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HardLine/Double Eclipse(1992)

Let’s be honest here people I have hammered on this blog about  Neil Schon pretty hard for back in the day(1980s) Neil would always pump every Journey album as “Lot’s Of Guitar Rock”…Ummm Ok Fella but when I read that and went and bought Journey’s 1986’s Raised On Radio his guitar was so buried under Jon Cain’s Keyboards that I Raised My Hands and Gave Up!

Of course Schon took his trade and moved onto Bad English and Man don’t get me started on those Yahoo’s of Power Syrup Rock. Bad English to this day still haunt Tbone as Moi and Tbones Brothers will still take the occasional jab at him for this 1989 Purchase! If you look on the site here I reviewed the debut Bad English under the 3/4’s Filler Section…….

Well 1992 roll’s around and I read in I think it was Metal Edge Magazine that Neil Schon was back with a couple of Bro’s in a new band called HardLine and once again Schon was going on about how heavy the guitar was sounding and once again Deke drank from the Schon Kool Aide cup and …..

HOLLLLLEEEEEE Sheeeeeeeeeit! Schon did not lie! His guitar is jacked to the masses and here’s Ol Neil ramping up some heavy guitar in the  year of 1992 with all things Grunge going on musically. It  took all of 8 years to get his heavy guitar Rock n Roll Ball’s after that great H.S.A.S album he did with Sam Hagar back in 1984. Welcome Back ….

All songs written by Neal Schon, Johnny Gioeli and Joey Gioeli except where noted.

“Life’s a Bitch” – 4:22
“Dr. Love” (Mark Baker, Brian Connors, Mike Slamer) – 5:31
“Love Leads the Way”- 4:04 (bonus track for Japanese release of the album only)
“Rhythm from a Red Car” – 3:40
“Change of Heart” – 4:42
“Everything” (Schon, Gioeli, Gioeli, Eddie Money, Jonathan Cain, Tony Marty, Mark Tanner) – 3:55
“Takin’ Me Down” – 3:34
“Hot Cherie” (Randy Bishop, Daryl Gutheil, Jeffrey Neill, Kenneth Shields, Kenneth Sinnaeve) – 4:47
“Bad Taste” – 4:23
“Can’t Find My Way” – 5:28
“I’ll Be There” (Schon, Gioeli, Gioeli, Cain) – 4:36
“31-91” (Schon) – 1:33
“In the Hands of Time” – 6:18

Band members
Johnny Gioeli – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, percussion
Neal Schon – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, catgut guitar, guitar synthesizer, backing vocals, producer
Joey Gioeli – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Todd Jensen – bass, backing vocals
Deen Castronovo – drums, backing vocals

Double Eclipse is a real good no make that a pretty great album of Hard yet Melodic at times Rock that doesn’t even border on wimpy even with Jon Cain creeping on co writes on two tracks!

The album gets off to the get go with Life’s A Bitch( with Schons guitar tone sounding Heavvvvy) and Dr Love. Sure there are underlying sounds of the synth going on but first and foremost this is a Guitar Record! Plus the vocals of Johnny Gioeli  are tailor made for this kind of music! Dude has a good set of pipes and the performances of the other Cat’s on this record is excellent.

Below posted is a Radio Broadcast of these guys playing Dr Love. Great stuff…Schon plays some super duper lightening bolts of lick’s at the beginning of the track. Love the chorus so simple yet so Friggin catchy!

Rhythm From A Red Car is for my money down the best song on this album! Listen to Schon Folk’s he smokes the frets on this tune (blast the video posted)and even at the 2 minute 40 second mark or so he inner channels his best Angus Young and Jeeper’s Creeper’s now we are talking!

For all us Canucks out there Hardline cover StreetHeart’s Hot Cherie and there’s a fine mix of good hard (Takin Me Down/Bad Taste) with some not so hard rock but still good nevertheless(Everything and especially album closer In The Hands Of Time)

The musical climate at the time wasn’t kind to this album even though they got on as support for Van Halen’s Carnal Knowledge Tour(1992) still though an uphill struggle for all these guy’s and a few years later OL Neil took his guitar and hooked up with the reunited Journey and Neil’s guitar vanished into the Fog Of AOR Rock!

But for a brief time …….

3/4’s Filler….Bad English/ Bad English

So 1989 and out of the ashes of Journey comes Bad English with John Waite singing the vocals. For me personally I could not stand this act as for me they were a calculated super group. It’s like some record company honchos sat around dreaming up a fantasy super group of unemployed musicians hence Bad English was born and shit they sold a ton of records so hey more power to em and most importantly TBone was a buyer and well once again he’s going under the bus!

Sorry pal,well no not really….ha….

I must also confess I have purchased duds thru the years as well but it’s more fun outing TBone!

TBone bought all his music on cassette back in the day and so one day I was rummaging thru his wall mounted Cassette holder that held about 200 tapes and tucked away under the B section(TBone liked to keep his cassettes in alphabetical order) and whoa what’s this says I?? Tbone would try and sometimes slide tapes under my radar (another one was Autographs That’s The Stuff) I couldn’t say much at the time so I said hey dude flip this in and bam here comes Best Of What I Got and if this is  your best Bad English I ain’t buying! Seriously this album is not my cup if tea it was so slickly overproduced too polished yeah it’s late 80s gloss for sure.

Also when song after song was released as singles it just seemed like power ballad (When I See You Smile)after power ballad(Price Of Love) was being pumped out and man I get so tired of hearing Neil Schon ( great guitarist) go on  about hey this is some heavy guitar action ,seriously ? Its like his guitar is always mixed below the keyboards I mean blah blah and more blah.

If you wanna hear Neil play some serious rock guitar check out the HSAS record he did with Sammy Hagar from 1985. Schon is cranked and man he lets it fly but here at Bad English and Journey HQ’s he’s buried!

So poor TBone, I put the bug In his two brothers ears about the Bad English dud and so it began to even this day Bad English Ridicule for the poor guy. Still remember me ,TBone and his bros Rugg and Darr going to see Tango and Cash the Stallone/Russell cheese movie and as we were leaving the theatre here comes Best Of What You Got piping thru the speakers as we were leaving! Me and the bros  were howling and chirping him profusely. Poor guy just hung his head and felt shamed! But he took it like a trooper!

I think these guys did another record and it fizzled and Neil took his guitar over too the Hardline camp and made a very good record with them. Shit his guitar is cranked pretty good on that one ….

I’m sure there are a ton of people that still think that this is classic AOR rock and if that’s your deal more power to ya! Who knows,but man the musical humouring that we still give TBone about it 25 years later is gold! So yeah in my eyes Bad English are gold!