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SONIC WAVES….Aerosmith/Night In Ruts

1979 and Aerosmith have hit the skids! The skids as in Joe Perry left during the recording of Night In The Ruts(Right In The Nuts) but he’s featured on the cover I guess so the record company could still sell Aero product. So finishing out the guitars Steve and the boys brought in Richie Supa(he the writer of T-bones all-time fav Aero tune Chip Away At The Stone) and by the time Aero has to make vids Jimmy Crespo is hired to play the guitar role of Joe Perry!

Got all that!?

For all intent purposes this album considering by what I read about it, Mess would be an understatement and a credit in them getting this out period. But considering they were all jacked on whatever vices they were using, they still nailed out some Gems!

Let My Writing Do The Babbling…..

NO SURPRISE- holy shit!! Are Ya kidding me?! Aero comes out guns a blazing, and this track is in my all-time top 10 Aero tunes! Tyler’s lyrics tell us the tale of Aero playing Max’s Kansas City Bar in NYC and that Clive Davis will make em stars! The guitars as in Joe Perry slips and slides all over his neck of his guitar on this! This song is a keeper folk, and Yep Perry did split, but he cowrote 5 Tracks on here and recorded EM and then was gone for good til 1984! But man considering how Messed up the Aero Xpress was this is a classic! Watch the video as it has Joe’s replacement Jimmy mimicking Joes Guitar rock god posing! Damn, I just love this tune!

NO CHIQUITA-wow this song drips with cool Aeroslop! The drums and guitars kick into gear and here comes some lazy ass sax that drives the song along and man I just love loosey-goosey Aero as opposed to Aero music being played by soccer moms spinning that Armageddon Song Sap in their minivans! Not Cool! But yeah Steve is off the rails here, and man it only tracks two! This song never gets talked about in the Aero catalog or for that matter this record! Well, friends at Arena Rock were here to bring Ya the classics!

REMEMBER (WALKING IN THE SAND) – is a cover from the 1960s as done by the Shangri Las! The Smith boys sleaze it out Aero style even with backing female singers doing the dooooo waaaahs in the background! Give Aerosmith credit they played this tune live in 1980, and it’s the second video I posted! Watch it, and you can see Tyler/Crespo/Whitford/Kramer and Hamilton rock it thru with Steve using his mic stand as a crutch more than anything! Great stuff that YouTube provides me with!

CHEESECAKE- another one of the Tyler/Perry combos coming at Ya and this one is total Aerosmith style boogie-woogie flu included(ha) this song shuffles with slimy Grimey Aerosleaze! It’s the way I like my Aero served thank you very much!

THREE MILE SMILE-this song reeks of Aero as well, and it’s the fourth Aero composition on here between Tyler/Perry and the song starts out with a really cool Aero groove. Just all-around great song! This one rocks and if you come across it …Crank it!

REEFER HEADED WOMAN-gentlemen readers of Arena Rock we all know women that have this title attached to Em right?! Hahaha…liars! Of course, you do and wouldn’t ya just know that Aerosmith does a song on an album titled Reefer, and it’s not even there own composition! This song is a little different from a groove! But Aerosmith make it there own!

BONE TO BONE(CONEY ISLAND WHITEFISH BOY)- is the last Tyler/Perry song until one of my other favs ( a lot of people disagree with me here)Done With Mirrors is released 6 years later! This one sounds like it’s a quick dash to the finish line like someone has to get out of the studio to go meet someone for something to help propel the evening’s studio time! Don’t know for sure..just saying!

THINK ABOUT IT- is a Yardbirds cover tune and Aero rocks this one out and once again make it sound there own, and that’s impressive to be that loaded and pull it off! Steve chirps ‘Take a while think about it!” Alrighty, Steve will do…..

MIA-Tyler writes a song named after his daughter and continues the tradition of putting a ballad on the end of the album! This is a good Aero ballad, not a great one but I wouldn’t tell Steve that! Haha…

IN CONCLUSION-Aerosmith is in shambles. Perry chips in with 5 tunes and bids adieu and Jimmy Crespo fills in and does an admirable job for Aerosmith. As I’m currently ┬áreading Perrys autobiography Rocks ┬áI got back into listening to these Perry fuelled albums and considering in his book he says there was ton of personal/band/ management issues going down at the time Aero digs deep and survives a total collapse and I tell Ya here’s a band in turmoil with I guess you could say that with 3 cover tunes out of 9 tracks toss on to say one more cover song by someone and your into Van Halen Diver Down territory but nope close call….for me though No Surprise and the other 4 Tyler/Perry compositions and a couple of pretty good cover versions saves this album..