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SONIC WAVES…..Quiet Riot/Metal Health

1983 …hmm Beat it just Beat it! said Mikey Jackson and then comes 4 Californians who call themselves Quiet Riot and dump into our Sonic Senses Metal Health!!! Faith is restored cuz if DeKEs is gonna sit through a Jacko vid Ya better slap me outside of the head with some hard rock and Quiet Riot did somewhat deliver….

Allright,Allright stop your giggling. This week of QR Reviews had to be done but back in 83 if you were my age (16)you weren’t laughing u wanted Metal Health! Your getting Metal Health and we’re all gonna be committed together Into the QR Nuthouse!

Well since it was 1983 …the biggie releases for me were the immortal Flick Of The Switch by ACDC, the great classic metalmaster of epics!(ask Tbone) Iron Maiden with Piece Of Mind,Leppard was kicking ass with Pyromania and gulp …QR With Metal Health!

QR Metal Health was the first so-called metal album to go number 1 back in 83.

Yeah man give these guys some credit….Kevin/Carlos/Rudy and Frank sold a ton of albums and if your still laughing at me,yeah well you were right behind me buying it back than so I will laugh back atcha ! Hey cuz that’s how I roll !

So for this week,chill back with your early am coffee or beverage of choice and enjoy the read!( I hope) of QR albums here @Arenarock!

METAL HEALTH-Banali on the drums rolls over and starts off Metal Health and Dubrow drops a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ….and we’re off and running and here’s Carlos laying down the solo and Chuck Wright dropping the bass groove(Rudy Sarzo would be back for the photo shoot and be on part of Metal Health but he was just getting off the Crazy Train with its conducter Ozzy Osbourne) and by golly we got ourselves the Metal Anthem of 1983 well Dubrow said that I recall in Circus magazine so his ego was already off and running….

CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE- Slade cover never heard the original but man QR make it their own and it’s everywhere on video and radio!  Is it just me or does Dubrow look like Ra McGuire (lead singer for Trooper a  Canadian band) brother…hahaha….Carlos rips down the solo and Rudy licks his bass and we got a hit..a real big hit!

DONT WANNA LET YOU GO- Geez 3 songs in the boys slam on the breaks and slow down the action with this tune. It’s not a bad song and it gives a good tempo throughout the song. Carlos shows on guitar that he can let it rip and slow Er down when you have too..

SLICK BLACK CADILLAC -wowzers QR give it gas right off the hop with SBC! And Carlos punches the gas on guitar,while Frankie slams the drums and Kev tells us the cops have a APB on him! Thats good this is a little cooker of a track! I have seen these guys live about 4 times now and this is always the second track of the show! Carlos pulls off some neat little wanky guitar bar action at the end….

LOVES A BITCH- Baaaaaaabeeeee….Dubrow must have been scorned man and well he would really be scorned once the fan base wisened up! Boom. Big power chorus! QR is Rockin and ending side 1 on a high! Good tune.

BREATHLESS-another good studio track. This one as well could have been a single as well. QR definitely had their own sound for this record and they actually stood apart sound wise from all others albeit for a brief time!

RUN FOR COVER- Banali lays some waste on his kit and its a double bass meal deal all the way thru and its one of think the best songs in there repitore if Ya asked me ! Cavazo lays down the solo and Sarzo keeps in at all on the down low with his bass. Dubrow even makes it sound cool you know…..Run For Cover…I’m a hit and run lover! Hahahaha ..it didn’t get any better than that back in 83!

BATTLEAXE- Carlos gets his $1.38(minutes) of guitar solo action and man what a cool title! Not an easy task when the guitar player before you in QR was Randy Rhoads but give Cavazo credit he just did what he did on this record .

LETS GET CRAZY- smash crash bang..holy shit Banali mashes the beginning of the song with the splash of a gong! Cool and QR is off to the races and Dubrow tells us all to get Crazeeeeee! The party is going strong …..

THUNDERBIRD- ahh QR do the tribute tune to their fallen comrade (Rhoads) and end the record with a good track. Dubrow missed his pal and so did many rock fans and give the QR guys credit they delivered a solid ball of rock!

In Conclusion: 83 and it’s Metal Health all the way! So start your laughing cause we all owned it and still do! I mean I was watching the Rangers/Canucks hockey game(Dec 13 2014) and in between face off drops I could hear it over the commentators voice the beginning to Metal Health…yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 30 years later…..it’s still going….