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3/4’s Filler …Quiet Riot/Condition Critical

Yup! This ones been floating around in my noggin for a while now and well the 80s( if Ya remember them ) some bands released album titles that at the time I thought were interesting to say the least! But now it’s like Haha! Like Poison with Open Up And Say Ahh! Kiss with Lick It Up,Heavy Pettin with Rock Ain’t Dead( rock wasn’t dead but Heavy Pettin were)…or L.A Guns second album release called Cocked And Loaded but for me hands down,cards on the table the album that best describes a bands downward spiral would be Quiet Riot with Condition Critical. Hey  man some one wanna try and revive this slab of rock…Ummm no I didn’t think so and here are the true events from 1984 as recounted by me or as Sarca calls me The Unablogger!

1984, musically for me it was a huge dose of VH with 1984,Crüe with Shout At The Devil,Whitesnakes Slide It In,Maiden with Powerslave,Sammy Hagars VOA and many more,but one that I bought without a doubt that I thought would rock and that many of us got fooled with including many local cast and characters of my musical mafia was Quiet Riot!

Condition Critcal was the name,Kevin Dubrow (RIP)losing his hair over this record  was the game. So in the summer of 84 Dubrow, Rudy Sarzo,Carlos Cavazo and Frankie Banali thought they could fool me as a 17 year old! Ha,Nope!

So I’m sure we all know the deal with Metal Health right?( read Monday’s review of Metal Health if Ya didn’t here’s it in a nutshell) QR nails the pot of gold with one of the albums of 1983! QR was everywhere,radio,TV ,print magazines they were selling albums like hotcakes plus the singles Cum On Feel The Noise,Metal Health went bizarro and pushed the album to the moon. Everyone back than had a copy! Hell,my wife Q even has told me she had owned a copy of Metal Health as well and she has never been a big music buyer so QR Mach 1983 is crossing over in a big way……

July 1984,QR strikes while the iron is hot! QR is cashing in man big time! I’m sure in there heads they thought the new album was the Shit! Well it was in some regards…..

SIGN OF THE TIMES- ok ok not a bad opener! Dubrow and his yap are telling us “hey hey,hey were a Sign Of The Times,having fun ain’t  no crime” so yeah Sarzo’s still licking his bass like a Popsicle,Cavazo’s playing some guitar and Banali’s pounding the drums deliver a solid opening tune and well I’ll be damned but those guys that ran that label and that studio Pasha all had one thing in common. That is all there bands had the same production sound QR,Kick Axe and King Kobra there was no difference in the sonics! Hey don’t get me wrong I’m no producer but that’s kinda fucked!

MAMA WERE ALL CRAZEE NOW-Red Flag Number 1 with Condition Critical and QR decide if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. So it’s another Slade cover track 2, just like Cum On Feel The Noize on Metal Health(Slade song,track2) Ummm back than I was not amused by this move I was thinking what a bunch of lazy asses but than again I guess it was snowing in California with whoever made this decision. If this wasn’t already done I could have probably liked this tune more but man ……

PARTY ALL NIGHT- hahaha,so QR wants to make VH like videos? Ok ?? They always fell short like VH’s Hot For Teacher Vid is a classic this is kinda low budget video work. Kinda like if me and Tbone were rock video directors,ie…Budget hahaha… The song is QR telling us to Party All Night Long…..alrighty Dubrow as long as you bring the 1 am Doritos/Quarter Pounder burgers cuz there’s gonna be some munchies going down …….

STOMP YOUR HANDS,CLAP YOUR FEET- I guess is another play on SUMTHIN that Slade had done! So Dubrow is chasing Slade. Ha well thats ok I guess when your influenced by a sound but this is getting ridiculous! This song is ok it just proves the point that some songs just have goofy titles. But back to the Slade thing and I guess you have to give credit where credit is due and Slade themselves had a bit of a resurgence in America with Run,Runaway or sumthin to that effect! So good on you Dubrow for making them gain some notoriety in good ol 1984.

WINNER TAKES ALL-ends side one and this is the QR balladeer number. ….Ummm, Next!

CONDITION CRITICAL- Banali try’s to be Bonham with that drum groove and it’s not a bad song but it isn’t Zep! But this song basically ends Condition Critical for me as the rest well let’s just say…..

SCREAM AND SHOUT – just like song 7 on Metal Health(Run For Cover) this is a double bass drummey for dummeys of rip offs! It’s weak man ….got a craving for QR double bass driving tunes than stick with Run For Cover off of Metal Health ..but would u actually get a sonic craving for QR ?? Hahahaha …..didn’t think so!

RED ALERT- is just a straight ahead plodder of really nothin. Abort,abort The SS QR is taking on water…just like a ship sinking so is QR!

BAD BOY- nothin new here folks just some sappy lyrics and sappy everything…..

WE WERE BORN TO ROCK- let’s finish with a anthem. The only problem is everyone has already exited the building …..this is not a good song! I’m not gonna slam no more cause there’s the door! That’s me talking by the way!

IN CONCLUSION-after laying waste with record sales in 1983 with Metal Health. QR does the exact same thing and try’s to copy the previous albums material but fall way short. The songs are not strong enough to stand the test of time. QR recorded a album by all intent and purposes should have stayed in 1984. Back than even I never really got Into to Condition Critical and I mean yeah QR’s Condition was indeed Critical and just when Ya thought no more slop could hit my turntable …..

Check back Friday !


SONIC WAVES…..Quiet Riot/Metal Health

1983 …hmm Beat it just Beat it! said Mikey Jackson and then comes 4 Californians who call themselves Quiet Riot and dump into our Sonic Senses Metal Health!!! Faith is restored cuz if DeKEs is gonna sit through a Jacko vid Ya better slap me outside of the head with some hard rock and Quiet Riot did somewhat deliver….

Allright,Allright stop your giggling. This week of QR Reviews had to be done but back in 83 if you were my age (16)you weren’t laughing u wanted Metal Health! Your getting Metal Health and we’re all gonna be committed together Into the QR Nuthouse!

Well since it was 1983 …the biggie releases for me were the immortal Flick Of The Switch by ACDC, the great classic metalmaster of epics!(ask Tbone) Iron Maiden with Piece Of Mind,Leppard was kicking ass with Pyromania and gulp …QR With Metal Health!

QR Metal Health was the first so-called metal album to go number 1 back in 83.

Yeah man give these guys some credit….Kevin/Carlos/Rudy and Frank sold a ton of albums and if your still laughing at me,yeah well you were right behind me buying it back than so I will laugh back atcha ! Hey cuz that’s how I roll !

So for this week,chill back with your early am coffee or beverage of choice and enjoy the read!( I hope) of QR albums here @Arenarock!

METAL HEALTH-Banali on the drums rolls over and starts off Metal Health and Dubrow drops a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ….and we’re off and running and here’s Carlos laying down the solo and Chuck Wright dropping the bass groove(Rudy Sarzo would be back for the photo shoot and be on part of Metal Health but he was just getting off the Crazy Train with its conducter Ozzy Osbourne) and by golly we got ourselves the Metal Anthem of 1983 well Dubrow said that I recall in Circus magazine so his ego was already off and running….

CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE- Slade cover never heard the original but man QR make it their own and it’s everywhere on video and radio!  Is it just me or does Dubrow look like Ra McGuire (lead singer for Trooper a  Canadian band) brother…hahaha….Carlos rips down the solo and Rudy licks his bass and we got a hit..a real big hit!

DONT WANNA LET YOU GO- Geez 3 songs in the boys slam on the breaks and slow down the action with this tune. It’s not a bad song and it gives a good tempo throughout the song. Carlos shows on guitar that he can let it rip and slow Er down when you have too..

SLICK BLACK CADILLAC -wowzers QR give it gas right off the hop with SBC! And Carlos punches the gas on guitar,while Frankie slams the drums and Kev tells us the cops have a APB on him! Thats good this is a little cooker of a track! I have seen these guys live about 4 times now and this is always the second track of the show! Carlos pulls off some neat little wanky guitar bar action at the end….

LOVES A BITCH- Baaaaaaabeeeee….Dubrow must have been scorned man and well he would really be scorned once the fan base wisened up! Boom. Big power chorus! QR is Rockin and ending side 1 on a high! Good tune.

BREATHLESS-another good studio track. This one as well could have been a single as well. QR definitely had their own sound for this record and they actually stood apart sound wise from all others albeit for a brief time!

RUN FOR COVER- Banali lays some waste on his kit and its a double bass meal deal all the way thru and its one of think the best songs in there repitore if Ya asked me ! Cavazo lays down the solo and Sarzo keeps in at all on the down low with his bass. Dubrow even makes it sound cool you know…..Run For Cover…I’m a hit and run lover! Hahahaha ..it didn’t get any better than that back in 83!

BATTLEAXE- Carlos gets his $1.38(minutes) of guitar solo action and man what a cool title! Not an easy task when the guitar player before you in QR was Randy Rhoads but give Cavazo credit he just did what he did on this record .

LETS GET CRAZY- smash crash bang..holy shit Banali mashes the beginning of the song with the splash of a gong! Cool and QR is off to the races and Dubrow tells us all to get Crazeeeeee! The party is going strong …..

THUNDERBIRD- ahh QR do the tribute tune to their fallen comrade (Rhoads) and end the record with a good track. Dubrow missed his pal and so did many rock fans and give the QR guys credit they delivered a solid ball of rock!

In Conclusion: 83 and it’s Metal Health all the way! So start your laughing cause we all owned it and still do! I mean I was watching the Rangers/Canucks hockey game(Dec 13 2014) and in between face off drops I could hear it over the commentators voice the beginning to Metal Health…yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 30 years later…..it’s still going….

3/4’s Filler….Whitesnake/Slip Of The Tongue

Oh oh here comes Nov 1989 and Whitesnake are striking while the iron is hot! What would a new Whitesnake be without a whole new lineup on the new studio album! Of course the whole 1987 album band is canned and gone and Coverdale pretty much keeps the touring band from the 1987 tour intact (Sarzo /Aldridge/Vandenberg) Vivian Campbell is gone so he carries the  WS tradition of getting your ass fired! So what does Dave Coverdale do? He goes after Steve Vai he layed down some serious guitar action with Dave Roth on the Eat Em And Smile and Skyscraper albums and man his guitar suited Roths voice so when I heard he had joined Whitesnake I was like ?….??….??? I mean I had a hard time wrapping my head around Vai’s Wang Bar  7 String Sting Ibanez Workout Extravaganza!

But with all  big band releases I was a first week buyer of Slip Of a The Tongue! I dunno I had a hard time taking this album serious and I will explain why….

First of all Adrian Vandenberg wrote with OL Cov all the tunes on this album but than he fucked up his arm and Coverdale waits for no one so he enlisted Vai who did all the guitars on Slip Of The Tongue! Now don’t get me wrong here people Vai is very good but not in Whitenake 1990! His playing is just over the top nuts at times on some of these songs and I will review quickly my thoughts on a few tunes!

SLIP OF THE TONGUE- bam this is the opener and it’s pretty good it almost sounds like a tune that could have maybe just  maybe fit on the 1987 album.  Tommy Aldridge plays some serious double bass drums and Dave is already screeching like his nutsack is being squeezed by that crazy chick on the previous albums videos! Oh wait a minute she was doing that to him! Ha! Seriously though Vai is restrained on this tune ….he’s setting a guitar trap!

CHEAP AN NASTY- now this has some cowbell and it kicks along with a pretty cool chorus but man the Vai solo just goes into Eat Em And Smile territory which is fine and dandy but not here in Whitesnake hard blues which has turned into arena c*%k rock 101!

NOW YOURE GONE- I dunno these guys are now writing for the radio! I understand it’s the game to be played but c’mon Cov don’t make it so obvious now.


JUDGEMENT DAY- now we’re talking! The Snakes pull of some big bombastic Zep riffs and it works! Jimmy Page must have been listening to this one as a few years later him and Coverdale did the fantastic Coverdale /Page album! Man that was a good one! So yep this is a great Whitesnake song…..

SLOW POKE MUSIC-this is another good song and it fits Whitesnakes style but the lyrics well are kinda goofy but hey it’s 1990! It’s time for some Slow Poke followed by  some Cherry Pie along with some Poison ( take your pick of any Poison song!)

SAILING SHIPS- this totally could have fit on any Vandenberg record and it’s well played and it’s got some great acoustic work on it!

The rest of the songs I never really took a liking to them. This album was the end of the line for me and Whitesnake. I got tired of all the personal upheaval and band member changes like geez Dave just call your your band Coverdale or Coversnake or Fire Yer Ass! …just don’t call it a band when it ain’t. The other thing to me was OL Cov it seemed would just run and gun with whoever was in his band and once he used up there creativity …..Now Your Gone(Hahahaha) seriously though he’s written some great albums but by 1990 times were a changing…….

KINDA IN CONCLUSION- perhaps I’m being harsh here folks but seriously by 1990 Whitesnake was a brand name in North America. I mean look at the vids I have posted for all 4 Blogs. You can see the transformation from 1980 – 1990 in sound and look and yep it worked for a album or two. I think Dave should have called this Coverdale/Vai instead of  Whitesnake and I may have skipped on this on the 3/4’s Filler column! Vai is a gifted guitarist (check out my Roth review of Eat Em And Smile) but for Whitesnake he was just playing way over the top crazy for my liking at the time. Of course Ol Cov shut down the Snake  in 1990 perhaps he knew the tide was turning and perhaps that was due to some of the turnouts in North America.

Case in point…….

Tbone and myself when we were in Winnipeg to see Motley Crüe in June of 1990. We were talking to some guy in the hotel lobby who went and seen Whitesnake/ Bad English when they played the Peg 4 days before the Crüe show!  I asked him how was Whitesnake. The dude told me they were good but only 2,000 people were there whereas when the Crüe played 4 days later 12,000 were there…. I don’t know what shocked me more. The fact that there were only 2,000 people at the show or the fact that that Tbone came 4 days from snagging that elusive Bad English Tour Shirt!

Damn,a missed opportunity ……

Slick Black Cadilliac Blows A Tire!


Quiet Riot/Inntowner Bar/Thunder Bay/March 1996

So winter 1996 and QR is showing up to Tbay long past there prime but kinda back together with 3/4 of the original Line up consisting of Kevin Dubrow (R.I.P)/Frankie Banali/Carlos Cavazo and some dude who I had never seen before or after for that fact on bass! They were plugging there Greatest Hits release from that year so someone booked em here and well they packed out the place on a weeknight which was good to see because you never know but with Tbay being a Nostaglia town so no surprise than.

Me and TBone secured tickets and went and wow here they come In from outside (straight from there tour bus)with a roadie up a few set of stairs and launch into Mane Attraction and rip into Slick Black Cadalliac and wow these guys are putting on a show feeding me and TBone what we wanna hear and than after Cadailliac ends. Someone in the crowd shouts at Dubrow chirping to him ” Play that Bang Your Head Number” Dubrow says something along the line a of ‘hey pal,this is my band,my show, my songs I will choose to and maybe play that song when and if I want too’ it was pretty close to that. TBone and myself were like WTF…hahahaha…who,pissed in Dubrows cornflakes??! The band than soldiered on you know played the hits,well for them anyways being Cum On Feel The Noise and yes of course Metal Health. They also played Mama Were All Crazee Now,Party All Night. Thunderbird (dedicated to Randy Rhoads) ,Let’s Get Crazy, Down To The Bone,Sign Of The Times . All in all a good show except we were punished meaning TBone called it,Dubrow had his candy striped mic stand  on the side of the stage so he used a regular mic stand. No candy mic stand for the Tbay crowd!

After the show was classic rock 101. The stairs that the band entered which was about three steps up to the stage the same roadie handed em all robes which all band members put on and the roadie held the flashlight for them to go down the three steps out the door onto there tour bus! I wish iPhones were around back in 96 man that woulda been great footage! A former arena band trapped in a bar bands body!


SONIC WAVES…..Ozzy Osbourne/Speak Of The Devil


When I think of Speak Of The Devil all these years later the word Polluted comes to my mind. Ozzy that is sounds polluted on this,blasted and heading off the rails of the Crazy Train! But for some reason this is one cool live album as Ozzy assembled a super duper backing band consisting of Rudy Sarzo,Tommy Aldridge and Brad Gillis who was filling the late Randy Rhoads shoes. So I guess the story goes that the record company wanted a Rhoads live album but Ozzy said forget it and gave the record company this compilation of live  material from his previous band Black Sabbath. Of course nowadays people say Ozzys vocals were double tracked,triple tracked whatever for this release  and that this was slapped together in the studio with the audience  added to it. Doesn’t  matter to me it still sounds live yes but I will agree now that  when i listen to it now the vocals do sound double tracked. I got Speak Of The Devil for Xmas 1982  I was 15 and here’s Ozzy hacking out some red crap out of his trap on the cover  and he has a cool bunch of rocker musicians  with him….

Man, let’s hope aboard the Crazy Train…

SYMPTONS OF THE UNIVERSE- Speak Of The Devil believe it or not was the first time I had heard some of these Sabbath songs as I only got into Sabbath with Dio  a year earlier with there awesome album Mob Rules. But anyways Ozzys ripping right  off the hop and man he’s sounds possessed! Oh yeah I forgot he’s loaded! But man that band behind is firing on all cylinders. Shit man Brad Gillis is dive bombing off of his whammy bar extravaganza and it’s only track 1.

SNOWBLIND – another first for me and no not as a user but as a listener! Where Ace Frehley disguised his song SNOWBLIND,Ozzy just bellows out COCAINE! My 15 yr old mind is officially blown and holy crap Ozzy is rocking it man. Aldridge and Sarzo lay down some bad ass rhythm and Gillis does Gillis ie….tons of guitar heroics!

BLACK SABBATH-Ozzy introduces the song Black Sabbath and all bets are off man. Ozzy is the Prince Of Darkness and he’s spooking the bejesus out of me! No fooling around here the Ozzy man is laying waste at the temple of doom in which this case was my bedroom. My parents must have wondered at the time if a flipping Seance was going down with songs like Black Sabbath bellowing out into the halls of our house!

FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS- love the beginning of this tune some cool little jam out and than Aldridge takes over and demolishes the tune! Can’t believe that 5 yrs later(1987) Aldrigde would be drumming to Is This Love? By Whitesnake anyways back to 1982 this song just rocks.

WAR PIGS- ok raise your hands if you have never heard War Pigs! This version is crazy good Gillis once again demonstrates the use of doing crazy nibbling things on the guitar and making it cool! Why could not Ozzy keep this band together?

THE WIZARD-never talking just keeps on walking …yeah man that’s the Wizard and is that really Ozzy playing the harmonica or did he make B Gillis don a harmonica set up ala Neil Young to do double duty live! Hahaha..doubt it…this at the time of this release was another first for me! Never heard the Wizard and never heard Harp on a Ozzy record!

N.I.B-Lets Go shouts Ozzy and off we go to Ozzville with señor Gillis/Sarzo/Aldridge playing another Sabbath classic and man the music is top notch. I mean now many bands dump,out lines saying My name is Lucifer please take my hand!  So many bands beat around the bush Mot Sabbath. Were gonna take you all to Hell….ummm alrighty than…Great track!

SWEET LEAF- “KEEP ON SMOKING IT!” Howls Ozzy at the faithful and man the Oz just lets it rip on this version and well let’s face it he is ripped! Gillis/Sarzo/Aldridge crank it into over drive in the solo section and slam on the brakes back into the verse! This heavy shit does not get any better than this!

NEVER SAY DIE- wow what a great song! Being 15 and hearing this at the time I could not believe Sabbath rocked out at this speed I mean I thought they were just a heavy slow paced beast but man when I heard this version it knocked my socks off!

SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH- when I think of this track I think of YOU BASTARDS! …man the riff is deadly and full props to the original Sabbath on composing this fine piece of music!  Just love the mid tempo slush pace this song rolls too!

IRON MAN/CHILDERN OF THE GRAVE- cool Ozzys doing medleys of course I mean shit 32 years later my 4 yr old nephew Cambo drums with his dad ( my brother todd) Iron Man! So this song has passed thru the generations big time and of course yeah the movie as well but hey I like to think that my nephew first heard Iron Man off of the Paranoid album with my brother but ahhh I doubt it but still the kid digs it and the kid in me still digs it!  And just like that were into Childern Of The Grave and Ozzys cooking a whole new batch of menacing trouble. Gillis goes whammy thank you mammy on this song as well! Guitar Heroics 101 folks!

PARANOID- and well what can be said here as well?! Ozzy punches the gas with the boys and they finish it off in grandiose style!

IN CONCLUSION-this is one live album that just out Rocks! As blasted as Ozzy was back than he had a smart marketing team back than. Give them 15 yr olds a live album! Give em a young rocking backing band . Give em Sabbath songs that some of us had never heard til Speak Of The Devil…just give em well give em Ozzy! Mission Accomplished!