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Storm Force! Greg, Pat and Brian join Deke and LeBrain in the Age of Fear! — mikeladano.com


Thanks to Greg Fraser, Patrick Gagliardi, and surprise guest Brian Hamilton of Storm Force for joining Deke and I Friday night! It was a free-form chat tackling subjects such as: The album Age of Fear Memorable impact gigs Canadian Rock New music Secrets to singing Thunder Bay Touring and touring and touring Brighton Rock and […]

Storm Force! Greg, Pat and Brian join Deke and LeBrain in the Age of Fear! — mikeladano.com


Hey, folk’s about a week or so ago I interviewed Storm Force Lead SInger Patrick Gagliardi who gave some great insight to the songs that make up the debut album Age of Fear. If you missed it click the link below where we discuss the album and band in great detail.


After I posted my interview at this site I shot Tbone’s brother Dar a text to tell him to check out Age of Fear. Here’s a snippet of our conversation which as turns out is the review of Storm Force.

Check it out.. Just remember that this review was basically 24 hours after Age of Fear came out.  I can honestly say a week after this conversation with Dar it’s still on high rotation on my iPod!


DAR-I’m listening to it right now. Dig the guy’s voice. Has a non-cheesy 80s rock sound 

DEKE-Almost reminds me of Jack Russell back in the day.I hear someone else but can’t pinpoint it. I really hear the positiveness in the lyrics so I can see where the Triumph influence comes from…as Triumph were no Debby downers in the lyric dept.

DAR-Good call in Jack Russell. The beginning of Age of Fear gave me a bit of a Scorpions vibe 

DEKE-Scorps…yeah I’m gonna steal that when I write my review on the album beginning riff of Marshall Law I really hear the Scorps A good ear and call dude. The Opening riff of Ringside sounds like Ozzy Bark at the Moon…shit I’m reviewing this album right now..

DAR-Cool.Yeah, Ringside has an Ozzy feel….but the vocals have more of a Dio thing going on.

DEKE-That’s it Patrick’s voice is a cross between Dio,Bach and Jack Russell at times. Tbone better smarten up as he’s falling behind in the rock talk..haha

DAR-I’ll give him shit on Monday…lol