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KISS: The Early Years Photography By Waring Abbott (2002)

Waring Abbott was one of the first guys on the scene to photograph KISS from 1974 til 1981 (which is the years this book focuses on) and in the 200 pages that make up “The Early Years” Waring got some great shots of a band on it’s rise (1974) to the band on a bit of demise once 1981 rolled around.

Ton’s of great photo’s many which I have never seen are shown thoroughout the glossy pages of “The Early Years”.

Look at the Demon standing there scoping the crowd looking to find some female friends to meet in the  “Ladies Room!”

Below is a great shot of KISS at Cobo Hall in Detroit.

This has to be one of my favourite shots of Ace (below) all snapped up on vices and laying down the law on his Gibson!

What was a selling feature for me was the inclusion of photos from “The Elder” era. KISS back then never had any trouble getting it on with a camera now did they?

Interesting to see this shot with Ace and when you flip the pages of The Early Years here’s KISS as a three piece as Ace went bonkers!

Nice to see Eric Carr featured in many of the The Elder shots in this book!

So this book of course was done hand in hand with Gene and Paul so it’s their quotes in this book and only their quotes as Ace and Peter are nowhere to be found=SHOCKER!

Ace has many photos of him this book but Peter Criss got the shaft here folk as he’s pretty much only in full band and live shots.

At times Demon and Starchild get a little nutty over there ex drummer which is a shame.

So thats the knock on this book. Paul and Gene had full control and what they say goes.

deKe’s Early Years Rating of the layout and pics in the book- 8/10

deKe’s Early Years Rating of Gene and Paul calling the shots-6/10