Almost 3 yrs ago I stumbled across LeBrains blog in regards to a interview he had done with Brian Vollmer of Helix and there was a comment box so I commented and hence a monster was created! From there I ventured into  Ultimate Festival Guide,HMOs site,Keeps Me Alive,Kamer Tunes,1537,Every Record,Caught Me Gaming and 80s Metal Man. I thank you guys esp Aaron,Mike and Rich who told me to start one….I urge you to check out there sites. Now I’m no where near as good as writers as they are but hey I will throw in  my 2 cents worth of reviews…. Sit back,chill and I hope you find some laughs in my reviews! Also of note I must mention my good pal of 40 yrs a lot in these blogs and his name is Tbone. We grew up together and have done a ton of Rock together(concerts,ton of music babbling over the years), I will try and cover it all from the shows I seen and some good rock albums that I really enjoyed but flew under the radar, feel free to drop a line…..

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11 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am a writer ..rock musician interviewer…..Adrian Vandenberg…R Sarzo..Josh Todd…Brad Gillis..Bumblefoot etc.
    I cannot find a contact for this site to inquire about publishing on this site.

    Rock Source Magazine
    Montreal Rocks
    Rock Talk. Wawa News



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