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Just Between You & Me: Myles Goodwyn(2017-Book Review)


Thanks to Mr Books for sending me this ummmm…. Book!

So here we have another Rock star writing his memoir. Myles Goodwyn is his name and he’s the founder/main songwriter/guitarist/lead vocalist of the Can Con band April Wine.

April Wine had a real good Arena run here in Canada back in the late 70’s early 80’s even broke through in the U.S.A in 1981 with the big single Just Between You And Me from the pretty decent album Nature of the Beast.

Myles though goes from the his years growing up in Nova Scotia. Picking up the guitar. Forming April Wine and the drama that came with it.

I will say Goodwyn pulls no punches towards his ex band mates and writes quite candidly  about the problems that arose once they started selling records as well as  once the wheels started coming off the Wine X-press!

At times his writing comes across as grumpy as in he says David Lee Roth’s voice with his  “Whoah’s” and well you know Roth’s deal but Myles just says it irks him and wish some one would have slapped Roth . Also another one is when they were playing the bar circuit back in the early 2000’s and Carl Dixon was involved. Myles  says when  they released there live album they couldn’t use any of Carl’s parts.

Like really?  That’s a slag man. Why print that? Carl though in his book did mention the fact that when he would rehearse with April Wine they would so at ear-piercing volumes. Don’t slam Carl to hard Myles as Coney Hatch has released four stellar albums so…..

Course there are fun things as well in the book like when the Wine opened for The Rolling Stones back in 77 at the El McCambo  in Toronto and Maggie Trudeau was partying with Mick/Keef/Ronnie. You know those old debauchery tales of yesteryear.

With all the fun things scattered throughout the book comes the bad stuff or as I guess what you called Life. Myles battles with alcohol/ rehab/failed marriages/failing health and basically calling out issue’s with his ex members in April Wine which would be interesting to hear what a guy like ex drummer Jerry Mercer would have to say after being called out as ‘Doper” in the book. Myles though like I wrote earlier says he was no angel as well. Still though…

I will say he talks about the making of the April Wine albums in detail which is a real cool part of the book and the fallout from the followup to the ‘Beast” album called Powerplay which failed to ignite more sales. Animal Grace in 85 is discussed as well as is Walking Through Fire from 1987 as  that album was the nail in coffin for these guys until the early 90’s.

This book was an “Ok” read. Fellow Wine Guitarist Brian Greenway adds a ton of quotes to the stories as well.  I mean it’s basically Myles writing his version of Motley Crue’s The Dirt  except he knows no dancer named Bullwinkle. 

Maybe since I recently read Bruce Dickinson’s book which is written about Bruce’s life but from a  different angle. Meaning that Bruce states that he’s not discussing band mates/family/wives/girlfriends etc.  Myles does the opposite and writes about all this stuff in his book.

Myles Book. His Deal!

Who knows maybe I’m mellowing….