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Megadeth/Countdown To Extinction(1992)

Megadeth were one of those Metal bands that I bought some stuff and other releases by them I just didn’t bother with. I first came across Dave Mustaine with his snarl and loud guitar sometime in late 1986 or so watching the good Ol Pepsi Power Hour (MuchMusic)in the safe confines of my house while Megadeth tore apart the audio on the family television with Peace Sells,Who’s Buying? The video was crazy all the flashing images of World Leaders and  such but for some reason I passed….until…

1988 I bought So Far So Good ….So What(great title) on cassette tape and again nothing clicked. When I wanted metal in 1988 it was Iron Maidens 7th Son album for me and actually to this day in the year of 2015 it is as well! Ha!

1990 rolls around and my younger brother Todd whose pushing 14 years at the time is learning guitar, reading guitar magazines (I used to buy him guitar magazine subscriptions for Christmas. Guitar World and Guitar For The Practicing Musician) the little bugger in no time became a real good six string bender and to this day Todd still jams with his buddies once or twice a week…..


Todd bought Deths 1990 release Rust In Peace album and he loved it especially Guitar hero Marty Friedman’s playing. I  borrowed it listened to it on my Walkman(ha!) on my bike rides to and from work. So I figured since Todd had a copy ….good enough!

1992 and in the magazines I seen the adds for the soon to be released Deth album Countdown To Extinction. I thought the cover was a slick affair with the colours being used (grey and purple) and the old dude fizzling out. It didn’t make me wanna go and buy it right away that’s until….

Back to The Power Hour this time Megadeth sold me big time once I seen the video to Symphony Of Destruction! Whoah ……I Likey this Metal and for myself this is the best Megadeth album in my book……

Dave Mustaine(vocals/guitar),David Ellefson(bass)Marty Friedman(guitar) and Nick Menza(drums) stream line there Metallic Sound and I’m onboard……

Peace Sells…..Is DeKEs buying?

SKIN O MY TEETH-Menza rolls out of the gate with a quick snap a roo of the drums and Mustaine and Friedman launch in to metal riff 101!  “I Had Wrists Donning Slits” slams Mustaine in to the mic. It’s very apparent that  this Deth record is gonna cook and not in happy place that Bon Jovi and especially Poison had led us to a place of happiness. A happy place of Hookers Strippers, Blow,Groupies. In its place is Megadeth taking us across the street from those two bands to a burned out apartment with Needles,Heroin,Syringes,Booze! 1992, gone is happy go lucky rock! Mustaine and crew dial up a musical speedball and shove it down our senses!  This has to be one of my fav Deth tunes! Menza and Ellefson play a straight ahead Metal Pace with the guitars a rocking! The chorus is a Metal Delight ! “No escaping pain,You Belong To Me!” Snarls Mustaine ” Clinging On To Life,By The Skin O My Teeth” Friedman nails off the solo and  Menza slams the ride cymbal hard and what a opener!

SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION-The track that hooked me line and sinker in buying Countdown! Not only did they have a ass kicking great video to go with the song but Menza and Ellefson roll the beat forward  down Deth Avenue with super duper solid bass and drums. While we’re at it great production on this record by Max Norman(Ozzy/Coney Hatch) and Mustaine as well! The guitars are wickedly crystal clear and the chorus is reeeaaaaaal good! MegaCatchy is Megadeth on Symphony! Friedman nails off another classic solo! The lyrics as well send the message of what can go hairy  when you put Mortal Man in control!

ARCHITECTURE OF AGGRESSION-Machine gun blasts off the start of this track. I must say a great title for a song! Ha! Swooping axe chops from Mustaine and Friedman lead the charge. Menza and Ellefson drop the anchor on the bass and drums .

FORCLOSURE OF A DREAM- “After All Is Lost Personal Holocaust…Foreclosure Of  a Dream,” snipes Dave. Great track and its a different kind of metal! Menza rolls down some cool double bass machine like drums during the shredding guitar solos and the boys lock and roll and its a well written piece of Hard Rock!

SWEATING BULLETS-Wowzers! This in my book is a absolute classic! Dig the slam of the drums and Mustaine and the boys do the rest! I dig Dave’s half chat half talk vocal! “Hello Me … Meet The Real Me!” The video is one of the best a Metal videos ever! Love the part in the cell where Dave is kicking himself! The video is dark real dark but a classic kinda dark! Bravo Deth Boys! Watch the vid!

THIS WAS MY LIFE-Cool Metal track here kinda a more laid back sound but a sound that will crush your skull! Dave wrote some good melodies I mean he tosses in the ever so catchy ‘Hey Hey This Was My Life!” You cannot go wrong with Hey Heys…ask Simmons the rich banker/part time bass player from Kiss who wrote the infectious Love It Loud and that song features about 400 Hey Hey and a ton of Yeahs tossed in! Megadeth here push the pedal to limit almost and I’m ok with it as Thrash is not my deal  and guys ripping there throats apart screaming stuff like……”Aaaaaaaaaarggggggggghhhhhhh,bllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh!” Just isn’t my deal but if it’s yours ..I salute You!

COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION-The title track. Countdown starts of MegaChill  and as the song progresses it picks up the pace with a pretty heavy metal poppy kind of chorus until Mustaine himself snarls his vocal with “This is the Countdown To Extinction!” Friedman and Mustaine can play that’s a fact! They can rip metal guitar when needed they can play at reduced metal clip when called upon. Countdown is one of those songs! All things Metal and some parts not so Metal! Great track…..!

HIGH SPEED DIRT-Is a tune about Sky Diving! Yep no dope,pills,hookers here it’s a tune about the adrenaline rush of free falling in the sky! It’s a quick little heavy metal number and as they do Mustaine and Friedman shred some solos but these two do with class as they don’t overplay like a bunch of Yngiwes where your head spins almost in a nauseous way! Jump Or Die screams Dave in the tune ! I will I will …I will jump off of my couch but not a airplane silly Metal Man!

PSYCHOTRON-Dig this tune. Not only by name but the song is robotic as well! Drums push this track and Mustaine throws down another real good chorus! I mean sing along kids with Uncle Dave “Part Bionic,Part Organic,Not A Cyborg,Call Him Psychotron!” So by the chorus you can tell that you are up for Termination! This is Proto Metal 1992!

CAPTIVE HONOUR-Crazy heavy opening with drums,bass and guitars all smashing up and than the beat  lays back and again picks up the pace.  This tune best shows us that Megadeth are not just gonna play it by the rules but there own as in they don’t care about radio or video play. Captive Honour is played to please the hardcore!

ASHES IN YOUR MOUTH-Megadeth ramp it up right out the door with this full out audio assault! Tons of time changes,fast guitars,fast bass and even faster drums! This tune I guess you could say is a tune that  would please the hardcore Megaheads. Quick pace this tune is actually it may be more metal than anything that was on Metallica’s Black Album from a year earlier.

IN CONCLUSION-Megadeth released a solid album here and it’s a just a great heavy piece of work. Mustaine and Crew rolled up there sleeves and got down to some serious business and the leadoff track Skin Of My Teeth sets the pace for the album! Great Metal is Great Metal and this is the deal folks!

So Much so that when Megadeth released the deluxe 20th Anniversary edition of Countdown To Extinction(2012) I was all over it as the Megaboys added a second disc which includes a full unreleased show from 1993(recorded in San Fran) and these dudes smoke these tracks live and shows what great live act they  were becoming but a few years later after the pretty good followup Youthanasia they hit the skids by changing there sound and putting out Risk…I submitted my resignation to Dave  but  Countdown is still a classic….

Drop by Arena Rock next Tuesday when I feature another one of my all time Fav Deth Tracks!



Dark Side Of The Peg!(Inflatable Pig Included)

Even the COPS at this show looked baked...
Even the COPS at this show looked baked…


Jan 1994 and my pal Andre who is a huge Floyd fan says there playing good ol Winnipeg on July 1 1994 (Canada Day) and would I be in!? I told him myself and Tbone would be in but that he  would have to get the tix! In other words he would have to call and get tickets(there was no computers or pre sales in 1994)and than we would be in!

This may sound like I’m being a dick but too be honest I liked Floyd (not hardcore)but I had my eye on when the Stones would be launching there tour in 1994 as well as that was the stadium gig I wanted to see! Told Andre  if he scored Floyd seats I’m in! My Floyd collection consisted of back in 94 Dark Side Of The Moon,The Wall,Delicate Sound Of Thunder and the album the Pinks were plugging on this tour The Division Bell.

Andre scored 4 tickets so it was me,Tbone and Andrés pal Budge and come Canada Day 94 we left Tbay at 8am and Tbone punched the gas in his 91 Mustang and we arrived in Winnipeg 6 hrs later!(normally it takes 9 hrs to drive to the Peg  and Yep there’s a story to be told but Ummm lets just leave it at that! )

For outside stadium shows this was the second one me and Tbone had seen in Winnipeg as in May of 1993 we caught Beatle Pauls great live show and just like that show the weather was sunny!

Winnipeg I think I can vouch for Tbone as well is a great place to see live concerts and all the shows that we saw there over  the years the crowds have been behaved in other words no idiots not around us  and that’s always a good thing! The closet thing to a rowdy crowd was the Motley Crüe concert in 1990 at the Winnipeg Arena the crowd was boisterous but behaved. Haha….

Allright so the 4 us take our seats which is on the left side of the stage and well besides is there are 49,996 other people getting ready for the show and just like McCartneys show the year before there is no opening act. Who the hell could open for Floyd? Skid Row? Hahaha….

Seriously though this show and I love outdoor gigs as the productions are huge! Pink Floyd is no exception and they spare no expense! The projection screen at the back of the stage is huge(watch the live video posted) and throughout the stadium are speaker towers so we are getting in 1994 surround sound! No expense is spared! Massive is what comes to my mind!

Just as the sun goes down up comes Floyd and they launch into Astronomy Domine( the version I heard before was not Floyds but Voi Voids cover of it that i seen as a video on Muchmusic) lights are swirling, sounds are coming at ya from all directions and the smell of reefer is everywhere and this is only song 1!

Learning To Fly one of there newer tracks from 1987 is played and than What Do You Want From Me from the current release(Division Bell) is played and Floyd has female backing singers and it’s clear that the David Gilmour led Floyd are meaning business!

The show continues and man what a big band of course besides Gilmour are his two sidekicks Nick Mason (drums)and Richard Wright(RIP)Keyboards and  a second drummer,the backing vocalists and Guy Pratt on bass. No slouches of talent up on that stage that’s for sure!

Poles Apart,Take It Back,Sorrow,Keep Talking and One Of These Days are played! Shine On You Crazy Diamond is up next followed by Breathe and Time. I still can hear all the clocks going off in the stadium with the speakers all around us ringing chiming off bells and clocks during Time. Holy shit …..I’m offically Trippin!

High Hopes(reefers are still going strong in case you were asking!) and some real cool guitaring from Gilmour in Wish You Were Here! Come to think of it me and Tbone have been lucky to see some amazing musicians at the top of there game and I’m talking only guitar players like Gilmour,Perry and Whitford from Aerosmith,Eddie Van Halen,Alex Lifeson(Rush),Richards And Wood from The Stones…man I could go on but dudes who know the deal with there craft!

Us And Them is progged thru followed by everyone’s fav Money! Love that song! Going back to 1979 and I still remember buying the 45 single of Another Brick In The Wall (Part2) and here it is played with all 50,000 higher than kites Floyd fans bellowing “HEY TEACHER LEAVE US KIDS ALONE!” love the outro solo Gilmour  lays down on this song! That my friends is a riff when you listen to it you know it’s Gilmour!

Comfortably Numb which is my fav of Floyds is played and man this is Floyds tour de force in my mind anyways Davey G,Mason and Wright hammer down and school us in trippy Floyd Prog and we’re all the better for it! Just love Gilmours guitaring in this tune…set aside 10 minutes and chill to the vid above! You will know what I’m talking about especially at the 3 minute 20 second mark! What lights!

Floyd splits and boom for the encore its Hey You and Run Like Hell! Huge white lights blind us at the end of this show the band bids adieu and I look up and say Excuse Me While I Kiss  The Sky!

I tell Ya that I’m not a huge Floyd fan but boy did they ever deliver a live show and thanks to Andre who did make the push and got tickets as far as Floyd rolls they have not toured at all since 1994! So glad in retrospect that I caught this act!

In case you are wondering Yep there was a huge inflatable pig floating above the stage! Love those stadium huge sized props!