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October 2022 Scores!

My pal Snowman every month  posts all his findings on Vinyl, Compact Disc, Cassettes and even 8 tracks at time’s.

I made the comment when Johnny posted his October Scores that this may be the one month I actually outscored him in his purchases.

We had a laugh and he told me to post my stuff…

Challenge accepted Sir!

Here’s John’s post and if you haven’t already give his excellent site a follow!


Here we go…

So it was off to Toronto back on October 8th with Tbone coming along as we were going to see Iron Maiden on the 11th.

Other than seeing Maiden live the other bit if business we had to take care of was scoring Vinyl.

‘Sonic Boom’ and ‘Kops Records’ were our two focal points of dropping serious cash in which we did.

It was a no brainer for me to buy vinyl but I was glad to see Tbone jump both feet in and grabbed what turned out to be 11 albums of his own!

Atta boy Old Man!

The day before we left (Oct 7th) Amazon dropped off an album at my house that was a gift from Tbone which was The Cult’s latest release ‘Under The Midnight Sun’ which is a fantastic record. What a way to start our trip the following day.

So here are the scores from ‘Kops’ and ‘Sonic Boom’ posted below..

Some more T.O finds except for ‘Skid Row’ which I ordered from Amazon.

As I mentioned earlier we were there to see Iron Maiden and of course a visit to the merch table is a must…

We also hooked up with Brent Jensen who brought us gifts including T shirts, books and for myself basically what is a demo version of Brent’s ‘Leftover People’ book before he sent the final copy off to get published. What a gift and its the only one is existence!

One other thing and that was the latest copy of ‘Rock Candy Magazine’ which I have been a subscriber since Day 1. Always a great read!

There ya have it folk’s…

Coming up..

November 12th- Record Fair

November 18th- Iron Maiden Triple LP vinyl set of ‘The Number of the Beast’ and the super deluxe box set of KISS ‘Creatures of the Night’ on (ugh) CD!

November 22nd- Headstones live in Tbay and kicking off there Canadian tour here of all places!



I just received in my mailbox the other day Issue #30 of Rock Candy Magazine.

As you can see KISS is featured on the cover where Gene and Paul talk about the 45th Anniversary Reissue of the classic “Destroyer” album. A pretty good read of the “Destroyer” record spread out over 10 pages.

Joey Tempest and Ian Haughland  from Europe rewind back in time to 1986 where they talk in-depth about the writing/recording of “The Final Countdown” which of course was a huge seller. Ketchup bottle not included!

Crazy to think that the Scorpions are well into there fifth decade of making music where in the pages of Issue #30  Klaus, Rudolf and Matthias discuss not only there past 50 years in music while also talking in length of there soon to be current release “Rock Believer” which I’m actually interested in hearing.

Rock Candy in every issue ( I can say that as I own them all) always features a couple of interviews that go to that next level.

This issue is no exception as Scott Ian and John Bush discuss what happened during Bush’s tenure as lead vocalist after Anthrax sacked original singer Joey Belladonna back in ’92. Some real great insight on the inner workings when a band’s sales and tour attendances  start to drop..

What I would consider one of the best  reads in this issue is the interview with Larry Mazer.

Who is Larry Mazer you ask?

Well, he was originally Cinderella’s manager (amongst others) as  he was brought onboard to manage the business for KISS back in 1989 which lasted until 1994 when Mazer walked away as Gene and Paul wanted to cut his commission.

Speaking of Gene, Larry talks candidly about Gene Simmons saying that the Demon was originally out to sign Cinderella back in 85 but as we know Gene wanted a cut in the publishing. merchandise you name it Genie wanted it but Tom Keifer politely declined.

Mazer also discusses managing that wing-nut Yngwie Malmsteem whom Larry managed for only a year back in ’88 when Joe Lynn Tuner fronted the band vocally.  After a year of dealing with Malmsteem,  Mazer quit as he said it was to chaotic.

If you come across this issue at your book store pick it up. Some great stuff in these pages.



Rock Candy Magazine: Dec 2020/January 2021 Issue

I have not done a “Rock Candy Magazine” review in a bit. As you already know I’m a huge fan of this magazine as it features a bunch of those brilliant Kerrang writers from the ’80s.

Since I have a tie-in with a review coming up that is featured in this issue I thought “Oh what the hell”.

Who that band or artist you ask?  Well, you will have to wait a few days to find out. How’s that for a cheap plug! 

Rock Candy is up to Issue 23 now (Yup I have all 23) and as always the writers have stepped up.

By checking out the cover above you can see all the musical goodies that are inside.

First of all, is a 10-page tribute to Eddie Van Halen which is very well done. 

“Yes” is the main focal point here and it’s a great read as there are new interviews with Trevor Rabin and Jon Anderson on the making of the mega-selling “901025” release back in 1984.

Pretty cool interview with Snake Sabo from Skid Row as he talks about recording the brilliant “Slave To The Grind” release. In what will come as no surprise to anyone they were having trouble with Bach already. lol

Rick Allen from Def Leppard discusses quite openly what he went through on that night of his accident and the amazing perseverance he went through to get back into the studio to finish Hysteria.

Look at that pic above it’s Ladano’s fav Bible Belters Stryper in which Micheal Sweet talks about the success and hassles of being well…Stryper!

Now the Award for best picture (see below) in this issue of Rock Candy goes to! Drum roll, please! 

Bam! That my friends is the one and only Pat Benetar! Wowzers what a great-looking woman and R.C take an in-depth look at all the shit and hassle Pat took in the late 70’s and early 80’s on getting her music out there in a male-dominated business!

Pat had to deal with a lot of creeps but guitarist Neil Giraldo as we all know together had a bunch of great selling albums and huge singles during the roaring ’80s.

Something I didn’t know is that Giraldo played lead guitar on Rick Springfields “Working Glass Dog”. Yup, that’s Neil on “Jessie’s Girl”.

Rock Candy never disappoints as they always make each issue interesting and #23 is no exception!

Rock Candy Magazine Issue 6(Feb-March 2018)

So if you recall from my review a few months back I raved about Rock Candy Magazine out of the U.K. Come to think of it I have done a few Rock Candy reviews and why not its a Killer Magazine!

The best! The only one you need to read on the Genre!

When I posted about Issue 5 that had Ozzy & Randy Rhoads on the cover I said that each issue keeps getting better and better and there all great!

Guess What? Issue 6 is even better! Yup…Check out that cover Folk’s! Straight from Rock Candy photographer Mark Weiss. Cool thing is Mark explains the cover shot taken back in 1982 -1983 on Van Halen’s Hide Your Sheep Tour. Weiss adds that it was always a chore to get all four Halen guys for a photo.

Heck even Steve Vai is asked about his thoughts on what Van Halen meant to him and being Roth’s guitarist as well.

Ha check out the socks Ed’s wearing!!?? Where else would you see something like this other than a Rock Candy Cover!


Another jam-packed issue. I mean look at that cover. The artists listed right there would make a real good mix tape wouldn’t  you say back in the day?

The cover story on Van Halen is spread out over 14 pages. Including an interview with Noel Monk and Rock Candy writer Mick Wall writing about his encounters with David Lee Roth. Speaking of Mick Wall he details in great length the legendary U.S Festival back in 83!

Elsewhere its interviews with Stephen Pearcy on the rise and fall of RATT during the 80’s along with a in-depth feature on Cinderella with former manager Larry Mazer and Tom Keifer giving the low down on what happened with Cinderella!

Tom Allom talks about producing Judas Priest albums from the 1980s.

Micheal Schenker spouts off on a bunch of things including some more verbal shots at his brother Rudolf but also  talks about his past with MSG/Scorpions and UFO.

One of the coolest features is Marallion. Now I’m no big fan of their stuff but this was fascinating as they go into great detail on how they gave up at one point on major record  labels and financed things themselves with help of their fan base. It’s a great read on how to survive and you have to hand it to Marallion on how they went on about it,

Hanoi Rocks talks about why they broke up in 1985 and Micheal Monroe has some choice words for Motley Crue!

As I had mentioned in past reviews about this magazine a cool feature is when they interview Rush artist Hugh Syme in detail about the Hemispheres cover.

Once again another packed issue which is now available in the stores. If you dig the old school rock written by those wacky ex Kerranger’s pick up a copy!

Worth it…

Rock Candy Magazine- Issue #5

Just received  Rock Candy’s Latest Issue (#5) in the mail and its a scorcher of an read!

All 5 Issues so far have been excellent but this latest one is just stellar! First of all love the old cover shot of Ozzy & The late Randy Rhoads taken in 1981 by Mark Weiss and the Rhoads feature is 14 pages long. Sure millions of pages have been written about Rhoads since he died tragically in that plane crash back in 1982 but the fourteen pages of articles spin different  scenarios than what I have read about Rhoads in the past!

Interviews with Rhoads’ first guitar tech Howard Friedman. An unreleased article from former Sounds Writer Gary Bushell and the real score an interview with Bernie Torme who was drafted in right after Randy’s death (Before Brad Gillis took over the 6 string duties) to replace Randy to keep the Diary of a Madman tour moving. Even wilder is there’s a live shot from those few weeks that Bernie was onstage with Ozzy that is printed as well! I call that picture the Money Shot!

A great article on Cheap Tricks Budokan release is featured with a current interview with Rick Neilsen & Robin Zander.  Also of interest is a throwback late 80’s Hair Metal article on White Lion and a current interview as well with  White Lion vocalist Mike Tramp who details in full what the hell happened as White Lion came as fast as they went! One of the most interesting comments that Tramp speaks about is  when he announced to White Lion Guitarist Vito Bratta that he was finished with White Lion after an upcoming  show in Boston (1991). Bratta’s response was a simple “Ok!” They played that final show and Vito walked away never to be seen or really heard from again!

Bev Bevan as well is interviewed! Who is Bev Bevan?  Well  I will fill you in as he manned the drum stool on Black Sabbaths Born Again album/tour back in  1983 that for all intent and purposes is either one of the most liked Sabbath albums or the most disliked. Eight pages are featured here on the album and as well Bevan gives some real great insight on  the albums sound and the tour that followed it. Great read!

Bostons debut album is featured in the regular monthly Artist Graphic feature where an artist describes in detail what goes into his vision of what the artist wanted as there cover for the record buying public to see! (On a personal note I hope to see Derek Riggs featured at some point perhaps Powerslave or Somewhere In Time can be examined. How about it Hojo?!)

Jesse Fink  who wrote the fantastic book on Bon Scott’s last three  years of his life(1977-80) titled Bon Scott ‘The Last Highway’ explains his journey on how he went about putting together this brilliant look at  AC/DC’s late frontman!

I could go on but seriously this is such a great magazine that has one foot on the past while the other foot is on the present in relation to speaking to artists/bands that were there back in the hey day!

Thanks again to Hojo/Derek Oliver/Malcolm Dome and John Nicholson for getting this mag out! Speaking of which it should be stocked in Canada now at Chapters (book store) so if you’re cruising through the aisles check it out. Better yet………

BUY THE DAMN THING and support this Mag!




Rock Candy Magazine(2017)

Rock Candy Magazine is a new hard rock magazine that has only three  issues out and what a bunch of action packed pages these three magazines are filled with.

Rock Candy comes from England and features all of those classic Kerrang writers from the early to late 80’s.

Derek Oliver/Malcolm Dome/Paul Suter/Howard Johnson just to name a few are all here in their writing glory. These Kerrang dude’s knew how to write articles back in the day as they would report the facts but also add a great sense of humour as well which was missing in all the American Mags I bought decades ago perhaps except for Creem. 

To be perfectly honest over the years the purchase of Magazines kinda of ceased in my world until (out of England featuring some other Kerrang writers) Classic Rock Magazine showed up I would say back in 2007 or 2008 at our local Bookstore.

I was hooked back than but it was pricey every month and for the first 7-8 years I wouldn’t skip an issue and at one point I even subscribed to receive the mag via a paid mail subscription through some distributor in the States and that was real pricey, Once I was done with reading an issue I would pass it on to Tbone.

Than when iPods came out and offered magazines and once my subscription for the printed version finished I paid for the digital subscription via Apple and it was way cheaper and I admit I was buzzed on the fact that I could just read it all on my iPad for a fraction of the printed copy.

Funny thing though just over 2 years ago I got bored with Classic Rock Magazine. For some reason I lost interest. Got tired for instance in that I would buy and read the Joe Perry book and the next issue of Classic Rock  would  have an a 8 page excerpt from  Perry’s book. Also seemed like every month it was the same ol same ol…

The last digital version of Classic Rock I paid for was back in Sept 2015 when Iron Maiden were on the cover plugging Book of Souls. 

Since than…..

Nothing until…

This past spring when out on Facebook was Rock Candy (Who also remaster and reissue a ton of 70’s/80’s cd’s. Acts like Dokken/Hanoi Rocks/Alannah Myles/Warrant/ Tbone endorsed Bad English and my fav-o Nuck Homeboys Coney Hatch) advertising that they were doing their own magazine. 6 issue’s a year…

I was intrigued as Yup it was the Kerrang Dudes but most importantly what Magazine has ever on their debut issue have printed right on the cover “Eight Yes Eight Pages of Krokus”

I was hooked! But like a ding-dong I waited and once Issue 2 came out with the whole 1984 throwback Bruce Dickinson cover (of course seeing Maiden recently helps the cause) with the Egyptian Powerslave on the cover which by the way was done brilliantly and very creatively I might add. It was time than to take the plunge.

Issue 2 is wickedly good as well. Maiden is written and documented here on their World Slavery Tour from 1984 when they hit Poland for the first time. Excellent writeups on UFO and  Foreigner and an updated brilliant New interview with John Sykes who gives us the details on how and who know’s why the whole Whitesnake 87 band was fired. It’s truly a fascinating read/interview!

Issue 3 was just released and features Ze Scorpions on the cover with articles on Accept/Humble Pie/Dennis DeYoung/Manowar and most importantly 12 pages of Canadian Rock called Maple Mayhem. Writer Paul Suter did his homework on the Canadian Metal Scene…

The cool thing is the articles are written with the 80’s in mind but with current interviews added to aid the story.

Rock Candy’s deal is simple! When you purchase an issue or subscribe online and once payment has been made  you receive an automatic digital download of the magazine right away.

This magazine is not available in the stores. 100 pages(printed on real paper) of great articles with a lot of snippets of old Kerrang articles attached to new articles as well.

As well the mailed printed copy is sent. I can attest to the fact that my two magazines to reach Thunder Bay from England only took 6 Business Days to get here. That was fast…. (by the way I’m subscribing!)

If you’re looking for a great look back of Hard Rock from Yesteryear check out Rock Candy! Printed editions are indeed the way to go!

Totally Worth The Dough…..