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Stone Temple Pilots: Purple(Deluxe Edition)-2019


The more you dig into these tracks on the Deluxe Version Purple by Stone Temple Pilots it sucks that Weiland has passed on.

But the music lives on and thankfully the remaining STP members Eric Kratz and the DeLeo brothers( Robert and  Dean) have stepped up and put out a pretty impressive deluxe edition release of Purple which like R.E.M’s Monster (which I reviewed this past Monday) turns 25 years young as well.

Purple is a fantastic release and I’m not going to review it per se as that’s been done here but just talk about the extras that were added to this release.

Spread out over 40 songs clocking in at over 2 hours and 40 minutes there is a ton of STP Rock available at your disposal!


Disc One: Purple 2019 Remaster
1.    “Meat Plow”
2.    “Vasoline”
3.    “Lounge Fly”
4.    “Interstate Love Song”
5.    “Still Remains”
6.    “Pretty Penny”
7.    “Silvergun Superman”
8.    “Big Empty”
9.    “Unglued”
10.  “Army Ants”
11.  “Kitchenware & Candybars”
Disc Two: Early Versions, Demos & Acoustic
1.    “Meat Plow” – Early Version *
2.    “Interstate Love Song” – Early Version *
3.    “Big Empty” – Acoustic Version *
4.    “Unglued” – Demo *
5.    “Army Ants” – Demo *
6.    “Kitchenware & Candybars” – Demo *
7.    “Dancing Days”
8.    “She Knows Me Too Well” – Demo *
9.    “Interstate Love Song” – Acoustic Version *
Live At KROQ Acoustic Christmas 1994
10.    “Pretty Penny” – Acoustic Version *
11.    “Kitchenware & Candybars” – Acoustic Version *
12.    “Christmastime Is Here” – Acoustic Version *
Disc Three: Live at New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, August 23, 1994
1.    “Vasoline” *
2.    “Silvergun Superman” *
3.    “Crackerman” *
4.    “Lounge Fly” *
5.    “Meat Plow” *
6.    “Still Remains” *
7.    “Gypsy Davy” *
8.    “Pretty Penny” *
9.    “Creep” *
10.  “Andy Warhol” *
11.  “Army Ants” *
12.  “Big Empty” *
13.  “Interstate Love Song” *
14.  “Plush” *
15.  “Unglued” *
16.  “Dead & Bloated” *
17.  “Sex Type Thing” *
* previously unreleased

How’s that for a bunch of STP Rock?

First up is the Purple album which sold like gangbusters back in 94 followed by 12 songs of demos/ a cover of Dancing Days by Led Zeppelin and some live acoustic tracks,

The demos are kinda cool as you hear Weiland figuring out songs like Interstate Love Song. Neat to hear the inner workings of songs on how they were put together. I like hearing these early working demos as long as they are not rough sounding. STP’s demos are in excellent form as you can even hear some studio chatter as well.

The real clincher is the live show included in August 1994. I think this was recorded just a week after me and Tbone caught STP opening for the Stones in Toronto!

STP is on fire here folks! This is the money shot for this deluxe version! The show is crisp sounding untouched. Live Live Live. Weiland’s vocals are superb throughout! The vocal delivery is awesome. Crackerman/ Interstate Love Song/Dead and Bloated/Sex Type Thing is so brilliantly sung by Weiland! Actually, make that the whole show.

Weiland is on fire vocally!

Kratz keeps the pace going behind his drum kit while the Deleo brothers. Robert( who looks like a D.E.A agent) and Dean (who doesn’t look like a D.E.A agent) are locked in tight musically with Kratz.

Dean especially plays a mean 6 string throughout at times adding some slick slide guitar at points as well as you have to respect him as a player as there are more than a few tunes that don’t even feature guitar solos which in the ’80s was uncalled for as all 80’s hard rock songs had solo’s but STP at times didn’t need to go down that road.

As far as I’m concerned Purple is a must-own in any format. But as a music fan, you need to get this live show as STP was firing on all cylinders at this point in time.

Just like my R.E.M’s Monster, I purchased this Deluxe STP set from iTunes as it was the cheaper alternative to the physical product that is available out there as I cannot keep up with these box sets.

Check this one out Friends!