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Thunder Bay BluesFest 2018! (The AfterMath)

Ah yes the yearly held in July  Thunder Bay Bluesfest has come and gone.  Other than hearing some things from my friends at work about it ( I heard it was quite good actually) as well I’m sure the two local “SUITS” that put it on are still patting themselves on the back and counting the dough and whatnot!

Good on you’s….

Speaking of work. Two pals of mine Matty and Deaner (no that’s not the name of a law firm!) got me copies of the “Letters To The Editor” in which there seems to be two different views on what you can and can’t do at these annual BluesFest.

(You need to click open the Pics to read parts of the letter…but you already knew that right?)

Once I read both of these fella’s remarks and comments I said to Deaner ” I think I got something to blog about!” Two different views of the festival but both are in agreement on one thing..

Keep reading..

In this Corner:

Letter Numero Uno…

Some fella drove up from Southern Ontario and well he was a little bummed out about the crowd …

Basically the letter goes on about trying to move about and standing and having a good time at a rock show but people who choose to sit in there chairs get annoyed when people stand! There was also another letter posted about the same thing. Typical Thunder Bay crowd. Some like to Rock. Others like to Mope! I get it as your pumped up to see your act but ol Johnny Numbnuts who is perhaps all boozed up sitting behind you cannot get up and perhaps just wants to watch the show from the comfy confines of his recently purchased  $9.99 Lawnchair that he just picked up  at Walmart on the way to The Bluesfest! In other words your blocking Numbnuts view to the stage!

I will go on record and say that the comment of Crocheting  during Big Wrecks set was Brilliant! Bahaha….That is the best line in both these letters. Now would be a good time to cue up Weezer’s ‘Sweater Song”

Who Knows. Course with this comes the rebuttal letter a day or two letter….

In This Corner:

Letter Numero Deuce….

Now Letter #2 basically goes on about you paid for the ticket and you can choose to do what you wanna do. Fair enough. What both these letters agree upon is that BigWreck was not very good considering they were second on the bill just underneath headliner Melissa Etheridge. 

Too be fair BigWreck were one of the bands that I would have chosen to go and see but man sounds like they were not into it whatsoever considering they had a crowd of about 8,000 looking on.

This kind of behaviour by a band just Sucks. Yeah I get it Ian Thornley. Maybe you are burnt out playing The Oaf maybe That Song is not That Song to you anymore, Who knows. You are a professional ‘SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP’.

Good Show/Bad Show either way you’re getting PAID!


I see points in both letters. Both are music fans. When I first read Letter #2 I thought perhaps this chap was in the back pocket of the ‘SUITS’ from BluesFest but after a rereading it I don’t think this is the case. If it is! Well Played!

See the problem is where BluesFest is held every year which is down at our Harbourfront which is on Flat Land.

Yup,Flatter than a Pancake. So if you stand anywhere you are blocking the view to the stage. That’s the culprit. Too bad there wasn’t a hill where the stage was placed at the bottom of the hill. The Organizers I’m sure do not care as this Festival has been in the same spot since its inception which is I think over 15 years now. Also from what I heard the VIP is still kinda well……

Here’s one comment..

My only complaint is too many VIP tickets being sold. The price has gone way up and you cannot move in there. We lined up an hour and half before the gates opened to get a seat to see the bands. there were people sitting in the back by the bathrooms because it was so full. It’s not good to have that many people in such a small space. I miss the old days when you could actually walk around and get a drink or food. Many of my die hard bluesfest friends have stopped going for this reason. Please please set the limit of tickets lower. I’m sure you will still make a profit… my two cents

Is it me or did I just read that you had to lineup to get a good spot in the VIP section??  If so that’s goofy…That’s the purpose of the VIP I thought to avoid standing in line for an hour and a half.

Good to know the ‘SUITS” are still outta touch with reality!

But the Birch Trees aren’t blocking the stage view anymore or so I’m lead to believe! So there’s a Plus!

People are allowed there Freedom of Speech so if anything these Two Letters gave me some value once again to spout off at the “SUITS”!

‘Sucker In A Three Piece’