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T.B.B.F 2017..Day 3/Bachman-Big Sugar/July 9th 2017

Day 3 of the Thunder Bay Blues Festival was basically a bunch of Guitar Rock with these acts..

Right in my wheelhouse you could say…

Myself and Suzi arrived at around 3:40 pm Sunday afternoon but it took us a full half hour to enter the festival grounds. Why you ask? Simple to access the Festival you have to cross train tracks and well two full CN cargo trains one right after another (with one train stopping/backing up changing tracks) held up quite a few people.

The way the tracks are laid out in this town is it will eventually cut a path right through the heart of the city basically splitting the town in two. There’s a few not so shortcuts but amazing in the year 2017 a Choo Choo train can basically halt a town at least for a  few minutes or in this case a half n hour…

Once on the grounds site we dumped our lawn chairs got a couple of Adult Pops and Anthony Gomes was taking the stage. This guy did not disappoint as this is a power trio that loves to blaze hard blues rock. The tempo was set for the day. Anthony and his two other cohorts rocked and rolled and did not let the downpour of rain that blasted down from the skies for a good duration of his set bother him.  Kudos to Anthony he got wet. Just kept wiping his guitar and getting on with it! This is a dude that I’m gonna have to check out. Hell he even at one point tossed a snippet of Van Halen’s Eruption in one of his solo’s so you know he means business!

By the time the  Wide Mouth Mason trio of fella’s hit the stage the rain had passed(still kinda cloudy) and these guys I can tell you showed up. With Gomes setting the bar on frenzied heavy guitar rock WMM’s own guitarist  Shawn Verreault showed up 10 fold. Laid down some great vocals and brilliant guitar playing including lap steel guitar and these guys the last time I saw them was when they opened for The Guess Who back in 2000. WMM has not changed one bit. It was real good to hear songs like Why,Midnight Rain,Tom Robinson.  One of the coolest parts of the Mason set was when Verreault had his lap steel out and the boy’s ripped out a wicked rocked up version of Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” that went right into David Bowies ‘Modern Love”. Man it was soooo good. Wide Mouth Mason took the challenge put forth by Gomes and his power trio and Mason Boy’s delivered!

BIG SUGAR. Gordie Johnson is back wearing the suits and he’s revamped Big Sugar. Gone is Mr Chill(Keyboards) and in are a few new musicians (a female backing vocalist)and I will say Sugar was unbelievable on this late afternoon. To me Big Sugar is a mashup of old school 70’s ZZ Top guitar rock mixed with a tinge at  certain time’s of Bob Marley reggae thrown in.  A sound that is known as BIG SUGAR. You want lots of Gibson Double Neck playing? It was here. Live his guitar tone sounds like it does on record. Red Rover was played early on and ‘Brothers and Sisters are you ready?” sang Gordie! Love the tempo these guys toss live. You know you have a decent back catalogue of material to draw from when one of Sugar’s biggest hits Diggin A Hole is played early on. If I Had My Way slinked its way around with Gordie playing some real slick slide guitar. Reggae rock of Turn The Lights On had the crowd moving while the old school ZZ sounding Better Get Used To It was brilliant. You cannot go wrong with this kind of rock. Gordie didn’t speak to much but when he did he told us that Sugar has a new album coming out later in the year and they proceeded to play two new tracks. (Sorry can’t remember the titles) But I will say they sounded like standout tracks and basically have sold me on wanting to purchase the new Sugar album. Slick move to play new tracks as you may lose the crowd but nope they were that good! One being a total rock out track . All Hell For A Basement whipped everyone in the crowd back into shape. Gordie totally slayed me with Sugar’s what I would say is my fav-o song of there’s The Scene. The Scene is a real cool vibe rock full steamer rock n sugar track. The Scene blends great percussion/guitar and vocals with some slick like lyrics. At the end of The Scene Gordie as per Protocol played O Canada on his double neck and flashed the Canadian Flag which was painted on the back of his guitar. BIG SUGAR DELIVERED!

To close out the weekend  it was up to Randy Bachman to cap things off. Did he? Well let’s put it this way. Randy has a ton of material to draw from him and he did by opening up with Roll On Down The Highway. Bachman at the age of 73(!) can still play the six string. The B.T.O material that was played like the classic Four Wheel Drive,You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,Let it Ride,Hey You ( in which Randy and crew jammed some AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long, Steve Millers Rock N Me Rod Stewarts Hot Legs and WIld Thing) Now where he lost some momentum for me(not others mind you) was some of the Guess Who songs. Good songs mind you but songs like These Eyes,Undone  albeit a lot of people here tonight love those tunes to me Randy rules on the BTO stuff! Now saying that when Bachman dug into American Woman which segued into Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love only to return to American Woman was pure brilliance! So some Guess Who worked some in my opinion didn’t work so good. Course The Rand-man wrapped it up with Takin Care Of Business!

Gordie and BIG SUGAR stole the weekend but they were pushed by Mitchell/Doyle/Gomes/Bachman and  Wide Mouth Mason.

Sunday was a bunch of Guitar Rock which was what I wanted to hear in the first place and it was delivered upon.

Too wrap things up about the Festival. I still say the current location is crap. The setting by the lake is awesome but the place with the low stage sucks. The Food Vendors make a huge circle around the festival grounds and are right basically tucked on the sidewalk. This gets way to congested when you have people waiting for food and others just trying to back to their lawn chairs.  Friday and especially Saturday were jammed. Sunday was but not as much.

For the Organisers of  this Festival it’s about the buck. Too hear about broken attendance records all weekend gets nauseating after a while. With all this cash coming in fix this area up!

I think also the lineup nights could have been better but that’s due to availability of course. Bachman/Mitchell Friday Night ..Saturday Doyle should have closed with Bare Naked Ladies playing before Alan.  On Sunday BIG SUGAR should have closed this out. My gripe!

JACKASS MOVE OF THE FESTIVAL GOES TO…We weren’t even 20 minutes on the Festival grounds on Friday  when some ol dude(pushing 60 I would say) as Sue was about to put ice in her drink with a scoop this ol moron couldn’t wait for the scoop decided to grab the ice from the trays  with his bare hands. Sue decided at that point to never use ICE in drinks at a public gathering again(haha). What a DumbFuck this fella was…..



Anthony Gomes- 10/10




Holeee Crap the wifey digs loud guitar Rock!

I’m outta here for a bit ! Thanks for reading!

Bachman/Any Road(1993)


“Neil Went To Play For A While In Thunder Bay” sings Randy Bachman on the opening track Praire Town on the very good album by Randy simply called Bachman. The Neil that Randy refers to is of course Neil Young who hung around Tbay for a while than split to the U.S and we know the rest of the story right?!

Randy I would have to say writes awesome tunes of Blue Collar Rawk and to prove my point it just takes one listen to Takin Care Of Business from his band back in the early to mid 1970’s Bachman Turner Overdrive  to hear it. Randy writes simple yet good catchy Ear Candy and 1993’s Bachman album proves this point!

Randy snagged not only Neil Young but Margo Timmons from the Cowboy Junkies to round out the opening track Praire Town. Check out the vid below!

Dig that video with Neil! Those guitars must have been jacked up to 11 in the studio! They sound Loud while the band looks like there having fun! Like those Throwback Creeper Glasses Randy’s sporting while Neil looks like he rolled out of bed tossed on his ball cap backwards and said “Let’s Do This!!”

The Tunes From The Prairie Town…

1 Prairie Town
Guitar – Neil Young
Vocals – Margo Timmins, Neil Young
Written-By – Randy Bachman
2 Any Road
Written-By – Randy Bachman
3 I Wanna Shelter You
Written-By – Denise McCann, Randy Bachman
4 Overworked And Underpaid
Vocals – Callianne Bachman
Written-By – Randy Bachman
5 15 Minutes Of Fame
Written-By – Randy Bachman
6 Tailspin
Written-By – Randy Bachman
7 Vanishing Heroes
Written-By – Randy Bachman
8 One Step Ahead Of The Law
Written-By – Randy Bachman
9 It’s Only Money
Written-By – Randy Bachman
10 One Night In Texas
Written-By – Randy Bachman
11 Why Am I Lonely
Jew’s Harp – Denise McCann
Written-By – Talmage Bachman
12 Prairie Town
Guitar – Neil Young
Vocals – Margo Timmins, Neil Young
Written-By – Randy Bachman

This is a nice little 12 Pack Of CanRawk! I posted at the top of this article the other video for the second track called Any Road which the album is titled after. Any Road is a great track actually one of my Fav Randy tracks with a real slick chorus of “See Ya Later”. The song is a well crafted tune as Randy even has an organ adding not taking away from the song! Actually the Organ enhances this track! Did I just say that?

Signed Randy Bachman T Shirt and CD From Tbone's Rock Vault!
Signed Randy Bachman T Shirt and CD From Tbone’s Rock Vault!

Lot’s of great guitaring on this album different style of pickings! At times chill like I Wanna Shelter You.

Randy does dig into the Blue Collar Rock here with Overworked And Underpaid  whereas  Tailspin is old school ZZ Top Rock complete with ZZ’s mid 80’s Synth driving the tune along with Randys guitar!

Now the album ends with an acoustic version of Prairie Town which I  usually fret upon but this one Rocks! Well not that kind of Rocks but one which is chill,features some nice lap steel and Margo adds to the song with her angelic like voice! It’s not all boom and bust for the Rand-Man! Neil probably rolled a High Heater and had to take a Huge Toke A Roo to chillax for this one! Great ending to this album!

This would be up to that point (1993) the last Bachman album I bought until 2015’s very good Heavy Blues album!

If ya stumble across either of em….

Grab Em!

SONIC WAVES REVIEW….Bachman/Heavy Blues

What do Neil Young,Peter Framptom,Jeff Healy(Rip),Joe Bonamassa,Robert Randolph,Luke Doucet and my homeboy from Rival Sons Scott Holiday have in common?

They all rip out some real cool guitar solos on different tracks on the new release by Randy Bachman called Bachman/Heavy Blues. How can you not admire Randy’s back catalogue of Canadian Rock Genius. The cat has written many a hit from the Guess Who thru to BTO and as well as solo act!(Hey You,Takin Care Of Business,You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,Undun,Prairie Town,American Woman and many others….)

The last Bachman album I bought was Any Road from 1993 so it’s been a while but too be honest I Was really intrigued when he got some top notch guitar heroes to put down there magic on his album plus for a added bonus feature Randy hired Anna Ruddick on drums and Dale Anne Brendan on bass!(female rhythm section!)

Kevin Shirley big producer guy of Zeppelin,Rush,Iron Maiden and many others is controlling the dial here(producing) so the sonics are intact!


THE EDGE-Randy makes no qualms about writing and playing a tune that could have fit nicely on The Whos By Numbers album! Yeah it’s a total tribute to Randys heroes! The 2 lady’s hold down the drums and bass were off to a real good start! Crank the video posted and you will know what I’m talking about!

TONS OF BRICKS- my homeboy Scot Holiday from the Rival Sons lays down some real sweet slide on track 2 and Mr Holiday is the first guest guitarist out of the gate and Scot throws it down! It’s great to see him leave the massive fuzz o distortion box and just crank down some serious guitar rock! The song itself is is a straight ahead rocker mixed with some acoustic and of course some real cool slide courtesy of Mr Holiday and he solos off the rails here! The lyrics tell Ya the world will hit you like a Ton Of A Bricks! For a added bonus Bachman takes on Satan in this tune and Scot ends the tune with some real ferocity of playing!

BAD CHILD – Joe Bonamassa shows up with his 6 string and plays to this mid tempo track and he wails on the solo while Randy and crew tell us he’s a Bad Child! Hahahaha at 71! Cool stuff Randy never change dude! Bonamassa man want can you say about this guy!

LITTLE GIRL LOST- this song is real good(cowbell included)and hey Randy’s Ol pal Neil Young shows up and riffs away as Randy tells us about the Little Girl Lost who’s basically a ahem lady of the night so to speak! Young during his solo cranks his amp to 11 and rocks this song almost to a ZZ Top shuffle of a sound! Neil takes over this song with his playing love his tone all big and fuzzy kinda cool shit!

LEARN TO FLY- This is another ZZ kinda sounding tune and Randy and the Ladies rock the Fort by themselves on this track. Great tune with real cool lines like “Shoulda coulda worked!” Man I hear Billy Gibbons on this track but he isn’t and Randy steps up 10 notches hear and jams down some serious riffing! Awesome track!

OH MY LORD- let’s keep ZZ sound going and Robert Randolph and his slide guitar show up along with some backing vocals from some ladies! This song is driven by the drums and they drive the Bachman bus forward! Tons of guitars on this track! That’s the cool thing here Randy lets these guitar guys do there thing and they deliver!

CONFESSIN TO THE DEVIL- almost like a Who Do You  Love kinda beat! The late great Jeff Healey lays down the solo on this track and it’s great to hear him! The chorus gets heavy with some Bachman power chords and backing vocals and Wowzers Bachman is going straight after Confessin To The Devil! Yeah man he is he says it not me! Healey pulls off the solo like you know he does and Bam he takes this tune up a notch!

HEAVY BLUES- Petey Frampton leaves the talk box at home and him and the Rand rock this tune together! Holy shit Frampton shows up and just hits the solo out of the park! The title track is a scorcher with the ladies on the drums/cowbell and bass just pushing the song forward into uncharted waters! The chorus ramps up big time and Frampton takes over!

WILD TEXAS RIDE- Bachman and the Girls rock this tune. Y themselves and holy hell more cowbell to sell and big guitars,big sound good job Kevin Shirley with the sonics to not overproduce this bad boy of a album! This is a fast little corker of a tune! Great solo by Bachman and he holds his own on this song with the big boys of guitar gods that are all over Heavy Blues!

PLEASE COME TO PARIS -this fella named Luke Doucet lays done some serious riffage and thsi song speeds up as it goes and this song has a real cool pace to it ! Doucet is a guy that i should out as he lays waste to his solo on this record I mean rips away but doesn’t over do it!

WE NEED TO TALK – a slower number that moves at a slower clip than the previous 10 tracks and that’s ok man Randy had the pedal pushed up to this point so let him chill will Ya! Great relaxing solo and Randy does a good job on this !

HEAVY BLUES-the only difference is this version has Randy rocking the solo and this is the same for the video that is posted!

IN CONCLUSION- too be totally honest with you if Randy Bachman just would have put out this record without these top notch guitar gurus I would have passed and  that would have been brutal of me as these songs are real good and to have the A list of guys involved is a added bonus! Bachman/Ruddick and Brendan show up and rock this album from start to finish! For the year 2015 Heavy Blues is a real awesome release of rock! Check it out …..