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Teenage Head: Live at Crocks: Thunder Bay-May 10 2019!

Well to say I’ve been waiting to see Hamilton Ontario’s Teenage  Head live would be the understatement of the last 38 years when I first discovered their music when my Dad picked me up a copy of 1981’s Frantic City!

So here we are on May 10, 2019, and lo and behold here’s Teenage Head before my eyeballs laying down the law of there Punk n Pop!

Gord Lewis and Steve Mahon have been with Teenage Head since it’s mid to late 70’s inception.  Original Lead Singer Frankie Venom passed away a few years ago and taking his place is Dave Rave.


For all the bands that lose members and rotate their lineups quicker than a McDonald’s drive-thru Teenage Head kept it in the house as you see Dave Rave sang backing vocals on Some Kinda Fun(1982) as well as playing rhythm guitar and singing backing vocals on the brilliant live Endless Party album from 1985! But here in Tbay Dave is the Lead Singer so this is an authentic to an original line up as one can get!

So what better way to see these guys live for the first time than to take my wife(Sue) along for the ride of her life with these guys and see it for herself!

So shortly before the stroke of midnight the Fella’s in Teenage Head lifted off the Crocks stage with First TIme after Drummer Gene Champagne kicked the opener into overdrive!. After that, it was rocking tune after rocking tune as in my 35 plus years of listening to these guys it was crazy good to see them up front and in person!


When I mean upfront! Right at the front of the stage in front of Gordie Lewis who has a guitar tone and style all to himself! Man, it was loud but fantastic as you heard those quick little hit n run solos from his guitar.

Lucy Potato/Teenage Beer Drinking Party/Picture My Face. The song’s kept coming as the band played on.  The band was firing on all four cylinders as Teenage Head has been around that block and are tight!

Kudos to Gene who not only played some wicked drums but pitched in with a ton of backing vocals as well!  Gene and Steve are one solid rhythm section. Mahon as well it was great to see him with those walking Bass Lines who has a style all amongst himself!

You have to applaud Dave Rave as well as he was clapping and bopping around that stage like no one’s business. Working for the crowd and giving it his all while doing complete justice to the music and the legacy of Frankie Venom!

Wild One/Top Down/Let’s Go To Hawaii. The band just kept the vibe going full throttle. Two of the bigger hits from 1981’s Frantic City that being Let’s Shake and Disgusteen ended the set!

Disgusteen man what a set closer. When Dave tells the crowd “Nice Day For a Party isn’t it!?” Wow in the Head catalog of classic songs this one for me is the tune! Lewis/Champagne and Mahon just have that sound all of there own on this song!

For all my blog pals outside of Canada asking about Teenage Head and wondering about what the deal is. Let me put it this way!

I’m not comparing these two bands by this comment but Teenage Head in Canada is what the Ramones were to the United States! Hardcore following for these both bands!

I have to add that is was a pleasure to finally see these guys live! I waited a long time since 1981 to catch Teenage Live!

Thanks, guys to showing up and also to Frank Loffredo who booked them here on a Friday Night as well!

Frank summed it up best on his FaceCrack page hours after the show.

“What an amazing night with some incredible bands & crazy fans What an against all odds trip this continues to be.
Thanks for keeping live music going in this little sleepy northern town..🤘🤘🤘
It was fun seeing a lot of the original gang out Mind blown.”

Photos were taken by deKe’s Shitty iPhone Skills! No rights reserved!

Here’s a video from youtube from a few months back of Picture My Face..check it out!