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Cool Lil Numbers….Van Halen/Panama Live 2015

Blabbermouth is a music site I visit daily to see what’s going on in the hard rock world. When it was announced that Van Halen was putting out a live album on March 31th 2015 the story went abuzz with questions basically what would David Lee Roths vocals be like! Some people were saying that the show that was recorded (Tokyo) from people that watched it thru the youtubes of the world said Roths vocals were a mess to put it bluntly! But man a lot of these shows are filmed by iPhones so take it for what it’s worth.

I did!

So than I read a official press release saying  that the double live album(Yee Ha) is live like totally live, Roths vocals,Alex,Eddie and Wolfie Van Halen all live  no touch ups in the studio. How you heard that night if you were present in Tokyo is how I will hear it on my iPod in Tbay!

Fair enough but really?

Back in early 1993 Van Halen with Sam Hagar on vocals released the live Right Here Right Now double live cd and video. I was pumped until I heard it. The cd was a let down the Mighty Van Halen sounded umm watered down, live the audio was sterile sounding and when I  read Hagars autobiography he says they basically re recorded the whole thing in the studio as Ed And Alex kept tweaking it. Who knows but the video royally sucked I mean I watched it once as they recorded like 3 nights in the same city and in one shot Sam is wearing a green shirt,next shot Sam is wearing a red shirt! They edited all the shows into one concert! This was fucking awful!


Halen(2015 Version) tosses out in advance 2 live tracks from the forthcoming live album (Runnin With The Devil and Panama ) and of course they ended up on Blabbermouth. Ha . So me being the die hard Halen nut I mean I’m gonna buy this thing regardless so I read the comments first before I listened to the audio itself and man Halen was getting verbally hammered by I would say almost everyone as people were ripping on Daves vocals big time. Daves singing is off,bass sounds muddy,mix is aweful hahaha…just getting ripped! I kinda half listened to the audio as I mean I can’t really judge it thru my iPad.

Itunes last week thru down the preorder to Live In Tokyo and Yep me buyee! ($12.99 for 25 Tracks)With the preorder came  two tracks (Panama and Runnin With The Devil) Boom to my iPod for a Crank Job in the Sonic Deptmartment at Arena Rock!

My prognosis?!

Yep I agree with the masses Daves vocals are different to say the least! He’s yammering, talking rushing through the words trying to keep up haha. This is Dave 2015 . Roth is screwed at this point! If he sings it note for note perfect everyone will call him out for doctoring (fixing up)his vocals in the studio! As in this case he does it live and people rip on him for his vocals being shot!

The brothers VH and Eds Kid Wolfie bring the chops to the shop. Wolfs bass(kid can play)is mixed on the left side and Ed on the right side and Als drums are everywhere. Ed and Wolfs backing vocals on the two tracks are good,no complaints..

I wish VH though would dig back in the vaults and toss us all a live show say from the Fair Warning Tour(1981) or the 1984 Tour…


Its live and good on VH for putting it out how it’s supposed to be but I guess I will have to wait for the other 23 tracks to be released but yeah who knows how I would feel if I thought VH was kinda there and not a fanboy..who knows but for now I’m good with this…

Bring it….