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Summertime Spin: Y&T- In Rock We Trust (1984)


Another fun summertime spin (which is another one I had on cassette tape) back in the summer of 1984 was this one from those cool cats hailing from San Francisco that are known as…


In Rock We Trust came from the 4 Cali dudes and should have shot them into the stratosphere of success but for some crazy reason, it didn’t as it should have as here in Thunder Bay it sold some copies.

The finicky hard rock market in 1984!

Still, though this was a cool fun listen riding my bike to and from my dishwashing gig at the local hospital back in the summer of 84 when I had to be at work for 6am!

These tunes on those early summer mornings woke me up beginning with Rock N Rolls Gonna Save The World. The fun continues throughout with some more cool tunes like Lipstick and Leather, Masters and Slaves and She’s A Liar.

See that was the neat thing about these guys. This just put out a fun party record yet they could play their instruments as proven on 83’s Meanstreak release.

In Rock We Trust was produced by Tom Allom. It was on a major label(A&M Records) and they had major video airplay for the cool summertime happy go lucky single Don’t’ Stop Runnin.

For some reason, IRWT came up a bit short. 

No lack of effort(outside the goofy cover) IRWT should have been up there with the Big Boys!

Search it out or stream or buy it. You won’t be disappointed if you’re in the market for fun party rock!

Crazy to think that Joey Alves, Leonard Haze, Phil Kennemore have all passed on. Only Dave Meniketti continues on with Y&T and from the clips, I have watched Dave still sounds tremendous vocally and still can play a mean guitar. 

I reviewed  IRWT back when I got a bunch of albums from my pal Deaner at work and in the batch that I got was IRWT on vinyl.



Y&T: In Rock We Trust(1984)



Remember my review from last week in regards to Dio’s Last In Line review where I wrote…

“Some Real Heavy Hitters of Rock released albums back in 1984! Van Halen/Judas Priest/Scorpions/RATT/Twisted Sister/Whitesnake/Deep Purple/Rush/Triumph/Dokken/KISS/Iron Maiden!”

One of those bands that fell by the wayside in sales in 1984 was Y&T with In Rock We Trust which is surprising for two specific reason’s….

1- The style of Hard Commercial Rock is plastered  throughout the grooves of IRWT!

2-My good pal Tbone even cracked open his wallet and shelled out his hard earned dough at the time(working at a Gas Station) for the cassette version of IRWT!

One of those mysteries of Rock when a band puts out a solid ball of music yet for some reason falls a wee short in the sales department! Finicky marketplace I suppose as it was no lack of effort from these guys who could write/play and deliver the goods so to speak.

If you recall from my review of Y&T’s Open Fire only Lead Singer/Lead Guitarist Dave Meneketti is still alive while Leonard Haze /Phil Kennemore/Joey Alves have all passed on! R.I.P Fella’s and Thanks for the Music!

Moving on this album featured Tom Allom behind the producers desk as Tom as we know produced all those Judas Priest albums at the time back  in the 1980’s so Y&T even had the ace producer in the back pocket as well. The production on this album is solid as well.

Before the release of IRWT I had heard the two previous studio efforts that being 1982’s Black Tiger and 83’s Meanstreak album. Y&T always dabbled between hard rock tracks on the album mixed with more Melodic Rock tracks. Y&T did this style of rock so they weren’t really following the so-called ‘Trend’ at the time.

Side one
  1. “Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save the World” – 4:39
  2. “Life, Life, Life” – 4:37
  3. “Masters and Slaves” – 3:58
  4. “I’ll Keep on Believin’ (Do You Know)” – 3:50
  5. “Break Out Tonight!” – 4:23
Side two
  1. “Lipstick and Leather” – 3:25
  2. “Don’t Stop Runnin'” – 4:20
  3. “(Your Love Is) Drivin’ Me Crazy” – 4:57
  4. “She’s a Liar” – 3:34
  5. “This Time” – 5:36

In Rock We Trust makes no exception to this rule. You have your straight ahead rock tracks like opener Rock N Rolls Gonna Save the World/Masters and Slaves/Breakout and She’s a Liar.

Whereas these guys would take the foot off the rock gas pedal and dial it slow somewhat usually with a mix of rock n blues with tracks like I’ll Keep On Believin and This Time.

This album does have some cliché on it but fair enough that was the game back in 84 that had to be played  but I will add that the two opening tracks on Side 2 are stellar.

Lipstick and Leather is so oeey gooey its catchy as Hell. Listen to that chorus! Meneketti could sing a great rock track while the next song Don’t Stop Runnin which was the big single from this album was solid as well and why it didn’t lift them the band off to the next level who knows. Once again Finicky Market!

This was a long overdue revisit with an album that has surprisingly stood the test of time! Course the lyrics at time are a bit funny but this was 1984 and it was about Happy Good Time Rock!

Y&T delivered a pretty decent album…..