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SONIC WAVES ..Slash,Myles Kennedy &The Conspirators /Live At The Roxy 09/25/2014

So we all know that Slash and Company’s album World Of Fire was my fav album of 2014 that I called back in September of that same year  a full 3 months before Mike Ladanos end of the year lists went up on his site!  He did ? me about it saying would  Slashs album be my fav as there was still time left in the year of 2014? Nothing came close as Slash,Myles,Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz slapped me outside the noggin with World On Fire….to refresh yourselves read it here….https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2014/09/20/sonic-waves-slash-feat-myles-kennedy-and-the-conspirators/

(Actually the comments from fellow readers on the Word On Fire review are classic…man I laughed at those comments than and still laughing now!)

Also of note when you play the two vids posted there are 10 second advertisements before the Slash Performances! Arena Rock Thunder does not support this method as I don’t cater this blog to Corperate Bullshit! Having said that to get my message across with my babble it’s important to feature video so you as the reader can figure out just what the hell I’m going on about! How’s that??……Ha!

June 16 2015 and heres  Slash releasing what has been becoming the norm for many a rock act! Which is DVD and Digital release. So I preordered this bad boy a few months back and well it’s time to yammer on a review of this real solid live release!

2015 and the last 3 albums I have purchased have been Van Halens Live At The Tokyo Dome,Sammy Hagar and The Circle and now Slash,Myles and there peeps! Basically all live albums! Yeah I love them! These three I mentioned are worth your cash…..

Poor Poor Axl!(that ones for you Robbo!)

GHOST- is a great opener as Slash opens the proceedings with his signature sound and we’re off! Slash on tour is aided by Frank Sidoris who handles all the rhythm fine and dandy and should be giving some kudos as well! Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz nail down and keep everything in check and like why wouldn’t they there fellow Canuckleheads as well! Myles Kennedy like I have said before is one of the best Rock vocalists plying his craft right now!

NIGHT TRAIN- Fitz nails down some cowbell as the band ploughs forward and its Guns N Roses time folks and Kennedy when I hear him sing these GNR classics the question of “why bother” comes up which is really Theres no need for Slash to do a GNR reunion. Like why,when you got Myles who shows up gives it 120% every night singing your old bands songs! Stay drama free Slash!

HALO-this song keeps the pace going! great guitar-in from Slash and Frank and the band as well is tight! Halo keeps the rock vibe going and  Slash has built up quite the the catalogue since he enlisted Myles. They are for all intent purpose a very good rock n roll duo!

BACK FROM CALI-this tune has a laid back vibe to it at the beginning of it with just Slash picking and Myles vocally leading the song out of the gate but before you know it all hands on deck as the rest of the fellas strike up the song and it features a great groove a even better chorus and some neat little intricate time changes! Great song!

STONE BLIND-has for me become one of my fav Slash and Company tunes ever! Love how the intro has some kind of trippy hippy vibe and than boom into the money shot of the song which is the verses! Myles man the dude can write lyrics and these are some great lines here! Slash and the rest of the  pack keep the tune a grooving ala Aerosmithy kind of vibe.

YOU COULD BE MINE-Brent Fitz does that real cool drum intro that we all know and Frank An Slash rip there guitars to shreds and Slash  nails down the solo and we’re off! This is classic GNR! One of there best tracks and this song just rocks from start to finish!

DR ALIBI-Todd Kerns the bass masher steps up to the plate and sings Dr Alibi and the dude has a real good rock voice himself and for all of us Canuckleheads we all remember him when he sang and played geetar in Age Of Electric! So yeah he’s one of Slashs secret weapons and that’s Kerns who can take the song vocally and make it his own! This song is a straight ahead 4 on the floor rocker!

YOUR CRAZY-Dr ALibi ends and milliseconds later were right into another GNR Classic and guess what kiddies Todd handles the vocals once again and gives Myles a double break! ( I’m sure when Myles takes this break in the show he’s probably writing lyrics for the next Alter Bridge album!) Kerns gives it gas here I mean lets all say it! “Your Fuckin Crazy,” see don’t we all feel better!

WICKED STONE-boom this song kicks ass! Great driving rhythm and the song cooks in a Slash kinda way! Love the groove oooozes with Aero drippings in spots!

30 YEARS TO LIFE-love the slide guitar opener of this track! Brent Fitz kicks his snare into overdrive and Slash and company rock it to the top! Another catchy tune like these guys just drip coolness with there own rock vibe. Slash knows the deal as were all getting older but you can still blast the Rock loud! This is loud …don’t believe me….buy the damn thing! Real cool rock tempo,cool verses and real slick chorus!

ROCKET QUEEN- 17 minutes 4o secs of Rocket Queen! Yeah you read that right! You know what folks,i’m totally ok with Slash doing this as he kicks the song in the ass with a real long jam between at first him,Kerns and Fitz driving the bus. Slash keeps the mojo cooking with real cool slick lead fills and does not over due it and Kerns lays down some real cool bottom end and after a few minutes Frank joins the party and its a free for all jam! Myles gets a break and he should  as he’s  always giving it in the vocal department! Smart move by Slash instead of doing the obligatory 7 minute guitar solo which i would listen to not as much as the song Slash keeps the band moving forward. Thanks man for not doing guitar wanking 101! I salute you!

BENT TO FLY-is a great Rock track it starts off kinda moody but not to mopey and by the time we get to the chorus the song ramps up with power chords and macho swagger just letting me know that were not wimping out here but we’re actually ramping it up kids! Cool Slash and you know it’s him once the solo starts I mean the guy has classic written all over him! He ebbs and flows up the fretboard with relative ease and man what can Ya say! I was Bent To Fly!

STARLIGHT-i’m really surprised that Myles can sing this tune at the top of the vocal register without tossing out his lung! This is back to back(along with Bent To Fly) chill Slash! Good song and Slash can chill ,Slash can Rock and for that all is well at Arena Rock!

YOUR A LIE-love the power down slammer hammer of this tune and it comes across live! Great verses and chorus and thanks Slash for just flat out rock in the year of 2015! Thanks also for not sapping out!

WORLD ON FIRE-whoah I love this tune I really love it! This  kicks serious ass! This was Slashs first single from World On Fire! This song kicks ass the verse is sick good! Myles lays down super cool vocals and Kerns like he does all over this album provides grade A backing  vocals amazing that the dude who does the backing vocals is solid in his own right! Smart move Slash roping in Kerns! This song Smokes! Watch the video and see how it’s supposed to be done! FYI take Myles advice…just trip the wire!

ANASTASIA-Slash plays a real cool opening on acoustic and shifts to electric in a rock second and were off with cool time changes and once again more money shots in the chorus also love how in the middle section of the tune Slash hops back on his acoustic and before you know it he’s back to the electric ….bada bing bada boo!

SWEET CHILD OF MINE-Ummm what needs to be said about this tune that already hasn’t been said? Yeah that’s what I thought!

SLITHER-is the sleazy tune from Slashs Velvet Revolver Daze! I dig the opening of this tune as Kerns lays down some sleazy like bass action in synch with Fitzs drums and Myles introduces the band members and than they take it up a notch with Slither! Great all round rock tune!

PARADISE CITY-hey! What I said about Sweet Child also applys here!

IN CONCLUSION- if you haven’t figured it out by now I really dig this live opus by Slash and Dudes! These guys rock it up big time but keep themselves in check and that’s by playing the tunes and not letting ego dictate drum solos,guitar solos. Just  feed me 17 minutes of Rocket Queen and we all can go home happy!