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UFO: Conversation with Curran, Fraser, Kelly and Jensen.



Well, Season 2 of Scotch On The Rocks debut episode is in the books and by all accounts it was a great time.

I was lucky enough to reach out to Greg Fraser, Andy Curran, Sean Kelly, Brent Jensen who all agreed to come on.

What the boys did not know was that I had Mike Fraser waiting in the wings so they were pretty psyched when I brought him on.

Not only was UFO discussed but I had each of the guys tell us what is going on in there world. These fella’s are all busy with various projects so I was thrilled that they would take the time to hop on for the hour.

I had an issue with my Mac at the beginning so unfortunaltely the first two minutes are lost so my apologies to Brent.

Sit back and enjoy…..


Andy Curran & Mike Fraser

Well, wasn’t that an epic night of music discussion on the “Lebrain Train” as both Andy and Mike stepped up with some great stories.

Andy giving us the lowdown on auditioning for Doro and almost putting together a band with Adrian Smith from Maiden as well many other stories from the man himself!

The best is Andy will come back at some point to talk about the Coney Hatch 4 release and by then myself and Mikey will have dug into the new double live Coney Hatch ‘El Mocambo’ live show as well.. We will ask Andy about his new band “Envy of None.”

It was cool that we were able to hook both Fraze and Andy up at one point in the show for a quick catch up.

Fraze once again delivered some great stories as well. One of my favs was the time Fraze went down to Dallas to record a live show for Jackyl.

It was supposed to be an overnighter but Fraze ended up on the Jackyl tour bus for 6 weeks!

So many great stories about working with Chickenfoot, The CULT, Yngwie and much more including some recent music like The Wild! and Lee Aaron’s latest!

Click the 32 minute mark of the video when Andy shows up…

Thanks to both Fraze and Andy…

Mike Fraser on the Lebrain Train

That’s right Folk’s this Friday Night(January 29th) we have the one and only  Mike Fraser on the show and we will be chatting about all those killer albums Mike has been part of creating some of the most iconic albums out there.

Want to know  what it has been like working with AC/DC in the studio since 1990?  How about hearing some stories about those albums that are in your collection along with AC/DC like Aerosmith, Van Halen, Bryan Adams, Blue Murder, Metallica, Coverdale-Page and many more.

Get the scoop from those records from Mr. Fraser as he joins us at Mike Lebrain’s YouTube Channel Friday at 7pm! 

Don’t miss it!