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Megadeth/Train Of Consequences(1994)

Not everyday you see Tbays own Paul Shaffer the leader of David Lettermans House Band blowing harp(harmonica) on a Megadeth track on National TV. Well back in 1994 that did just happen so check out the vid posted! It’s a great track….lemme tell ya’s about it!

First of all a Metal Horns Salute to Arena Rock Reader Sarca who commented on my babble of Deths Countdown To Extinction Review that she loved Countdown but her favourite track of MegaMustaines was Train Of Consequences! Sarca you called it and I didn’t take the bait as i didn’t want Sneaky Ladano and Wily O Aaron to figure out today’s post! This ones for yoooooou Sarca!

Train Of Consequences like Mr Letterman ¬†states on the video is from the 1994 album Youthanasia. Overall it’s a decent Metal Record but man Train Of Consequences in my book is pure Gold! The music is heavy catchy Metal while Dave Mustaine writes some real cool lines on this track like the chorus “Set the ball A Rolling I will be clicking off the miles on the Train Of Consequences my boxcar lifestyle. My thinkings derailed I’m tied to the tracks on the Train Of Consequences there ain’t no turning back!”

David Ellefson drives a real cool bass line while drummer Nick Menza smacks da crap out of his kit and when you watch the video is Menza wired? Holy shit man the dudes bopping up and down behind the kit but whatever his deal is he’s a solid player!

Marty Friedman in 1994 must have had the coolest hair in rock! Ha! Marty flings out some real cool super riffs on the 6 string while Mustaine in the vid chills back by the drums perhaps telling Menza to settle the “Beep!” down while letting Marty play some serious guitar…

MegaMustaine though totally steps up with this tune! He wrote a classic. I just love it. His snarled like vocal fits this tune perfectly. Basically don’t gamble folks or you will end up on the Train Of Consequences!

Hock my brains headed West……