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Triumph: Never Surrender(1983)


Couldn’t believe my luck when I came across Triumph’s Never Surrender on one of my recent vinyl hunting excursions!

‘Never Surrender’ was released  in 1983 and my good pal Tbone pounced upon it on its release back in the spring of 83! Why not! Tbone  by that point was really starting to ramp up his music collection especially  in the cassette department.  But ‘Never Surrender’ was one of the few releases that Tbone purchased on Vinyl!

Vinyl purchases were few and far between by Tbone the two others that jump to my mind as I type this is AC/DC’s ‘For Those About To Rock’ Iron Maiden’s ‘The Number of the Beast’ and if my memory  serves me correct Rush’s ‘Exit Stage Left’ being the other! Not a bad 3 pack huh?!

Tbone bought this and sauntered over to my house that lazy hazy spring of 83 and the build up was huge as Triumph released the classic ‘Allied Forces’ in 81.  So when  we seen the adds in Circus Magazine for the new Triumph album well…..

Never Surrender has Triumph ‘trending’ upward on this album.

Myself along with Tbone were blown away by this album!

Rik Emmett/Gil Moore/Mike Levine continue on this album the fine tradition of hard-driving yet at the same  time  a slight hint of rock pop hook in the tunes! Triumph in the lyrics especially always delivering a positive message!

No Dungeons/Devils or Witches at Black Masses here folk’s and that’s ok as those acts that we know had those bases covered.

The 10 tracks that make this album up are what usually makes up a Triumph record! Hard Rocking opening Gil Moore driving his drums and singing the lead vocals on opening track ‘Too Much Thinking’. Rik does his part playing some real wicked guitar and some nice wah pedal action as well. One of the great opening Triumph tunes that no one ever talks about!

Rik always had a knack for writing the tunes that could get Radio Airplay. The title track ‘Never Surrender’ and ‘A World of Fantasy’ deliver hard rock but with an eye on a radio programmers chart back in 83. Rik’s voice was more tailor-made for the singles while Gil’s voice was more suited to the hard rock stuff none more than the brilliant ‘GEM’ of a track which is song number 8 on this album if you’re keeping score which is ‘When The lights Go Down’  which is so friggin good…

‘When The Lights Go Down’ opens with Rik doing the guitar hero stuff on slide and the song just lifts off when the Drums kick in. Gil sings for his supper on this track and well watch the video posted below and sing along  with these classic lyrics!

Houselights ready to cue
Backstage smoke is risin’
Steamin’ like a witch’s brew
I want to play some rock ‘n’ roll
I want to sing the blues
Yes I know
I feel it comin’
Let the party roll

See…. Good Time Lyrics!

Like on other Triumph albums before and after Rik would have those little interludes of where he could show off his classical guitar stylings. What a talented cat Emmett was and still is..

‘A Minor Prelude’ is a classical little guitar piece that Rik dedicated to the late Randy Rhoads as Rik appreciated the fact that Randy not only played  heavy rock guitar but also like Rik dabbled in classical guitar. Emmett added that he didn’t want to include the tribute with Rhoad’s name in the Never Surrender album sleeve as that would have looked like an attention grabber.

Triumph was big news to us and many in 83 as this album hit Gold in both Canada and the U.S!

Great Hard Rock done right on this album!

Hard to believe that I have never owned a copy of this album until just a few weeks ago as back in the day I always borrowed Tbone’s!

Wonder if that old Gizzard T still has Never Surrender stored somewhere on vinyl?