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Kim Mitchell: Live in Thunder Bay-Aug. 10/2022


Kim Mitchell and his Stratocaster come summertime will show up to your hometown and lay down on the 6 string a masterclass on how to play guitar.

Thats what happened..

Kim in 2022  can still kick you in the ass live.   This is what I have been personally been waiting for since my last concert which was back in November 2019 before the world got knocked upside down. Nice to see a decent sized crowd show up for Akimbo as well to the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition.

The first time I caught Kim live was back in July ’86 when Mitchell was touring behind his triple platinum album ‘Shakin’ Like A Human Being’ which had the biggie summertime hit ‘Patio Lanterns’ which was on constant rotation on MuchMusic.

Fast forward to 36 years  and Kim still shows up in the summer and lifts off.

Opening his set with ‘That’s The Hold’ was killer. Kim went up and down that fret board like he’s the Boss ( as he lets the fingers on the fretboard do the talking).  From there it was onto ‘Rocklandwonderland’ followed by Kim and the band doing their ‘Rock N Roll Duty’ in which they created a buzz, buzz, buzz from the stage.

I have to add that the support that Kim has on stage is stellar. Keyboardist Kevin Adamson who provided some great playing on the keys  as Kim pointed out that Adamson played piano for Supertramp’s  Roger Hodgson for 8 years as well as Kevin has a degree in music. (McGill University)

Drummer David Langguth as well studied at Berkee and is one powerful drummer who was hitting his snare drum so hard it sounded like gunshots going off.

Peter Fredette who has been with Kim for 40 years laid down some fantastic bass lines as well as providing those backing vocals. (more on that later)

Kim has built up a killer catalog of Can-Rock tracks so there was no shortage of rock.

There were a few surprises in the set list like ‘In My Shoes’ from the ‘Shakin’ album as well as the funky driven ‘Lemon Wedge’ from 94’s ‘Itch’ release.

One huge surprise was how Kim reworked another one of his big hits ‘Easy To Tame’ with just him and the keyboards until the end of the song when the band joined him.

Course the diehards that have followed Mitchell from the Max Webster days were treated to ‘Paradise Skies’ with all those crazy tempo changes as the band really flexed there live music muscle.

Fredette though in the mix of all thing’s is Kim’s secret weapon. Peter took the lead vocal reigns on ‘Thats A Man’ as well as laying down that superb vocal in ‘All We Are’.

My brother Todd who went with me texted me a few days before the show with this comment…

‘Is that the same dude with the sweet ass backing vocals?’

Yes Sir it is…

Kim also talked from the stage about playing Tbay over the years and told a hilarious story about when he played ‘The Landmark’ back in the early 80s…

Kim quipped about playing a new tune ‘Best I Never Had’ from his current release (‘The Big Fantasize’) which he told the crowd that it probably has sold “Four copies in Thunder Bay!”

See thats the thing with Kim as he has a great sense of humour and doesn’t take shit that serious except of course his playing.

What would a Kim show be without the crowd participation tune which this night was “I Am A Wild Party (Rah Rah Ole)’

The band rocked out the final two songs which were of course ‘Go For Soda’ and ‘Lager & Ale’.

Thanks for showing up Akimbo!

What a great night of music for only $15!

Thanks to my pal Probie for the  Kim pictures and my sis in law Kristy for the photo of me and my Bro!



Kim Mitchell/Shakin’ Like A Human Being(1986)

A little ways back when I reviewed Def Leppard’s  1992  release Adrenalize album it was one of those albums that was good to revisit but I had kinda moved on from it.

Here’s what I wrote..

“Up til recently I have not listened to this album in a real  long time. It’s like when you bump into someone you haven’t seen in a long time  and you get caught up and then move on. That’s what Adrenalize is to me!”

Another one of those albums I thought  would resonate this way with me as well would be Kim Mitchell’s 1986 release Shakin’ Like A  Human Being. 

Now if we roll back in time. 1986 I was 18 going on 19 and in the summer of that year Akimbo dropped the Shakin album and I bought it right away on cassette tape and it became my Summer of 86 go to tape in the Sony Walkman for my bike rides to and from my job that summer in the local hospital. I very seldom bought tapes. It was always vinyl so…….

The fact that Kim was riding high with the current single Patio Lanterns  in the charts as well as the album selling like hotcakes! (Shakin is certified triple platinum in Canada). Plus Kim was bringing his 1986 Tour to Tbay at our local Gardens that summer as well was another score! (I reviewed that show a ways back)

So yeah to make a long story even longer this cassette got played to death. Once the end of summer came and Kim’s Arena rock show passed I was onto other albums. One being Iron Maiden’s Somewhere In Time release which came out in September of 86 and derailed my school studies for that month as I was staring at that cover when spinning it continuously like a lunatic when I would get home from another hard day of academic studies!

86 had some stellar releases as in Maiden/Van Halen/Judas Priest/Dave Roth/Bon Jovi/AC/DC with Who Made Who/Boston/ZZ Top/RATT  and I’m sure many more so eventually Shakin slipped through the cracks and got replaced by my listening buds with all the above bands and others as well!

Perhaps one reason was that over time my go to Kim albums are the superb excellent 5 song Ep from 1981 and 1984’s Akimbo Alogo record that has Kim blazing huge ball’s of sonic mastery on his 6 string. In other words the Master of his own Domain! Ha…

Shakin though is a different record. Opener Get Lucky Boys & Girls is as good as an opener Kim track as any. Great driving bass line/drums synced with Kim’s guitar and his cool laid back rock voice make this an absolute winner! Second track In my Shoes features drummer Paul Delong smacking those tom’s like no one’s business! Almost a ZZ Top like Afterburner synth sound pushes this albums tracks as well

Kim’s rock tracks on this albums are excellent.  Thats The Hold/Hitting The Ground and the very quirky City Girl (with the line of “City Girl likes to keep her Meatloaf warm”) Keeps the Kim Rock Machine rolling at full tilt.

Basically its the other 5 tracks that take this album into a whole other level which I can say I was a noob towards for what…31 years!

Yeah there was the goofy Easy To Tame video. Alana Loves Me which the song does pick up speed in the chorus along with Peter Fredette’s backing vocals. Speaking of which Peter is a great vocal foil for Kim’s laid back rock voice at times. Patio Lanterns the mid tempo track that MuchMusic played the heck out of the video  back in 86 as well picks up some steam in its chorus as well. Cameo Spirit a great track featuring some real good backing vocals makes this album take another sonic turn one in which you don’t expect! In Your Arms that leads off Side 2 features Kim picking a clean sound guitar and this song borders on a mid tempo like summer breeze. A whole different vibe here folks. Actually the whole second side is one big chill pill except for City Girl and Hitting The Ground.

Pye Dubois writes all the lyrics while Mitchell handles the music end of things and this partnership lasted for a real long time from Kim’s old band Max Webster through to RockLandWonderland I believe. (Actually for all Max Webster/Kim solo questions ask Mikey Ladano as he’s a great source of this stuff)

Revisiting this album 31 years later and checking the lyrics out a little more closely this album is dripping with a ton of lost love in its words. Holy Hell whose disaster of a relationship ended up as the main source of inspiration on this album? Kim or Pye? Yikes….! As shitty as life can be at least Alana Loves Me! Ha!

So after all those years away and once I seen this album in Montreal it was a no brainer to pick up!

An album that for all intent and purposes I filed away as a couple of great tracks ends up being full of Great Tracks! Basically one of those good to see you’s followed by an actually  great to see ya!

Thats Shakin Like A Human Being!



Kim Mitchell/I Am A Wild Party(1990)


That Ol Quirky Baseball Cap A Wearing and Guitar shredding(with Class) genius  Kim Mitchell put out this shortie of a 8 track(two new studio album tracks make up part of the 8) Live album in the summer of 1990.

Opener I Am A Wild Party is a great rock track period! Crank the video posted as this reek’s 1990 Good times in Loud Rock mixed With Beers and it’s plain out fun rock!

That’s The Hold is track number 2 and Live Track Number 1 and this is where Kim and his pals including long serving bassist Peter Fredette shine. This song just cooks and what a Grade A Crash Course in writing a damn Catchy Chorus! During the  guitar solo on this track Kim takes off sonically into a whole other stratosphere!

The Two Best Ever Akimbo Drinking tunes are neatly wrapped up here in Go For Soda  and Lager And Ale. While Biggie solo tune All We Are  features that great vocal from Fredette is included as well!

Kim doesn’t forget about his latest release at the time RocklandWonderland as he gives us his Rock N Roll Duty while creating a Buzz Buzz Buzz!

The only drag is  this album is so short!




Kim Mitchell/Kim Mitchell(1982)

You all want a crash course in great Guitar Playing? Look no further than this 1982 Five Song Gem released by Akimbo himself which was his first  crack at being a solo artist after Kim split from Max Webster.

Kim pulls no punches with his guitar as it’s just Guitar/Bass And Drums and this EP Kicks serious ass! There is not a Patio Lattern in site!

The 5 tracks that make up the EP are all hard  hitters and for my money this is some of perhaps the best of Kim’s career and he’s made some good rock n roll records.

Cast Of Characters Kim Mitchell( Awesome Guitar&Vocals),Paul Delong(Drums) Robert Sinclair Wilson(Bass) and Peter Fredette(Backing Vocals) Pye Dubois(Lyrics)

Kids In Action sets the bar real high with Akimbo just riffing all over the map in between bursts of a real good verse and a flat-out super-duper chorus which is just GOLD!( Dave Roth recorded Kids In Action for his Eat Em And Smile Album but bumped it off in favour of  Tobacco Road) Course Kim has Peter Fredette who is still Kim’s sidekick in his band today who provides his great backing vocals to Kim’s lead vocals. The Video posted of this tune is from 1984 watch Kim take the solo to the moon and back at the 2 minute 49 second spot! Kids this is how you solo and play flash but keep everything in check and in Action!

You gotta just love tunes when they start off with a real cool guitar riff and Bam theres cowbell added to the mix! Miss Demeanor is a real cool rock track and how about a shout out to the mix and production of this album. Drums and Bass are mixed awesome and Kim on this  track is on Fire! Take a bow Jack Richardson and Kim on twiddling the knobs on this short little classic.

Big Best Summer starts off with a wallop of heavy bass and Kim locked in with DeLongs drums. Quick burst of energy from Kim’s guitar leads this track into super coolness. Posted the vid and why not? I should have posted all 5 tracks seriously….

Cool that Canadian Kim can inner channel some Urban Mississippi into his guitar playing and the song that results is Tennessee Water. A real zippy fast cool track that features Robert and Paul jamming in the middle parts of the tune before Kim dials in  his strat and rocks into another zone. Kim sings the line of Looking For The Good Life In Between All The Clatter,Tonight I’m At The Bojar Grill And They’re Only Serving Up Tennessee Water,We Gotta Turn The Party Down We Only Got Til Tomorrow,So Pop Them Corks Mothers And Start Drinking The Tennessee Water…

Chain Of Events closes out the Ep in a chill kinda way and what better way to end the album with a different kind of vibe. Its still rock but lets say cool rock with Kim’s cool laid back rock voice. Chain Of Events is a fitting end to a monster EP…

Wowzers….This was really back in 1983 my intro to Kim Mitchell and talk about setting the bar high! This is Akimbo Unleashed with just his guitar and cool rock voice and he slays man! This is pre Alana Loves Me and Easy To Tame. This is guitar cranked way up in the mix to lay down the law…(this album is hard to find but iTunes does have it)

Don’t believe  me? Ha …Listen to Paul Gilbert( Mr Big) and big time rock guitar guru speak highly of Mitchells albums( especially this EP),songs. Paul even plays snippets of his tunes in this short little 2 minute clip I posted..Cool Stuff….