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Boston/Third Stage:Last Night At The Centrum(1986)

Boston is one of those bands that has never released an actual live recording. There is one floating around out there that is worth the catch if you come across it recorded live in Worcester Massachusetts at the Worcester Centrum during a 9 night stand in which Boston played to 12,000 people per night back in August of 1987!

Boston was out promoting their latest opus Third Stage and for myself it was a mixed bag of music as I couldn’t believe when you have the guitar firepower of Boston leader Tom Scholz you open your long-awaited new album with a ballad!(Amanda).

Gripes aside this is the closest thing to an actual Boston live album you will ever hear as it features the late great Brad Delp. The sound on this live show is brilliant. It blows me away why these guys never pounced and put this album out officially. Actually this is one of the best ever non officially released live albums I have ever heard! Play the tracks posted included below! Soooooo Goooooood!

25 Boston classics including of course More Than A Feeling/Rock N Roll Band/Piece of Mind/Don’t Look Back/Feelin Satisfied are featured. What’s even more cool is that after a 13 minute version of More Than A Feeling(which considering its length is quite good) which is the 6th track of the show Delp announces to the crowd that Boston is going to play Third Stage in its entirety!  Who the hell was doing this back in 1987?

Imagine for a second if back in 1987 Motley Crue played the entire Girls/Girls/Girls album front to back!! HAHAHA…there would be a mass exodus to the exits  when Vince Neil would begin singing Your All I Need!

Anyways back to the task at hand….

Lots of artists  are doing front to back albums but give Tommy and Delp credit. The Third Stage songs cut through a lot better live than the studio versions. Man you gotta love Scholz’s playing as the dude never gets his due but along with Gary Pihl they  ramp up at certain times with dual leads and Tom  even at times does that wacky sound effect with his guitar that makes it sound like  a spaceship is landing!


This is a great unofficial live album that by the sound of it is official as an live album you will hear from  Boston!

Must own… Brad Delp you are missed!


Boston/Kim Mitchell Live In Thunder Bay(2008)


From The Boston Website: “The tour will kick off June 06, 2008 in Thunder Bay, Ontario.” 

I was going to post this at a later time but Mikey Ladano asked for it …Here it is Mikey!

So Boston starts there 2008 Summer Tour in Thunder Bay!


The powers that be were bringing Boston/Kim Mitchell and Eddie Money right into my backyard!

I’m there folks as Boston especially with the first three albums(the Debut/Don’t Look Back and Third Stage) were all mega sellers as well to hear with my own ears Mastermind Tom Scholz play those huge ramped up Boston Power Chords live.

Add Tom to my list of hearing the greats live! Boom Done!

So this tour marks the debut of singer Tommy DeCarlo whom Boston rescued  from Home Depot (Tommy’s job) and plunked him on stage to sing the Late Great Brad Delps vocals. Micheal Sweet (Stryper) was also added to the band to compliment  DeCarlo vocally and play guitar as well. The last time I seen Boston Guitarist Gary Phil play live was when Gary was slinging 6 string for Sam Hagar back in 1984 and here’s Gary in Boston since something like 1986 when Sam bolted to those wacky Dutch Bros who call themselves Van Halen.

I still recall people griping about the ticket price being $75! Seriously? Even though this show took place in 2008 for $75 it’s Boston for Fucks Sake! Than again people complained about paying $50 to see R.E.M  in Tbay back in 2003….Seriously People?!

This show took place outside down by our Waterfront so come show  day Friday June 6th. We had rain, a ton of rain. When I woke up that morning it was raining hard and after I checked my  basement to make sure we weren’t flooded my second thought was “No way is there gonna be a show tonight!” My wife Sue who along with 4 of our friends were going with us seconded that statement  saying there was no way at 630 am with the rain pounding down/the sky black that in any way shape or form would the show be a go.

Even at 11 am it was still pouring but by early afternoon it stopped the sky kinda broke (though it remained cloudy) the winds picked up. As you can see by the video of Peace Of Mind that I posted you can see the trees blowing in the background…..

Anyways word on the street was the show was still a go! So at show time due to the stage and grounds being drenched and everything being pushed back in time Eddie Money was axed from the bill. I heard two versions of why Eddie didn’t play …

One was he graciously stepped aside and let the Great Kim Mitchell play his set due to everything being pushed back by the rain….

Second was that the Money Man was all pickled up back at the hotel and was no where ready to perform….

Who knows but I like the second story …more Rock like!

Kim Mitchell came out and was playing by the time we got there and it was to the front of the stage stat where Kim assaulted my hearing with his tunes. Still recall Battle Scar pounding my ear lobes. From what I recall as well Akimbo had his set cut as well due to the crummy weather….

Time For…..

Tom Scholz appears and does his intro to Rock N Roll Band  and were off! Here’s Boston with ton of gear and the on Tom’s side of the stage his trusty ol Hammond..

The Tunes Heard That Night…

Rock & Roll Band
Peace of Mind
Long Time Segue
Cool the Engines
Don’t Look Back
More Than a Feeling
Feelin’ Satisfied
Something About You
The Launch
Walk On
Get Organ-ized
Walk On (Some More)
Don’t Be Afraid
To Be a Man
Hitch a Ride
Foreplay / Long Time

I Had a Good Time

Yup that’s Greatest Hits Set List if I ever seen one!

It was real cool to hear Scholz play live as his  Guitar tone sounds exactly the same as it does in the studio! You can hear that Tom Sound at the end of the Peace Of Mind clip with those big booming power chords! Too bad the sound is kinda mucky but that is due to the winds but props to the person who filmed this.

There’s a few other clips from Boston’s Tbay show  More Than A Feeling (9 minutes long)is posted on Tubes Of You as is Amanda(no offence to anyone but I cannot handle that track)…

Course a ton from the first three albums are played with some dabbling in the later day Boston albums. Something About You & Feelin Satisfied were knocked out as well and you could say are my two favourite Boston tracks ever!

Boston was great and if they ever roll through town again I would definitely check them out but of course I heard rumblings that there was some prima donna behaviour goings on with some of the Boston entourage and who knows it may be bullshit but at the time of the show it didn’t matter as at least they showed up…..

SONIC WAVES…..Boston/Third Stage

Ok! Lets think about this for a sec! 1986 and I’m 19,I purchase everything music,I do love me the hard rock! So when it’s announced that Boston is releasing a new studio album there first in 8 friggin years were pumped I mean it was only a year earlier(1985) at our high school that me and some guys over the course of our lunch break were yakking its up all things music and someone brought up the fact that Def Leppard had been taking there time releasing there new record (Hysteria) which wouldn’t be released for another 2 years (1987) soooooo…someone Sez now keep in mind this is 1985 ‘what about Boston? Ahhhh the Leppard topic was dropped and everyone was like yeah WTF  and I knew that by reading Circus Magazine that Boston or more importantly Tom Scholz was battling his record company over something so there was a delay but come Sept 1986 here comes the concept album Third Stage and ummmm well….


AMANDA-ok so we wait mega years for a Boston album and Third Stage is dropped and they lead it off with a ….Geez are you serious Mr Scholz a ballad?? Let’s take a lookie here for a second at some other albums I bought in 1986 that had super duper kick Ya  in the nut sack openers that would draw your attention and and just keep Ya Rockin! Sammy Halen had Good Enough as the opening track on 5150! David Lee Roth had Yankee Rose as the opener on Eat Em & Smile! The Mighty Iron Maiden had Caught Somewhere In Time from Somewhere In Time, ACDC had Who Made Who as a opener on the soundtrack by the same name,Triumph had Tears in the Rain..Ummm ok now I’m pushing it but you get my drift …Songs that would rock me as a 19 year old and as I write this now as year 47 old I can ask Boston this. What The  Fuck were you doing opening your long awaited album with a sap track?? Ahh man this is gonna be painful! I know a lot of people dig this track and hey Arena Rock salutes you…..but as a opener you wanna say BUZZ KILLER! I do So Buzz Killer Amanda is!

WERE READY- big guitars and a so so tempo and this is a improvement on Amanda. Having said that Brad Delp(RIP) saves this album just with his voice. Man that cat could sing! While we’re at it is Sib the drummer with the cool Afro even on this record? These drums sound like electronic,programmed up the ying yang with a million guitars layered over the top, like icing on your birthday cake!

THE LAUNCH-is a 3 parter(Countdown/Ignition/Third Stage Separation)musical guitar/effects smorgasbord with a real big Sonic Boom(ha) blast off! Hey even in the notes Boston tells us that no synths are used on this record! Just a million other gadgets whatever that crazy Professor Scholz had cooking in his lab!

COOL THE ENGINES- sounds like a throwback to the first two Boston albums and wow we’re finally rocking in Boston! Brad Delp delivers a great vocal but than again he always delivered! What a loss his death was to the Arena Rock Community! But yeah this one has a snap happy chorus and more big time guitar action! Welcome back to 1986 and some loud (kinda) Rockin !

MY DESTINATION- Wowzers another Boston ballad? We were just a Cranking up the engines and now we are definitely Cooling The Engines here! Think Amanda again but with a big loud ass organ shoved up your backside!

A NEW WORLD- a little 40 second music intro that is credited to Jim Masdea! Hahaha…Scholz lets go of the controls and let’s the new drummer guy get a writing credit even if it’s for 40 seconds!

TO BE A MAN- yeah another slower almost filler kinda tune. This is AOR Boston bigtime I mean were they bunking in with REO Speedwagon here? Dunno but it sounds like it to me! I can hear it now a triple mix of Can’t Fight This Feeling/To Be A Man / Keep On Loving You….where’s the barf bag?

I THINK I LIKE IT-Boston ups the tempo here a little and pushes the pedal to the gas a little more but they almost stall the engines!  This song has Scholz and new guitar guy (Gary Pihl x of Sam Hagars band) playing solos and the song is ok! Delp saves this man he’s the MVP of Third Stage!

CAN’TCHA SAY- Yep Delp delivers a superb smooth as silk vocal delivery and this has radio written all over it! Catchy chorus and more big sound! Those sounds that Scholz plays you got to hand it to him as you know it’s him and well good on Tom! The bugger could play a good 6 string!

HOLLYANN- hey why don’t we Sandwhich At the start of Third Stage a big ballad and stuff some melodic rockers in between and close Third Stage out with a another ballad! Sheeeeeit man you kidding me? Yep Boston goes where a lot of bands wouldn’t go near and drive the AOR rocket ship into space with more melodic rock!  I will say this one has some good guitar in it….

IN CONCLUISON- Boston drops the long awaited album and I’m puzzled! Too many AOR chill tracks but too be honest I actually had this listed as 3/4’s Filler but man lead singer Brad Delp saves the day! He soars here vocally and takes it to a whole level by himself! He’s the deal here folks,taking some songs and by his singing saving them from the scrap heap! Tom Scholz cans Sib and his Fro and the  other original dudes and brings in some new blood and he must have as well borrowed ZZ Tops Afterburner drum machine(guess it was the 1986 thing to do) and well say what you wanna I tossed a Sonic Waves Mulligan here folks!

In Other Words…..

1986- Deke banished Third Stage to the 3/4’s Filler Pile ….

2015-Deke says Brad Delp saves Third Stage ….just barely does Third Stage scrape into Sonic Waves Territory….