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Summertime Spin: Trooper- Hot Shots (1979)

What would a Summer Spin be without having “Hot Shots” by Canuck Act Trooper discussed right?!

Trooper in the late 70s into the early 80s was big business in Canada. They were selling out arenas all across Canada and there first 4 studio albums (self-titled debut “Trooper”/”Two For The Show”/”Knock Em Dead Kid”/”Thick As Thieves”) all went platinum and in the case of “Knock Em Dead” and “Thick As Thieves”, those two went Double Platinum. 

Yet in the United States Tropper did not make a dent whatsoever. 

Trooper released “Hot Shots” in early 79 which is a Greatest Hits compilation of tracks covering those first four records.

“Hot Shots” sold huge in Canada going 6 Times Platinum as of 1990.

This is a great comp. I came across this in the used shops and grabbed it right away.

Crack open some cold one’s on a hot summer day and toss on (or stream) Hot Shots to get a great dose of Canadian Rock late 70’s style.

For the folk’s out there reading this, this is a fun spin. Nothing too serious and nothing too heavy. Just Rock. Trooper even to this day gets played lots on out Local Crap Radio especially “Raise A Little Hell” and the video I posted below which is “Boys In The Bright White Sportscar”. 

Trooper up until COVID thing came about still gets out there and plays. Ra Maguire(vocals) and Brian Smith (guitar) are still gigging as Trooper today.

Good on them I say. 

I love Gatefolds.

There they go
The boys in the bright white sports car
Honking at all the girls
It’s jack-of-all-trades Stan
And Jerry’s a garbageman

One more thing I need to add is Trooper following Hot Shots on there next studio album (titled Trooper 1980) wrote a tune called “The Real Canadian” and well they name-dropped Tbay…

From the Malahat, to Kitimat, to Medicine Hat to Uranium City
From Thunder Bay, to Saint Jervais,
All the way to St. Johns, Newfoundland
The real Canadians …

For that Trooper gets a pass!