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Tour Shirt Tuesday- RUSH

You know I gotta thank Tbone for getting us to see RUSH back in November 2002 in Minneapolis on the Vapor Trails Tour.

The reason being is that was my only time seeing RUSH and after what went down this past January (which we all know about) It would have surely been one of my biggest missed concert opportunities ever.

Fortunately, it didn’t go that way.

Tbone came through with tickets and we rocked with Neil/Geddy and Alex for 3 hours which was a ton of fun!

Since we were both fans since 1981 an absolute purchase of a T-shirt was a necessity like no other. Never even owned a knock-off RUSH shirt folks so I spent a little more dough and got this cool 3/4 sleeve Tour Shirt.

Tbone got a RUSH red Vapor Trails shirt which by the end of the night in which he was wearing it he was nicknamed BIG RED but that is the whole other story for a whole other time!

Fun trip and one of the best indoor shows ever!

Thanks, T!