Scotch On The Rocks With Alex Huard


Alex Huard is a big supporter of Canadian independent artists so much so that Alex has his own podcast doing just that which is called “New Release Day Series”. Not only that but Alex has teamed up with Brent Jensen on a project that they have called “Thursday Night Record Club” (on YouTube) which has Brent picking an album by an artist or band (VH-Bowie-Zep to name a few) as they discuss each album track by track.

It was a great chat with Alex as we chatted about The Black Crowes, Van Halen and of course Ron’s Camaro and while you’re at it throw down a follow for Mr. Huard on his Release Day Series on Apple/Spotify as well you can find Alex on all the socials as well!

Deep Dive With Andy Curran Into ENVY OF NONE- Alex Lifeson-DareDevils Incorporated!

It still boggles my mind that a little over a year ago I reached out to Andy through his rep Chip at “Chipster PR & Consulting”  and from that initial email I have had the pleasure to chat with Andy about 5 or 6 times now.

This latest talk was no exception as Andy always gives great stories as I made this chat a straight deep dive into Andy’s latest project E.O.N.

Alex Lifeson as we all know bends the six strings on the album so it was a real treat hearing Andy’s thoughts about what brought Alex back in as band member.

As Andy always does is he also gives us a little scoop that he is working on a new hard rock project where he does all the singing in a new band tentatively called “Daredevils Incorporated”.

One busy fella that Curran guy is and the fact that he can hang with a stream hack like me shows you his character…

One of the fastest streaming hours ever I have been involved in!

My pal Muk said it best….

“Great interview Deke. One of your best. Bizarre that you’re having a conversation with a guy in a band with the guy that was in a band with Neil Peart”


Scotch On The Rocks Presents Andy Curran!

I had the privilege of once again speaking to Andy Curran. This chat was exclusively about Andy’s current band ENVY OF NONE that features of course Alex Lifeson. Andy as alway’s gives a ton of great insight into what went into the songs and how he has had another pinch me moment in the success of the E.O.N album since it hit the streets back on April 8th.

Check it out below….


April Scores!

Snowman rules when he posts all his findings in one month. So this morning when I saw John’s post I thought, “Well maybe todays the day I nick John’s idea and run with it, for this month anyway!”

So here’s my findings for the month… Who knows folks I may do this again or it may be a one shot deal!
I was on the hunt for Motley Crue’s Too Fast For Love on vinyl for months at a decent price. About 6 months ago I left my email contact info at Encore Records (Kitchener) as they would notify me if a vinyl copy came in and earlier this month I received that email. Ordered it that morning and Mark at Encore shipped it out that day. Great service.
Watching Thursday Night Record Club with my pal Brent Jensen can be hazardous to my wallet. One episode featured Brent and Alex Huards breakdown of The Black Crowes “Southern Harmony” record. Even though they both rated it a 6/10 I still ordered it from Amazon at a decent price as this was another one of those “must get’s” Love this album and still respect them for actually playing Tbay back in 93 on this tour even though Rich Robinson in a printed article labelled Tbay as a “BumF**K Town” bahaha… One more thing  that I dig is the front/back cover where you have 4 of the Crowes looking well, let’s say a cross between goth and drugged out while Gorman looks like a lawyer! Man I miss 1992/1993!
Found a sealed 180 gram( at one of the few used shops here in town) of one of my favourite KISS studio albums “Rock N Roll Over” which was sealed for $20 and is an upgrade to my original copy.
For myself streaming is a great try before you buy feature and that was the deal in buying my first ever GHOST release on vinyl ( I have purchased the last few straight from itunes). Tobias Forge is a great singer/songwriter. “Impera” is a great rock record as is the packaging which includes a 28 page book.
Andy Curran has released the very excellent “Envy of Non record which has been 4 years in the making. I ordered this online from the E.O.N web store and it was easy peasy.  There will be a chat with Mr. Curran at some point!
I was very fortunate a few weeks back to have book writing machine Martin Popoff hop on Scotch On The Rocks and chat about Judas Priest. I was missing the two books that Martin had written about The Metal Gods but I very quickly rectified that situation by scooping these two books direct from Martin.
I grabbed a couple of T Shirts as well. Casablanca Records, Atlantic Records and a knock off Creatures of The Night Tour Tee from 1983. There are not enough Tee shirts with Vinnie Vincent’s picture on them in Tbay!
One of the most important albums that I have been waiting for is the 5LP set 40th Anniversary Box set of RUSH’s “Moving Pictures”. I preordered this back in February from RUSH’s Backstage Club as they had it for a great price (cheaper than AMAZON) and with free shipping. Unlike the KISS Online shop which was a headache in getting my stuff dealing with the RUSH webstore was way better. They sent out emails keeping me in the loop on when it was coming and also to make sure I received it! That is great business!

Martin Popoff Live Tonight on Scotch On The Rocks!

Tonight live at 6pm I’m joined by Canadian Book author Martin Popoff who is a wizard at cranking out books that are fantastic additions to your Rock Book Library.

One of Martin’s latest books is on Judas Priest which is a visual biography and I can honestly say its fast becoming one of my favs that Martin has  ever written and published.

Get the lowdown on this book and join me on my Youtube page which is of course Scotch On The Rocks.
See ya soon!



ENVY OF NONE is a new band that’s debut self titled album is released today(April 8th) on Kscope. An album that I have been waiting to hear myself for almost or just over a year now and I can honestly say it’s a great listen.Before we get any further you need to listen to these songs on headphones or whatever your listening method is. (vinyl, disc or streaming)

Envy Of None are:
Alf Annibalini – Guitar, Keyboards, Programming
Andy Curran – Bass Guitar, Synthesized Bass, Programming, Guitar, Background Vocals, Stylophone
Alex Lifeson- Guitar, Mandola, Banjo, Programming
Maiah Wynne – Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Keyboards

Now any hard rock/prog music fan in general will know the names Andy Curran and Alex Lifeson. As a fan of both of Andy’s and Alex’s work in there bands Andy with Coney Hatch/Soho 69/Leisureworld and Alex with RUSH. I can honestly say that on the albums 11 tracks this is the furthest thing removed from what I’m so used to hearing from these gents musically over the years.

Change is good and why not? What do they have to prove at this point in time? They have earned that right to forge their own musical path however they see fit.

ENVY OF NONE is that new path that Andy and Alex are going down on that sonic highway with Alf and Maiah.

Envy Of None track listing 
1. Never Said I Love You [04:06]
2. Shadow [03:21]
3. Look Inside [04:44]
4. Liar [03:13]
5. Spy House [02:23]
6. Dog`s Life [04:36]
7. Kabul Blues [03:12]
8. Old Strings [05:15]
9. Dumb [04:19]
10. Enemy[04:16]
11. Western Sunset [02:25]

Each member of the band has brought their own individual sound to this record. Opener ‘Never Said I Love You’ is such a great track and if I was to play record company guy I would make this song a single sooner than later. Maiah Wynne is a phenomenal talent. Her vocals soar throughout the album’s 10 tracks. The one track without vocals ‘Western Sunset’ is a nice little musical piece performed by Alex and is his tribute to his friend Neil Peart.

Maiah is the real deal. Check out her music on the stream sites or follow her on her socials and you will see what I mean. Alf, Andy and Alex have really lucked out finding her and it’s like this album was crafted for her vocals.

I will add that this is a collective band effort. One thing I really like as well as you cannot pigeon hole EON. Many different styles come at you. Synth rock, trippy rock, elements of Pink Floyd. I have to mention the songs are not drawn out as is the case with ‘Spy House’ and ‘Western Sunset’ that clock in at just over two minutes in length each.  As a music fan of the members of EON, it’s been great to finally hear this album in its entirety.

Scotch On The Rocks Live Tonight With Brent Jensen!

Tonight Brent Jensen returns and we will chat about that bizarre story that circulated in the late 80s that Nikki Sixx was actually replaced in Motley Crue for a period of time. Along with Mike Ladano we will discuss for the hour what really went down with what Matthew Trippe was talking about when he claims to have been SIxx.

Tonight at 7pm at Scotch On The Rocks Youtube!


KISS in 2022 has released what I consider the best KISS live album of the bunch!


What did deKe just say? Better than the three official Alive releases from ’75, ’77 and ’93.

Now that John T. Snow has spit out his coffee all over his laptop let me clarify.

‘Off The Soundboard: Live In Virginia Beach’ recorded on July 25th 2004 is that.

LIVE! To my blown out 54 year old ears this has to be the most live ever recorded official release that KISS has ever put out. 

Paul Stanley’s vocals are sounding tired. Gene Simmons’ vocals sound hoarse while the guitars during some of the solo’s get a little cranked up more than normal yet I have to tell you all that this is the charm of this set.


As a fan since ’78 I’m totally ok with this. I actually like the set list. Course you get the usual songs (‘Rock N Roll All Night, Deuce, Shout It Out Loud, Detroit Rock City’) but it’s the stuff that is rarely played like ‘Tears Are Falling, Makin’ Love, Christine Sixteen’ and especially ‘Unholy'(didn’t see that one coming).

People are complaining about the packaging and yeah the vinyl is housed in a cardboard box stamped with the KISS logo but with more of these KISS Soundboard releases coming I can see why the package is simple. No pics, nothing.

John Snow did tell me that KISS is releasing another soundboard show in the next few months (July) that features the classic Kiss lineup ( Criss, Frehley, Simmons,Stanley) when they headlined Donington back in’96. 

Is Virginia Beach the best KISS live album ever?

No silly it’s not but I can easily say it’s the most live sounding of them all and for that i’m cool with it but overall it does not come close to the first two (supposedly) live albums.

Take my money…

Speaking of taking my money. I preordered this album from the actual KISS online store back in February.

When this was released back on March 11th I still had no confirmation on the status of my record and a retro T-shirt that I had ordered. Yet Amazon Canada had it and were shipping copies out. I emailed the online store and they told me my order would be sent out shortly which it was but when I received my parcel on April 1st the record was here but no T-Shirt!

Back to emailing them saying what happened with the T-shirt. Mistakes happen but from here on out as a first time customer at the official KISS Online shop it has me think twice about ordering anything from them again. I had heard and read stuff about product taking forever so I was hoping maybe just maybe the problem was fixed.


Scotch On The Rocks Live Tonight With The Snowman!

Mr. John T Snow returns tonight and we will spend the hour chatting about those good old boys known as Whitesnake specifically those years from ’84-90 when Coverdale was firing, hiring, selling records, and  concert tickets and making those videos!

Oh yeah those three albums as well. “Slide It In”- “87 Album” and “Slip of the Tongue”

Tonight at 7pm live on YouTube at the Official Scotch On The Rocks page.

A music fan trying to put it down in words….