Coney Hatch: Live at the El Mocambo (2021)

Let’s get that feelin’ in the air
(Let’s get that feelin’ in the air)
Break all the rules if you dare
(Break all the rules if you dare)
Let’s get that feelin’ in the air
We got the night the night belongs to us
(Night belongs to us)
We got the night the night belongs to us
(Night belongs to us)

The night did belong to us. Coney Hatch back on Oct 3. 2020 did a livestream broadcast from the legendary El Mocambo club and wanted to make that nights socially distanced concert a memorable one for everyone who have been on that 39 year old musical ride with the Hatchers!

I have been a Coney Hatch fan since the self titled debut from Ontario’s finest first hit the record racks here in Thunder Bay back in 1982.

Once this vinyl album was up for preorder it was a quick click and checkout at the online Coney Hatch merchandise store.

Carl Dixon, Andy Curran, Dave ‘Thumper’ Ketchum and Sean Kelly have released the ultimate live album that one could hope for as I have been waiting for any official live Hatch material since 1985!

Better late than never and boy did these guys deliver on all fronts. The mix expertly done by Vic Florenica gives the 15 songs a sonic punch in the gut by keeping the album live. In other words no studio polish added here.

As the band takes the stage to intro music to Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town” and launch into set opener “We Got The Night” they are not fooling around as if this song doesn’t get your blood flowing nothing will.

After the break neck pace of the first song is done, it’s one solid track after another. The band this night last fall were on fire. “Stand Up” makes you take notice as Sean Kelly gives the tracks on the Mocambo a spark and the I can honestly that Sean pays tribute to original Coney guitarist Steve Shelski by playing the solo’s as they were originally heard on the albums but Sean adds his own flair and style to each track.

For myself this is album that I have personally been waiting for. All four Coney albums are represented even three tracks from 2013’s “Four” release. ( “Blown Away”, “Boy’s Club” and “Marseilles”) are all represented. Drummer Dave ‘Thumper’ Ketchum steadies the ship with the beat throughout the albums fifteen tracks as Thumper drives the band forward on opener “We Got The Night” right through to set closer “No Sleep Tonight”.

One of Coney’s great strengths (amongst the songs of course) is within the band as there are two lead vocalists which is an added plus to the overall sound of the band.

On one side, Vocalist/ Bassist Andy Curran delivers the rockers as songs like “Wrong Side of Town” (featuring some stellar guitar licks from Sean Kelly) “Some Like It Hot” and the iconic “Monkey Bars” prove (the outro solo at the end of the Monkey Bars by Sean is another highlight).

On the other side, Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist Carl Dixon also deliver’s the goods as well on the rock side (“Devil’s Deck”, “Don’t Say Make Me”) but maybe perhaps with a little more of a commercial slant that songs like “Hey Operator”, “First Time For Everything” and the brilliantly lyrically written “She’s Gone” prove.

This concept works as a total positive in the dynamics of the Hatch. Let’s call it the best of both worlds.

The packaging is done up in a total bootleg style as Andy told myself and Mikey Ladano that each album is hand stamped with the logo and the first 100 copies of the double vinyl are autographed by each member of the band.

Check out the vinyl itself pictured below. No songs listed in a true bootleg vibe. I really think this is a cool move as the boy’s are basically telling us all to let the music do the talking. The only info is the insert of band pic with the songs listed.

Simple but totally effective.

The Rolling Stones, The Cars, April Wine, Elvis Costello, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cheap Trick are a few of the artists/bands that have graced the the stage of the El Mo that have put out live albums.

You can now add Coney Hatch to that list.

On a personal note I want to thank Andy, Sean, Carl and Thumper for the music as Coney Hatch has and still continue to this day have played a huge part in shaping my musical journey down that sonic highway that began way back in ’82.

Honeymoon Suite(1984)

Canadian Homeboy’s “Honeymoon Suite” with this self titled debut exploded not only on MuchMusic but the album was flying out the doors of record shops in Canada.

Triple Platinum in Canada and  as well  all four singles went Gold (New Girl Now, Stay In The Light, Burning In Love and Wave Babies)

I bought this on vinyl way back in 84 and some of it is killer and some of it is ok. 

Would the what I would consider Ok in 1984 be better in 2021?

Would what I would consider killer in 1984 still be that in 2021?

Guitar Player Derry Grehan composed 9 tracks^ for this debut and Derry knew the fine art of crafting good catchy riff rock obviously in the opening tune “New Girl Now”. 

Johnnie Dee was the guy who could deliver Derry’s song with conviction as Dee has a good set of pipes. This band had chops and knew how to put on a good live show.

Listening to the debut by these guys I still feel the same now in 2021 as I did in 1984. I like it when Derry would write straight ahead guitar driven tracks like “Funny Business” as he could hot dog with the best of them on the six string. 

Honeymoon had that tinge in their sound for the radio/video which helped the cause.  I always liked and still do tunes  like “Burning In Love”, “Hearts On Fire”. 

The other singles “Stay In The Light” and “Wave Babies” I somewhat dig one and the other one is well…

“Stay In The Light” has a cool opening guitar riff but the keyboards kinda bug me as they are overdone a bit too much like as if Jon Cain showed up to the studio to drown out the guitar that day with his keyboard.

“Wave Babies” is just goofy and the video was even goofier so yeah my feeling has not changed. I can’t even get into this tune video or no video.

This one was like stepping back in the time machine which I can honestly say the records that followed this debut we’re much better.

But you gotta start somewhere…

deKe’s Stream- A-Rater- 6/10

^-“Hearts On Fire” is a song written by Eddie Schwartz who was the writer of Benetar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” mega hit. Plus Eddie’s a Canuck.




Georgia Satellites-Ultimate (2021)

I love the Satellites folks that is no secret as when they rolled into town back in December 89 to this day it’s still one of my favourite shows I have seen in Thunder Bay.

Dan Baird who wore many hats in band (singer, main songwriter, rhythm guitarist) left the band in 1991 never to return but the music does indeed live on as there three major label releases are featured on this 3 CD, 53 track ultimate collection that focuses on the band’s catalog of rock when they signed to Elektra Records.

“Ultimate” spans the years 1986 to 1990 as the band released three studio albums and various singles that are featured on this collection. There are b-sides and live songs included.

If you are looking for one stop Satellites shopping than ‘Ultimate’ is right in your wheelhouse.

deKe’s Stream O Rater Rating…..9.5/10

Cheap Trick: In Another World (2021)

So here we are in a Rock N Roll Lockdown so to speak yet those four fun dudes from RockFord Illinois keep on turning out some pretty decent rock considering that the Tricksters are now on their 20th album.

The recently released “In Another World” has Cheap Trick again putting out another solid release consisting of 12 originals and one cover tune that being John Lennon’s “Gimmie Some Truth”

The album is filled with typical Trick like rockers (The Summer Looks Good On You, Boys & Girls & Rock N Roll,Light Up The Fire) whereas at times the band shows its softer sensitive side (Passing Through, So It Goes).

Where the band really shines though is on the title track which is featured twice. One version is slow almost ballad like whereas the second version of Another World (reprise) is a full out rocker.

A real cool move if you ask me and a creative one at that.

Considering in 2021 when bands like KISS won’t release new music and rely on the same ol same ol you can’t say the same about Cheap Trick.

So if your a fan of loud guitars, drums and bass and a singer named Robin Zander who still sings brilliantly like its 1977 than this album is right in your wheelhouse.

dEke’s stream a rater rating…..8/10

Andy Curran & Mike Fraser

Well, wasn’t that an epic night of music discussion on the “Lebrain Train” as both Andy and Mike stepped up with some great stories.

Andy giving us the lowdown on auditioning for Doro and almost putting together a band with Adrian Smith from Maiden as well many other stories from the man himself!

The best is Andy will come back at some point to talk about the Coney Hatch 4 release and by then myself and Mikey will have dug into the new double live Coney Hatch ‘El Mocambo’ live show as well.. We will ask Andy about his new band “Envy of None.”

It was cool that we were able to hook both Fraze and Andy up at one point in the show for a quick catch up.

Fraze once again delivered some great stories as well. One of my favs was the time Fraze went down to Dallas to record a live show for Jackyl.

It was supposed to be an overnighter but Fraze ended up on the Jackyl tour bus for 6 weeks!

So many great stories about working with Chickenfoot, The CULT, Yngwie and much more including some recent music like The Wild! and Lee Aaron’s latest!

Click the 32 minute mark of the video when Andy shows up…

Thanks to both Fraze and Andy…


I won’t be fooling anyone in saying I collect comics. I don’t but for my 50th a couple of my friends picked me up a set of KISS comics. 10 in total which is cool to have as this is basically my comic book collection.

KISS Dynamite is comic series which I think may still be in print. Not to sure about that but the ones I got are kinda neat.

KISS Dynamite features a storyline written by Amy Chu and all the illustrations are by Kewber Baal and better yet this has the seal of approval of Gene Klein and Stan Eisen.

Below I nicked this paragraph from

Written by Amy Chu. Art by Kewber Baal. Cover by Goni Montes. KISS is back! Back to the FUTURE in this dark sci-fi adventure. In a world without sun and a world without heroes, four young friends embark on a dangerous mission – to uncover the truth about the mysterious Council of Elders and their underground home, the city of Blackwell. But first they need some help from the past… ‘What is the power of KISS?

Each issue is 32 pages(well the ones I have that is) and the artwork is very good and detailed. You can buy these issues online for $4 or less but if anything it’s a neat thing to own.

The Black Crowes – ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ (Super Deluxe Edition) – Album Review — 2 Loud 2 Old Music

Can you believe it has been 30 years since The Black Crowes debut album, ‘Shake Your Money Maker’? It is hard to fathom some times. The Black Crowes came on the scene with the release of the album on February 13, 1990. The album goes against the grain of the music at the time. The […

Hey Folk’s I was going to post my own review of this massive vinyl box set but my pal John Snow did such a stellar job on this vinyl boxset so why bother. Plus I’m lazy at the moment!

Click the Link and enjoy the writeup…

The Black Crowes – ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ (Super Deluxe Edition) – Album Review — 2 Loud 2 Old Music


Well Folk’s if you watched our interview with Andy this past Friday you would have noticed the technical bugs that ended our interview prematurely.

Andy being the great guy right away said he would come back and we could carry on and finish the interview that me and Mikey had started with Mr. Curran.

From Soho and beyond…

So join us this Friday April 16th at 7pm to finish what we started as we have lot’s more to discuss. I’m not giving away any inside info.

If you missed Part 1 you can watch it below beginning around the 36 minute mark. Lots of great conversation with Andy amongst some glitching.

See you Friday Night!

A music fan trying to put it down in words….