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Quiet Riot: Metal Health- Special 4 Track Tour Edition EP

Hey, Folks a few days back I went on about that little Helix 4 song LP.  I thought it would be cool to feature a few more of these EP’s that I have scooped along the way. Growing up, I could never grab these as between buying records/magazines the dollar and cents could only be stretched so far. So now if I see these for a decent price, I like to pick them up and shoot Ladano a message to see if he has ever seen or heard some of these. So anyways sit back, enjoy and Bang Your Head! (I admit that was goofy, but I gotta keep the hype machine moving!)

Quiet Riot in 1983/84 was big news as there album Metal Health was everywhere! Videos being played and songs being played! All of us in that year in high school when this dropped onto the store shelves bought this, and it’s one of the few metal albums that had crossover appeal to non-metallers!

So with the albums two biggest singles why not tack on two non-single live tracks and strike while the iron is hot! That’s what QR did!

Metal Heath(the single) and Cum on Feel the Noize (the real big single)  are the selling feature of this EP I’m sure back in 83/84! QR or the powers that be at the record company knew to put something different on and these two live  tracks have QR rocking to the masses back on that night on June 4th, 1983!

Love’s A Bitch is a great track that slowly cruises along until the chorus lifts off!

Let’s Go Crazy rocks right out of the gate and prop’s to Frankie Banali who smacks two huge gong smashes one at the beginning of the tune and the second gong smash a roo towards the end!

That’s a rock song, folks!

Back Covers: Quiet Riot:Metal Health(1983)

Man, I miss those daze of Yesteryear when every Saturday Morning I would head down to the numerous record stores that Thunder Bay  had here back in the early 80’s and discovering something that yet had yet to be discovered by the masses…

One of those discoveries for me  was indeed Metal Health by Quiet Riot!

For Christmas Time 1982 I received from my  Parents as Xmas Gifts Rush’s Signals and Ozzy Osbourne’s Speak of the Devil albums.

Ozzy of course had Rudy Sarzo slapping and licking the Bass so I knew his name and of course seen Rudy’s Pic in Ozzy’s Diary of a Madman album (Rudy is pictured and listed as the Bass Player on the album but we all know the deal on that) so when I read early in 1983 in Circus Magazine that Rudy split Ozzy and rejoined his old band Quiet Riot(that of course featured the late Randy Rhoads) I was intrigued…

March 1983 and there I am digging through the bins of the New Releases that week at out local Sam The Record Man itching to buy something on that cold March Morning and BAM …

There it is! One copy of Quiet Riot Metal Health! After checking out the cover it was a quick flip over and there is Rudy along with three other dudes of Rock. Carlos Cavazo/Frankie Banali and the Late Kevin Dubrow!

Four Black and White pics. Simple yet effective as here was a new band with their debut record that made it to Tbay and only one copy in the Bin. The end result..

A quick grab-purchase-out the door-home!

I was psyched to get a copy of this back than. A band that hadn’t sold any records yet! A band that hadn’t got much press only for the fact that Sarzo and Rhoads were a part of Ozzy’s Band at one point. A band that in less than a year would be a household name. A band that in less than 4 years later would self destruct…


A pretty cool little discovery waaaaaaaay back when….