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Whitesnake: The Purple Tour(2018)

Las Vegas oddsmakers are betting that Ladano purchases all formats of The Purple Tour by this upcoming  March!

Old Bones David Coverdale keeps the Whitesnake Train chugging down the Money Tracks and releases yet another live album!

Too be totally honest when Fellow Blogging pal John T Snow mentioned this album in his weekly Friday New Releases section. I Kinda dismissed this album in the comments on what Coverdale is still doing as this band for myself ended the day John Sykes got canned after recording the incredible  Whitesnake 87 album….

Saying that John T said he still digs this stuff and whatever Coverdale puts out he will support and buy it…

I thought for a few days about that last comment. Pondered Life for a bit. Pondered Whitesnake for a bit. Pondered that Crazy Cougar Chick that slinked around the hood of that car in the old Snake videos for a bit…..

Yeah you get the gist of it right?

So I seen The Purple Tour album on iTunes for $9.99 and took the plunge with a click! Would this be a regret? Dunno man I’m not giving it away so keep reading….

So I suppose the Snake crew wanted to add some of Davids past tunes with Deep Purple and viola a few years back came the Purple Studio album where Cov redid all his Purple tunes with his 80’s Hot Shot Guitar Duo of Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra. 

So now comes the Live Portion …

Burn opens the album and each guy shows off as Cov intro’s them throughout their Hot Dog and A Shake Super Licks routine. No doubt these cats can sing and play and the music sounds quite live especially the mix of Tommy Aldridge’s drums. One part of it that doesn’t sound live is the backing vocals as they sound way to clean and crisp for a live setting. Now onto Dave’s voice well it has changed over the years and after smoking what 2 million Marlboros in his life  time I’m sure that doesn’t help matters but I recall back in 2009 when a whole  Snake tour was scrapped as Dave’s voice went kaput so perhaps he’s learned his lesson. He sounds different from that of the 80’s heyday but then again I don’t sing so perhaps I should shut the F@*K up about it…

There is a heavy dose of the Millions upon Millions selling 1987 Snake albums. 5 tracks out of the 13 songs from this album are on Purple live. Actually 5.5 tracks if you count the little added treat of Children of the Night dropped in the middle of Bad Boys. Give Me All Your Love and the monster tracks that propelled this album into superstardom those being Here I Go Again/Is This Love and the real mega meal deal of Still of the Night are here. The players here play em well. Not knocking em but man John Sykes and Coverdale need to work it out and Sykes can show these dudes the way the songs needed to be hard and that’s his way. What I mean by that well just listen to the 87 Evolutions Demos and hear Sykes and company lay down the law on the demos. I cannot get Sykes demo solo’s out of my head as the Fella was on fire…

But Deke its 2018 not 1987!

Correct a mondo but considering Sykes and Cov never performed these tunes ever together live and Cov’s 87-88 touring band kinda torpedoed and half assed their way through that Tokyo show.(included in the 87 Deluxe Edition) I got issues with that band man ….

Hey my right as I have paid dough for Snake stuff so I will spout off….

Back to the current as there is nothing wrong with these versions its just kinda like a real good Coverband doing Coverdales stuff…

Easy Folks …..

Here I Go Again is a crowd singalong tune and you really notice Cov’s voice make over on this one. The Music is good and what not but the pace is kinda weird….

I actually on this release did enjoy the Purple tunes that Dave recorded back decades ago when he was fronting Deep Purple as I don’t own any of this stuff.

Mistreated and You Fool No One are great tunes and Snake even tone it down for Soldier of Fortune. Interesting spin considering this album is full of Guitar stuff and noodling whatnot it’s at times like this that it’s cool for the 80’s Metal Shredders to take a few minutes of downtime!

Course some ol school pre 1984 MTV driven Snake is included in the form of the great track Ain’t No Love In The Heart of the City and Wowzer’s  “Ere’s a song for ya!” hollers Dave and wham bam thank you mam right into Fool For Your Loving. Course ‘Fool” is played like the 80’s Steve Vai guitar doodle workout as opposed to the Micky Moody/Bernie Marsden blues workout of the late 70’s early 80’s version of Snake…

Overall a decent purchase I suppose. The  David PurpleDale stuff for me is worth the purchase but the 87 tunes I dunno as these Hired Guns can play them great but …

Ah Fuck bring back Sykes/Dunbar/Murray and let it be 1987 again!