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Black Sabbath/Live Evil(1982)

Gotta love Crazy ex’s!

April 1979 and  Ozzy get’s the boot from Black Sabbath and Sabbath went and hired Ronnie James Dio as the Ozzman’s replacement!

In this corner you have Ozzy Osbourne(ex Black Sabbath singer) and in the far corner you have Black Sabbath (with than current vocalist) Ronnie James Dio. 

April of 1980 Sabbath release the Dio fronted Heaven and Hell album. Ozzy counters in Sept of 1980 with the release his debut album Blizzard of Ozz. 

November 4th 1981 Sabbath releases the Mob Rules album while just 3 short days later(Nov 7th 1981)  Ozzy rolls out his second solo album Diary of A Madman.

December 1982 Ozzy puts out the double live Speak of The Devil album which features all Sabbath tracks.(Ozzy to his credit said the record company wanted a double live album of late guitar hero Randy Rhoads  but Ozzy quashed it saying there was going to be no cash grab as Randy had died just six months earlier in March of 1982)

Also in December of 1982 Sabbath put out their own double live album titled Live Evil. (Great cover as well)

Haha..these guys(Ozzy and Sabbath) took pissy pants to whole other level as one was trying to outdo the other with releasing albums the same month and even days apart. Silly Old  Farts!

Anyways Dio and Sabbath put out a pretty good document of the Mob Rules tour with Live Evil but during the mixing of this album both Dio and drummer Vinnie Appice exited Sabbath and in the band it was two Americans (Dio and Appice) vs two Brits(Iommi and Butler).  A Black Sabbath Royal Rumble with accusations and turmoil in regards to stuff being tweaked in the studio when the two other guys weren’t around. On Live Evil  Ronnie James Dio is listed as just Ronnie Dio and  Vinny while he was credited as a full-time member on the studio Mob Rules album but come  on Live Evil Vinny falls under the Special Thanks category.

Well it’s safe to safe to say Geezer and Tony wanted to stir things up now …

Having said that…

Live Evil though is a great listen even in 2017 and to be honest I enjoyed this album more now in 2017 than in 1982 (Thanks Aaron). 14 tracks all together. 8 of the track are from the fronted Dio albums and I can tell you all that the songs Neon Knights/Mob Rules/Childern of The Sea /Voodoo/Sign of The Southern  Cross are all played brilliantly.

Ronnie does justice on the Ozzy tracks and I admit back in 1982/83 it took a while to wrap my noggin on how Ronnie sang songs like Black Sabbath/NIB/War Pigs/Iron Man but he pulls it off on his own terms.

Amazing how in the span of just under 2 short years(1980-82) Dio/Appice’s tenure in Sabbath would be done with two studio and one live album under their belts….

Of course Dio/Appice return to Sabbath in 1992 with the Dehumanizer album but by late 1992 Dio/Appice are out again.


2006 when Dio/Appice hooked up once again with Butler/Iommi (this time calling themselves Heaven and Hell instead of Black Sabbath)until Ronnie’s untimely passing in 2010….


Heaven&Hell/Live From Radio City Music Hall(2007)

The Great Ronnie James Dio(RIP) once again hooked up with pals Tony Iommi/Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice to have another go round of Dio fronted Sabbath. 

The only catch is this time they were calling themselves Heaven And Hell not Black Sabbath perhaps due to legal stuff who knows but any hard rock music listener will know the deal!

When I reviewed the  epic Mob Rules(1981) this incarnation of the band was my first introduction to Black Sabbath and I just loved and still do the Mob Rules album as sometimes those first listens to a certain period of a band just resonates with you the listener just a little more!

Special thanks to our family member…Fender The Wonder Dog whom hung out with me on a Sunday afternoon while I scribbled this review!

Of course as soon as dug Dio Sabbath RJD split and released the epic solo album Holy Diver(1983) and from there in the early 90’s Ronnie once again hooked up with these guys for the Dehumanizer (1992) album and of course that went down in flames as well….


2007 and the Sabs….er I mean Heaven And Hell are back in town, well Radio City in NYC that is and they record a Live Album. So following the purchase of a Dio/Sabbath Greatest Hits set to coincide with the Tour here comes once the tour winds down the live album and Deke’s is up for it!!

Disc One
No. Title Length
1. “E5150/After All (The Dead)” (Dio, Iommi, Butler) 8:30
2. “The Mob Rules” (Dio, Iommi, Butler) 4:04
3. “Children of the Sea” 6:52
4. “Lady Evil” 5:20
5. “I” (Dio, Iommi, Butler) 6:27
6. “The Sign of the Southern Cross” (Dio, Iommi, Butler) 9:06
7. “Voodoo” (Dio, Iommi, Butler) 7:42
8. “The Devil Cried” (Dio, Iommi) 11:40

Disc two
No. Title Length
1. “Computer God” (Dio, Iommi, Butler) 6:41
2. “Falling Off the Edge of the World” (Dio, Iommi, Butler) 5:45
3. “Shadow of the Wind” (Dio, Iommi) 6:05
4. “Die Young” 7:44
5. “Heaven and Hell” 15:15
6. “Lonely Is the Word” 6:48
7. “Neon Knights”

This album is chalk full of Huge and I mean Huge Bombastic Iommi Riffs and man I just  dig the Sabbath Sludge crawl of opener After All which upon first listen is kinda of a head scratcher but this is there deal and they’re gonna do what they wanna do! Pay your $6.66 to the bus driver folks as Ronnie and Crew are taking us on a one way trip to Hell! Crazy opener but cool!

The next 6 songs that follow…Mob Rules/Childern Of The Sea/Lady Evil/I/ The Sign Of The Southern Cross and Voodoo are classic Ronnie Sabbath. The songs have a quicker tempo than any of the Ozzy era led Sabbath for the most part and perhaps it was a calculated move back in 1980 when Ronnie joined. Shake  up the Sabbath song structure retool it for the 80’s. New band …New set of rules. Sounds like to me anyways especially the track Mob Rules with Appice driving the beat forward folks and the guy is a monster on the drums on this show as well as he gets the complimentary drum solo on The Devil  Cried.(one of the new tracks that was on the Dio Sabbath Comp)

Disc 2 opens with Computer God from the Dehumanizer album and this is another one of my Dio Sabbath Fav’s. Sure it trucks along at a snail’s pace at times but when the chorus kicks in it’s all bets off with Geezers grumbling Bass. Vinny smashing the cymbals while Tony hooks it altogether musically with his King OF Doom Riffs. Ronnie harness it all in with the vocals!

Cool that these guys don’t play for years together yet when they put there issues aside it’s like a step has never been skipped! This album proves that as they fire away at Die Young along with a 15 minute sing along with Satan on Heaven And Hell  and to finish things up a big round of blast off with Neon Knights! Neon Knights is a huge fireball of speed riff’s  and drums that are rocking off the Highway To Hell!

This is a fantastic live record ….

Pickin LeBrains..Black Sabbath/ Mob Rules

Sam The Record Man was a record store chain here in Canada that was quite popular in the 80s and in Tbay we had one store and every Saturday from 9-9:15 am you could buy the new release that week on vinyl for $4.99. Quiet Riots Metal Health I purchased this way,as well as my very first Sabbath purchase of Mob Rules!

To put it simply “this is still a great fuckin record!”

Sabbath 1982 and I finally hop aboard the Slippery Slidey Sludge Slope  Known as Black Sabbath!

Of course things had changed for Sabbath by 1982…cya Ozzy and cya Bill Ward and hello to Ronnie James Dio in 1980(vocals) and Vinny Appice(drums) in 1982 and hello to new Sabbath purchase plan employee Deke! Also of note how about a shout out to the cover of Mob Rules! I have always dug this cover even now. I mean album artwork was huge with all Iron Maiden covers,Judas Priests Screaming For Vengenace and this one pop to mind they were a huge effective marketing tool that hooked us in! Hell even ACDC’s For Those About To Rock cover was simple yet effective!

Mob Rules, I had a real good discussion with my good friend Rockstar Supa Paulie before he bolted to London Ontario. It was he(Rockstar) that actually caught the Mob Rules Tour in Toronto! He was a young rocker at the time(13 or 14) but man what a great first show dude! Like myself seeing Kiss in 79 these shows you Remember them like they were yesterday(well what’s left of my memory)……so yeah Paulie along with Mikey and all my fellow rock readers…enjoy…..

TURN UP THE NIGHT- Wowzers man Appice goes to town on the drums and we’re off! No Sludgey Pudgey Sabbath here! This is Iommi,Geezer and Ronnie forging new sonics! Martin Birch he of Iron Maiden production fame twiddled the knobs here and I love the gruffness of the sound not clear,not mucky,not 80ish sounding  Martin just makes it sound like a Metal record!  The chorus here is real catchy and man and am I really talking Sabbath here? Yeppers I am!

VOODOO-Iommi the Kimg  of Doom Riffs plays a kinda not so doom riff and the boys all join in and Dio and company write a real catchy tune! The verses are beyond solid and the chorus is awesome! 2 songs in and I’m converted to the point where I buy Heaven And Hell(Dios debut released in 1980) shortly after on cassette tape! See that’s what I mean when I say I joined the Sabbath Purchase Plan!

SIGN OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS-some real nice chill Iommi electric with Dios voice starts this tune and just like whoosh here comes Geezer and Vinny laying down some Sabbath Sludge and it’s so good. Appice is a monster on the drums here no doubt! This song just goes and goes where it stops only Ozzy knows! Hahahaha! Seriously though this is to my ears old school Sabbath but packed with a little more punch. Dio man he sings it and he delivers ….

E5150-i think was written on the studio console with a huge bag of (Ahem!)  party treats as it’s just a bunch of twiddling Synthy sounds that goes Into the immortal …

MOB RULES-Gem,Gem,Gem man oh man! Iommi pastes this song from  the get go and once My Cousin Vinny slams his drums and Ol Geezer slams his bass this is a lean mean Sabbath Sonic Rocket that’s headed to blow my noggin off and boy did it ever and Ronnie once he joins in with his opening line of ” Close the city and tell the people that something’s coming to call,Death and darkness are rushing forward to take a bite from the wall!” Ummm holy shit this is the real deal Dio spews it I buy into it! It’s as easy as that! Iommi  tosses down a very memorable solo and it’s back to mega riffs,bombastic drums,wicked lead vocals and Yep I got a sonic hard on!  Dio sings it best ” your all fools…..Mob Rules!” Ditto that RJD! Crank this song posted!

COUNTRY GIRL-Country Girl! Ha! Track 6 and here’s the Sludgey Sabbath I have been waiting for! No Siree folks this song is awesome! The song gets out of the gate with the boys slammimg the song with cymbal smashes and doom riffs and Dio throws down a real deadly vocal! Shit man the guy goes for the throat here! This is a dirty Sabbath Country Girl burning down the Farmhouse with the witches she met at Black Masses! Awesome song crank it!

SLIPPING AWAY-Vinny totally rocks this song he pounds the tom toms into submission whil Iommi and Crew keep up to his pace and Dio brings to Sabbath and I’m no expert on things Sabbath but he brings a melodic approach to the vocals and melodies and that with Tony’s guitaring made a great one two punch! Of course Geezer baked as the crispy sun shines slaps the crap out of his bass and Vinny he’s a beast ..plain and simple!

FALLING OFF THE EDGE OF THE WORLD-7 plus minutes of classic 70s Sabbath but with Dio singing and holy hell! The song starts off at a snails pace and slowly builds and builds up and than of course the song shifts into overdrive close to halfway thru and man 80s Sabbath does 70s Sabbath Justice ! Ozzy woulda been proud! Ummm Nope he wouldn’t have,still though this song is what I dig about 80s Metal! It doesn’t conform to the 3 minute Shake N Bake Cheese Rock of many! (I ain’t naming names but if your a reader here you  know the deal!) instead these are songs that have no rules attached to no formula! Hey were Sabbath! We’re gonna school Deke and Paulie in all things Doom with upside down crosses,witch hunts,mobs and Paulies favourite warped Country Girl! We’re cooked dude!

OVER AND OVER-Doomie An Gloomie are on tap! Iommi powers down every last stitch of doom rock he’s got Into Over and Over! Sabbath saves the last two tracks of Mob Rules to my ears anyways that I thought the whole record was gonna sound like! Them Sabbath fellas fooled me! Well Played. Dio belts it out! Vinny slams it out! Geezer 4 strings it out! Iommi dooms it out and Over And Over knocks me out! You want heavy ..this is and heavy not played a million miles a hour!

IN CONCLUSION- Mob Rules is just a plain out great rock record! I really enjoyed cueing this bad boy up on my iPod when I was riding my bike to work! Hell I think I may thrown a few Dio salutes at drivers ha during Mob Rules! Seriously though this album came at a time when like i said earlier that album cover artwork played a pivotal roll! It suceeded for me and hence resulted in my first Sabbath purchase!

Now for most though people would say Sabbaths first album with Dio (Heaven And Hell) is better yeah perhaps but for me though it’s Mob Rules. Funny how sometimes certain albums just affect you more but may not be the bands best…..well Mob Rules for me is Sabbaths best!

So that ends Pickin LeBrains week!

Hope ya’s dug it!