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New Rock Tracks- July 2022

I’m not a fan of sampling single songs. I have always been a full album guy but with preordering albums at Amazon, I will check out the songs when a band drops ’em and if I dig what I hear I will purchase them on vinyl….

This month some great songs have indeed dropped by a few acts and after listening to them I had preordered four of the five albums that I have featured here.

Enjoy folk’s…

Ozzy came out of the gate about a month ago with ‘Patient #9’ (which is a great track as well) but the second track that dropped “Degradation  Rules” featuring Tony Iommi has me hooked. Listen to those guitars man and Ozzy nailing down some harp. This tune is like if Sabbath was doing speed and coke. Oh wait a minute they did do that back in the day!

Degradation Rules’


Wolfchild and Duffy have never put out the same album twice and judging by the first single “Give Me Mercy” The Cult prove that theory yet again as when Ian Astbury opens his mouth you know it’s him. Billy Duffy as well has that great tone on his guitar. Different vibe here but I like the driving bass line  which along with the drums drives this tune forward.

I have to include some Can-Con artists as thats my rock n roll duty and speaking of which Sloan has cranked out a new Patrick Pentland rock track calling itself “Spend My Day”. Featuring a cool piano along with Patrick nailing down one of those cool little fuzzed out guitar solos that he’s famous for.  This one I have not preordered as I’m waiting for Sloan hopefully to come to town (Hello Frank!) and I can buy it off the band direct from there merch table.

Myles and Mark are back and if “Pawns & Kings” is any indication they are indeed back BIG TIME. This track goes all over the map musically. Think musically  along the lines of RUSH and Metallica. Crazy  that this is the last song of the record so I’m actually psyched to hear what comes before this one!

KISS in conjunction with keeping the KASH flowing are putting out what is becoming a cool series which is “Off The Soundboard”. The latest one dropping on Sept 9th is from a show in Des Moines Iowa from 1977! Sign me up as this version of ‘Let Me Go, Rock ‘N Roll’  has the four original members blasting off as you know Criss and Frehley here are snapped up on party treats so the tempo is fast. Love Ace’s soloing on this tune.  Ace is channeling his inner Chuck Berry!

There ya have it folks…maybe there is a track here that you will check out….

Top 10 Posts @ Stick IT In Your Ear (2016)


For fun here are my Top 10 Blogs that were published and read most by you through out 2016!

In 2016 I Posted 120 Reviews! What’s crazier is back in 2015 I posted 180 Reviews! …. WHUT??!

I Thank All Of You!

Here we go….

1-Toque- Thanks to Toque Guitarist Cory Churko for taking the time to read my review of Toque. Not long after my review was posted  on the Toque FaceCrack page but also on Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz’s Facecrack/Twitter Pages! Thanks guys and on Fitz’s page some Drum Guy named Eric Singer gave the Toque Review a Thumbs up! Ha…..

2-Rock The Fort Day 2…The Cult/Cinderfella……-Kudos to whoever the promoter was for this show as they brought in a mix of Canadian and American Acts over Two days! Day 2 was awesome and The Cult and Cinderfella( Tom Keifer) delivered Knock Out Performances along with all the other acts that day. Thunder Bay Rocked well…I Rocked!

3-Black Sabbath/Black Sabbath (1970)- In wild anticipation of going to see Sabbath in Vancouver this past February I decided in January to review all 8 Ozzy Sabbath albums from the debut to Never Say Die. Course I get to Vancity Ozzy calls in sick and it’s a no go but fret not still had a blast with my good friends Metal Todd and his wife Nicole!

4-SLOAN/Live @ Crocks N Rolls/April 7th 2016- This was my first time catching Sloan and I was blown away at how talented these cats are at delivering a high-octane Rock Set! Plus the swap around of the instruments between the Sloan dudes just proves how good they are at everything! I will never miss another Thunder Bay Sloan show ever again!

5-Metal Heart: Aiming High With Accept- The first of 3 Book (That’s Right Mr Books!)entries in my Top 10 and Martin Popoff makes it a real good read considering I’m not the biggest Accept fan out there. But I do like a good read on Bands that haven’t had much written about them especially in Book Format! Support Martin People. Not to many writers out there that will take the time and effort to write these kinds of books!

6-KISS Rocks Vegas(2016)- Course those Old Buzzards Demon and Starchild would make it here. Rocks Vegas is the audio version I reviewed (thanks to Mikey Ladano for hooking me up) and along with Singer The Cat and SpaceMan Thayer deliver a rip roaring cool batch of tracks that sound like they didn’t monkey around at all with them in the studio! Kiss I Salute You!

7-Shout It Out Loud/The Story Of KISS’s Destroyer- Book Number 2 in the Year end Top 10 is a great read about the making of Kiss’s Destroyer album from 1976. Very thorough research by James Campion uncovers a ton of facts that I didn’t even know and I’ve been listening to Kiss for almost 40 years!

8-Def Leppard/Hysteria(1987)- This was a fun one to write about as how many bands can release a whole bunch of singles(6) which is basically Side  1 of Hysteria! Huge album sold lots and still resonates with a  ton of people out there in Blogsphere and Beyond!

9-All My Favourite People Are Broken/Brent Jensen- Brent Jensen is not only a real solid guy but a great writer who has written 3 Wickedly Excellent Reads(No Sleep Til Sudbury/Left Over People and All My Favourite People Are Broken) Brent writes books with a flair and a style that is hilarious with great stories about his Journeys  growing up to making and meeting people(Famous and not so famous) and wrapping it all up in his Books! Do take the time to check out his stuff…Worth The Cash!

9th Place Tie-Where Are They Now? /Paul Laine- A bunch of us Bloggers picked different artists and did a Where Are They Now post. I picked Paul Laine as he released back in 1990 the criminally underrated Stick It In Your Ear album from 1990. Paul is still out there making music in 2016.

10-Little Caesar/Brutally Honest… Live From Holland(2016)-
Had no idea that Lead Vocalist Ron Young was leading this pack of these L.A Rocker dudes until I came across his Facecrack page. Wowzers give it up for Caesar as they are still touring and putting out product! Case in point with this Double Live Album recorded in Holland. I purchased it off iTunes for $4.99! 21  songs for under 5 Bucks! Proving that you can just put out music and not charge a ton of cash! Brutally Honest is Live from the soundboard and is a fantastic In Your Face album! Highly Recommended!

10th Place Tie-Tragically Hipped Out At Crocks….- Was first posted in November of 2014 but when Gord Downie announced his illness this past May  a lot of us Bloggers did a post on how or where there music impacted us. I decided to repost this as myself and my Best Friend Tbone caught The Hip in February of 1988 in a small Bar here in Thunder Bay! Must have been 20 people at the show as there was a huge snowstorm and I’m sure 2000 people say they were at the show now! Haha…..

Some other Posts that just fell out of the Top 10 were…Monster Truck /Sittin Heavy(2016)……Swords And Tequila/ RIOT’S Classic First Decade(Book)…..Black Sabbath/Never Say Die(1978)…..RATT/Reach For The Sky(1988)….Hip Review: Aug 5, 2016, MTS Centre, Winnipeg(Written By Tbone)

Once again …





I thought it would be cool to post what the TOP 10 most read reviews so far this year that You my faithful readers have enjoyed the most!

Some Surprise’s Here As Well…Mr Books would be proud!

These rankings are from Jan 1st right thru to today!(July 10th)

As always thanks for reading….Totally appreciate it! Of course I may leave a comment or two about ….hope you do as well!

STICK IT IN YOUR EAR…..Most viewed Blogs in 2016!

1-Black Sabbath/Black Sabbath(1970)- No surprise really that it would be a Sabbath album as I reviewed all the Ozzy fronted Sab records in January as I was going to see Sabbath in Vancouver in February only for Ozzy to call in sick and the show was postponed!

2-Sloan/Live At Crocks N Rolls(April 7 2016)- First time seeing Sloan live and well I won’t be missing anymore Sloan Tbay Shows again.


3-Shout It Out Loud/The Story Of Kiss’ Destroyer-A well written book documenting the making of the Kiss album that many consider their best! Book was well researched by author James Campion and it was nice to receive props from him on my review!


4-Evilyn Strange/Evilution(2016)- Mike Ladano spearheaded a movement to review this EP by a newish band which I bunch of us undertook. Pretty decent Ep as well! Yes I paid for it out of my pocket!

5-Def Leppard/Hysteria(1987)- Lot’s of discussion about this one  and I enjoyed writing about Hysteria as well. Just recall back in the Summer of 88 this album was Everywhere….

6-Little Caesar/Brutally Honest …Live From Holland(2016)- This album is a Double Live Album and it’s just a raw live in your face recording of a band that has never given up! As an added plus iTunes had it for $4.99! What A Steal! Umm yeah..Great Cover!


7-Where Are They Now/Paul Laine- Once again a bunch of us Bloggers all picked an artist and posted about what there up to now. Paul Laine was my pick and its neat to see people are still checking out his stuff and that he’s still out there doing it!

8-Black Sabbath/Never Say Die(1978)- For many diehards of Sabbath this album is the weak link in an otherwise strong catalogue from Ozzy/Iommi and crew! Goes to show you that sometimes a Bands weakest work brings up the most discussion! I like this album so of course I gotta be different!

9-All My Favourite People Are Broken/Brent Jensen-Hey Mr Books here’s the 2nd entry of a Book in the Top 10! Brent has written three excellent Books which you all should check out! Plus he’s a cool guy as well!

All I'm Going To Say Here Is...GET THIS!
All I’m Going To Say Here Is…GET THIS!

10-Metallica/March 10 1985(Los Angeles)- This is a live show that was included  in the Ride The Lightening Deluxe Edition. Say what you want about iTunes as at least I could just buy one show and not pay $65 for the rest!

There you have it Folks….Kinda cool to have a mix bag of stuff that you have read so far this year…

2 Books cracked the Top 10/ 1 Live Show/A couple of 2016 release’s/A double Sabbath entry and a Where Are They Now post!

Cool Stuff…

Thanks again for reading…..

SLOAN/Live @ Crocks N Rolls/April 7th 2016


Sloan Live At Crocks N Rolls/Thunder Bay Ontario/April 7 2016

When it comes to Sloan I’m not gonna B.S anyone in saying that I’m the Biggest Sloan fan around. That would go to fellow blogger buddy Aaron from The Keep Me Alive Site. Aaron worships these guys and fair enough as Aaron has everything Sloan.(that would include 10 Studio Albums,2 Live Albums and some Compilation albums)

My collection consists of 2 Studio Albums .(One Chord To Another and Navy Blues) and 1 Live album(4 Nights At The Palais Royale) Yeah I  know I’m lagging behind but when Frank Laffredo (concert promoter) announced he was bringing  Sloan to his bar (Crocks) and Sloan would be playing the entire One Chord album front to back in one set and a second set consisting of Greatest Hits. I was sold!( A local writer wrote a preview and had interview with Bassist/Lead Vocalist Chris Murphy in which the opening of the article was written that with Sloan you know at least two of their songs? Whut? Haha..ok I think the general rock public could pick out more than 2 Sloan tunes even if you’re not a huge fan by the amount of Sloan that is played on the radio)

One Chord To Another was the first Sloan album I bought(back in 96) after I had seen  The Good In Everyone Video and was hooked by guitarist Patrick Pentland’s knack for writing a real slick under 2 minutes 17 seconds  of sheer guitar rock brilliance with a oh so goody hook line and melody added along for good measure.image

You quickly realized with Sloan that they had their own identity in a world of millions of bands and  these cats could sing and perform at a pretty cool level.( Drummer Andrew Scott and guitarist Jay Ferguson also sing lead vocals ) Why I didn’t keep buying all their stuff is one of life’s  silly mystery’s….

Once a date was set it was a no brainer with my best pal in tow Tbone it was off to the show we go. Crocks is a pretty cool place to see band’s with good sound,sight lines and lots of cold beer!

Crocks was packed for this show…..

So when the Sloan boys sauntered into Crocks from their tour bus that was parked  outside of Crocks it was kinda funny watching some girl (not realizing) she was blocking Andrew’s walk to the stage!  She almost hip checked him! Ha! She probably had no idea who he was …maybe she did?

Sloan launched right into Good In Everyone and man what a corker of an opening track! No fooling around. Patrick rips out one deadly short little sonic of a solo and holy crap these guys can light it up FAST!

Nothing Left Me To Make Me Wanna Stay is dialed in next and Chris takes over on lead vocals and its a great written piece of power pop.image

Chris being the lead guy/frontman keeps the talking between tracks short and tidy and the band just keeps it going. Autobiography is played  followed by Jay Ferguson who takes the mic on Junior Panthers and then it’s into G Turns To D which is awesome!image

Now here’s where it gets cool! Drummer Andrew leaves his drum kit grabs a guitar while Jay shifts to bass and Chris hops onto the drums.  Andrew does the lead vocal honours on A Side Wins.image

This is a real cool dynamic of Sloan and since this was my first time seeing them live(more on that later…keep reading)   you can see how they operate.

Drummer Andrew looking like Stewart Copeland from the Police (who was the drummer of the Police ironically enough) has a kinda aura about him with his dark sunglasses and Ball cap but the dude can play those drums on a minimal drum set(two cymbals) as well he plays a good guitar and sings decent as well.

Jay Ferguson who handles mostly rhythm guitar and sings the occasional lead vocal seems like the most laid back dude in the band. Seems like a real chill kinda guy..

Chris Murphy is always at stage centre. Not only does he sing and play bass but  toss in some drumming as well. He pounds the crap outta em! Speaking of his voice he can still nail those high notes and that proves another thing  that these guys have aged gracefully as their chops and  even their appearance has done them well. Train wreck does not apply to Sloan!

Patrick Pentland is the rock guy of Sloan. Not only does Pat play a mean six string  but he has one of those cool rock voices almost Ace Frehley 1978 like.  He takes his craft serious and that’s singing a ton of lead vocals while tossing out short shots of riff n rolls in the songs that he has had a clear hand in shaping.

Case In point when Sloan and Patrick launch into Everything You’ve Done Wrong it’s almost Beatles like except the guitar has some crunch live but the bass is very McCartney  and what’s  real cool is that the horns are used in the  solo section (sampled ) live  but I will tell Ya I love to this day that sloppy horn part on the studio version of this track. Still though live it comes across awesome  with a little more ooooomph added on top!

Must mention the dude who plays keys,slam’s some maracas now and then and does a ton of backing vocals. Gregory MacDonald is a valued asset to their live show and it’s brutal that whenever  you read a live review of Sloan the dude is never mentioned! Not here Sir! Mr M, Getting your due and then some!

Back to the show Anyone Who’s Anyone is played followed by Jay taking the lead vocals  on The  Lines You Amend (another real biggie single from this album) Take The Bench another Murphy sung tune is played followed by Patrick’s Can’t Face Up!

The opening set concludes with The Sloan Instrument swap a roo so Andrew can end the set with 400 Metres!

Well Done Boy’s….now go and take a breather and get back to the stage and slam them out….

After a short hiatus…There Back! Boom! Ramp it back up and that’s what the 5 dudes did! Song after song. It just keeps coming and one of my favs Money City Maniacs  is dealt! Love the opening  with the swirl of the police siren and Pat playing a Malcolm Young kinda opening riff and the stomp of Andrews drums! Fuck Yeah! Add in some lead vocal sharing between Patrick and Chris..Money City Maniacs…Joke,Dope and Alibi…..more please….

Unkind,Coax Me,If It Feels Good Do it,Who Taught You To Live Like That and another set highlight was when the Sloan instrument swap took place during Sailing Ships with Andrew strapping on his Gibson SG and man oh man! Sailing Ships is one of those Gems from Navy Blues and I hear some Beatles like influence except for  the fact that the sound is cranked up! Great Great Song…..the chorus  is GOLD!

Not to be outdone and a song I have not heard in years Losing California is played! WHUT?! How could I possibly have been asleep at the wheel on this one! What a scorcher as Patrick sings a real cool lead vocal and the backing vocals are top-notch! The Riff is here, the song just flat-out rocks….You cannot beat straight ahead rock tracks that are catchy as hell! This is one of them!

The Other Man and 500 Up ended the second set and Crocks was rocking. Sloan came out delivered a high-powered rock n roll (2) set!

Aaron had told me to stick around as usually a couple of Sloaner’s  will hang out and chat.

Chris Murphy hung around the merch table so I proceeded to get inline and get my copy of One Chord signed. Chris I tell ya’s out there reading this is a real cool down to earth chap! I told him it was awesome to see guys around  my age (48) still out there rocking it night after night. Chris said he was 47. He asked me how many times I had seen Sloan live. I retorted with ‘ my first time!” he quickly replied with a ‘where have you been man!’ HA! Fair enough and than asked what was my first live show. I answered Kiss! First show ever I ever saw live….Kiss/Dynasty Tour(79)image

Chris laughed when I told him the opener at that show was supposed to be Judas Priest but they bailed and it was a young John Cougar who got royally booed through out his set! Chris said he’s a pretty good pal of Kiss Biographer Ken Sharp…

Chris made time with everyone who stuck around. Great guy and good call Aaron!

Of course I had to tell Chris that I dabble in a Rock Blog at which he answered with a ” Don’t Trash Our Shit To Hard!’ Haha… As I was on my way out…

Great end to a friggin great night of Rock!





Lets throw down this review for Mr Aaron at the KMA,

Sloan I knew were out there of course (early 90s)but when I first heard Good In Everyone I had to get the whole damn album from where this song originated!(One Chord To Another)

Sloan dudes Jay Ferguson,Andrew Scott,Chris Ferguson and Patrick Pentland nail The Good In Everyone from start to finish in a cool 2 minutes 18 seconds!

You have to love the reckless abandon as the intro sounds like all the Sloan dudes are stuffed all together in there Volkswagon  and off the cliff it goes….

As quick as that happens the song is back on track and it becomes apparent real quick that Pentland is the rock guy in Sloan and he crafts     vocally a real cool lyric that slides into a real cool verse!

Also must be mentioned is Pentlands guitar solo,dude breaks out some wah pedal and slips and slides and shifts right back into the chorus!

Before you know it…Song is over and I got my ass kicked in under 2 and a half minutes!

Two vids of Good In Everyone. Top one(live) is recently and the bottom one is from 1996

Kudos to Sloans  choice of swag in the original video!( Bonus points awarded to Pentland for the cool hat!)

Love the Rock vibe of the live vid as well! Man that drummer Andrew Scott plays like a crazed lunatic behind the kit! Kinda like a Canadian Keith Moon! Props to the extra memeber(snazzy captains hat)dude slicing and dicing the tambourine=Street Cred!

Happy Canada Day Folks!

Cool Lil Numbers ….Sloan/Keep Swinging (Downtown)

This review is for the biggest Sloan fanboy I know and that’s Aaron from KeepsMe Alive. For this past Xmas he graciously bought me a copy of Commonwealth (Sloans latest) I have yet to review the full album but for now check out this great track ……

So Sloan just keep on going and going. When I mentioned that to Aaron that the last studio album I bought of there’s was Navy Blue back in 1998 he told me in no uncertain terms I needed to hear the double album Commonwealth (2014)as each band memeber (Chris Murphy,Jay Ferguson,Andrew Scott and Patrick Pentland) gets there own side of music, kinda like a solo album in a double album for each member! Get it?

From past listening experience I knew that Patrick Pentland was the rock guy in Sloan and let’s be honest here! I’m a rock guy so his songs on the Sloan records always resonated with me as he can write a pretty cool riff and he sings a good lead vocal as well!

So when I spun Commonwealth for the first time this tune Keep On Swinging (Downtown) totally caught my ear. I love how the song starts with Pentlands guitar and man listen to that piano it’s so simple but sometimes simple is all Ya need! I mean I’m a sucker for it it’s kinda like the silly piano that Kiss used on Christine Sixteen(studio version) on there Love Gun album.

The song features some real cool warm fuzzy bass lines from Chris Murphy and the rest of the band with Scott on drums and Ferguson on second guitar drive it along! Love the chord changes and the chorus is friggin catchy as well!

This is a deadly well written piece of good OL Rock !

Crank it……and thanks Aaron!