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dEKE’s Top 5 Studio Album’s Of 2016…



Special New Years Day Post On What I Consider The 5 Best Albums of 2016……

1- THE CULT/ Hidden City…Hidden City was released in Feb of 2016 and what can you say but that Ian Astbury/Billy Duffy/John Tempsta and Bob Rock (Producer) put out a Masterpiece of Epic proportions! 12 Songs of Excellent Craftmanship where you find the King Of Street Rock  Riff’s Mr Duffy plying his trade of excellent Guitarmanship molded with Ian and his lyrical mysticism driven forward by  the Rhythmic Antics of Tempsta on the drums! Rock in the producers chair Let’s The Music Do The Talking! Have to add that Avalanche Of Light is in my estimation the Best Rock Track Not to released as a single this year! Travesty! Of course Wolfchild and Duffy showing up to play this past July in Thunder Bay also helped matters as they went 5 Tracks deep from Hidden City Live proving that if you call Wolfchild and The Cult  an Nostalgia Act. Ian will punch you in the Fuckin Throat! Ya-Yuh!

2-METALLICA/Hard Wired To Self Destruct…Too be honest I did not see this one coming in at Numero 2! I bought into the Hype and preordered it through iTunes and they quickly dropped 3 tracks Stat! I listened to them but I’m still old school as I like to hear the album in its entirety! Once it was released Hard Wired was an absolute beast of an album as Metallica did it the right way. The studio tracks to me harken back to Tallica’s And Justice For All period mixed with a blend of Sabbath at some point. The  Deluxe Edition is superb as well. They included cover song’s(Rainbow/Deep Purple/Maiden) and  a live show this past year where they only play tracks from the first two albums in their career ( 1983’s Kill Em All and  1984’s Ride The Lightening) James Hetfield man on this live recording inner channels his early 20’s and his singing is so good its crazy. Also if you are looking for a Crash Course on  James  rhythm guitar playing look no further than the live tracks on the left side of your headphones!  The blog community went nutso with same day release reviews by Mikey/Aaron and Bop! That’s how pumped with excitement people were. Even though Metallica are multi millionaires at least they still have their ear to the street and can give all us Blue Collar Peeps an album worth the money!

3-ALTERBRIDGE/ The Last  Hero….Myles Kennedy is one of my favourite rock singers under the age of 50! Haha! Everyone talks about his vocals but the man can play the 6 string as well. Speaking of the 6 string Mark Tremonti plays Metal Riffs and mixed with Myles vocals AB put out stellar product that charges out of the gate with opener The Last  Hero and doesn’t let up! Alterbridge shift all kinds of musical horizons but don’t puss out as the album can go head to head with anything out there currently! Just read that Myles and Mark recorded a bunch of this album playing 7 string guitars to give a bit more of a punch sonically ! Punch I got!

4-MONSTER TRUCK/Sittin Heavy… Reader HMO will be glad to see some CanCon in here and it’s by Monster Truck which is band that can rock a Hammond organ like no other  mixed with a dose of Heavy Devy Rock. Big Rock Riffs/Slick Songs/Great Vocals all blended  with the best elements of Skynyrd/Alice In Chains/Sabbath and you have a winner! Caught these guys Live here in Tbay back in March along with Tbone and our Asses were kicked. Even Tbone opened his wallet and shelled out for Sittin Heavy(That’s saying Something)! Anyone reading this that has the Truck come through their town Catch Em Live! You will not be disappointed! Don’t Fuck With The Truck! M.T say that…not me! But I wouldn’t mess with these guys!

(Two way tie for )5th-RIVAL SONS/Hollow Bones…..For sure they are going to be here! Why not? Rival Sons add 70’s Fused out Blues rock and mix it up with a current sound. It helps when you have Scott Holiday on guitar who is an absolute beast on the 6 string and you want a ton of Fuzzed up cool riffs? Look no further than Mr Holliday! Jay Buchanen has a real smooth rock voice which at certain times reminds me of Paul Rodgers! Ok. Jay and Myles are my two fav singers under the age of 50! Rival Sons keep putting out solid product. They have never let me down!

5TH- Toque/Toque….Crazy that I would include an album filled with cover versions by Canadian Artists! Toque rock’s  as they toss out 12 Canuck fav’s from yesteryear and update the sound with a singer(Todd Kerns) who delivers along with players who can play(Corey Churko and Brent Fitz). These song’s I grew  up with and with an updated sound as I have already mentioned. Living in a world of seriousness  these tunes are just plain out fun!

There ya go Folks! I have reviewed all these albums except for the Metallica album. Feel free to surf the site for  reviews of the other albums…

Don’t fret I will review Hardwired at some point but its a huge mountain of music. It took me a year almost to review my favourite album of 2015- Iron Maiden’s Book OF Souls…..

As always thanks for reading…..

Happy New Year!






Monster Truck /Sittin Heavy(2016)

I can count on one hand how many new bands that can come across my musical radar now that I actually dig(AlterBridge and Rival Sons would be two). For me I always go back to the classics. I think someone somewhere said I was musically frozen in the 80s! Haha…Fair Point and in a musical sense  yeah for the most part.

Monster Truck hailing from fellow blog reader “Bop’s” backyard of Hamilton Ontario are one of those new acts that with their second full length release Sittin Heavy have kicked my ass with a Furiousity (Ha!) so swift that I can’t believe how friggin good this album is….

Jon Harvey(Lead Vocals and Bass) Jeremy Widerman(Guitar) Brandon Bliss(Keys) and Steve Kiely(Drums) lay down a Sonic Boom that wallops you outside the head with some good old-fashioned Hard Rock!

The Truck fuses to my ears that is  the classic hard rock sounds of the 70s. The Truck skip all the fancy trimmings and trappings of the 80s and take hold of the sonics of the early 90s and there you have it!  A sound that is all their own and one that is loud!

Monster Truck say Don’t Fuck With The Truck…I say ‘Yep!’

WHY ARE YOU NOT ROCKING?-“Allright! Good To Go!” is said  by perhaps Jon and The Truck blast right out of the gate with Steve on the drums setting the table with a 4 on the floor stomper with Jeremy blasting quick shot of guitar riffs between verse’s. Jon delivers a great gruff rock vocal and slams his bass in overdrive while Brandon knows his place with his keyboard! He adds to the sonic boot camp known as Monster Truck! Love this tune! It’s fast it’s furious and it leaves you wanting more!

DONT TELL ME HOW TO LIVE-Truck delivers a real good hard rock single! This tune delivers the goods great verse a little on the tough rock side but by the chorus Jon sings a real smooth chorus. Love the mix and production courtesy of Eric Ratz. The band knows it’s place when writing these kind of radio rock tunes. Keep an eye and ear on keeping things nice and clean but toss in some loud drums and a fuzz guitar to not lose the street cred! Well done boys!

SHE’S A WITCH-Think Black Sabbaths After Forever during the verse’s. Man the guitar riff is so good! Top notch and this is jam 101 at Monster Truck Central! This song just flat-out rocks and also features a real good lead vocal! The song builds up and up and is so good seriously this album is ridiculously awesome!

FOR THE PEOPLE -This currently is my favourite track! We all know that these cats can play but man listen to the harmonies on this tune as I posted the video to it! It’s a good time feel good number! Kick Evil in the Ass and rise up people! This song just grooves with a real cool guitar work courtesy of Jeremy and special guest Ian Thornley(snappy slide guitar). All of the Truck guys can sing and man oh man they all look like brawlers but the Truck can kick your arse in different ways than just fists!

BLACK FOREST-Some nice Keyboard work by Brandon and Black Forest is a chill out track but thanks for some cool fuzz out heavy action guitar this makes the song far from wimping out! Nice build up from the verses Into the chorus.

ANOTHER MANS SHOES-Man this tune reminds me of like your were to take Deep Purples Perfect Strangers album and shoot it with a syringe full of steroids and boom here’s Another Man’s Shoes. The drums laid down by Steve sound like Steve Gorman slamming his drums on the second Black Crowes studio album ‘Southern Harmony”. These boys can chill out in Black Forest but ramp up things in a huge sonic boom like explosion in Another Man’s Shoes!

THINGS GET BETTER-Real cool piano begins this tune and leads the charge with a quick tempo. Monster Truck lead the charge with a lot of positive lyrics on this song and For The People. Love the chorus! Tempo change and they in the process keep the Truck on the road!

THE ENFORCER-Listen to that goal siren wail and The Enforcer will smash your teeth in! Honestly this is as close to Canadian on here as it gets. The lyrics tell the tale of the a fighter. Broken noses,missing teeth it’s all here. The song grooves with a ferocity that rocks with a bunch of ear candy like “Whoah Whoahs” sung and some stinging guitar work by Jeremy during the verses leads the way. Great song and makes me wanna break things. Hahaha….no not really I’m just trying to be tough!

TO THE FLAME-Is a big fuzzed up rock track and as Jon sings “There’s no way Outta here!” This tune is a late night after hours jam out tune! Big sonics rock this track! Heavy Jon Lord Like keys! Scott Holiday like fuzzed up loud guitar. Heavy Devy Drums and a knarly like lead vocal. People this is heavy rock delivered with style and flair

NEW SOUL-4 on the floor stomper! More straight ahead Truck stop rock and it drives a nice quick speed. Rock n Roll at its simple best. Just a great rock track with a heavy fuzzed up like rock shuffle. New Soul rocks….

ENJOY THE TIME-Brandon plays a real slick keyboard pattern on this tune and it totally reminds me of Paul Raymond of UFO fame style and there’s the 70s influence showing and the beginning of this song with Jeremy on guitar which is total Paul Chapman UFO not Schenker UFO. But that’s where the comparison ends. “Enjoy The Time We Had Friends Together” sings Jon and for all the rock that this  guy sings on this album he can chill out and take a breather. Nice end of the album wrap up and this album is so good just push repeat and play the damn thing again!

FINAL YAMMER- I preordered this back in early December(2015) and iTunes dropped down three songs quick from this album but I didn’t want to hear them until I got the other 8 songs as I want to hear it as whole, not as a single hear a single their kind of deal.

Man this album cooks and I’m totally blown away by it. I was expecting a pretty good album but what I heard was a frigging Awesome album that fuses all things of Rock that I likey!

Monster Truck blend a ton of influence’s but still keeping an ear to the ground and forging a sound of their own! That’s the best thing I can say about them …..

Must thank Bop as well for the info on the Ian Thornley guest appearance as ITunes did not drop down the digital booklet (Meh) with this release.

Look forward to checking out this killer band here in Tbay tomorrow night!

Live Review will be coming up shortly!