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Cool Lil Numbers….Big Country/In A Big Country

iTunes is my choice of purchasing music and pretty much people know my deal with it! Price is the main thing I can buy albums,preorder them( I always buy full albums,not just the singles)and that’s the good thing not holding the actual product well that sucks!  But we don’t live in a perfect world now do we!

Ummm Ok I may have made a exception and that is I bought one song years ago and that’s Big Country’s tune called In A Big Country! I had seen the video on Muchmusic back say around 1983-84 and I always dug there use of to my ears anyways making  there guitars sound like bagpipes!

In A Big Country was written by Stuart Adamson(RIP),Mark Brzezicki,Bruce Watson and Tony Butler. These dudes fused there own style of rock with a sound that was traditional to there  Scottish upbringing! The verses,pre chorus and chorus rock and I really dig Adamsons voice on this track. The dude brings it big time. The lyrics are real good as well…

In a Big Country,dreams stay with you,like a lovers voice fires the mountainside stay alive….

Wowzers that’s deep! Later  in the song full marks for Stewie shouting out….

Shock 1,2…

The band has the chops. I dig how Drummer dude locks in with the Butler on bass at the end of each verse as well drummer guy Brzezicki even slammed the drums on the Cults Love album (love the tune Nirvana) so these cats can play!

Great track..check it out…..