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DVBeers Review: The Who/Live in San Diego(1982)



I love The Who. Especially the 1982 whole Farewell Tour that they were saying at the time but of course we all know it was a  Bunch Of Bull!

Who cares really as The Who keeps rolling to this day and people still pay to see them so…


Roger Daltrey – lead vocals, harmonica
Pete Townshend – lead guitar, vocals
John Entwistle – bass guitar, vocals
Kenney Jones – drums
Tim Gorman – keyboards, piano, backing vocals

Myself and Tbone rocked out to my DVD Bootleg Copy of The Who when they rolled into San Diego back in 82 and I picked up this DVD copy at HMV for about $10 years ago.

I love Pete on this DVD and even the very last show in Toronto(which is reviewed around these parts) and man is Pete looking I dunno Mopey? Pissed off? Doesn’t like Rog/The Ox or Kenney? Who know’s but Man here’s Pete at the time of this Farewell Tour playing to 50,000 people in Football Stadiums and it looks like he want’s to be elsewhere! Haha… At one point Pete chirps  something about ‘‘Johnny Cougar” . Don’t know what Pete says as me and Tbone rewinded it about 10 times to figure out what Pete was saying.  We were about 7 Glasses Of Ale in at this point in  so to us Pete is mumbling who knows clarity from our end was open for debate at this point!

Who know’s whats going through Pete’s Noggin back in 1982 and why he would close shop on The Who. Maybe he thought with the success of 1980’s solo album Empty Glass that he didn’t need these guys anymore.

This is a pretty good Boot of The Who and the vid I posted is John’s The Quiet One as this tune just blows the Door’s off of the Stadium. I made the comment to Tbone that this kind of Reckless N Who style of Rock is the what I like best! Pete plays some real heavy devy Power Chords(Flinging some of his Patented Windmill’s!) while John just Zooms up and down his fretboard on his 4 Stringer Like no one’s business. Kenny as Tbone pointed out is ripped as in a physical specimen behind the drums while Rog just chills in the background and adds backing vocals to John’s lead vocals! I friggin love this tune! The studio version is from  1980’S Face Dances. Actually at the end of Quiet One Pete talks about Johnny Cougar so you can hear it for yourself…..

A Ton of Tunes is found here a real smorgasbord of Who material through the years right up to  their current release at the time It’s Hard.

image image

Sonic Waves…The Who/Live At Shea Stadium

Let’s give this one a shout out to Rich at KamerTunes https://kamertunesblog.wordpress.com

Man I love Kenney Jones period in The Who! Many don’t and fair enough. For me though I have no qualms with the guy. He showed up played his gig and recorded some albums that I like more now (2015) than I did  back than. Face Dances (1981)and Its Hard (1982)

Course Kenney was following in Keith Moons(RIP) drum steps and that’s no easy task as Moon like his nickname implied was a Loon!

If you recall back in January of this year i reviewed the mega bootlegged Live In Toronto from the Whos last show (supposed )  ever! Ha! Right?! Refresh your memories I linked it here…https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/sonic-waves-the-wholive-in-toronto/

Since 1982 The Who have toured countless times so there’s been actually no Farwell Tour just more Insert your $$$$$ here!

2015 brings the new official release of The Who Live At Shea Stadium and Rich the young lad at the time attended one of these recorded  two shows at Shea!

The Who  back than were filling football stadiums so let’s say 50,000 plus everynight with the Clash opening! Man that’s a show for the ages!

Live At Shea Is a great document of the Roger Daltry/Grumpy Pete Townshend/John Entwistle and Kenney  Jones era of the band!

The audio portion of this is mixed real good with the audience not overpowering the band and the songs come thru real crisp not cleaned up but just a real solid live sound! Its a known fact around these parts that I love live albums and Shea is no exception.

Behind Blue Eyes is the clip I posted from the Shea Dvd. Behind Blue Eyes is what I love about The Who when they start the song chill with just Townshend ( and his hip 1982ish wardrobe) and Daltry and than ooomph the song ramps up with Jonesy and the Ox joining in and for your viewing pleasure complimentary windmills from Pete. Take cover Rich from Daltrys mic spins!

The Who also bash out some tunes that weren’t on the Live From Toronto release such as Man As A Man and a ripping version  of the Beatles I Saw Her Standing There! I should also mention that this is the best live version 5:15 I have ever heard! Love the ending where they just jam it out! Off the rails of the 5:15!

This is the version of The Who I dig most…..call me silly ….

Check It Out!


SONIC WAVES….The Clash/Combat Rock

Say Wha!! Combat Rock? Ha! Seriously though this is great record. First of all I’m not a Clash expert and to be honest this is the only Clash disc I own! Shall I tell Ya how it all began!

Dateline/Thunder Bay/Say May or June of 1981

I can’t even take credit for saying ‘hey how about the Clash’ Nope as you great readers  know it’s all about the rock here but back when i was in Grade 8 and Tbone may actually recall this as well as were in Grade school back than together. With our class that year (1981)we would board a school bus (field trip they would call it ,in other words out of school for the day!)that would take us to a Historical  Park here in Tbay called Old Fort William which back in the 1800s was a Fur Traders Post and its til this day (2015) is  still open to the public as a tourist attraction but back than there was a girl in our class ( who shall remain nameless) was going through a break up with a fellow classmate(can’t remember his name and no it’s not me or Tbone! Ha ) lets just say it was a case of Lost Love! at age 13!..Hahahahahaha !

So anyways this fellow girl(Lost Love)on one of the bus trips out to Old Fort William which was about a 40 minute bus ride from our public school had a ghetto blaster and all she played that day was the same  three songs over and over  and shit to this day I still remember them, they are in no order….

Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen! Love Stinks by J Geils Band and Train In Vain by the Clash! Ha…over an over same 3 tunes ..hahaha!

Train In Vain was my introduction to the Clash but I kinda passed on them even in 1982 when a Combat Rock was mega and they were opening for The Who. I always loved Rock The Casbah and Should I Stay Or Should I Go back than but always for some reason skipped em!

So fast forward to July 1994 and myself and Tbone are in Winnipeg to see Pink Floyd and following protocol we go on a cd shopping spree and one that I seen in the cheapie bins was Combat Rock for about $6.00 so Hello Purchase!

Man it only took me 12 years to get this album….so thanks Joe Strummer(RIP)/Mick Jones/Paul Simonen and Topper Headon!

Lets hop aboard my Train In Vain!

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS- the Clash start off with almost a shuffle kind of groove punk ska? and I dig the rhythm guitar mixed on the left side pretty much straight through the whole album. Know Your Rights shouts Joe and hey man he’s making me take notice that all is not correct politically back in 1982 so really no different than what’s going on in 2015! Good call out Mr Strummer!

CAR JAMMING-what a cool title! This is a little snappy  punk pop number and it kicks but it’s what the Clash do! They kick you in the ass with there army boots and tell Ya to pay the Frigg attention!

SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO- Mick Jones takes the lead vocal here and man it was and still a big tune! Love the sax or whatever it is buried under the guitar to make it heavy! Cool verse and love how they break out punk rocking during the chorus! The crazy thing is I have read how the Clash did not like how this song was mixed! To me ..I likey!

ROCK THE CASBAH-boom love this tune! My favourite song of the Clash period and well once again I had read that Mick Jones the guitarist in the band hated this song from the moment he heard it in demo form in the studio! Now I’m no Clash expert but I guess maybe it had SUMTHIN to do with the drummer Topper Headon writing it,playing piano and  beating the drums. Topper you the man cool guy! Fuck this song lays down a reggae feel driving with bolts of cool rhythm guitar. Dig that continuous loop of claps and percussion. This song is Brillant ..to this day! The Shareef don’t like it …Rock The Casbah! Also like the part of the tune where you here the jet fighter noises in the background after Joe says Jetfighter! Classic Synch job and the video to this day I love!

RED ANGEL DRAGNET-give up for the 4 string bass dude of The Clash Paul Simonen who takes full control vocally on this track! This is a reggae track folks ….

STRAIGHT TO HELL-a song a about injustice and hey how about a round of applause when Joe shouts out this line”it ain’t Coca Cola,it’s rice” Yep that just about says it all! Perhaps that’s the reason I missed the boat on the Clash back in there heyday of 1982! They were sending out messages like take a look around you the world is full of chaos and were all fucked! Me I was wondering when I would be hanging out with David Lee Roth and doing the Sinners Swing! Oh well plus the fact that the girl played Train In Vain 500 times over an over on that school bus may  have had something to do with it! Whatever the case better late than never !

OVERPOWERED BY FUNK-yeah man the Clash go all Funk N Punk and it’s kinda a cool tune! It’s Funk man! Case in point I work with a real young fella(early 20s) great guy and when I was writing this review well his last name is Funk so he gets all the verbal trimmings from me as I can call him “Motherfunker” Get The Funk Out” Funkenstein”Funkmountain” and man he just laughs at me well we pulled up YouTube at work and I asked him if he ever heard of the Clash?Funk said no so I played him this tune! He Funkin dug it! Case closed!

SEAN FLYNN- Geezus is that a flute? Is this becoming Jethro Clash? This is different than what else is on this record but that’s just it! There are so many styles of music here. Punk,Ska,Reggae,Rock and the Flute?

GHETTO DEFENDANT- this tune kind of builds up to the chorus and the tempo doesn’t really change that much..

INNOCULATED CITY-I guess this is what they call ska reggae! Off time changes keep,the song shifting gears musically and well it’s another political throw down of something pissing off Stummer and Company!

DEATH IS A STAR- Clash Is in punk  jazzy mode and once again end the album how they wanna end it…there way talking about Ummm yeah death!

IN CONCLUSION-I admit it I was ignorant of The Clash back in 1982 but I totally appreciate what they did and brought to the table with there style of music on Combat Rock(great title) years later! Like I said a few times I’m no expert on there history or anything but man these crazy English punk ska dudes put out a record that they fought over amongest themselves and it may be there biggest seller ever! Plus each song is different no two sound alike on Combat Rock and thank god Nuthin comes close to sounding like A’Train In Vain! (Though a good song, but Ya get my drift right?)


SONIC WAVES…The Who/Live In Toronto

Basically by 1982 when I was really getting into music some of the bigger bands from the 60s/70s were calling it quits like The Who so when it was announced that there farewell tour in 1982 was gonna be there last tour?!(Hahahaha,yeah right!) The last date of the It’s Hard Tour was gonna be in Toronto and more of a bonus it was gonna be televised across Canada and better yet it was FREE!

So myself,John Young and Tbone gathered around Johns TV set and we tuned into to watch The Who slam it down one last time and for me it was my first time seeing The Who live.

After The Who packed it in back in late 82 there old record company released Who’s Last a live compilation album from a bunch of shows but I always was wanting the Toronto show and wondered why they never officially released it!

Fast forward to 2010 and Lo and behold I’m in our local HMV shop when under The Who’s section and there’s the double Live Who farewell performance from Toronto( the same show ) on cd for under $20! SCORE!( not a official release)

Our good friend and fellow blogger Rich Kamer at KamerTunesBlog saw this tour at Shea Stadium in New York (wowzers) lucky guy..hope you dig this review Rich.

Hop Aboard The Magic Bus…..

MY GENERATION- talking about My my my Geneeeeeeeration!!! The Who get the crowd going and it’s the song that started it off for these guys many a year earlier! Still the first time I every heard a dude with a nickname of the Ox on bass (John Entwistle) rip out a bass solo on a song and not a guitar solo in sight!

I CANT EXPLAIN- the first thing I realize when Pete Townsend plays the opening riff is how crabby he looks and during the solo he kinda stares at the crowd and feeds them some windmills and people lap it up! ( when I watched the show on tv for the first time)but after getting into the Who big time  after they broke up I realize thats just how the guy rolls! Great song here and man real cool sloppy rythm guitar solo at the end of the song! Watch the video If Ya don’t believe me!

DANGEROUS- this is a song that Entwistle wrote and its a great song from Its Hard and it shows the Who using keyboards properly In a rock song and Roger Daltry man what a great rock voice, plus the fact that he’s the first guy ever to swing a mic and not kill anyone (that I know of) is impressive! Great chorus!

SISTER DISCO- from the album Who Are You is up next and you can hear even though the keys are cranked the Who are bidding the 70s bye and hello 80s and this song has a damn catchy chorus! Call Townsend grumpy but the dude could write memorable hooks!

THE QUIET ONE- not does Entwistle only write this rocker tune he sings it as well! Kenny Jones smashes his drums and watch the vid posted as this is one of my fav tunes from this disc! Actually at the 2 minute 10 second mark of the video,Pete and John look at each other with a bit of a smirk and Townsend actual gives a bit of a smile.Look at Pete flinging those snappy little licks on his guitar at the end of the tune plus he tosses in some acrobatic jumping around and ends it with a patented windmill! Rock 101 done to a T here at Arena Rock!

ITS HARD-the title track from the supposed last studio album and the one there plugging on the Farewell tour! It’s a good song and give these geezers some credit cuz at the the time they could have just done a greatest  hits tour and called it a day but Grumpy Pete said No way Jose …..we will play some new songs and than count the $$$!

EMINENCE FRONT- ha Pete heard Me and follows up one newbie track for another and he handles the lead vocal on this track that features a ton of keys from there keyboard guy Tim Gorman! Another good song from Its Hard!

BABA O RILEY- Teenage Wasteland,we’re all Wasted! Great song and well composed and performed love the synth line that runs thru this tune and of course Daltry nails down a real good live vocal and for a added bonus Roger doesn’t only rock the songs vocally but he can also add harmonica playing and twirling his mic cable that he can addto his resume!

BORIS THE SPIDER- Entwistle stomps on and Townsend kills the spider tossed to the stage! Creepy,crawley..kinda tune almost like someone sneaking up on Ya! And Bam its Boris …..another Entwistle composition with Daltry co singing the tune with him!

DROWNED- is a 8 minute classic from Quadrophenia in which Pete takes over the lead vocally as well on this one and why not other than Entwistle Pete wrote all the tunes! But he knew and we all knew he needed a guy like Roger Daltry to deliver the rest of the tunes vocally and yeah man Daltry does that !

LOVE AINT FOR KEEPING-is a short 2.5 minute song and for the Who that is short! Kinda a mid tempo-ish tune but it works!

PINBALL WIZARD- the who keeping it going and do I really need to explain this tune? Nope I don’t but I will say the Who plow thru this tune like gangbusters!

SEE ME,FEEL ME- this is a great live version love the rawness and Townsend ripping around on his guitar and I mean what a great classic rock track! Listen to yooooou!

WHO ARE YOU- zippy,bang,zip,crash, pop ,bang …that’s the synth action starting at the beginning of Who Are You! This song I never get tired of! Love the beat it to it! The Synth,drums. Power chords it’s all here and I love the way Daltry sings the line ‘ I spit out like a sewer hole’…More bands should use the term SEWER HOLE more….like why not…oh yeah I almost forgot to say…WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!!

5:15-this is the Who crushing at Rock speed! Great use of everything in this well written track. Love when the song just chills and Rog sez..Inside outside leave me alone and than the song just amps back up!

LOVE REIGN OVER ME-I guess you could say this was the big Who power ballad…complete with Synthy overtones and Pete synching his guitar with Daltrys boice during the chorus!  Big time tune!

LONG LIVE ROCK-hey you go to a rock concert and Yep you need to hear a song with rock in it as a title right! Correct and it should be this tune real cool verses on this mutha of a track!

WONT GET FOOLED AGAIN- synth and man and this is the grandaddy of all Who tracks! I mean it’s all here wrapped in this tune! Crazy drumming from Kenny Jones,windmilling guitar heroics from Pete,more mic spinning from Rog and the Ox holds down the fort with his bass riffing!

NAKED EYE- props to the Who at going back and playing to me anyways tunes I have never really heard for that matter and this is one of em!

SQUEEZE BOX- haha The Who meets Poison! Hahahaha….ok ok ok I think Poison and Brets Bandana did a cover of this tune and basically what I’m implying here is that its a pop ditty this Squeeze Box tune and I guess when push comes to shove and back in the day when the record company fat guy was after Pete to write a catchy little radio number! Squeeze Boxs number was called…I like this damn tune……

YOUNG MANS BLUES- the Who crank it up on this cover and they demolish it with feedback from Pete and its the Who showing there roots!

TWIST AND SHOUT- the Who doing justice to the cover that the Beatles did as a cover. Entwistle sings with his rasp and its a good closer tune to the end of the concert!

IN CONCLUSION-considering this live TV broadcast was my intro to the Who it’s crazy that 33 years later I still consider this live album a fav! Sure I may be in the minority here but that’s ok! I still Remember even after all these years discussing the possibility of Pete Townsend destroying all of his gear one last time at the Toronto show! Sadly(hahaha) it never happened! I guess that’s Pete’s way of saying Not playing by anyone’s rules but my  own! Of course the Who came back in 1985 and 1989 and now they are still touring into there 50th year,so I guess you could say we were all fooled again! And again! And again!

Still a great live album…..