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Cool Lil Numbers….The Circle/Poundcake


1986-Sammy Halen releases 5150/David Lee follows suit with Eat Em And Smile…

1988-DLR unleashes Skyscraper/Sammy Halen fight back with OU812

1991-Mr Roth puts out A Little Ain’t Enough/ Sammy Halen cranks out the F.U.C.K album.

2015-Yo! So Van Halen does the most crazy thing and decides to put out a double live cd with Diamond Dave! What’s even crazier is that Sam I Am teamed up his longtime sidekick Micheal Anthony on bass along with guitarist Vic Johnson(Hagars lead dude since 1997) and Jason Bonham(we all know who his Pop was!) on drums and KABOOM here comes the live album from these cats called The Circle!

Lets backtrack here for a sec…

So on a recent Sunday I read on Blabbermouth what  Hagar and crew are up to and than 2 days later on iTunes is preorder for The Circles Live Album called At Your Service!

Now back to the present…

Click the  preorder button (album release is not til May) and also with the click of the preorder comes The Circle doing Poundcake!

I have spun this track a few times now and I will tell you it sounds way better than the live album that Hagar/Anthony did back in 93 with VH (Right Here/Right Now) Poundcake here sounds live real live and gotta give Sam credit he announces to the crowd here’s a song from 1993 …Poundcake! Hey Sam, Poundcake came from the 1991 release F.U.C.K so there Ya go people. Good on Sam he could have touched that glitch up in the studio but nope he leaves it warts n all . Good on the Red Rocker!

Vic Johnson well man he plays Poundcake as if EVH was but he kinda gives it a redo job and well the fella can play! No doubt about it! Anthony and Bonham lay down the bottom end and they groove this tune with the simple sounding bass line driving the bus froward! Hagar is amazing folks! He along with Steve Tyler are around the 66 year old mark and there voices are still intact! Impressive! Plus any dude that sings the line ‘…….I love my baby’s Paoundcake” at the age of 66 is alright in my book!

When I preordered the album i seen the track listing for the album it’s got Solo Sam,Sam Halen,Sam Montrose,Zep tracks. I guess that’s what Sam means when he talks about his musical career coming full Circle!

Poundcake version 2015 is a winner here at Arena Rock!

The video posted is not the actual release ..its the only thing that was out there! I howled at video on the screen behind the band showing actual clips from the Poundcake video except Al and Edward Van Halen are totally edited out of  the clip! Hahahaha …

Silly Ol Buggers!