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U.F.O/ Live At Hammersmith(1983)

England’s U.F.O by 1983 was in shambles! Years of hard touring caught up with these guys and the wheels came off the UFO Tour Bus! Pete Way(Bassist) had split and was replaced by Paul Gray. Whereas Phil Mogg(vocals) Paul Chapman(guitar) Neil Carter(Keyboards and Guitar) Andy Parker(drums) sauntered on and were still doing decent business in the U.K and Europe but had fizzled out in North America as UFO was on its last legs!

Making Contact was the final album for a while (like others UFO did reform/disband/reform) but here is UFO in shining glory and I will tell you all now that  they are on Fucking Fire here!

One listen to this album and if you think there splitting up would be happening shortly after this guess again this ain’t Slop Rock it’s indeed Classic Rock!

1 We Belong To The Night 4:19
2 Let It Rain 3:06
3 Couldn’t Get It Right 4:41
4 Electric Phase 2:59
5 Doing It All For You 5:50
6 Long Gone 4:55
7 Chains Chains 2:51
8 Lonely Heart 5:06
9 Blinded By A Lie 4:07
10 No Place To Run 5:50
11 Mystery Train

Recorded on 15th April 1983 at Hammersmith Odeon, London

The video that I posted is the song  Blinded By A Lie a track  from the Making Contact album but here this Bad Boy Smokes Big Time. This tune has  all the ingredients of Classic UFO…(watch the video closely as you can see one pic that has Billy Sheehan on Bass as he was hired for the Farewell Tour later in 1983)

Let’s Diagnose this track shall we??!

Chapman powers up some decent rock guitar whereas Mogg always tell the tale of lost love usually with a smack to the forehead! “Blinded” especially during the pre chorus builds and you see how Neil Carter deployed the use of Keyboards properly as they are added in the background as a texture not shoved down your ear lobes like Jon Cain does in Journey. UFO does it with class with an added rock tequila shot and a boot in the ass!

As for a bonus. 3 songs are featured from the often misunderstood but classic (to me) Mechanix album(We Belong To The Night/Let it Rain and Doing It All For You) which is more value added to your well spent buck!

Tons of live UFO albums out their but this one has a killer classic bunch of tunes I mean there are 100s of UFO live albums that have Doctor Doctor on them so it being left off of here is no biggie…

Seek this one out…..

Gary Moore/ Run For Cover(1985)

Gary Moore (RIP)should have been huge in North America! Of course Gary laid done some brilliant guitar work in Thin  Lizzy but like many others in successful bands  he split and went solo!

It was sometime in late 1984 I first read about Belfast born Gary Moore in Metallion Magazine (RIP) as Moore was gonna be doing the Monsters Of Rock 1984 with Van Halen,Motley Crüe, Dio,Accept,AC/DC,Ozzy and Y&T! There’s some serious guitar action there! Geezus a ton of heavy hitters!

All the bands mentioned above I had on vinyl or cassette except for I had nothing by Moore! I figured what the F*^k I’ll check out something by Gary Moore as I mean here’s this guy named Gary and he’s playing on the same stage as Ed Van Halen,Angus Young,Jake E Lee,Vivian Campbell,Wolf Hoffman, Jompa’s home boy Dave Menketti so Moore must be good!

Corridors Of Power was the chosen cassette tape I bought and it took one track the first song Don’t Take Me For A Loser and man I was hooked! The dude could play guitar,sing plus for added bonus he had Neil Carter ex of UFO riding shotgun playing rhythm guitar and keys!

From there I bought the double live We Want Moore as it was released at the time (1984) that I first read about him! The opening track Murder In The Skies just flat out rocked! His guitaring on that track is soooo good and the fact that he wrote it about the Russian Jet Fighter that shot down that Korean Airliner carrying civilians proved that he wasn’t just gonna sing about party rock doofus themes all the time!

When 1985 rolls around I’m onboard right away with Run For Cover when it’s released!

Run For Cover is a great rock record! Moore embraces the rock side but pushes it’s limits at time with 1985s technology! Also interesting is that he used including himself 5 different producers and there are some decent names Like Andy Johns(Led Zeppelin) Beau Hill (Ratt) Mike Stone(Journey) and Peter Collins(Rush) ….

Gary also brought on board with him some real good musicians like Glenn Hughes  (vocals), Bob Daisley(bass) and one of Mike Ladanos favs Phil Lynott (RIP) .

So between producers and all star musicians Gary from Belfast plays a real good Strat and sings a decent tune!

Boys are indeed back in town….

RUN FOR COVER-a snazzy whirl of the keys and boom Run For Cover is just that! Gary and his Strat are ripping licks  left and right and the drums and bass are locked and Run For Cover is a great opener as its features great verses and chorus along with a real slick move by dumping the opening snazzy whirl of the synth in the middle of the song  which segues right into Moores solo and this solo is soooooo friggin good..well watch the vid! Moore kicks my ass in a cool 1985 kinda way….

REACH FOR THE SKY-Moore peels leads right off the hop at the start of this track. This is a basic rock track so basically it’s old school rock not a synth in site and Glenn Hughes delivers the bass  while Gary wails on his guitar and throws down a good rock vocal.

MILITARY MAN-Phil Lynott wrote this track as Gary and him hook up on this track. Military Man has some Military like drum rolls and sharp bursts of almost a Celtic like flavour added and of course two years later Gary really dives Into the Irish roots with Over The Hills And Far Away.  Military Man is a great track. Kinda  a Thin Lizzy reunion!

EMPTY ROOMS-this is a great slower paced tune. Moore oooozes slow riff after slow riff but not to the point of Sap! Neil Carter was Moores wingman on keys,rhythm guitar and backing vocals and is showcased on this tune as well since he co wrote it. This song did well for Moore! Case in point I heard it back in the day of our local Am watered down station 580 CKPR! Usually they were pumping Air Supply and Little River Band to give you old foggies a idea!

OUT IN THE FIELDS-Lynott returns and along with  Moore take this tune to town! Out In The Fields is a classic song about the boys growing up in Ireland and the turmoil and war going on at the time. Moore plays a great guitar on this track and this is one of the songs that embraces 80s technology but in 2015 keeps it in check! Great solo on this tune and if you want a good ass kicker version check out YouTube and search Gary Moore Out In the Fields Monsters Of Rock 2003! It’s just a Moore,some bass and guitar and a shitload of Moores fantastic playing….the vid I posted is the studio track and you can see by the lyrics written it’s none of that cat dragged in material! Great song!

NOTHING TO LOSE-Gary sets the pace with this track and it’s just another straight ahead rock track! No frills just a good rock track. Gary has some tunes that have nothing to do witht 80s technology and are just simple tunes! Great solo by Moore and the band just use the keep it simple silly  rule! Atta Boys!

ONCE IN A LIFETIME-this is a great song! Sure it has the 80s trappings of poppy kind of Keys but man it has Moore playing some good guitar and when duty calls he could write a decent track that could be played on radio. Great poppy chorus with a added touch of coolness tossed in!

ALL MESSED UP-this is a straight ahead party rock track! Gary is All Messed Up With No Place To Go! Have you been to that place? This song is  a good loud rock guitar drivin track and I’m sure it went down a storm live in concert!

LISTEN TO YOUR HEARTBEAT-Moore ramps right down and almost goes a little bluesy on this tune. Of course it was a sign of the times as 5 years later(1990) Moore ditched the Rock and went into full out blues mode with his 1990 album Still Got The Blues and scored his first ever Gold Record in the USA!  I didn’t follow Moore’s path to Bluesville but he put a ton of Blues albums and also dabbled with Rock until he died in 2011.

IN CONCLUSION- living in Tbay I could count on one hand the amount of people that I knew that listened to Moore! There loss as they missed out on some real good Rock guitar. Run For Cover is a great no frills Rock record and actually I guess with 5 producers and special guest musicians its a allstar record now that I think about it!

Moore has all kinds of  tunes on here embracing 80s technology but also staying true to the rock guitar roots of his career!

If anyone reading this comes across any of Moore’s stuff pick it up! ITunes as well has a lot of his stuff not that I’m plugging Apple but that is my method of purchase nowadays as we all know ……


1982 and UFO become one of those highschool bands that we all listened to and the main culprits were myself and my buddy Mucc and we both tried to get any scoop on UFO whenever and wherever we could read about em which was usually in Hit Parader magazine or we would have to buy on import Kerrang magazine just to see what the hell they were up too.

UFO being Phil Mogg,Neil Carter,Andy Parker,Paul Chapman and Pete Way ( Way was soon to exit UFO to form Fastway  with Eddie Clarke x of Motörhead that lasted 5 minutes until he exited that band to join Ozzys band for about 10 minutes and than he formed his own band Waysted who released the excellent Vices albums (with the dumbest album cover of the 80s!)

Let’s see what and why I consider this album a keeper!

THE WRITER- the one thing UFO was known for other than some great songwriting was that Phil Mogg was a great lyricist and The Writer proves it! It’s just Phil writing with the paparazzi in mind great opening track Neil Carter the dude who plays rhythm guitar also plays a mean sax a drops a cool solo along with a cool guitar solo by Paul Chapman and man were off and runnin with The Writer!

SUMTHIN ELSE- is the cover tune form the 50s written by Eddie Cochran and UFO lays down a cover wonder if they were running out of original material or the record company wanted a cheapie single. Anyways this is pretty good and another Carter sax solo! Good song but I perfer UFOs original stuff…but thanks for asking!

BACK IN MY LIFE- well when UFO slows the breaks down and shifts gears into different territories ie ballads they did em with class and man this is class! That’s the one thing with UFO they knew there use with keyboards as they didn’t drown there sound in it as Neil Carter also contributed with  rhythm guitar/sax/keys and backing vocals and was a important clog in the UFO grand scheme of things .But yeah I dug this song great lyrics and tempo!

YOU’LL GET LOVE- man UFO rocks it back it up and shift the gears and this is a good rock song with a good Paul Chapman solo and yep this guy never got his due of course he was following Micheal Schenker so of course people would  slag him. But he showed up on these UFO releases in the early 80s!

DOING IT ALL FOR YOU- man the drums and guitar start off this song in a sludgey fashion but than all bets are off and the song kicks into gear especially the verses! Phil is in storytelling mode here as he will do it all for you! This song totally displays the proper use of keyboards in hard rock songs! Geez come to think of it while Tbone was meandering around with Nightranger at the time  he shoulda been hanging with me,Mucc,Phil and the UFO guys!

WE BELONG TO THE NIGHT-check out the vid posted to this review and you too can join the UFO party and I mean look at Phil the singer it musta have been snowing out that morning before they filmed that clip! Kudos to all involved its live and it was on tv! Crank this one up! It kicks ass! I’m not gonna say much more as well watch the damn thing will ya!

LET IT RAIN- aaaah Phil says in the lyrics when it rains it pours but this is song #2 with the proper use of the keys on this record! Great Chapman riff charges into the solo and kinda of a radio friendly chorus with balls!

TERRI- Allright the boys show a real chill side and dial it down by about 5 notches! That’s ok,Phil has a soft spot for a chic named Terri! This song is ok but too be honest I kinda skipped this one time to time!

FEEL IT- the boys pick up the pace and that’s the thing with UFO they always had the musical chops to go with the songs and Mogg could write lyrics,more of a storyteller etc but they never caught on in North America.

DREAMING- now this is what I’m talking about! This is UFO kicking ass on there way out the door! Chapman nails down the riff  and Parker behind his Ludwig kit drives it home! Super duper fantastic way to end a album I say!

IN CONCLUSION- a handful of us at Lakeview High School got into UFO big time and If Ya want a good introduction just listen to Strangers In The Night the double live classic and there last with Micheal Schenker before he became unglued and split! Mechanix deserves a spot In the Sonic Waves category as well and Yup I think of two things when I think of Mechanix and 1982!

1- great tunes and well executed British Hard Rock


2- David McCullochs mullet in grade 10!