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BUMF**K Town

So since Former Black Crowes Guitarist Rich Robinson is playing Tbay this weekend as part of the Blues Festival Lineup with his new act  The MagPie Salute. Let’s take a moment and read what good ol Rich had to say about Thunder Bay back in  1993…

Vox Interview

  July 1993
  Vox Interview

    Submitted by:
	Chris Henne

 "You take a bumfuck town in America or Canada versus a small town in
Europe, and there will always be a lot more going on in Europe,"
declares Rich Robinson, The Black Crowes' guitarist. "I mean, take a
look at this place. It's insane!" The Black Crowes have just spent
two days in Thunder Bay, a small, culturally-bereft town in Canada's
Mid- West, where the winter ice has yet to melt into spring, and
local action is restricted to one decent bar, a bowling alley, a few
coffee shops and a very occasional visit from a rock band. The
emphasis is definitely on 'occasional', as singer Chris Robinson, his
actress girlfriend, Lala, and bassist Johnny Colt discover when they
decide to spend an evening at the cinema. The promised 'Movie
Theatre' turns out to be a tiny room with a screen not much bigger
than a TV. set and, not  surprisingly, the gathered crowd find Chris
(garbed in his usual brand of '60s and '70s rock chic), Lala (tall,
blonde and definitely NOT from the Mid- West) and Johnny (dark
and foreboding beneath his trademark Stetson) much more interesting
than the advertised feature. Unable to ignore the burning stares, the
trio exchange horrified glances, then turn and flee. The following
night, in front of 3,000 kids in the town's Fort William Gardens,
Chris Robinson serves up the kind of remedy he's prescribed to the
citizens of Bumfuckvilles the world over. "We've got this thing we
wanna give you," he roars. "We like to call it a musical lubricant--
y'know, so you can ease yourself on into the evening. That's what
this is man, a piece of music that represents a lubricant. I hope you
dig it!"

Back to you deKe's.....

HAHAHA...I'm thinking that Richie Rich won't remember that quote or that interview for that matter but man when I stumbled upon Rich's comments  a few years ago online I laughed hysterically at him calling this place a BumF**K Town.
 To be fair we are located in the middle of nowhere and I will give the Crowes props as when they did show up here back in April of 93 they were selling a boatload of albums as the only time  artists play here is long after there heyday had passed! As well as our local Money Grubbing Auditorium (where the acts play) charge ridiculous amounts of dough..

Case in point John Mellencamp is playing the Auditorium this upcoming October and here's the ticket prices...
Here comes Johnny
Bam that is some serious dough! Basically the front row is $349.
This upcoming August me and my brother are going to Alice Cooper and they charging $135 for a ticket and that’s for the front row!  Way better deal to see the Coop!
Never been front row ever before! Closest was 10th row for Poison back in 1991 and 7th Row for Van Halen also in 91! That changes when Coop hits Tbay!
By the looks of how the tickets are moving  people have paid this kind of coin to go and  see Mellencamp! Good on ya’s if you got a ticket!
Anyways I went off topic but back to good ol Rich! I wonder what his feelings will be when he gets off the stage this upcoming Saturday Night. I betcha he calls his accountant to make sure his ‘Fee” is deposited into his bank account!
Don’t fret Rich I’m sure you will be paid in U.S Currency and you’re welcome by the way from all the Music Fans that live in BumF**K Town but I won’t be one of em!
Me and the Boss have decided to pass on Bluesfest this year and I’m quite fine(price spike in tickets and some of the acts that I have zero interest in have resulted in us not going) with it as it gets real nauseous when we went last year all the ‘SUITS’ (Festival Organizers)did was pat themselves on the back for all these attendance records that were broken every time they went to introduce the next act!
P.S-  Mr Robinson-you will not be getting my dough this year but I will say that those first two Crowes albums are mighty good…
So I forgive ya Rich!
By the way the Writer(Chris Henne) of this article kinda dropped the ball with the One Bowling Alley comment( We had 3 Bowling Alleys back in 1993! Do your homework  Pal. HAHA!)