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Scotch, Sloan and The Mars Man

Kev hangs out  this week on “Scotch On The Rocks”. You all know Mr Kev from his excellent site “Buried On Mars” and together we tackle that great album back from ’98 which is “Navy Blues” by those fun loving Canucks who call themselves SLOAN!

I really look forward to talking to the MarsMan as we both dig this album and it should be a hoot as if you don’t know much about this album now is the time to learn about it.

To keep it simple “Navy Blues” is a melting pot of 60’s-70’s and a tinge of 80’s rock.  I don’t want to say anymore than that…

Join us this Thursday Night(Oct 14th) at 7pm as  we get to the root of the “Money City Maniacs”!

See ya there…