see any vids ..Yep,they are there just click the link or better yet cruise onto your home computer and get the full effect of my silliness! (By the way once again thanks for reading!)

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