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Ha….Kiss being bummed out that no one except what is left of the hardcore Fanbase as  we roll from 1982 into 1983 cares so KISS decides to dump the make up as Creatures Of The Night(see review) album stiffs,tour stiffs and well what are 4 makeup wearing dudes to do to wake up North America?

Well for starters you record a new album of studio songs and than you probably realize that no one may not care again as like most people did a year before that many say is your best album(Creatures) So of course…

YOU DITCH THE MAKEUP!!!….So Kiss does the media rout they go on tv on MTV that is and show the world they’re faces without the war paint for the first time! While you’re at it show the world your new album Lick It Up and holy shit Gene/Paul/ Eric and Vinnie…Tbone is on board as well and he takes his hard-earned cash from his job at the gas station(Shell) and Finally joins the KISS ARMY!

Atta boy Tbone……

One thing I forgot to mention in my review of Creatures was they worked with a producer  named Micheal James Jackson (no not that Micheal Jackson) and he produced Lick it Up as well and yeah man being i was young and kinda dumb as a 15-year-old I thought it was the actual gloved  one that produced Kiss especially after The Elder mishap I though great now they’re doing this but well that was not the case! Hahaha….

KISS keeps the amps cranked and the sexual innuendos going  and well ….Just Lick It Up( sorry,that was pathetic!)

EXCITER-just like the title track from Creatures Of The Night leading off that album Kiss charges once again out of the gates and as Vinnie Vincent did on Creatures he plays a big part in Kiss getting a grasp of what is going on musically in  the world at the time! Fast guitars,driving drums And  loud-sounding albums! Good on him and the thanks he gets is that Rick Derringer(he of Rock N Roll Hoochie Coo fame) does the honours on the guitar solo! Geez no wonder Vinnie came unglued after this tour! Gene and Paul the master manipulators! Thanks man for the co writes and getting us back on track now just PISS OFF Vinnie and ahhh that’s what happened!

NOT FOR THE INNOCENT-Gene slams a real good heavy track down and he’s on a roll after totally stepping up his game on Creatures! Well done Demon! He’s yelping,kicking up a storm and this song sounds heavy along with Carrs drums and Vinnies axemanship! Great track!

LICK IT UP- the big single that put KISS back on the map in the land of singles! “Don’t wanna wait Til Ya know me better” Sez Paul and Wowzers its 1983 and lookie lookie Kiss is back on the Tv(Good Rockin Tonite) This is radio 101 fodder! No guitar shredding just simple riff rock! Hey,what about the video for this track! Yep,desolate wasteland,fire,scantily dressed chics! Gene looking pretty sketchy! Hahaha…. Don’t bore us Paul just get to the chorus! Hahaha….does it get any goofier than Lick It Up …ohhhh ohhhh ohhh…remember when I said I was young and kinda dumb earlier well here’s Kiss making kinda dumb promo vids so if I’m gonna be dumb at least I can do so with Uncle Paul And Auntie Gene! Thanks Guys!

YOUNG AND WASTED-Gene ramps it up and follows the Lick It Up single with a song that has no chance in becoming a single! Gene is off the walls on 2 of the first 4 tracks and I’m good with it! Simmons is shooting for the market of  a 16-year-old and that’s all of us at the time(1983) I can near it now Gene saying “Hey Deke,Tbone, Muc,Pizza Thief,Foley Brothers…Your all Wasted!” Yep we are and we were wasted that is on Kiss making us drink Kiss Kool Aid! Love the simple yet effective drumming of Eric Carr and Vinnie lays down a solo with whammy bar precision!

GIMMIE MORE- Paul goes sleazeball mode with this tune I mean”Love is sweet so insane c’mon lick my candy cane,” hahaha…1983 and Paul’s creeping ! This song ends side 1 with a bang. It’s just a straight ahead no frills rock track. More over the top riffing and well GIMMIE MORE sez Mr Stanley! Okie Dokie!

ALL HELLS BREAKING LOOSE- Yo Yo…Stanley raps kinda at the beginning Of this tune and well with said song comes another goofy promo vid of once again desolate wasteland,fire,scantily dressed chics and sketchy Gene but Gene this time eats a chicken/Turkey /leg bone who the hell knows but man I can’t even bring myself to watching this at my age (47) now! This is a good Kiss tune all kidding aside! Cool catchy chorus! Good solo as well. Hell,even Eric Carr got a co write on this.

MILLION TO ONE-Wowzers! Stanley hits a fastball over the plate and drives In the winning run! Man this song is gold plain and simple,one of Stanley’s best. This song is Cheese Free and should have been a single or better yet it would have been huge but for some reason to my knowledge it wasn’t a single at all! This is built for rock radio! Great vocal,cool backing vocals …..Million To One! Not sappy…well written by Stanley and Vincent!

FITS LIKE A GLOVE- gotta love the song orders on Kiss albums. There’s Paul telling us about some woman that’s a Million To One and next here’s Gene telling us ‘if it must be love …Fits Like A Glove!” Ladies and Gents this is Kiss at its best just when you think there gonna get all serious Bono Like on yer Ass..they go back to the gutter and man I’m ok with that!  This song just rips along and Gene spits leftover blood and sticks his tongue out and just gives Er on this tune…”nightdreams,wet dreams enough to make you drool and fire for the fuel!” This is fantastic goofy yet bombastic rock! Hail Hail ….I have always dug their live version of this tune….

DANCE ALL OVER YOUR FACE-yeah one of those end of the album Gems and its a Simmons song of all things! I love this tune..just plain Ol goof ball Rock served up by the Demon! The verse’s are chill the chorus is catchy as old heck!

AND ON THE 8TH DAY- God created Rock n Roll! Genie gets the last three songs all to himself on the Lick  It Up album and good for him as he was on a good roll at the time between 1982-1983. Simmons though kinda nosedived material wise  after this I mean he had some good tunes on later albums and some dreck as well until he once again magically appeared motivated by the time the Revenge album(1992) rolled around! So yeah Gene ends the record on a good note!

IN CONCLUSION- Kiss bounces back and we all get on board The Kiss Cruise ship  but man after all these years Ya gotta feel bad for Vinnie. He throws Gene and Paul a life-preserver as the Kiss Cruise ship in the early 80s is taking on a ton of water helps co write two bounce back records and then who knows what really went down! Only they know and Vinnie gets tossed off the Kiss Cruise and Gene And Paul do not throw a life-preserver to Vinnie! Instead he ends up on a hairspray version of Gilligans Island and forms the Vinnie Vincent Invasion and then proceeds to tank that project as well. On second thought maybe Gene and Paul were right along! Who would a thunk it!


SONIC WAVES…..Kiss/Creatures Of The Night


For some this is The best Kiss record. For me I would have to put it up there as well. It was fall time 1982 and I was in grade 10 . Kiss wasn’t cool anymore with a lot of people. A lot of bands were passing em by like Judas Priest,AC-DC,Rush and upstarts like Def Leppard and Iron Maiden! I still followed em like how could I not,it was only three years earlier I had seen them live (1979) that blew my mind so I wasn’t gonna abort ship yet even though The Elder release of 1981 confused the hell out of me and guys like Muc!

So one day at school before first period one of our high school buddies named George came strolling down the hallways of Lakeview(high school) chanting ‘hey,hey,hey ya!!’ I laughed and said what the hell was that? George said that’s the new Kiss song I heard on top 9 at 9 last night on 580 CKPR !! I was like,WHAT!!! I did not even know as a fan that Kiss was doing anything! Let alone George who never talked music with us and he’s chanting Hey Hey Hey Yaaaaa! A new Kiss song??!

So I don’t think I have to tell what I was doing that night at 9pm. I was hunkered by the radio waiting and listening to new songs by Men At Work/Stray Cats/Duran Duran. Was Curious George bullshitting me?? And finally …..I LOVE IT LOUD !!!

Let’s check out the album that restored my faith in em and dumped some more of my  $$$$ in there pockets!

CREATURES OF THE NIGHT- begins with a huge thunderous thud.Guitars and drums are racing and Genes trying to keep up! This is a mean lean Kiss for 1982. Were back kids! The production was so metal sounding so heavy and holy crap listen to that solo? Is Frehley doing speed?? Every fan knows by now that Frehley did not play a note on Creatures but his face is on the cover as I guess he was already out of the band but who knows, guitars were handled by I believe  some guy named Steve Farris along with Vinnie Vincent (who,did the cowriting on some tracks) and Robben Ford.OMG these guys can play but in 1982 I thought it was Ace and well Gene and Paul wanted me to think that too!

SAINT AND SINNER- This over time I think is one of $immons best songs ever! Just love Eric Carrs drumming and Gene sings the song In a chill kinda way. The Chorus is super catchy. Actually The Demon really stepped it up with this record. I think it has some of his best singing on it! So far  so good as Kiss is back and as a 15 yr old at the time. YEAH!

KEEP ME COMIN- the writer of Love Gun is back with Keep Me Comin. This is a straight ahead rocker, no frills Stanley song. You know what your Gettin so keep on Comin! Ah ok…the pre Chorus in this song is super catchy. Starchild,you have done well!

ROCK AND ROLL HELL-Imagine this,I’m 15 and I look the credits and see Simmons wrote Rock and Roll Hell with Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance. Now expecting the worse as Adams Straight From The Heart was all over radio at the time I thought uggggggh could this be the end by track four? Safe to say…nope,not close this is one catchy mid tempo rock tune taking Adams straight to hell and whoever it was who took Adams straight to hell ….I salute you! Great song!

DANGER-is a cranked up fast paced number that ends side one. Stanley once again rocks it out with this one. Eric Carr never  sounded better ( my ears) than on this whole release. I was also glad for the most part that Kiss wasn’t so much chasing after hits on this record as which would come on their albums later on. Paul didn’t make it obvious on this album and for that Mr Stanley I thank you!

I LOVE IT LOUD-Yep Here was the single and a Gene song to boot!! Thanks to George this restored my faith in Kiss once I heard on the radio. Big drums/ chanting/ riffs/ Gene being Gene. Don’t wanna be President shouts the Demon. Ok man I believe you . Cool solo as well on this. Great back bounce from Kiss as a single release. Too bad that aside from their fan base no one cared back than.

I STILL LOVE YOU-now you could say Stanley was writing the power ballad for the hit but this is 1982 no one was doing big hit power ballads except for Journey. So this was kinda ahead of its time by about 5 yrs. Who knows 5 yrs later (1987) Stanley may have had Tawney Kitanen(appears in the Whitesnake vids) slinging around the hood of His car!

KILLER-Gene basically kicks the crap out of Stanley for doing a love song and ramps it back up with Killer. She’s the Killer Demon. Pretty cool stuff Gene was writing he was total street back than with his sound! Genes sound disappeared for about a good decade after Creatures until the Revenge record(1992) and then disappeared again for another two decades until Monster(2012)

WAR MACHINE- Adams/Vallance once again hook up with Gene and crush out War Machine. The opening riff in this song is huge. The whole song is huge. Simmons basically lays waste to everything in sight cause he’s the War Machine!! Good for You Genie! Kicking ass with your dragon boots and taking names later and not writing stuff like Living In Sin At The Holiday Inn. Wow what an end for some that was a comeback album for Kiss

IN CONCLUSION- Chips were down on Kiss and they came back and kicked some serious ass with this album! It’s just too bad like I said earlier that except for their fan base no one really cared at the time about Creatures. I guess they were still sinking at the time by losing yet another original memeber(Ace) but they soldiered on. Give them there due.

Of course the Creatures tour and album nose dived and a year later off came the war paint to renew interest! But as you can see in the video they could still pull a crowd in Rio back in 1983.