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Cool Lil Numbers….The Beastie Boys/Jimmy James


Ha! What’s  a old Metal Head doing reviewing a Beasties Track? Well let’s not forget though that when the Beastie Boys dropped Licensed To iLL and when that record blew up with Fight For Your Right To Party and No Sleep Til Brooklyn in early 1987 we all gravitated towards this sound I mean there young guys(Adam Yauch(RIP),Ad Rock and Mike D) rapping over drums beats that I swear to God were done by Les Warner(drummer from the Cult) but weren’t but man Rick Rubin had just  produced the Cults awesome Electric record with Warner on the kit but yeah the Beasties of course had some metal sounding riffs(the dude from Slayer in the Fight For Your Right video) and what the hell so we all bought it!

Next up was Paul’s  Boutique in 1989 and I loved the heavy bass of Shake YourRump…hahahaha and well they kinda confused me they were changing it up with a curveball of a music shift but my head was buried in Warrants Cherry Pie at the time!  Hahahaha…

Of course I followed them from a distance but man they made some real cool videos!

So fast forward to late June 2014 and Aaron from keepsmealive.wordpress.com drops in the mailbox not one but 2 Beastie cds! One of the things he told me via email was he was interested in how a rocker would perceive the Beasties sound!

Challenge accepted! Sorry Aaron it took so long a full album will be coming but for now lemme tell Ya all about how this Ol Rock Dog hears Jimmy James! A song about Jimi Hendrix!

Jimmy James comes from the 1992 Beastie album Check Your Head.

This song is just a chill beat and a ton of Hendrix samples( they had to get the Ok from The Hendrix estate)tons of rapping and listen to dudes scratching and hacking on there turntables. These  guys were in my book originators but of cousre I’m about 23 years late to the party !

I always thought the three dudes had real cool rap voices that all blended  together remarkably well! Case in point,how about when in Fight For Your Right during the line where the 3 Dudes each throw down ” Your mamas just jealous it’s The Beastie Boys!” Never heard stuff like that back than…

More To Follow….


SONIC WAVES….The Cult/Electric



Spring 1987 and a friend of mind who goes by the name of Pizza Thief (long story) tells me too check out the new Cult record. My first reaction was naaa. I had  seen the  videos from Love on Muchmusic but I guess the whole gothey look they had going at the time just wasn’t doing it for me. Now I know what your thinking. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Absolutely true and I will explain later on but…..

Yeah Pizza Thief reiterated to me that I REALLY GOT TO CHECK THE CULT ALBUM OUT!!!! And he follows up that line with their doing AC-DC style rock! Screech….what? AC-DC?? You F*%kin with me? Nope says the Thief and well now it’s off to the record store. So let me tell you as soon as I heard the opening guitar from Billy Duffy at the beginning of WildFlower,holy crap Pizza Thief was right! AC-DC rock indeed !

Let’s listen to what Billy and The Wolfchild are riffing on……

WILDFLOWER- Billy Duffy Starts off the Electric album so for the next 38:51 The Cult  will hold me hostage with there street rock kicking out the jams at loud volume. I love the production on this record by Rick Rubin. It’s like once Duffy comes to his solos he cranks the fader up so the guitar is just gonna shred your stereo speakers! Luuuuuv it! One other thing that has to be mentioned is Ian Astburys tambourine playing! Man it makes the songs on this record come alive a f*#kin tambourine! Never ever thought I would type that in 2014!

PEACE DOG- Whoah …Peace is a dirty word!! By the second song I’m the Wolfchilds little bitch and he’s slapping me silly! This is tough rock man B-52 Babbbbbbbbeeeeeeee……(Ian is belting it out) Way up in the skyyyyyyyyy……this is like a B-52 bomber landing at the Thunder Bay Airport! Oooops I’m supposed to say International airport!(for the local blog readers)! We are a wanna be big city with a small town mentality.

LIL DEVIL- I think Ian and Billy must have hung out with Malcolm and Angus on this album and just jammed. This like many others on  this album was huge. That’s the great thing about the Cults music I know people who love the Cult and that’s about it as far as heavy rock goes for em! God bless em! But for some reason People love the Cult like people love AC-DC. Just keep it simple silly I guess the saying goes.

APHRODISIAC JACKET- the cool thing about Ian was sometimes figuring what the hell he was going on about at times! For me this is one of em! But who cares, drink beer,take drugs,and look for a fight that’s the Cult Mach 1987!

BADFUN- is a kicking track. Props to the drum mix on this whole record. Les Warner may be working at Walmart or sumthin now,but back than he had the Phil Rudd whole meal beat deal down pat!

KING CONTRARY MAN-lots of Yeahs in this song and lots of No’s as well plus Ian drops cool lines like “Zany antics of a Beat Generation” cool vibe he had strutting back than especially that awesome WolfHat on the cover of Electric….I Say Yeah!

LOVE REMOVAL MACHINE- wow now this is the number. I mean just crank it LOUD!  Billy just slays this song on guitar and Ian gives it to the Scarlett woman. This song garnered huge video play here in Canada. And of course tons of babeeeeee’s….shake it don’t break it’s as well thrown in for good measure!

BORN TO BE WILD- the cover version of the (fill in the blank) song when I hear this song I always think of the solo..just how jacked up the sound goes on it! Good version……Astbury nails this song vocally……

OUTLAW- The Cult is showing up,to your local tavern and cleaning all the alcohol out and telling the tale about Jimi the Boogie Man….must have been a true story somewhere that got Ian inspired! Imagine if  Astbury was the anchorman of your local 6 pm news hour! He would start off the telecast with ‘ Jimi the boogie man,took a shotgun in his hand,turned on dude candy man”..geez I could listen to Astbury read the news all night!

MEMPHIS HIP SHAKE-is the last tune on the Electric and Ian kicks the can one last time with a lot of shakes/ shake / shake. Astbury is the King of cool circa 87. Plus the fact that he nailed a mean tambourine is full on props as well. Also we can’t forget about the lightning bolts that come out of Duffys guitars in these songs .This album is well….ELECTRIC!

IN CONCLUSION-The Cult had already grabbed a foothold in Canada by the Love album which I ignored due to the Gothey looking videos as I called em! My bad,my mistake but like I said earlier you cannot judge a book by its cover and by that thank god Pizza Thief spoke to me about the Electric album. I’m sure once i seen the vids I woulda got around to it. But after the release of their next album Sonic Temple I purchased Love and all these years later I still love Rain,Nirvana,Revolution and She Sells Sanctuary from it!

Watch the video…great live performance of Love Removal Machine and then into She Sells Sanctuary that morphs into Born To Be Wild! Check it out! And crank it!

Now what’s Pizza Huts phone # again?