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SONIC WAVES ….Judas Priest/Screaming For Vengeance



You kids want metal! Well look no further than this classic slab of a Vinyl from Halford and company themselves! 1982 and Priest unleash this masterpiece which next to Point Of Entry(easy people)is my favourite Priest studio album!

The cover is a slick affair. Love the colours on it especially the use of yellow and the slick Metallion looking eagle slammimg down on its prey! Inside is what matters and all these years later this album Cooks!

Rob Halford/KK Downing/Glenn Tipton/Ian Hill and Dave Holland  recorded Screaming in Spain and man the way this album sounds was that studio still standing when these guys left? Props must be given to Tom Allom on the production end of things! He makes Priest sound heavy and to this day this album does not sound 33 years old! How about 33 years young!

Screaming Indeed!

THE HELLION- the quick little ditty of a intro that you can hear yourself in the video posted and man Priest set the Table as in ‘can you pass the potatoes and after that pass THE METAL” The Hellion sounds heavy as the guitars are crashing with the drums and than…

ELECTRIC EYE- smash a gong and whoosh and heres KK and Glenn ripping out metal riffs 101 and I still love this song to this day! Halford rocks the tune vocally with his voice and man the cat can sing and this is Metal but catchy I mean does it getter better than this? Hard to say as Priest put the gauntlet down  and Glenn just rips out crazy fast solos and holy shit my sonic senses are crushed! Also what must be noted is when you watch the video above. This is how kids a metal show from 1982 starts! These are the Kings of it…Cue Hellion intro! Cue Marshall Stacks! Cue huge lighting rig! Cue double bass drums! Cue huge ass Chrome Metal looking stage with all inclusive ramps added as well! Cue metal dudes blasting out and rocking and Cue the leather!

RIDING ON  THE WIND- Holland rolls the drums out of the gates quick and here’s the guitars and boom Rob laying waste once again. Priest goes for the throat here the song is a hard heavy rocker the solos are gold and the chorus is catchy Priest! Is there such a thing as catchy Priest? Who cares …..blast it……

BLOODSTONE- love this song! Period! Bloodstone starts with KK and Glenn cranking the amps to 10 and doing some twirl loud swirls of riffs and than bam into a classic power chord or 3 and here comes Hollands drums and Ian Hill just delivering solid straightahead Simple  Simon bass lines and from there Robbo takes over on vocals….”Blooooooodstone” says Rob again….”Bloooooooodstone” this is Metal down right! It doesn’t have to go at speeds of Slayer all the time …..this shit is the deal! You don’t believe me ask RockStar Supa Paulie down in London Ontario about Screaming For Vengeance!

TAKE THESE CHAINS – of there was a track that would fit more on Point Of Entry than Screaming this one would be it! Still even though Priest did not write this track (Bob Halligan Jr. did. Who’s he you ask? Well he wrote Rock You by Helix,Ya don’t say!) they make there own and its a great song! Super cool chorus and the second verse is Metal Ear Candy! It’s all good no make that excellent!

PAIN AND PLEASURE-kinda of Sludgey Priest here! No high speed Priest kinda slow brooding like type power riffs. The drums kinda slosh around like Holland is have a coronary.  The chorus though is right on the money!

SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE- ok the first time I heard this song I picked up the needle and replayed the track! The opening to this song is soooooooo Fucking good. The song changes gears the guitars are cranked Halford is screaming. Holland is gassed out trying to keep up on the drums while Hill nails down the simple bass line! This is Metal 101! One of the all time greats and I mean what came you say about the chorus  and Halfords no pun Screaming! The guitars sheeeeeit!  Shaddup Deke and hey  kids watch the video posted would Ya!

YOU GOT ANOTHER THING COMING- this song broke Priest wide open in North America! Loved the fact that it was a 5 minute single! “One Life…I’m gonna live it uuuup” you betcha Rob I’m 15 and I’m living it up with my vinyl,rock mags and Pepsi ! Ha….I’m sure he met sex drugs rock n roll! Who cares though love the middle breakdown before the solo and remember the original video when the dudes head blows up? 1982 censors went crazy which probably resulted in another million records sold!

FEVER- great song and it’s another track that could have been on Point Of Entry. That’s the great thing about this album Rob and the boys throw in the mix those tracks that you have no idea if there hyper speed metal or chillax metal! Well done on mixing it up! Shaken Not Stirred!

DEVILS CHILD- end of the album GEM! One of my favs on here! Love the opening riff of this tune! All of Priest join in and rock this mother to the bone! Love the solo man Downing does the honours of laying down waste on the solo I mean KK shows how it’s done! One of my fav solos of Downings ever! Halford/Downing/Tipton the writers of this song raise the bar! I love end of the album GEMS so much that I’m throwing down a third video for this song so you all think im not  talking out of my arse!

IN CONCLUSION- Priest step and deliver! This is easily one of my favourite all time Hard Rock albums! No duds just classics all brought to you by the letter M(etal). Whatever device your using crank up and sit back and watch a band show you how it’s all done 1982 style! (Screaming For Vengeance is from 1983 US Festival)