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U.F.O/ Live At Hammersmith(1983)

England’s U.F.O by 1983 was in shambles! Years of hard touring caught up with these guys and the wheels came off the UFO Tour Bus! Pete Way(Bassist) had split and was replaced by Paul Gray. Whereas Phil Mogg(vocals) Paul Chapman(guitar) Neil Carter(Keyboards and Guitar) Andy Parker(drums) sauntered on and were still doing decent business in the U.K and Europe but had fizzled out in North America as UFO was on its last legs!

Making Contact was the final album for a while (like others UFO did reform/disband/reform) but here is UFO in shining glory and I will tell you all now that  they are on Fucking Fire here!

One listen to this album and if you think there splitting up would be happening shortly after this guess again this ain’t Slop Rock it’s indeed Classic Rock!

1 We Belong To The Night 4:19
2 Let It Rain 3:06
3 Couldn’t Get It Right 4:41
4 Electric Phase 2:59
5 Doing It All For You 5:50
6 Long Gone 4:55
7 Chains Chains 2:51
8 Lonely Heart 5:06
9 Blinded By A Lie 4:07
10 No Place To Run 5:50
11 Mystery Train

Recorded on 15th April 1983 at Hammersmith Odeon, London

The video that I posted is the song  Blinded By A Lie a track  from the Making Contact album but here this Bad Boy Smokes Big Time. This tune has  all the ingredients of Classic UFO…(watch the video closely as you can see one pic that has Billy Sheehan on Bass as he was hired for the Farewell Tour later in 1983)

Let’s Diagnose this track shall we??!

Chapman powers up some decent rock guitar whereas Mogg always tell the tale of lost love usually with a smack to the forehead! “Blinded” especially during the pre chorus builds and you see how Neil Carter deployed the use of Keyboards properly as they are added in the background as a texture not shoved down your ear lobes like Jon Cain does in Journey. UFO does it with class with an added rock tequila shot and a boot in the ass!

As for a bonus. 3 songs are featured from the often misunderstood but classic (to me) Mechanix album(We Belong To The Night/Let it Rain and Doing It All For You) which is more value added to your well spent buck!

Tons of live UFO albums out their but this one has a killer classic bunch of tunes I mean there are 100s of UFO live albums that have Doctor Doctor on them so it being left off of here is no biggie…

Seek this one out…..