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SONIC WAVES…..Judas Priest/Point Of Entry

Umm,this is a bonus review as i was setting the date instead of setting it for Dec 26th I accidentially set it for today! So the Priest review drops in the middle of Whitesnake Week! Hahahaha ….enjoy it anyways ..

Well,well ,well, well and more well! Time to play what’s your favorite Priest album!

For me it’s a toss up between Screaming For Vengeance and Point Of Entry and I’m gonna talk about why I consider Point Of Entry one of there best! Right here,Right now and let’s get some debate going cuz I know Ladoanos itchin!! Hahaha….

1981 Priest releases Point Of Entry and its up to that point the 3rd Priest I own(other two being Unleashed In The East & British Steel) so my first time spinning it I was hooked this was a different Priest no more singing about Genocide, no more Green Manaleshi and well I guess the Ripper went on vacation,because this is commercial Priest and yep I loved and still do this version of Priest!

So Rob,KK,Glenn,Ian And Dave have a few beers and decide its time for Hot Rockin!

HEADING OUT TO THE HIGHWAY- KK and Glenn start of the action of this Priest tune that if your a fan or a part time fan you know this song! Robbo comes down from his metal castle and lays down the law with the vocals and Ian And Dave just keep the drums/ bass pumping! Cool solos and still in 81 I thought KK/Glenn were the best guitar duo I ever heard until a couple of fellows named Dave Murray/Adrian Smith showed up on the doorstop! Nevertheless this is classic Judas!

DON’T GO-second song in and Priest is aiming for radio play! This is a great song super catchy chrous and I guess since Priest grabbed a foothold in the North American market with British Steel it was time to keep it going with a similar sound albeit this is a tamer sound! That’s ok I need to be tamed every so often musically that is!

HOT ROCKIN- awesome Rob tells us that he’s done his share of working out. So by track 3 it’s clear where this album is headed and that’s straight into  oncoming commercialism traffic. KK / Glenn rip out some great guitar action and even though there’s a different sound a brewing I’m diggin this sound ..seriously I am!

TURNING CIRCLES- some cool guitar action at the beginning and this song is one of those as I call em …Gems! Super cool punchy Priest tune and Rob throws down some “ah ah…ah ah….I’m Turning Circles” cool song…

DESERT PLAINS- ummm if your a fan …you know the deal with this tune as I consider it one of there best ever!..it’s like you can see Halford circa 1981 cruising on his Harley Motorcycle down some deserted dirt road and the lyrics man some of his best….’Full Moon is Rising ,the sky is black, I hear you call I’m coming back!’ And of course KK / Glenn/Dave/ Ian all chip in and make Priest soar sonically on this track! The solos man there wickedly good and the time change after the solo,chorus everything ….this one is a hit out of the park!

SOLAR ANGELS- I think they opened there tour with this tune as well. It’s a slow builder and as usual KK / Glenn kick off the party and this is got the tempo of like say Metal Gods (to my ears anyways) …good song though but it’s kinda hard to follow a song like Desert Plains but Solar Angels tries…..

YOU SAY YES- I say No!  Jingle Jangle Priest is at it again and it’s a good catchy song. I mean Rob gives er with You Say Yes…I say No,No,No….you know by writing this and I kind of knew it as well this album is loaded with singles but none of them ever caught on. It’s too bad cuz there is more to Point Of Entry than Desert Plains and Heading Out To The Highway. I’m sure there are people out there that would disagree with me on that point though! That’s ok I’ll Take On The World Like A Battering Ram!

ALL THE WAY- Jingle Jangle Priest Part Deux. Rob does some cool chirping at the beginning of the song and this one is a little firecracker of a gem! Priest here folks are experimenting here where as back in 1981 my experimenting was trying to figure out how to pass Chemistry class! This has a super cool chorus.

TROUBLESHOOTER- drums kick off this track and before you know it the whole bands a Rockin and Rollin with a eye on that American market. The verses in this song are well done. The song itself is very good!

ON THE RUN- Priest says hey were pushing 40 minutes on these vinyl grooves. Time to call it a night and shut it down!  Priest goes out with a bang on this and not a whimper ! On The Run is a little heavier and perhaps the heaviest song out of the last 4 songs (Solar Angels on). So in a way I guess Priest was laying down the groundwork for Screaming For Vengeance!

IN CONCLUSION -Priest 1981 is a different sound I guess at the time you could say Brtish Steel lite! For me though at the time this album(Summer of 1981) I played it constantly and still do for that matter. Who knows if this album would have broken big would we have not got a heavy Screaming For Vengeance record? Who knows and Im sure for many they’re relieved that Point Of Entry did not become huge and I’m ok with that cuz when everyone else was drooling over Painkiller I was naaaa….Point Of Entry! Ha. Seriously though things happen for a reason and I guess some would also  say that Point Of Entry was Judas Priests  The Elder(KISS) which in some ways is true as they both kinda flopped but what some consider flops you might just find its a Gem!