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Living Colour/Live At CBGB(1989)


Living Colour are a great band who have had a decent run and by all accounts are still going today!  Living Colour recorded a Live Album at the tail end of 1989(but this album did not get released until 2005) and what you get is Four Talented Cats playing  in the trenches of a New York Landmark! (CBGB)

Living Colour…

Corey Glover – lead vocals
Vernon Reid – guitar, backing vocals
Muzz Skillings – bass, backing vocals
Will Calhoun – drums, backing vocals, percussion

The Tracks…..

1. “Cult of Personality”
2. “Pride”
3. “Someone Like You”
4. “Fight the Fight”
5. “Funny Vibe”
6. “Sailin’ On”
7. “Information Overload”
8. “Love Rears Its Ugly Head”
9. “Soldier’s Blues”
10. “Open Letter (To a Landlord)”
11. “Solace of You”
12. “Middle Man”
13. “Little Lies”  

Give the guys there due as they take to the stage to a prerecorded message of Why You Be Dissin a few times over and Bam here’s Vernon with the opening riff of Cult Of Personality. A great track in its own right! Heavy Bombastic Rock Riffs and Colour says Here’s are biggest tune to date as the opener and were gonna Funk Rock You Up Some More….Great start!

What you may notice is that these guys were road testing new material that would surface later in 1990 on the Time’s Up album most notably one of which I think is one of the Coolest Colour Tracks  which is Pride.  Check out the vid below as Pride weaves some real cool guitar from Reid as Muzz rambles a real slick cool bass line meshing with Will’s drums during the chorus! Speaking of Will the drummer he wrote this tune! Props to you fella!

The album sounds like a direct rip from the soundboard meaning nothing has been tweaked and these are the best albums as you hear it at home how you would have heard it that night! Raw In Your Face Rock!

Cannot go wrong with this setlist well…..Kinda Bummed Glamour Boys wasn’t included but Hey what can ya do? Making  up for it is Middle Man which is another classic in the Colour Catalogue!

These Dude’s can play and Man oh Man I dig that Funk N Rock thing when they get going!

Seek This One Out!



Cool Lil Numbers….Living Colour/ Glamour Boys

Oh yeah man! Summer of 1988, me and Tbone jacked Glamour Boys In his car for all of Tbay to hear! Also on our playlist that summer was Aerosmiths Permanent Vacation(full album except Angel like c’mon?!)/Beatles Revolution and Van Halens Fair Warning (full album) Man,Glamour Boys by Living Colour from there very good debut Vivid album is a classic! I Ain’t No Glamour Boys(I’m fierce…ha)

Corey Glover/Vernon Reid/Muzz Skillings and Will Calhoun drop down a real cool hard rock n funk song that kicks!  These cats rocked it loud enough for the 21 year old me at the time to stand up and take notice! Hey man even Ol Mick Jagger dug EM as he played harmonica on Vivid and had Living Colour open for the Stones on there Steel Wheels tour of 1989! That’s using your connections kids!

As you know my deal with albums I really love songs that are buried at the back end of the record and Glamour Boys is one em! Track 9 out of 11 on Vivid! So there Ya go and man oh man these cats can play and Corey can sing! These dudes got the chops!Love the happy feel good picking and than the power riff along with the drumming slamming head first to rock out the chorus!

In case your wondering yeah these are the dudes that layed waste in the song Cult Of Personality!……

Crank Glamour Boys! Wooooooooo Whooooooooooooo!