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Cool Lil Numbers….The Pursuit Of Happiness/Hard To Laugh

I remember watching Muchmusic in the late 80s and this band from Western Canada(Edmonton) called The Pursuit Of Happiness had made a home-made video called I’m A Adult Now and man the geeky dude who is singing and playing guitar(Moe Berg) played the part well plus he had  in his band  on bass(Johnny Sinclair) and drums(Dave Kilby) and a female lady guitarist (Kris Abott)and a female backing singer as well(Leslie Stanwyck)

So through various outlets but probably in Music Express Magazine I read that TPOH signs a worldwide record deal with Chrysalis Records and there off and running and there debut album Love Junk(1988) is a good dose of power pop slickly produced by Todd Rundgren and I tell you first song on Love Junk  Hard To Laugh and the second track 10 Fingers are wickedly good!

Hard To Laugh is great rock track almost AC/DC like and it’s just driving guitars cranked, a real cool sloppy half arsed solo,excellent backing vocals courtesy of the ladies that sounds fantastic  and then Boom  Moe telling us how it’s …

Hard to Laugh when you know she’s been cheating/Had her arms around him/And she’s been givin it a beatin!

Ha…these are great lyrics and man the video is well done…bonus points awarded to Kris Abott playing the Ibanez Paul Stanley guitar in the video!

Check out Love Junk and give it a spin…..there’s nothing like this kind of Canadian Rock out there anymore but that is why you all got Arena Rock!