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SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS!: March/ April 2022 Schedule

After a 3 month hiatus due to Home Renovations (still ongoing) and three of us at home catching Covid (still ongoing)…

Scotch On The Rocks is back!

Remember folks to hit up the Scotch On The Rocks! channel on YouTube as I don’t stream off of FaceCrack.

Here we go…

Tim Durling starts things off on Wednesday March 16th at 7PM as we will chat about Tim’s fantastic book on 8-Tracks called “Unspooled”.

Not only that but we will also discuss the career of Y&T which should be fun as I look forward to Tim’s thoughts on the bands “Down For The Count” record as well as some other Y&T records.

Muk makes a long overdue return sometime in March and we will chat about the year of 1984 in Hard Rock. Who knows this may be a two parter as their a ton of records to go over.

Good friend to the streaming and blogging world John T Snow will hop on March 30th as we will do a deep dive into three albums that paved the way for a band that had huge success in the back half the 80’s in North America and that act is… Whitesnake!!

The first week of April brings my good pal  Brent Jensen back and we will tackle the world of Motley Crue specifically the years from 1982-1990. Matthew Trippe will be a topic as well. Who is Matthew Trippe? Tune in on Thursday April 7th at 7pm Sharp.

Also at some point sooner than later I will have Mr. CanadianGrooves and his better half Sarca on as well.

Geoff Stephen will be back also.

Not only all that but Alex Huard co host  of Thursday Night Record Club will be coming on as well. T.B.A

I’m also currently working on securing two interviews for April that until I get the dates down and actual confirmation’s and what not I’m saying much more than that.  I will keep everyone posted…



Jensen, Scotch and The Rock N Roll Machine

Tonight I’m psyched to have Brent Jensen who as you know is one of my all time favourite book writers, but did you know that Brent and Triumph guitarist  Rik Emmett are good pals?

We will dig into some Triumph music like the albums that made our skin vibrate! I know for a fact that “Allied Forces” will be discussed as well as the upcoming documentary on the Toronto three piece.

Join us tonight! Wednesday October 20th at 7pm on the official Youtube “Thunder Bay Arena Rock-Scotch On The Rocks” page.



Scotch, Sloan and The Mars Man

Kev hangs out  this week on “Scotch On The Rocks”. You all know Mr Kev from his excellent site “Buried On Mars” and together we tackle that great album back from ’98 which is “Navy Blues” by those fun loving Canucks who call themselves SLOAN!

I really look forward to talking to the MarsMan as we both dig this album and it should be a hoot as if you don’t know much about this album now is the time to learn about it.

To keep it simple “Navy Blues” is a melting pot of 60’s-70’s and a tinge of 80’s rock.  I don’t want to say anymore than that…

Join us this Thursday Night(Oct 14th) at 7pm as  we get to the root of the “Money City Maniacs”!

See ya there…

SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS: Episode Two- A Deep Dive back to 1981 with Special Guest: Muc

Pretty pumped to bring on my pal Dave ‘Muc’ McCulloch who was the first guy I ever hung out at the local record shops in Thunder Bay back in 1981!

40 Friggin Years!

I think were due for a chat about this  as Muc was the guy that on one trip to the local record shop that summer as we had decisions too be made. First time ever seeing an Leppard and Maiden album on display here in town.

Talk about an impact moment as he we are 40 years later and I still remember that moment like it was yesterday!

We will also be talking a bit about another album that dropped  later that year which Muc was the first to get and that was the much maligned KISS “The Elder” release.

Interesting to hear some thoughts on it 40 years later!

Muc, I can tell you  is a great guy and we will tell you all what it was like buying records here in town all those years ago.

Join us  TONIGHT!  at 7pm on the official Youtube page of Thunder Bay Arena Rock- Scotch On the Rocks.

Join and hit that subscribe button and don’t miss out on the stories behind the albums!

“Scotch On The Rocks” Episode 1 with Greg Fraser!

Sometimes in life you need that push or perhaps a kick in the ass to get things moving.

Summer of 2020 I thought maybe I should start doing a live stream and the plan was to go live in October 2020.

That was the plan but  it took a back seat as I got comfortable riding shot gun with Mikey at his awesome show “The Lebrain Train”.

In other words I could show up five minutes before show time and not worry about a thing. I could spout off and then split.

We had booked Greg to come on the Lebrain Train but than Mikey’s world went upside down and he wasn’t that sure if he could do the chat with Fraze!

When one door closes (kinda) another one opens….

So I figured I didn’t want to cancel having Fraze on as he was one of the first guys I reached out too last year and agreed to come on Mikey’s show as myself and Mikey had never interviewed an actual ‘Musician’ before.

So with that in mind I said to Mikey. How about I fire up this stream thing I had been talking about for over a year and reach out to Fraze and if he is game (which he was right away) to come on and Mikey could ride shotgun.

Mikey was onboard and from there I set up my own on StreamYard account with help from Mikey. As well the Marsman who helped convert the theme song for the  show to work on Stream Yard, and of course Tbone himself who did and will continue to do the artwork or upcoming shows. (When time frees up for him. He will be on)

It’s truly a team effort.

So last night we went live without a net and survived.

Fraze as always was awesome. Told a ton of great stories about hanging out with guys like Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) and Ronnie James Dio plus we talked about some Brighton Rock along with also finding out some info on the status of the current Storm Force album.

Fraze jokingly said that one of the working titles was called “ClusterFuck” which myself and Mikey jumped on and said to keep it as title!

Better yet as a thank you to Fraze I secretly reached out to two of his pals Andy Curran and Sean Kelly and they both came on and myself and Mikey just let them roll with all the great conversation between them.

Hockey stories, road stories, guitar tones, amps, recording you name it those guys dealt it on Scotch On The Rocks.

I was blown away that it all worked out.

Coming up on the show. All show times are at 7pm

Thursday Oct 7th- My pal David McCulloch joins me as he was the first guy here in Tbay that I bought records with.

Thursday Oct 14th- Kev from Buried On Mars hops on and we will be dsicussing “Sloans Navy Blues” record. Rewinding back to 1998!

Wednesday Oct 20th- Brent Jensen with a topic to be determined.

Thursday Oct 28th- One of the biggest Tragically Hip and Pearl Jam fanboy’s that I know of Probie will join me as we will talk about these bands and more and trust me folks Probie has a ton of stories as the main focus will be on The Hips “Road Apples” album. Basically a deep dive back to ’91!

In November TBA… Geoff Stephen, Robert Dawson…Snowman and more!

Thanks everyone who watched last night and in case you missed it.

Check out last nights show below..

Show starts at the 3 minute mark..

Andy Curran comes on at the 1 hour, 4 minute mark..

Sean Kelly hops on at the 1 hour, 19 minute mark..


Scotch On The Rocks Presents Greg Fraser


Tonight is the night folk’s that myself and Mikey have a catch up chat with Greg Fraser( Storm Force, Brighton Rock).

Just a little over a year ago we had Fraze on and we did a deep dive into Greg’s years with Brighton Rock right up to his current band Storm Force who released the stellar “Age of Fear” CD back in January 2020.

Tonight we will be about talking rock and seeing what Greg has been up to over the last year.

I’m really looking forward to this so I hope you will check out my You Tube page which is Thunder Bay Arena Rock-Scotch on the Rocks and join in the fun.

We go live at 7pm..

See ya then!

Thunder Bay Arena Rock- Scotch On The Rocks presents: Greg Fraser Live September 24th @ 7pm!



Well Folk’s, I have been talking  about starting my own little stream deal and with a ton of action going on in Mikey’s world at the moment I figured now would be a good as time as any to give streaming a shot.

Back in August 2020 we had Brighton Rock-Storm Force guitarist-songwriter Greg Fraser on the “Lebrain Train”.

Fraze was one of the first guys I reached out too to come on the “Train” and he agreed right away.

So a return visit was in order for Fraze to come back on but then Mikey’s world went upside down and lets for a second thank Mikey as every Friday he went live at 7pm but a break is needed for that fella.

So I figured now would be a good as time as any to get this thing rolling.

So next Friday (with Mike riding shotgun with me as a co-host) were bringing Greg to talk RAWK along with of course what else he has been up to.

There will a couple of ways for you to watch.

One is you can find my site on YouTube under the title of ‘Thunder Bay Arena Rock- Scotch On The Rocks’ as well on Facebook under the same heading.

Hit the subscribe button please! (cheap plug)

I have also have been working on bringing in a few other people as well during October and I’m happy to announce that my good pal Brent Jensen  will be joining me in the not too distant future for a discussion that is yet to be determined!


On Thursday October 7th @7pm, I’m psyched to announce that my buddy “Muc” will be joining me as we discuss the year 1981. This was the year myself and Muc discovered two important bands that summer while hanging out in the local record shops!

Plus to keep the whole Thunder Bay vibe going I will also have a good friend of mine named “Probie” (nickname of course) who is going to come on another episode as I can honestly say that he has to be the biggest Tragically Hip fan here in town and he has a few good stores to share. Trust me!

Watch out for them Road Apples!

Also coming up I will have John Snow come aboard as well Robert Lawson will be on with Mikey and myself in November as we will be discussing the 45th Anniversary KISS Destroyer release!

Thunder Bay Arena Rock- Scotch On The Rocks will be different than the Lebrain Train as I will be trying to keep the episodes down to under a hour tops unless we have big names on in which we may go over that allotted time.

And yes I hope that in due time TBone will hop on…

Once again see you all this upcoming Friday at 7pm!

Cheers and thanks for the support!