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2:22 to 5:31

What is Deke’s going on about now you ask?! Well the title say’s it all!

2:22 to 5:31 is  time it take’s Neil Peart  to  demolish his Red Tama Double Bass Drum Kit During his solo that is all brilliantly captured sonically on the Classic  Double Live Exit Stage Left from 1981.

The tune is the Musical Only YYZ.

I don’t need to go on about how great the other two Fella’s from Rush are and that’s Vocalist/Bassist Geddy Lee and Guitarist Alex Lifeson.

Together they mash up up a jam. Call it YYZ where each guy can play snippets of brilliance on there instrument but for me hands down it’s Peart who goes to town on this one…

Some background History I would like to share with ya’s…

I was raised in Rock with Solo’s as in Guitar Solo’s and Drum Solo’s. The first two Rock Guy’s that I had heard on vinyl that had solo’s were No Stangers to this Blog and that’s Ace Frehley and Peter Criss From KISS. Back in 1979 when I caught KISS live this would also be the first show that I had seen and the solo’s Ace with his smoking guitar and  his mish mash playing of  notes and Peter with his Drums rising high into the rafters had an impact on me. It was like Wowzer’s these guys are God’s. Well kinda….

A few years later I heard Eddie Van Halen’s Eruption  which to this day I think is the best guitar solo live or in studio I have ever heard. Sorry Ace!

The first KISS album I owned  was KISS Alive 2 which I got back in 1978. Smack dab on Side 2 of KISS  Alive 2 was Ace playing a bunch of wacka doodle notes during his solo on his own tune Shock Me. 

Peter Criss was interesting. On Side 3 of KISS ALIVE 2 is Peter slamming his Drums on God Of Thunder.  Criss I thought at the time was the best drummer I had heard. I mean the opening of his Drum solo as simple as it is still sticks in mind 38 years later….

Case in Point….

Years later back in January of 1991 as Myself/Tbone/Rugg and Oink’s were headed on a Party Bus to Winnipeg to witness Poison put on a Half Assed Live show one dude on the Bus that we knew as Brighton even talked about the Criss drum solo from Alive 2 which garnered a good discussion about solo’s! In case your wondering why we called the dude Brighton. It was simple he was wearing a Brighton Rock T shirt. (Canadian Band). See Aaron we got nickname’s for everyone!

But back to the early 80’s and as everyone know’s KISS is struggling. Criss is tossed from his drum stool and here comes Neil a blazing and when I heard the live YYZ for the first time I was like…..


Now you have to remember it would be a few years later that I would discover Led Zeppelin and the Late John Bonham who is also Master of the Drums. But by than Zep was finished and I was digging into Bands that were still out there at the time doing it.

YYZ I could go on about it but I’m no Drummer so basically play YYZ or just start it at the 2:22 mark….. That part that Neil does with his cowbells is just ridiculous! Like …WHUT?

How can this dude play at this level that quick during all those Kooky  Time Changes that Rush song’s have and still have enough Sauce left in his tank to bash out a Drum Solo?

Who know’s but Neil does. He is indeed The Professor! Come tot think of it I can listen to all of Neil’s Drum Solo’s on the various Rush Live Release’s through the years but man YYZ on Exit is just a Sonic Explosion….!

The Greatest Drum Solo I have ever heard or will hear for that matter!



Rush/Moving Pictures(1981)



Summer of 81 and it was Rush Rush Rush Rush. Moving Pictures was selling like Hotcakes and Tbone was the first to jump on the Prog Train by purchasing this album before Moi ! Wowzer’s,as our first introduction to Rush our minds were blown!

Like other huge Rock albums that came out around the time of the early 80s(AC/DC’s Back In Black being the biggest) what could I possibly add to a review that many have  already read?

Um….Nothing! Haha! What I will try to explain is how this album impacted a couple of young Thunder Bay Hooligans and became an instant classic! Tbone has Moving Pictures securely set in his all time Top 20 whereas  I have Rush’s followup Signals(1982)  which just beats out Moving Pictures by a smidge in my Top 20!

Rush is……

Geddy Lee – lead vocals, bass guitar, bass pedals, Minimoog, Oberheim polyphonic synthesizer, OB-X, Moog Taurus
Alex Lifeson – electric and acoustic six- and twelve-string guitar, Moog Taurus
Neil Peart – drums, timbales, gong, bells, glockenspiel, wind chimes, bell tree, crotales, cowbell, plywood

Look at that resume of what 3 Dudes can pull off! Interesting to note that Peart is so good he plays Plywood??! Would not put it by the Professor!

The production of Moving Pictures (Courtesy of Terry Brown) is awesome! Terry does an excellent job at keeping all 3 instruments in check with the guitar/drums/ bass never being buried by the Keyboards! The sound of the album gives off a Warm vibe but with a Fist to the Gut when need be!

The  Song’s…..

Or should I say The Classic’s!

Side one
No. Title Length
1. “Tom Sawyer” (Lyrics: Peart and Pye Dubois) 4:34
2. “Red Barchetta” 6:10
3. “YYZ” (Lee, Peart; Instrumental) 4:26
4. “Limelight” 4:20
Side two
No. Title Length
5. “The Camera Eye
I: New York
II: London” 11:01
6. “Witch Hunt” (Part III of “Fear”) 4:46
7. “Vital Signs”  4:46

What can you say about Side 1 that already hasn’t been said?! These first 4 tracks were prominently featured on the live Exit Stage Left album that came out later in 1981!  What a fantastic way to become an Rush Fan back in the Summer of 81! We first get our 14-year-old noggins wrapped around this new Sonic Sounds Of Rock than shortly a few months later comes the Double Live Exit Stage album! What a great couple of months to be a Rush Newbie!

First time hearing Tom Sawyer just boggled my mind! I had never heard and I’m sure I can speak for Tbone as well that up to that point we didn’t know what Prog Rock was. I’m sure for the diehard Prog enthusiast out in Blogsville there are more Proggy Rock Acts going but for us Moving Pictures was a whole new Ball Game!

Peart lays down the beat and who has not air drummed to that part of Tom Sawyer after Lifesons solo? We all have and when we(Tbone) caught Rush for the first time live in 2002 I seen with my own eyes 14,000 people airband Peart. That’s saying something! Sawyer sets the pace for the rest of the album.

Love the geetar picking of Alex at the beginning of Red Barchetta until the pace of the tune ramps up especially during the chorus and Lifeson once again lifts this track off the ground with that solo! Also must mention Geddy’s riffing on the Bass at the tail end of the tune. He’s a Beast on the 4 Stringer!

YYZ is the instrumental so each guy shows off their musical muscle during the 4 plus minute of Sonic Prog Furry! Tempo changes galore rage supreme during YYZ!

Limelight ends Side 1 with another Classic! Speaking of Air-banding. How about the opening riff of this tune? Instant Gem! I will go on record as saying that the  guitar solo on this tune is one of my all time fav’s. Love how the song just breaks down and Alex takes over while Geddy and Neil layoff of the gas pedal for a second while Alex dips and dives during the solo until the boys pick up steam to end Side 1.

Side 2 is where things get real interesting!

Camera Eye is one of the best Rush Tracks ever! Basically this is my first foray into Prog! I had never ever heard a tune like this before as it’s a long way from KISS’s Ladies Room.  Love that funky wavy synth sweeping around the track and of course Neil once the drums kick in and lays down the pace i’m hooked! Crazy time changes and Lifeson just laying down the law sonically with his 6 string just encompasses all good things Rush! At 11 minutes this at the time was the longest song I had ever heard before and basically good on Rush for holding my attention span! I posted the video for Camera Eye as I don’t expect you to listen to the whole 11 minute track( you should though!) but cue up the track at the 5 minute 50 second mark and at exactly the 6 minute mark this just proves Rush’s pure brilliance as the band is going one way and then Neil shifts gears and the song goes down another avenue! Everytime I hear this part of Camera Eye it gives me Goosebumps! How can dudes in there early to mid 20’s at the time come up with stuff like this?

Witch Hunt has to be the creepiest/darkest Rush tune ever as at the beginnings of the song you hear an Mob and well Folk’s were on a Witch Hunt! The Lyrics are dark the pace of the tune is darker. Neil’s lyrics are deep here basically about Society going down the Shitter! (well that’s how I hear it!)…You want pre Grungey 1981 Rush? Look no further than here friends!

Vital Signs has a real neat synth Cars/Devo like charm added with what sounds like Neil playing some electronic drums. Vital Signs triggers the end of Rush on Moving Pictures but Vital Signs also begins the sound that Rush would pursue on their next studio release (My all time fav Rush album) Signals.  Just always to remember not to Deviate From The Norm!

Ged/Neil/Alex released a Classic with Moving Pictures! Once I dived into Rush’s 70’s music and 1980’s Permanent Waves album you could see Rush was moving forward!

Side 1 of Moving Pictures to me anyways is Rush going mainstream as we all know the first 4 tracks right? Even a non Rush fan knows Tom Sawyer!

Side 2 of Moving Pictures is Rush going little Prog to keep the 70’s faithful happy especially on the first two tracks but by the time Vital Signs rolls around its Rush saying this is our new direction. You with us??

Yes Dudes…..I’m with ya!

Tea Party/Live In Australia..Reformation Tour(2012)


Whoah! Them Tea Party Boys  sure know how to spread there musical chops now don’t they as a 3 piece ….

Jeff Burrows – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Stuart Chatwood – bass, keyboards, harmonium, mandolin, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Martin – guitar, acoustic guitar, theremin, esraj, oud, bowed guitar, lead vocals

Hell some of the instruments listed I have no idea but Wowzers pretty damn impressive for some Dudes From Toronto isn’t it?

So like a lot of bands The Tea Party had a real good run in Canada and Fellow Bloggers “Destroyer Of Harmony” home turf of Australia back in the 90’s into the 2000’s before the wheels came off and they shut down and went and did various projects.

It was over at Mikey’s site that he reviewed the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Edges Of  Twillight . Great read review as always and that got me thinking….over to iTunes I go!  Here’s link to Mikes site…

REVIEW: The Tea Party – The Edges of Twilight (20th anniversary deluxe edition)

But also like a lot of other bands The Tea Party ramped back up and hit the tour trail and once they got to Australia some live recording was on tap and here’s Live From Australia which I ended up purchasing  and Boom here it is…..

Here’s the track listing from the album……

Disc 1
No. Title Length
1. “The River” 9:30
2. “The Bazaar” 6:40
3. “Lullaby” 5:46
4. “Psychopomp” 6:50
5. “Correspondences” 8:18
6. “The Messenger” (Not on Vinyl Release) 5:05
7. “Fire in the Head” 5:14
8. “The Badger” (Not on Vinyl Release) 4:42
9. “Shadows on the Mountainside” (Not on Vinyl Release) 4:31
Disc 2
No. Title Length
1. “Sun Going Down” 11:13
2. “Halcyon Days” 7:20
3. “Save Me” 11:32
4. “Heaven Coming Down” (Not on Vinyl Release) 4:45
5. “Release” 6:17
6. “Temptation” 5:33
7. “Winter Solstice” (Not on Vinyl Release, Not listed on CD sleeve) 2:03
8. “Sister Awake” 8:22

Tea Party plays a rip roaring barrage of Huge Bombastic Rock with a musical Muscle of Swagger and why not as these 3 cats are talented! If ya got the chops show em off. Tea Party does that but it’s  not really showing off as there is no musical whack  off here. Just a lot of Fantastic Rock!

The River is a great opener and at over 9 minutes The River lays down all the crazy off musical trimmings and the boys take you all over the place. The chorus is Gold! Big Swooping Power Riffs from Martin as Chatwood and Stuart drive the rhythm machine in behind Martin! Love it!

Alot of the songs are built up this way and at times stripped down like The Messenger. Sun Goes Down I posted and at 11 minutes it gives you a real good taste of rock done different.

This album is basically a Greatest Hits album done Live Style! The only real knock I have on it is each song fades out but that may be due as these recordings were pulled from various locations in Australia.

Crazy that this album has been out for about 4 years and it just came on my radar a few months back and it was a no brainer to buy!

I suggest you do it as well…..

Rush/R40(2015) Part 3

So the last 7 songs,6 of which were recorded in Toronto on the first of two nights are the alternate tunes and word on the street is that these songs were the only ones they could use as they had some recording glitch the first night so the second night was the video footage they used. Speaking of Video outside the clips I have shown on the first two parts this would be awesome to watch on video (I bought the audio of R40 off of iTunes)especially since the set changes while they play around them and Rushs stage resembles a high school gym complete with their amps sitting on chairs by the end of the show!

ONE LITTLE VICTORY-Remember when i said Peart hits the drums hard! Well One Little Victory proves that as Neil slams some heavy Tool like drumming and before you know it Geddy nails down some bass God like riffs while Alex delivers some huge power chords and we’re off! This song is heavy! Twists and turns and a hard boot up the listeners ass!

DISTANT EARLY WARNING-D.E.W is from one of my fav sleeper Rush Albums Grace Under Pressure and its a Rush circa 1984 tune complete with snappy happy keyboard ripping during the chorus. I have always liked this tune and will continue to do so my friends of Arena Rock!

RED BARCHETTA- I really dig the beginning of this tune as Geddy riffs on his bass while Peart and Lifeson chill at the Rush bar and just provide a mellow back drop with the drums and guitar. This is another monster Rush track and those old Geezers made me laugh when at the end of Lifesons solo as Peart hits the power rolls they go right chill with almost a little chill out  feel and build it back up to BARCHETTA speed! Just like how the song  starts it ends with Geddy riffing on his bass and Neil and Alex chillaxing!

CLOCKWORK ANGELS-The title track from the fabulous last studio album from 2012. This song cooks and rocks and it’s so crazy good with all the time changes and tempo mood swings and here they are Rush in their glory pushing Into there early 60s banging out heavy musical chops that  just blows me the Frigg Away! Clockwork Angels the song takes you on a musical journey. A Tour De Force if you will…..

THE WRECKERS-Another favourite from Clockwork Angels the beginning of this track reminds me of The Who and during the chorus which is real good-by the way Geddy pulls the song along with his bass line. The Wreckers is just a straight ahead rock track that is another Gem! Love this track!

THE CAMERA EYE-Speaking of loving tracks! Moving Pictures was like many others back in 1981 our introduction to Rush! The Camera Eye for myself was the first time I got progged! What an intro to this track where you can hear the hustle and bustle of city sidewalks and not  before to long Theres Geddy doodling with his keys and Neil doing some real groovy small cymbal smashes and boom a big blast of Drums,Synth,a Guitar and the song shifts into hard rock territory. Camera Eye as a song dips and dives,twists and turns into a wall of Prog Abyss! I’m so glad Rush brought this tune back on their Time Machine Tour and once again on the R40 3 disc Musical Workout!  The Camera Eye = Classic!

LOSING IT-Cool story I read about this track and you’re wondering why is there two versions of Losing It? The story goes that Jonathon Dinklage(whose brother Peter is on Game Of Thrones) is an electric violinist as well and was part of the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble and was talking to the Rush guys back on that tour about how he learned Losing It right after it was released on Signals back in 1982 and would love for Rush to play it…so Rush did and for some of the U.S. shows the boys brought him up on stage and what’s cool is when I watched some YouTube footage of the NYC show Dinklage has his own set of pedal boards for his violin hahaha….now that’s rock! I believe this version was recorded in LA. not sure as in the liner credits (which ITunes included the digital booklet) it doesn’t say….Great version and a cool dream  come true! Watch the  video ……

IN CONCLUSION- I’m thinking after yammering on about a ton of Rush for the last 3 posts(Thanks for reading friends) that this will probably be the last Rush live album as it has come full circle for them. All The Worlds A Stage was recorded live in Toronto back in 1976 and R40 was recorded in Toronto in 2015 almost 40 years later so basically it started in Toronto with the live albums and ends in Toronto with the live album.

Now word on the street is that Neil is hanging up the sticks! If this is the case…

Thanks Rush!

Rush/R4O (2015) Part 2

So now we’re into the second part of R4O….1980 and its time to rewind……

THE SPIRIT OF THE RADIO-Rush kinda somewhat streamlined there sound and Alex blasts off a  mirage of notes as Geddy,Neil and his army of drums take off and it’s been a live staple of all Rush Tours since 1980 and why wouldn’t it? Rush jams with speed and accuracy on this track and how’s about the cool part that when all three Rush cats go all power chord heavy with a milli chops per second and it segues with a reggae feel into The  Concert Hall! (Cue Cheer) the ending is slick as well just like how it starts with Lifeson blasting off a mirage of notes!

JACOB’S LADDER-Geddy tells the crowd here’s one from the same album and all the Prog Rockers look to the heavens and rejoice as it’s the barely live played Jacobs Ladder! Neil plays drum rolls of the snare and drives this track. It progs along and man it’s such a great track!

NATURAL SCIENCE-This is a bona fide Rush Tune! It sweeps through all kinds of twist and turns and talk about music chops! Rush once again flex their mighty rock muscle and take us on a journey of epic perportions! I just love the total groove change when Geddy sings the line “Science Like Nature….” Alex and Neil especially with his cymbals splashing about take charge and drive Natural Science to its end! What a friggin fantastic Prog Juggernaut!

HEMISPHERES PRELUDE-Now this is cool and on the bootleg video I watched in  this 4 minute piece there are about 75 time changes (ha)and the crazy thing is Geddy,Neil and Alex don’t even look at each other it’s friggin unreal how locked In they are. So cool man and it’s basically 4 minutes of crazy off timing high jinx and then Geddy hits the mic with “When are weary world was young” Rush takes off and it’s a total flash throwback to the 70s…

CYNGUS X-1/THE STORY SO FAR-Ok Geddy with some distorted Bass Pops starts off the 9 plus minute CYNGUS and here it comes Neil and his solo which has to be a cool 5 minutes at least. Neil is simply the best live drummer of my era and I’m glad I saw him live back in 2002. What’s  even cooler is he brought back the old school double bass drum kit of the 70s complete with all the bells,chimes and whistles! His drum solos I never skip as he plays with fury man and pounds the crap Outta them! Monster comes to mind! Dudes a hard hitter no wonder millions air band to this guy like how could you not? Basically after his solo the band ramps back up and does it dippsy doodle Prog Rock workout until the song ends….

CLOSER TO THE HEART-Ahhh one from the vaults and for Rush it’s under 4 minutes long. Slackers ,hahaha…Lifeson opens with some neat and tidy acoustic playing and Geddy joins him on doing some laid back bass lines basically jamming like crazy. Still recall the first time I actually heard this was when I received from my parents at Christmas time 1981  Exit Stage Left which is my all time favourite Christmas album! The song of course gets cranking at a decent clip during Alex’s electric solo and Neil does his famous patented drum rolls and boom it’s done! Great track….

XANADU-If You Want  Prog…..You Got It! Xanadu holy shit does it get any zanier or cooler than this! Think about it for a sec! Once again just like Closer To The Heart the first time I heard Xanadu was again on Exit Stage Left and I never heard lyrics or music chops like this before! I mean as a 14-year-old in 1981 it was lyrics like Given The Dog A Bone by AC/DC or Ladies Room by Kiss that I had heard about well ….Chicks and here’s Geddy singing Neil’s lyrics on Xanadu like “To Seek The Sacred River Alph,To Walk The Caves Of Ice,To Break My Fast On Honeydew,And Drink The Milk Of Paradise” Wowzers this is some crazy Prog man but what a tune…I’m not gonna say anymore about it! Kick back and let the masters show you as I posted the Honeydew eeeer I mean Xanadu video! Wanna see double neck guitars? Double neck basses? Double Bass Drums? Birds whistling? Lasers? Smoke? It’s all here……..

2112-Oh yeah! No Rush show would be complete without playing  a snippet of 2112 and a snippet for Rush would be 12 minutes of 2112 played! I like the fact that after they plow thru Temples Of Syrnix they go right into The Presentation and Grand Finale! When Lifeson goes all crazy on his six string with Geddy and Neil just driving the pace at rapid speed it does not get any better than this! All Planets Of The Solar Federation……We Have Assumed Control! Geddy says thanks for 4o years! Toronto and Canada! No Geddy we salute you! Slappa Da Bass!

LAKESIDE PARK/ANTHEM-Rush for the encores delve back into the Fly By Night album and Lakeside Park is a chill tune with Alex strumming a clean electric while Geddy and Neil play the chill game as well! Lakeside Park the willows and the breeze along with memories! This is Rush 1974 and before long Alex is introduced by Geddy and Alex goes all wacky on his guitar and the band pounds out a tuff few minutes of Anthem! Listen to Peart hard hit those drums….totally impressive!

WHAT YOUR DOING/WORKING MAN-For the last two songs of the evening its Whay Your Doing and Working Man. Total Kudos to Botrill on the mix especially Pearts drums  for What Your  Doing it sounds like Bonham playing. Drums are sooooo good sounding of course it helps when the drummer guy is legend! What Your Doing is a young Rush being influenced  by Zeppelin (check out Lee And Lifeson doing those bass/guitar runs)and why not! Working Man another stellar track from the debut! Love the chorus with a big driving bass and Rush closes out and Geddy thanks everyone for 40 years…..

For R40 this is the end of the set! Check back next Tuesday when I yammer on about the third disc which is the alternate songs that Rush played during the R40 tour!

Rush/R40 (2015) Part 1


Rush by the sounds of it are calling it a day! Over 40 years of playing as a power trio(countless albums,tours and praises from everyone all over). Let’s face it if this indeed the end I’m ok with it! Reason being these dudes as in Geddy Lee(vocals/bass) Alex Lifeson(all things guitar) and (The Professor ) on drums Neil Peart have set the bar of musical supremacy so high that they would rather pack it in than flog their craft for an easy payday if their chops were to lag….

There is no lagging of musical chops  on R40 as Rush play at an intensity so high that it’s kinda sad they may just not do it anymore! Geddy,Neil and Alex just 3 years ago released Clockwork Angels (my number 2 album of 2012 over at Ladanos year-end best list)which many viewed as there best piece of rock in decades so there was no signs of   a dip in creativity whatsoever.

R40 was recorded over two nights in the boys hometown of Toronto which in turn may ring true that it’s the end of the road as it began for Rush in Toronto and could well be with this live dvd/ audio representation. Hope not! But with these guys pushing into their 60s it could  and can Ya blame them?

So what we got is the full meal Prog deal offered by Rush! 29 Songs over 160 minutes of pure genius in musical gold!

My good pal Metal Todds favourite band Tool whose producer David Bottril did the audio producing of this and does a fantastic job keeping the crunch of Lifesons guitars intact,the smooth almost dry like sound of Pearts drums with an added crystal clear mix of his cymbals and with Lee, Bottril keeps the bass cranked and the keys never overpower Alex’s guitars!

So what we’re doing here is this review is gonna be broken up into 3 reviews a first here at Arena Rock for one album! So basically I’m gonna go track by track about 10 songs or so  that will end each part  as if I were to yammer on about it all in one shot  I would lose my mind! Well what’s left of it!

This as you read along in my blog  is the ultimate set list of Rush tunes and hey Greatest Hits Guru’s (Rockin Roberts and BMellis)buy this and Prog out!

Also one more thing, Rush works their way back through the set  from there latest  studio album(Clockwork Angels/2012)all the way back to their debut (Rush/1974)

Wowzers! Enough  get to it DeKEs….

By Toooooooooor…………..

THE ANARCHIST-Working Them Angels from the Snakes and Arrows studio album ushers Rush in and the Rush party begins with Pearts drums and Lifeson joins in while Geddys bass jives and we’re off! The Anarchist rocks and what a great opener not one you would think would kick things off but it works!

HEADLONG FLIGHT-Bass man tons of Bass leads off track 2 and Headlong Flight sounds like the beginning of Bastille Day played at 78 rpms! Hey folks if you’re gonna borrow music borrow from yourself! The song drives at a rapid clip and of course with all things Rush theres  dips and doodles of musical super chops tossed in and a quick little Peart drum solo tossed in that makes you wanna air drum! Ha!

FAR CRY-Another rocker out of the gate! Rush lift off and man can you not dig those time changes! This is Rush rocking the pre chorus with Geddy shifting all over the bass neck and he sings it real good as well.

THE MAIN MONKEY BUSINESS-Straight up musical to rest Geddys vocals and to show Rush’s jam like musical muscle(like they need one). Cool use of Neil’s percussion throughout the dudes a machine and Alex tosses down one of many lightening bolts of solos as well…

HOW IT IS-Geddy tells the Toronto faithful that it’s time to play a tune that fell through the cracks from Vapor Trials and that’s How It Is. A great song and Geddys right folks this is a forgotten one but Rush makes amends and play this mid tempo song and deliver it with a possible message of hope and don’t stop giving it as that how it is! Nice little solo from Alex and for Neil he just  takes it chill on those drums……

ANIMATE-Neil rocks the drums out of the gates with a solid opening and who better to lead the charge! I do love the keys and Geddys bass locked in along with Alex’s guitars as well on Animate.  This song has some real crunch and well it should as it was the opening number on 1993s Counterparts album! This is Rush hanging with the Seattle Sound at the height of GrungerMania! Rush responded with a heavy guitar rock sound at the time and all of us Rushians loved it! Animate is just a plain all out no holds barred Rock track!

ROLL THE BONES-As per protocol here at Arena Rock I preordered R40 off of iTunes and with the preorder came Roll The Bones! Watch the video as during the rap you can see a few fellows that you may know from TV and the Movies! Hint how about some  Game Of Thrones with a little Rage and Trailer Park thrown in with a little Love Ya Man https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2015/09/26/rushroll-the-boneslive-r40-tour/

BETWEEN THE WHEELS-Holy Hell I love this tune! “You know how that Rabbit feels going under your speeding wheels. Bright images passing by like windshields towards a fly!” Great lyrics by Neil and this song starts with big Lifeson crunch riffs and Geddy adding sharp little jagged edges of keyboard hits until the pre chorus when Rush like so many times breaks down to there little hard rocking 3 piece unit and blast off! This song flat-out cooks!

LOSING IT-Geddy tells the crowd that there going to play a song they have never played live before and hopefully they won’t screw it up(haha??) with a special guest and that would be Ben Mink who played the electric violin on Signals from which Losing It appeared! Rush slow the speed dial right down and no it’s not a ballad its a slow progger but I tell you all it kicks into gear towards the end and Mink razzles and dazzles the violin strings and hey how many cats can say they joined Rush on stage to jam it as a 4 piece? None to my recollection!

SUBDIVISIONS-“Conform Or Be Cast Ooooout Subdivisons!” Preaches Geddy and guess what 33 years later this song resonated with me as i was never the cool kid in high school  just a squirt who dug hard rock played at loud volumes! So even though in 1982 i never picked up on it but actually  Geddy was singing Neil’s lyrics to me and many others! Ha ….only took me 33 years to figure this out! Hahaha! Subdivisons man i will say it’s one of my fav Rush tracks. Love Neil’s robotic like drumming and Geddy synthing like there’s no tomorow until the chorus when the synth is kicked to the curb and Geddys bass grumbles with ferocity and we’re off with Neil and Alex. Also of note what another top-notch guitar solo from Alex. The dude is one of  the best on the six strings! No doubt ….Watch the video posted from R40! Crank it….

TOM SAWYER-Even if you’re not a Rushian fan(shame on you!) Tom Sawyer you know whether you like it or not! Myself, Loooove it! Love the infectious power chords of Prog Rock galore and big sonic booms of Lifeson,Lee and Peart who we all have at various points of our lives have air banded too!  Lifeson is funny as hell, so watch the video when he acts like he’s smoking dope! The solo section for me is one of my personal points of interest of this tune and for what it’s worth every one talks about Neil and Geddys chops individualy but how about together! When they  lock up during Lifesons off the rail solo it is so good with Neil slammimg those drums and Geddys fingers running wild on his bass they are so ahead of everyone musically it’s sick! Of course Neil does his drum rolls which you never get tired of hearing!

YYZ-Rush tosses out another musical only tune from Moving Pictures and once again flex their Musical Muscle complete with over the top bass riffing,swell guitaring, hard drum bashing added with a sprinkle of some keys and boom this song clicks at a rapid pace!

Cruise back here on Friday for R40 Part 2……..more songs …70s Rush straight ahead!



RUSH/Roll The Bones(Live R40 Tour)

Ah…so yesterday Rush dropped there single Roll The Bones from the forthcoming live Rush 40 Live( recorded in Toronto)  which will be released on all forms on November 20 2015 and from the set lists and from the people that I know that attended this tour it’s sure gonna be a ass kicker!

The mix of this track that I purchased thru ITunes is wickedly good! Geddys Bass is cranked man and of course Alex Lifeson flings out riffs of sting and even though this tune is more of a keyboards driven tune Alex still shines through with a real good melodic  rock solo! Neil Peart of course lays down the law on his drums and keeps everything moving along. Of course there’s the middle section with the Rush Rap! …the live audio video is posted……

Arena Rock CEO DeKEs sez ” you can never ever get enough of Rush live so Get out there and Rock,ROLL THE BONES!”


SONIC WAVES….Rush/Grace Under Pressure

Ahhh back to good Ol 1984! You with me ?
Ahhh back to good Ol 1984! You with me ?

1984 and i was stoked here comes Rush with Grace Under Pressure! Now for some this is a new Rush forging different sounds like more keyboards and keeping the songs shorter while alienating there hard core Fanbase from the 70s who still craved for the Xanadu’s and By Tor’s of yesteryear!

I boarded the Rush Tour bus back in 1981 with obviously Moving Pictures as we all bought it and than I got Exit Stage Left…hey you can read about it here….https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2014/12/22/request-of-vinyl-rushexit-stage-left/

1982 cruises around and Rush throws down which is probably  my fav Rush album Signals…read some of my fine Blah de Blah here….https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2014/09/27/sonic-waves-rushsignals/


1984 and there’s a ton of heavier hitters releasing music Van Halen with 1984(actually released on Dec 31 1983) Judas Priest with Defenders Of The Faith,Scorpions with Love At First Sting,Iron Maiden unleashing Powerslave,Ratt with Out Of The Cellar,and Autograph releasing Autograph!(giggle all Ya want about that last one there’s a review a comin!)

Rush I was fine with the musical shift and direction change since I just loved Signals but the magazines I read at the time (Circus ) especially didn’t like Grace Under Pressure I didn’t understand why especially as all these supposed writers got all this music free to review! I took the high road basically and said F.U to these ass clown writers and dug my heels in with Rush…..

Geddy,Neil and Alex sport some new threads(watch the live Distant Early Warning video!) and new sounds and out of the Rush Musical Supremacy Musical Blender comes…..


DISTANT EARLY WARNING- a real solid opener Yep there’s a ton of keys especially during the chorus and such but man Rush is still a 3 piece and this is a rocker track in a Rush kinda way! Speaking of the chorus it’s catchy “the world weighs on my shoulder but what am I supposed to do,you sometimes drive me crazy but I worry about you!” Holy crap man Neil is writing some real cool lyrics that I can now understand I mean i still remember hearing Bastille Day for the first time and after about 3 minutes I was like……..? What? Huh? Mommy! Even though Rush was getting buried in a wall of keyboards in 1984  I always loved the fact that during Lifesons solos they would still strip down there sound to the basics (drums,bass and guitar) Hardcore Rush fanatics pre 1979…….RELAX!

AFTERIMAGE-this tune is one of my favs off of this record and just so you know what I’m talking about check out the video of Afterimage! This song is about losing someone close to you and I guess the guys in Rush did lose a friend during the recording of Grace Under Pressure. So for right now,gone is The Police inspired reggae tinge of New World Man in its place is the dark somber Afterimage. I love the music to this tune especially the prechorus and how they sync it right into the chorus without missing a beat! Rush as we all know don’t miss beats or skip beats!

RED SECTOR A-big time Keys fuel this tune and drive along with Neil’s percussion. I guess this song he wrote for Geddy as his family (parents)survived World War Two. This song is a different kind of Rush. These cats always had something to say but on this album 3 songs in and 3 real important messages about life!

THE ENEMY WITHIN-this song drives from the get go! It’s a snappy cracking tune musical as Lee and Lifeson lock musical horns with Peart on his drums and they plough forward down the not so Prog highway. Rush is rocking but its a different Rush rocker and that’s perhaps why I got onboard the Rush express in the early 80s and was ok with them changing it up with musical styles and changing directions! Come to think of it I have bought every new Rush album upon its release since Signals! So I guess I’m ok with 80s Rush!

THE BODY ELECTRIC-1-0-0-1 0-0-1 in Distress! Rush is sending out codes! This song starts side 2 love the drums and bass locking in and than the guitar joining in and this is a groovey kind of Rush jam out! The song is a great track! Rush are playing to a different kind of groove I mean do they have to prove anything go to anybody anymore? Nope Sez I ….and Sez You!

KID GLOVES-This is Rush a Rockin and it shows in Kids Gloves! Alex starts off with some picking which at the time sounds like Andy Summers from The  Police. Awesome track as Peart and Geddy drive the rhythm bus and Alex dices and splices are real cool clean solo. Kid Gloves no one ever talks about! Well we gotta change that here folks! I’m throwing down a live audio bootleg version of this tune….and hey Ya gotta chuckle when they call this bootleg Rush Bottle Of Booze! Ha..

RED LENSES-a real cool little rock Rush track!  I See Red starts Geddy and Rush is off to the races witht this track! This is Quirky Rush you could say  and fair enuff when theyngo into the prechorus Neil does his electronic percussion thingy and Geddy slapa da bass and this tune slapa da deke outside the head! A win win i guess you could say!

BETWEEN THE WHEELS-last song on the album and I love the big sound of keyboards (did I just type that) and Lifesons big power chords fuel this track! The song during the verses almost sounds off the rails  but its Rush they do what they do right and make it sound like    that’s how it’s supposed to sound!  The prechorus ramps up I mean we all know “how that Rabbit feels going under those speeding wheels bright images pass you by like a windshield towards a fly!” Sings Geddy and straight the chorus! Great Lifeson solo and just a great tune! Gem I call it!

IN CONCLUSION- Rush 1984 is a hell of a lot different than Rush 1974 but for me I dug Rush all kinds of Rush eventually i delved into the back catalogue and  i guess I could make a strong argument saying that Permant Waves also could be my fav Rush as well but I’m getting carried away here. Grace Under Pressure is a real good solid record. Sure it’s layered in keyboards! The sonics courtesy of Rush and Peter Henderson are fine! The songs are fine…but like I said it’s those cool moments of 80s Rush that I love when they strip all the layers away and go back to that 3 piece is the Rush I love!

Dark Side Of The Peg!(Inflatable Pig Included)

Even the COPS at this show looked baked...
Even the COPS at this show looked baked…


Jan 1994 and my pal Andre who is a huge Floyd fan says there playing good ol Winnipeg on July 1 1994 (Canada Day) and would I be in!? I told him myself and Tbone would be in but that he  would have to get the tix! In other words he would have to call and get tickets(there was no computers or pre sales in 1994)and than we would be in!

This may sound like I’m being a dick but too be honest I liked Floyd (not hardcore)but I had my eye on when the Stones would be launching there tour in 1994 as well as that was the stadium gig I wanted to see! Told Andre  if he scored Floyd seats I’m in! My Floyd collection consisted of back in 94 Dark Side Of The Moon,The Wall,Delicate Sound Of Thunder and the album the Pinks were plugging on this tour The Division Bell.

Andre scored 4 tickets so it was me,Tbone and Andrés pal Budge and come Canada Day 94 we left Tbay at 8am and Tbone punched the gas in his 91 Mustang and we arrived in Winnipeg 6 hrs later!(normally it takes 9 hrs to drive to the Peg  and Yep there’s a story to be told but Ummm lets just leave it at that! )

For outside stadium shows this was the second one me and Tbone had seen in Winnipeg as in May of 1993 we caught Beatle Pauls great live show and just like that show the weather was sunny!

Winnipeg I think I can vouch for Tbone as well is a great place to see live concerts and all the shows that we saw there over  the years the crowds have been behaved in other words no idiots not around us  and that’s always a good thing! The closet thing to a rowdy crowd was the Motley Crüe concert in 1990 at the Winnipeg Arena the crowd was boisterous but behaved. Haha….

Allright so the 4 us take our seats which is on the left side of the stage and well besides is there are 49,996 other people getting ready for the show and just like McCartneys show the year before there is no opening act. Who the hell could open for Floyd? Skid Row? Hahaha….

Seriously though this show and I love outdoor gigs as the productions are huge! Pink Floyd is no exception and they spare no expense! The projection screen at the back of the stage is huge(watch the live video posted) and throughout the stadium are speaker towers so we are getting in 1994 surround sound! No expense is spared! Massive is what comes to my mind!

Just as the sun goes down up comes Floyd and they launch into Astronomy Domine( the version I heard before was not Floyds but Voi Voids cover of it that i seen as a video on Muchmusic) lights are swirling, sounds are coming at ya from all directions and the smell of reefer is everywhere and this is only song 1!

Learning To Fly one of there newer tracks from 1987 is played and than What Do You Want From Me from the current release(Division Bell) is played and Floyd has female backing singers and it’s clear that the David Gilmour led Floyd are meaning business!

The show continues and man what a big band of course besides Gilmour are his two sidekicks Nick Mason (drums)and Richard Wright(RIP)Keyboards and  a second drummer,the backing vocalists and Guy Pratt on bass. No slouches of talent up on that stage that’s for sure!

Poles Apart,Take It Back,Sorrow,Keep Talking and One Of These Days are played! Shine On You Crazy Diamond is up next followed by Breathe and Time. I still can hear all the clocks going off in the stadium with the speakers all around us ringing chiming off bells and clocks during Time. Holy shit …..I’m offically Trippin!

High Hopes(reefers are still going strong in case you were asking!) and some real cool guitaring from Gilmour in Wish You Were Here! Come to think of it me and Tbone have been lucky to see some amazing musicians at the top of there game and I’m talking only guitar players like Gilmour,Perry and Whitford from Aerosmith,Eddie Van Halen,Alex Lifeson(Rush),Richards And Wood from The Stones…man I could go on but dudes who know the deal with there craft!

Us And Them is progged thru followed by everyone’s fav Money! Love that song! Going back to 1979 and I still remember buying the 45 single of Another Brick In The Wall (Part2) and here it is played with all 50,000 higher than kites Floyd fans bellowing “HEY TEACHER LEAVE US KIDS ALONE!” love the outro solo Gilmour  lays down on this song! That my friends is a riff when you listen to it you know it’s Gilmour!

Comfortably Numb which is my fav of Floyds is played and man this is Floyds tour de force in my mind anyways Davey G,Mason and Wright hammer down and school us in trippy Floyd Prog and we’re all the better for it! Just love Gilmours guitaring in this tune…set aside 10 minutes and chill to the vid above! You will know what I’m talking about especially at the 3 minute 20 second mark! What lights!

Floyd splits and boom for the encore its Hey You and Run Like Hell! Huge white lights blind us at the end of this show the band bids adieu and I look up and say Excuse Me While I Kiss  The Sky!

I tell Ya that I’m not a huge Floyd fan but boy did they ever deliver a live show and thanks to Andre who did make the push and got tickets as far as Floyd rolls they have not toured at all since 1994! So glad in retrospect that I caught this act!

In case you are wondering Yep there was a huge inflatable pig floating above the stage! Love those stadium huge sized props!