David Lee Roth: A Little Ain’t Enough(1991)

Dave Roth back in January of 1991 was the first of many CD purchases for me that year!

A Little Ain’t Enough is a decent album in the Roth catalogue that over time has grown on me. But as the early 90’s rolled in  I thought it was good but nowhere near the level of 1986’s Eat Em & Smile album which was a bona fide classic for many!

Dave though of course soldiered on and released 1998’s Skyscraper which after its recording Bassist Billy Sheehan quit as well after the Skyscraper Tour Guitarist Steve Vai bolted to the green money-making pastures of Whitesnake.

David Lee though kept going. Guitar for Hire Steve Hunter and Young Fella Jason Becker came aboard along with the Greg and Matt Bissonette (Bass and Drums respectively) as well as Bret Tuggle on keys!

This band headed to Vancouver to work with Bob Rock so I knew beforehand this album would have an excellent drum and production sound!

12 songs make up this album.  Dave kinda stays in the 80’s game with these songs at times and no better evidence is the opening track/video A Little Ain’t Enough.  More so the video as Roth was still stuck in the roaring 80’s MTV video cycle which if you strip from your memory the video this is a pretty decent track!

Roth and band on these tracks play more like a band as gone is the explosive playing  of Sheehan and Vai and a more less friendly Hot Dog approach is taken. Shoot It and Lady Luck  take Roth and crew into new directions musically. Dave is growing up. An older wiser Dave I suppose!?

Hammerhead Shark though is classic Dave with him doing what he does best and that’s writing some real cool lyrics ..

It was a time of trouble
And a time of grief
Kings lay with whores
And begat thieves
Yeah the world was wicked
And their hearts were cold
Noah said to his missus
Well, it’s time to go
Lord said to Noah
‘Fore ya float that arc
You better save me a space
For my hammerhead shark
Whoa yeah, the hammerhead shark
Now, now now Johnny liked to drink and fight
And he raised big hell every Saturday night

This is Dave at his finest..Love the groove of this tune and some slick slide guitar work courtesy of Steve Hunter! Dig the big smash out at the end with the drums that will knock your socks off!  With the live video below I laugh at  the fact that Dave has his lyrics taped to the drum riser as he takes the odd look at them but tries to do it so no one notices..haha

Tell The Truth and  Baby’s On Fire are new directions in sound for Dave as he headed into the early 90’s. Tell The Truth is more chill Dave as Hunter lays down some slick Blues along with Becker. Baby’s On Fire harkens somewhat back to old school Roth but Dave is trying to move into new sonics of Roth N Rock!

40 Below begins with Greg’s big Drum Sound and more slip n slide Blues licks splattered throughout but played at a decent clip! I have to say the picking and playing of Hunter/Becker is awesome on this album. Dave was smart to add two guitars for this album so there was no real Vai comparisons as Hunter especially is the exact opposite to the wacka doodle wang bar bizarro work of Vai!

Sensible Shoes I remember getting some play here in Tbay. I’m sure its Dave blasting some Harp on this track. Always been fond of this track as ‘Sensible Shoes the one’s that will lead me back to you”. Love the Harmonica and guitar picking mashup going on this track!

When myself/Tbone/Darr & Rugg fist heard  Last Call back in January of 91 we all hollered ‘Dave’s ripping off Aerosmith’s Walk This Way”  and why wouldn’t Dave? Aerosmith was huge in 1990-91 so the most logical move would be to nix a Aeroclassic and Roth it up and shoot for a hit. Well Dave got the Aero part right but the ‘HIT’ part didn’t work out so well!**

Dogtown Shuffle is another one of those mid tempo rock tracks. It’s ok, not a great track a little lumbering but some of the vocal lines are quite amusing to say the least…

The Diamond One decides to do a Musical  Hot Dog Track called Its Showtime  to feature his new young protegé Jason Becker to rock it up on the guitar and this song is a close to a Van Halen tune if any on this album. When I first heard it I thought man this has to be the opener of Dave’s upcoming tour. I was wrong! haha

The last track Drop In A Bucket  is an absolute classic in the Dave solo catalogue. Becker sizzles and dazzles on the fretboard as his Boss tosses down a real good lead vocal. Nice use of the female backing singers as well and man what total drag for us listeners as well for  Becker to get Gehrig’s disease but this album is a testimony that the cat could play!

Roth n Roll in 91 was starting to show cracks in the foundation. Times were a changing as each of Dave’s solo albums were selling less and less and his tours were starting to have troubles in moving tickets  as well.

A Little Ain’t Enough is  like the Sleeper Album in  Dave’s solo career. Pretty decent listen actually. Not as good as the Eat Em record of course  but its Dave trying to  push his inflated microphone prop into the early 90’s but not to many were caring…

**- When I was writing this up I thought I would play the beginning of Last Call for my Suzi. Now Suzi will be the first to admit that she is not the biggest Hard Rock Fan out there but it only took a few seconds for her to answer when I asked her “What song does this remind you of?” Quickly The Boss answered “Walk This Way”  First time she ever heard Last Call and perhaps Suzi’s Last Call with Roth  as well!


Impact Albums-AC/DC: Flick of the Switch(1983)

1983 and AC/DC were not selling anywhere near the numbers they were with their two previous releases.(Back In Black & For Those About To Rock)

DC 83 was a different beast. By than Angus & Malcolm Young took over the controls and did it how they wanted to do it. Gone was the gloss  production of the Mutt Lange era. Back in was the raw like sounding Flick of the Switch album which dropped in the summer of 1983 when I was 16. Upon its release it was quick purchase for me!

Right after that I taped it onto cassette which made a great listen on my Walkman when I would ride my bike to my kitchen summer job washing dishes which started at 6 am! Rising Power indeed!

Speaking of which. Opener Rising Power  took me all of 10 seconds to realize that this was cranky DC  street rock. A no-nonsense approach to the songs on here. Came across this video of  them jamming Rising Power for there 83 Tour. Check it out below. Looks like Brian Johnson’s appendix are gonna explode ….Awesome!

This AC/DC album knocked me off my block as it was sonically what I was looking for at the time! An album that featured no hits from a band who didn’t give a Shit!

There were other bands in 83 that had hits and two of them were Def Leppard with Pyromania and Quiet Riot with Metal Health! Those two albums especially Lep had songs tailor-made for radio at that time. AC/DC on the other had sold millions of copies into the early 80’s of course between Back In Black and For Those About To Rock so I guess the powers that be must have been shocked when Malcolm and Angus handed in their final product!

Ha! The suits were probably non to pleased about this! Kinda like when I would hand in my Homework the Teacher would give me that glaze over stare so I’m sure the Young Brothers got that glare from there Record Company Boss when they handed in the masters of this album. Course AC/DC was dealing with millions and millions of dollars where I was just trying to scrape by with a pass. In other words I would hand in 3/4’s Filler to get a decent grade…hahaha!

On the other hand! I loved it..

This House is on Fire/Nervous Shakedown/Flick of the Switch/Guns For Hire/Bedlam In Belgium are songs that just grab you by the throat and smack you outside the head with the No Frills approach. The guitars are mixed loud on this album.

That is what I love…Don’t get me wrong that this album ranks over the output of Bon Scott. It doesn’t, but Flick of The Switch at that point in time back  in the Summer of 1983 told me through their music and sound that they really didn’t give a crap what the big fad was that year!

Your with em or you’re not with em!

I was with em!

How many times has my Switch been Flicked!(HAHA)

Originally purchased on vinyl back(1983). Purchased on CD(1990). Purchased as a remastered edition on CD (2003)

Rock The Fort-2006(Concert Review)


All the  awesome photos posted here in this review  were taken by  Paul Jokelainen who has graciously shared them with me.  Please clink the link below and take a moment to check out Paul’s photo’s from various Thunder Bay Concerts throughout the years!


Back in 2005 Rock The Fort was launched at Old Fort William here in Tbay which was a great thing. The first year featured a whole Can Con Lineup featuring bands that fellow Blog  reader (from across the Ocean)  Mr 1537 has never heard of like Trooper/Nick Gilder/Glass Tiger/Headpins/Prism and others. He will think I’m once again making these bands up!!

In 2006 when the festival returned we went World Wide with the Acts! The Lineup is posted below… June 16th-18th!

6:00 – 6:45 Katrina Chester
7:30 – 9:00 Lee Aaron
9:45 – 11:00 Heart

12:00 – 12:45 The Ryde
1:15 – 2:30 Alannah Myles
3:15 – 4:30 Helix
5:15 – 6:30 Foreigner with Lou Gramm
7:15 – 8:30 The Sweet
9:30 – 11:00 Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe

12:00 – 12:45 To be Announced
1:15 – 2:15 The Northern Pikes
3:00 – 4:30 Quiet Riot
5:15 – 6:30 The Stampeders
7:30 – 9:00 Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings
2005 the lineup did not interest me as these acts have been through many a time and I have seen them  at various bars even when some still could sell out the 4000 seat Fort William “DUMP’ Gardens back in the day! Plus Tbone was getting married that weekend as well and I was busy practising the harmonica for my speech at his wedding!
2006 and this lineup intrigued me. Heart had never been here before and is  anyone up for a little Vince Neil karaoke?
This show I’m going on total memory so bear with me folks! Along for the shows were of course The Boss and her bestie friend Dawn.
Lee Aaron came out and it was like 1984 all over again when I had  her pictures on my bedroom wall  of the  Metal Queen album where she is swinging the sword and looking METAL!  After doing who knows what with her career from 1991 to 2006 she looked and sounded pretty damn good if I don’t say so myself. It was like I was 16 years old again back  in 1984  when Lee and her band  played the hits like Whacha Do To My Body/Hands Off and of course Metal Queen. Than I snapped back into reality!
Heart the Friday Night Headliner came out and played all there mega hits. Especially when those Wilson sisters were bad ass in the 70’s  and tonight they cranked out those  tunes like Crazy On You/Barracuda/Kick It Out/Magic Man and also some Zep tracks were tossed in. Course the 80’s tunes that propelled em back to the top were played and were talking about songs like What About Love/These Dreams/Alone.  Nancy Wilson is beast on guitar especially doing that crazy ass picking on Crazy On You. Her sister  Ann can still belt it out as well… Good Live Act to end Night 1!
By the time we rolled into the Grounds for Day 2 Alannah Myles was playing all those tunes from that debut album of her’s from 1990 that sold mega units along with the video for Black Velvet. Plus opening for Robert Plant at the time didn’t hurt her  any. Sixteen years later Alannah is still plying her trade singing for her supper. People liked her….I liked the Metal Queen Better!
Hey! Look its our favourite Can Rock Fella Brian Vollmer and his Helix home boys showing up doing what they do best and that s giving everyone an “R!” Back in 2006 it was just Vollmer and some dudes bashing out the catalogue of Helix tunes. Even though Vollmer is the only original cat left at that  time in Helix. He takes his craft seriously and for that  you have to hand it to him…
Foreigner with Lou Gramm. Well Lou was here but that was not Foreigner with him.  Most people here wouldn’t care but  get the billing right people. Lou was good, played the good rocking stuff from his days from his  old band and also blasted out Midnight Blue which I thought was a great track from his solo album back in 1987 or so….
Than it started to Rain…and Rain …and Rain….
That didn’t dampen The Sweet with Andy Scott leading the charge and playing basically the Greatest Hits album that we all own. Fox On The Run/The 6 Teens/Little Wily/Ballroom Blitz/Wig Wam Bam. Some dude with frizzy hair like Dee Snider was slamming the bass and was show upon himself. Well ,If I didn’t spot with my little eye seeing the soon to the stage Headliner Vince Neil watching  from the side during Sweets set.
More Rain…Rain ….Rain….
It was getting dark. We were soaked/cold and waiting for Vince and his backup band which is basically Slaughter to get there asses out on stage and let’s get this show going.
Nope..whatever the problem was we waited and it was fucking annoying….
Finally there’s Vince and his Hired Crue  opening with Live Wire (I think) and  Vince was  making the crowd sing basically every second or third word. By The sixth song I told the Boss and Dawn we could split as I had enough. Vince was on fire when I seen the Crue back in 1990.  16 years later though it was brutal. Vince’s band was ok. The dude on Guitar was overplaying  and hot dogging .  Between him and Vince and well lets face it bass player(Dana Strum) still plays that goofy bass that he used back in the Vinnie Vincent Invasion. By this point that Bass Guitar was even  irking me! haha…
 I Had Enough…
Kudos to The Sweet who I thought were the band of the day!
Back on Sunday and hey Here Comes The Sun! Rain was gone….
 Missed the band called “To Be Announced’ Haha… Northern Pikes were good this day. Never seen em before but had one cassette and one disc of theres and they started off with a lot of songs us Canucks have heard. Hopes Go Astray/She Ain’t Pretty/ Teenland/Believe.  Good band and down to a 3 piece unit that day.
Well here’s   Kevin Dubrow along with sidekick Frankie Banali kicking off with a few open bars of Metal Health (good attention grabber as everyone knows that opening ) than ripping into Put Up or Shut Up from the maligned QR 3 album. Always dug this track and it came across live real good as it wasn’t glossed over with keys like the studio version.  Quiet Riot showed up man. They played what they were supposed to play(Cum On Feel The Noise/Mama Were All Crazee Now/Metal Health) and dug deep into the back catalogue with tracks like ThunderBird/Lets Get Crazy/Sign of the Times/Party All Night/Slick Black Cadalliac .  This being the third time I have seen them here in Tbay this was the best show I seen from them. Dubrow was in a great mood as the crowd was big (12000 I believe) and yeah man…Metal Health will drive ya mad! Sadly Dubrow passed away less than a year later in 2007.
More Cancon in the form of The Stampeders came out and played there hits and they were ok on a different level. The songs were good but their energy level was nil especially when comparing them to Quiet Riot….
Randy Bachman/Burton Cummings headlined the Sunday night and it was a show featuring many of the hits they did together in the Guess Who(American Woman/Undun/These Eyes) and it was cool to see each other guy jam the other guy’s solo catalogue. They were a good headliner but once again a different vibe….
When all was said and done I thought Sweet/Heart and Quiet Riot were the winners. They showed up did there deal.Collected there loot and split unlike Vince Neil who showed up/collected his pay and I split after 6 tracks!
For the record I have zero interest in ever seeing Vince again not even if Neil showed up with Sixx/Lee/Mars.  Gah! Must thank my Brother in Law Lenny who got us Backstage for the Sunday portion of the show. Some day I will write about it but for now…. Adios!



Just Between You & Me: Myles Goodwyn(2017-Book Review)


Thanks to Mr Books for sending me this ummmm…. Book!

So here we have another Rock star writing his memoir. Myles Goodwyn is his name and he’s the founder/main songwriter/guitarist/lead vocalist of the Can Con band April Wine.

April Wine had a real good Arena run here in Canada back in the late 70’s early 80’s even broke through in the U.S.A in 1981 with the big single Just Between You And Me from the pretty decent album Nature of the Beast.

Myles though goes from the his years growing up in Nova Scotia. Picking up the guitar. Forming April Wine and the drama that came with it.

I will say Goodwyn pulls no punches towards his ex band mates and writes quite candidly  about the problems that arose once they started selling records as well as  once the wheels started coming off the Wine X-press!

At times his writing comes across as grumpy as in he says David Lee Roth’s voice with his  “Whoah’s” and well you know Roth’s deal but Myles just says it irks him and wish some one would have slapped Roth . Also another one is when they were playing the bar circuit back in the early 2000’s and Carl Dixon was involved. Myles  says when  they released there live album they couldn’t use any of Carl’s parts.

Like really?  That’s a slag man. Why print that? Carl though in his book did mention the fact that when he would rehearse with April Wine they would so at ear-piercing volumes. Don’t slam Carl to hard Myles as Coney Hatch has released four stellar albums so…..

Course there are fun things as well in the book like when the Wine opened for The Rolling Stones back in 77 at the El McCambo  in Toronto and Maggie Trudeau was partying with Mick/Keef/Ronnie. You know those old debauchery tales of yesteryear.

With all the fun things scattered throughout the book comes the bad stuff or as I guess what you called Life. Myles battles with alcohol/ rehab/failed marriages/failing health and basically calling out issue’s with his ex members in April Wine which would be interesting to hear what a guy like ex drummer Jerry Mercer would have to say after being called out as ‘Doper” in the book. Myles though like I wrote earlier says he was no angel as well. Still though…

I will say he talks about the making of the April Wine albums in detail which is a real cool part of the book and the fallout from the followup to the ‘Beast” album called Powerplay which failed to ignite more sales. Animal Grace in 85 is discussed as well as is Walking Through Fire from 1987 as  that album was the nail in coffin for these guys until the early 90’s.

This book was an “Ok” read. Fellow Wine Guitarist Brian Greenway adds a ton of quotes to the stories as well.  I mean it’s basically Myles writing his version of Motley Crue’s The Dirt  except he knows no dancer named Bullwinkle. 

Maybe since I recently read Bruce Dickinson’s book which is written about Bruce’s life but from a  different angle. Meaning that Bruce states that he’s not discussing band mates/family/wives/girlfriends etc.  Myles does the opposite and writes about all this stuff in his book.

Myles Book. His Deal!

Who knows maybe I’m mellowing….





Since we have gotten XM Satellite Radio in our vehicle it has been a steady diet of the Rock Stations especially Ozzy’s Boneyard and HairNation.

First of all kudos to my Wife/Boss Suzi who just lets me crank it up and just goes along with it! Great Sport that girl is..

Now one of the bands that is played quite frequently is Queensryche whom I have 6 of their studio albums yet have never mustered up any reviews till NOW!

Lucky You’s…

Lets do this!

Queensryche appeared in all the music magazines back in the day like Hit Parader/Circus/Creem Metal/Kerrang/RIP/Metal  Edge and many more.

Back in high school I bought the EP when it was the only thing available by the Ryche. I recall being blown away by the track Queen of the Ryche and when the followup releases appeared in the record shops I followed along and purchased The Warning/Rage For Order/Operation Mindcrime/ Empire and that was it till Hear In The Now Frontier and that was the last Ryche purchased back in 1997!

Out of all these albums Empire is a pretty decent slab of Hard Rock! The opening track Best I Can is a great track with a lot of catchy ear candy during the chorus. Chris Degramo(Guitar) and Geoff Tate made a decent writing team especially Degramo who had hand in all but one of the 11 tracks on Empire! This dude’s loss was huge when he bolted as there goes the main riff/songwriter! Fuck the rest of the Ryche guys must have moped around for days when Chris split… Like now what do we do?

They carried on like all bands do and then Tate splits and it’s the old L.S.D (Lead Singer Disease) taking over or so the story goes and I don’t care….

But for a time back in 1990 Empire was a solid rock record! Lot’s of good hard rock radio fodder on here folk’s! How about Another Rainy Night and Jet City Woman that have that hard-driving Drums  with some snapped up Bass thanks to Scott Rockenfield and Eddie Jackson( who I think Mikey Ladano interviewed at one point!) that keep the Ryche boat afloat as these guys had the chops no doubt.

Empire the title track is a great tune about the Cartel and what not so basically with these guys you weren’t getting the same ol Slop Rock Lyrics of Poison circa 1990!  Queensryche always reminded me at times of a Rush (Empire was produced by Peter Collins who was at the helm of a few Rush albums himself) like social conscious of what was going on around the world and they wrote about it! For a crash course in this check out Operation Mindcrime from 1988! Full out concept piece I mean who was doing that back than.

Anyways Empire and speaking of Rush how about the biggie hit Silent Lucidity that basically mashes up Rush and Pink Floyd in a blender and out comes Lucidity. Big hit this was, Played tons here on MuchMusic (video) and pushed this album in sales…..Nice guitar work on this track with Degramo and Micheal Wilton. They could dual lead the guitars like the next guys but they could take the foot off the pedal and provide us all with a chill pill like moment that this song provides.

Progressive Metal I guess is what I would call Queensyrche. Funny though when I was in Highschool many didn’t get the Ryche as like Rush they changed up there sound and songs from album to album unlike other bands around (Hello Motley Crue) that sold way more (Motley Crue) but image was the seller and Nikki Sixx and his bag of Trixx had us lapping it up time and time again. I was one of them Crue heads whatever Nikki put out I shot up with err I mean bought….

I still recall the day back in early  1985 in my Grade 11 Drafting Class taught by Mr Dowhos that I told the Crueheads that day that the Ryche would outlast the Crue since Vince Neil was going to get locked up in the Slammer after that whole accident deal that wiped out the Great Hanoi Rocks…..!

Crueheads did not take lightly to it!^

Ryche though by forging their own path not following trends perhaps sold nowhere near the Crue like numbers but I’m not sure it didn’t bother Queensryche too much as they just went about their business!

Basically hearing these guys on Rock Radio made me put Empire on the iPod and even to this day its a solid album full of great rock tracks like Thin Line and Resistance that keep Empire moving forward…

Weird how after this album I basically stepped off the Ryche listening train and moved onto other things but I have really nothing bad to say about these guys as they just did there own thing and weren’t Meatheads about it…

^-About 8 Years later(1993-ish) after that Highschool comment I bumped into one of the Crueheads at a local bar. After we caught up with life etc. We talked music at which time I reminded him of our little conversation back in High School at which time he remembered! Basically we had a laugh about it as Queensryche’s latest release(Promised Land) was Top 5 in the United States and the Crue were singerless after Vince got the boot! He said “Deke you were right about Queensryche outlasting the Crue!”

I didn’t want to tell said friend that I got off the Ryche Bus a year or so before…. Why wreck my fun!

Impact Albums:Cheap Trick- At Budokan(1979)


Crazy that Cheap Tricks Budokan release has been a part of my listening curve for almost 40 years now!  Back in 1977 was when I discovered KISS (Thanks to John Young a friend who introduced me to KISS). So as a 11-year-old fanboy it was all KISS as my bedroom walls were covered in their posters and such.

1979 I expanded my listening pleasure to include Cheap Trick.  As at the time  I read about them in magazines as they were opening for KISS and even name dropped KISS in the song Surrender.

It wasn’t too long that later on I heard on our local crap radio station 580 CKPR I Want You To Want Me complete with live screaming girls with Trick rolling down some serious Hard Pop Metal. It was catchy and I was hooked.

Off to purchase At  Budokan and the albums 10 tracks hooked me line and sinker as this was a complete brilliant recording! No duds on this and Cheap Trick became my second favourite band after Kiss. I had no Number 3 favourite band as I was only 11 going on 12 back in  79!

Love everything about this record even to this day. Liked the fact that they had the two cool rock guys (Robin Zander & Tom Petersson) and two geeks (Bun E Carlos & Rick Nielsen) 

What a great gimmick but make no mistake these cats could play and write a batch of hook laden rockers.

There is a great story how the Budokan album came to be as it was never intended to be released in North America. Cheap Trick back in 78 visited Japan as there three albums had gone Gold there( Cheap Trick/In Color/Heaven Tonight) making Japan their biggest market.

So Cheap Trick recorded there live shows upon their visit in April of 78 and decided as thank you to put out the Budokan only in Japan!

It wasn’t too long that import copies were being purchased in North America at ridiculous prices so Tricks record company Epic Records printed off a 7 song sampler of Budokan for North American release. It was not to long before all 75,000 copies of the sampler were sold out. Epic records finally released the Full 10 track album and 3 Million copies to date have been sold with this album reaching #1 In Canada!

Cheap Trick in early 1979 (when Budokan came out) were in great shape as their next studio release Dream Police was recorded/finished but because of Budokan selling and selling Dream Police got pushed back(came out in November of 1979). How many times has that happened? Good Headache to have!

All 10 Tracks on Budokan are a well written exercise in how to deliver hard rock as all these tunes are ear candy at it’s finest!

What a great way to open your show with Hello There and from there the songs just keep coming at you. Come On Come On/Lookout/Big Eyes/ the 9 minute build up of Need Your Love make up just Side One.

Side Two lifts off with the Bun E intro of Ain’t That A Shame/Mega mega mega classic of I Want You To Want Me is next while the other big hit Surrender is performed. Good Night/Clock Strikes 10 ends with all 14,000 Japanese girls screaming and you all have been Cheap Tricked!

In the latest issue of Rock Candy Magazine  there is a 6 page article on the Budokan release and Zander points out the recording of the shows didn’t come without glitches as in the case of I Want You To Want Me where they had to take the lead vocal from one night and add it overtop to the music from another night  as the when the song  was being recorded they had a technical issue with the lead vocal. So it’s still live but the song features two different nights. One for the music and one for the vocal.

This album has always been on my radar. Its part of my musical DNA when you really think about it and it has to be one of reasons to this day I still love live albums! I’m thinking out of my first four ever owned records which would between KISS and Cheap Trick  three were live releases (KISS ALIVE & Alive 2) and Budokan! The lone studio album out of that batch would have been KISS Love Gun.

Cheap Trick set the bar way high here folks. I have been a fan since 79. Suffered through their mid 80’s/early 90’s output which was sketchy at best yet in 2017 in my humble opinion put out the best studio album(We’re All Alright) of the year which I ranked #1 in my year-end Top Album lists!

How many times Have I been Tricked?

Originally owned on vinyl (1978). Purchased on CD around 1990. Got the Budokan 30th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set** as Xmas gift back in 2008. Purchased a second-hand copy on Vinyl in 2017.

**- I would highly recommend the 30th Edition Box Set for the complete Trick Music Meal deal. Spread out over 3 CD’S and One DVD.Included is a poster along with an excellent 40 page color booklet with pictures of the Japan tour along with commentary from the guys on the recording and timeline of what was going on in Japan when they were greeted by 5000 at the airport upon arrival.

Also included in this box set is an unreleased audio only show of one of the nights that was recorded but not sold publicly. They left this recording warts n all. So good…..

Thanks to Fender who hung out with me while typed this up!

Top 10 Live Albums of 2017


Normally I post one of my two lists at Mikey Ladano’s blog but this year Mikey has a ton of stuff on his plate and he’s  been battling the flu throughout the holidays as well so let’s wish him a speedy recovery…

I can’t believe I was able to hammer out a Top 10 Live album list! Holy Crap that’s a lot of live albums but I sure do love me the live album…

Let’s Do This…

1-Iron Maiden: The Book of Souls-Live Chapter- Like there was any doubt this would be the numero uno live album release for me this year! Maiden as always deliver it live! Steve Harris has stepped up and delivered an outstanding audio mix of this show.  Bruce Dickinson soars vocally while  the rest of the Maidens Dave/Nicko/Janick & Adrian lay down the gauntlet musically and like I always tell people that  since I caught both the last tours in 2012 and 2017 there has been no dip in Maiden’s performance whatsoever and these Dudes are just over 60 years young! Unfuckinbeliveable! Maiden is the Best! 15 tracks of pure Metalness  especially the live renditions of Powerslave and Book of Souls are just pure brilliance!

2-AlterBridge:Live at the O2 & Rarities- Love Alterbridge who deliver big time power metal riffs and chops courtesy of guitarist Mark Tremonti who along with fantastic vocalist Myles Kennedy whom also doubles up a ton of wicked  guitar leads along with  Tremonti. The result is one killer live album that also features Brian Marshall(bass) & Scott Phillips (drums) who not only put out the full live show but include a bonus disc of studio songs that were on soundtracks and  added as bonus songs elsewhere. This is how you do it Folk’s! 30 songs in total. Awesome band! Plain and Simple! Listen to Myles shred on the guitar on the beginning of Show Me A Leader while Mark destroys his fretboard on Come To Life.


3-Judas Priest:Turbo 30- I have always said that Priest knows how to do deluxe editions right as they include Live shows from the era that the reissue comes from! And with the studio album Tubo turning a cool 30 years young. Priest adds a live show from the Turbo Tour recorded in Kansas City and its a fantastic sounding album that for me takes the place of the official Priest Live album from 1987! Whether there is one or two drummers on this live portion who care’s as both Locked In and The Sentinel are wicked!

4-Ghost: Ceremony & Devotion-  As openers for Maiden,Ghost won me over with their live theatrics and most importantly the songs. My brother Todd digs these guys and I get it now. Papa/Tobias writes great rock tracks that blend Metallic like riffs with a flair for the dramatic when the keyboards come in. In other words Ghost does it right without wimping out! Cirice and Absolution are two standout tracks on this album!

5-Collective Soul:Live- Fellow Blogger John Snow posted about this release in which I had no idea about its existence! So my curiosity was peaked and it was a click quick/purchase at iTunes and It was soooo good to revisit this bands back catalogue. Ed Roland is a great songwriter who knows what his deal with in writing great catchy ear candy like tunes! Not to rest on their past glories a new track is added as well to let us all know this band is moving forward!

6-Def Leppard:And There Will Be A Next Time- Joe Elliot and the boys put out a double live CD and DVD recorded just recently in Detroit. It features all the hits you all love and just one old school track in Let It Go. Course Lep was a hit making factory in the 80’s so the masses want to hear that but Lep in my estimation put out a decent self titled effort back in 2015 which as time moves on no one cares about! But I Do!

7-Black Sabbath: The End- The Mighty Sabbath I suppose have called it a day and what a career! Over 40 years of Sludge like Doom Riff’s courtesy of Tony Iommi. The audio for this is excellent and for a second I don’t believe Ozzy’s vocals are completely live but  It’s just great to hear Snowblind and After Forever one last time!

8-Europe:The Final Countdown:30th Anniversary Show- Hey look at that as John Norum and Joey Tempest make both  my lists in studio and live releases which is pretty impressive to say the least. Europe is smart man as   they  not only dip back and give us the whole Final Countdown album here but include(at the time) there current  War of The Worlds album. Smart move as they prove that they are a beast to be reckoned  with in 2017 not just some money-grubbing whore act flying on their past glory! Always loved those syrupy rock tracks like Cherokee/Danger On The Track and Rock The Night…

9-Damon Johnson:Birmingham Tonight – Damon Johnson back in 1993 fronted the stellar Brother Cane on which many of these songs come from but with an updated sound. This release for me was a real pleasant surprise as Damon writes good song/sings well and plays a slick 6 string as well! If you’re a fan of straight ahead rock do check this one out! Horses & Needles a great, great track!

10-New England:Live At The Regent Theatre: These guy’s should have been huge as they had all the tools! Great songs/production/musical chops plus they go the boot off of KISS’ Dynasty Tour back in 79! But crappy record politics kept the big time away from them. Make no mistake though as these guys along with Kiss/Cheap Trick/Queen/AC-DC were in my early years(1980) a big part of what would shape my musical landscape! Nice to hear all my fav New England Tunes with an updated sound and as an bonus New England still plays shows to this day with the same four guy’s! So good to hear the hear the tracks P.U.N.K and Nothing To Fear again!

Well there ya go Folk’s! The Top 10 Live Albums of 2017!


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