Greatest Guest Post’s: 1001 Albums In 10 Years

1001 Albums In 10 Years is a fabulous written blog that is run by Geoff Stephen. Geoff every Sunday posts a Quiz on WordPress on an artist/band and it’s a good mind scratcher at times as I don’t have any idea but it’s still ok at my age to learn about new artists!  To be Fair to Geoff he does feature Metal Acts in his quiz along with Hip Hop/Rap/Country you name it it’s there..

For this Guest Post I wanted you all to see how Geoff incorporates the use of Graphs in his reviews. It’s amazing really as I’m still trying to figure out Spell Check after 5 years on WordPress! HAHA!

If you’re wondering where Geoff lives here’s my quiz for ya! A song real famous here in Canada by a band that’s career was cut short Tragically! Do you recognize this opening line or the band name for that matter?

They shot a movie once in my home town
Every body was in it from miles around
Out at the speedway some kinda Elvis thing
Well I ain’t no movie star but I can get behind anything

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Greatest Guest Post’s: Keeps Me Alive: James Kayln and Mr Books

Keeps Me Alive is a Blog that is run by both Aaron (Mr Books) and James. I think they have been running Keeps Me Alive for about 20 years! ( James lives in Saskatchewan and Aaron is in Ontario)I could be wrong but I think I’m close! They are both fantastic writers and just plain good ol fashioned Canucks! Once again Click the link and follow these guys! It’s truly some amazing stuff ….

For this post I went with James and his excellent review of when Jack White rolled into his hometown recently. Whats truly amazing about this piece is that James did it on memory! No Cell phone/ No Cheating! Click the lInk below and read on…

For Mr Books I went with his huge ball of enthusiasm when he documented minute by minute/word for word the time he went and  seen the Mighty Iron Maiden  for the first time!



Greatest Guest Post’s: Destroyer of Harmony

With it being December comes of course Christmas but along with it comes ‘Best of’ Lists! I thought it would be fun for the next few weeks to feature some written posts by my fellow Blog N Pals and feature their superb writings  that are favourites of mine! So please click the links posted for the posts/read and support them by clicking the follow button on their page  as there are so many great reads out there in Blogsville…

I haven’t told any of these Bloggers that I’m posting there fine words but I am!

At the end of the month I will post My Top Studio and Live releases of 2018! Drum Roll Please….

For this post were headed to Australia where Peter lives and writes with which I would easily say is my favourite named Blog that being ‘Destroyer of Harmony’.  Peter writes a lot of  excellent posts on all things music (along with other life related stories as well) related of course but one of my favourite posts was when Peter talked about what it was like hunting for music now and back than growing up outside of Sydney!

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Utopia Records

Greatest Guest Post’s: The Stub Collection

With it being December comes of course Christmas but along with it comes ‘Best of’ Lists! I thought it would be fun for the next few weeks to feature some written posts by my fellow Blog N Pals and feature their superb writings  that are favourites of mine! So please click the links posted for the posts/read and support them by clicking the follow button on their page  as there are so many great reads out there in Blogsville…

If your blog is not featured this December! Fret not as I’m planning on making this a Yearly December Tradition!

I haven’t told any of these Bloggers that I’m posting there fine words but Ladano can’t always be the only troublemaker around here!!

At the end of the month I will post My Top Studio and Live releases of 2018! Drum Roll Please….

Think of this as a Greatest Hits of the Blogosphere so to speak!

First Guest Post is my pal Jeff Japp who lives in Florida and has an excellent blog that he calls ‘The Stub Collection’ in which he writes all about the concerts he has seen(which has been Lot’s!) and posts the ticket stub with a little neat an tidy summary of the show!

For this post I decided to go with The Police that Jeff seen back in 1983!

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Book Review: Teenage Head: Gods of Hammer


Hey Folk’s I have teamed up with the one and only Mr Books and were doing a double shot review of this Book! Clink the link below to read Aaron’s spin on this book as well!

Must also mention that this is my last post for a bit! But fret not Folk’s. For a few weeks in December I’m going to post my Favourite Stories from the Blog! Not my Blog Folk’s but my pals that are out there throughout the World writing there assess off and you will be able to read their fine posts! Kinda like a Greatest Hits of  Wordpress in my opinion! HAHA! No one knows whose articles I will feature but please take the time clink the link and follow their blog! Like Mr Books always says…’Community’!

Now enough of that let’s do this!

Geoff Pevere has written a short little ditty of a book(140 pages)on Hamilton Ontario’s Original Canadian Punk Band titled Teenage Head: Gods of Hammer.

 Gods of Hammer which is a piss take in the title  of Led Zeppelins book Hammer of Gods follows the fellas in Teenage Head from their inception in Hamilton and the Chapters that follow you see how hard these guys worked to ‘Make it” only to lose it when bad management can single handily destroy a career!  Yet Teenage Head carried on!

Pevere does a great job at interviewing the principle players in Teenage Head like Steve Mahon/Gord Lewis/ Nick Stipanitz and of course the late Frankie VenomOne guy that Venom impressed big time back in the day was the one  and only Hugh Dillion from the one and only Headstones as Hugh gives great insight on what Teenage Heads music meant to him growing up in Kingston!

Pevere gives great back ground insight on the early beginnings of the band. The riot that ensued at Ontario Place back in 1980 and just when they were about to crack the American Market guitarist Gord Lewis was involved in a bad car accident and all hopes were dashed when the American faction of the Record Company all got replaced and Teenage Head was left with no deal!

But give them credit they carried on even to this day! This book is a great read and considering its around 140 pages it takes no time to read from start to finish

Just a few weeks ago all of Teenage Heads music was released on digital format with iTunes having all of their albums available for download at a decent price!

Right away I scored the fantastic 1985 album ‘Endless Party’ which is all live except for one studio track (Top Down) tacked on the end. I reviewed Endless Party a ways back so to get the full album again was a complete score! On Vinyl Endless Party is a hard one to get!

Let’s put it this way folk’s. This album would easily chart in my all Time Top 10 Live Releases as these guys could actually write and play there instruments! So many cool songs from the Head Catalogue pre 1985 like ‘Picture My Face/Lucy Potato/Disgusteen/Drivin Wild/Tornado’ as well as the Mr Books approved Cock In My Pocket. Dave Rave was added on this album as a second guitarist and backing vocalist and only adds to the fun when Rave throws down some Harp on the fantastic KissinThe Carpet!  Check out ‘Cock In My Pocket'(video below) from Endless Party …Great stuff!

Some Kinda Fun Indeed!



WinterStorm Rock Festival-Troon Scotland!

Hey Folk’s! I’m pretty psyched to bring to you a Concert Review from across the Pond! A good pal of mine, the one and only ‘Tattoo Dave’ who is a Thunder Bayian through and through moved to Scotland a few years ago and set up shop! Tattoo Dave loves Heavy Rock and back In the day we had endless discussions  at work about all things Metal! I will say the great thing about FaceCrack is you can still stay in touch with people so I was pretty pumped when Dave sent me this review of ‘WinterStorm’ to my messenger account. I shot him a message back saying I would like to post it as he reviewed the whole damn festival! Check it out …Writes with a great sense of humour! Plus Davey rates the acts out of 10!
Take it away Tattoo Dave……
Hey brother, thought I would fill you in on the festival I was at with the Sooz(wife) this weekend…WinterStorm in Troon (I’m sure if you Google it you can see a full band listing) and all I can say is WOW…..the good was amazing and the bad was horrific!!!
Let’s start with the bad….and it has one name, GIRLSCHOOL!!!!….It’s like my buddy said after their set “almost 40 years huh, you’d think they would have attempted to learn to play their chosen instruments” ….a 2/10. I will say they have a great stage presence but that is the end of the talent!!
A band called the Sin Dogs came next (ex Nazareth guitarist and Alex Harvey lead guitarist) and what I can say is that he came out in a mood as they had no sound check (it’s a 3 day festival, nobody got one) so he starts the first song and proceeds to accidentally rip the wireless plug out of his guitar and it fell into pieces, he jumped on the Mic and badmouth the Promoters, the Band, the Roadie’s and everyone else before throwing his beer against the stage, getting through 3 CRAP songs and walking off stage to an audience that stopped listening 2.5 songs previous.  1/10.
I held low hopes for the rest of the festival……..BUT….. Magnum came out and for a bunch of guys who must be pushing 70 they lit the place up, I didn’t know this band but I’ve been told they had fame similar to WARRANT or Poison  in the UK/Europe, and I can say that they did make the Friday worthwhile, sometimes the band and crowd just click and Magnum had the crowds full attention from the first song to the last, and the honesty of the band is great as the lead singer said “We can either walk off stage and come back to do one encore or just stay on stage and do two” A 9/10 and I’m hard to please. That was it for Friday, GUN was headlining Friday night but by the time they took the stage it was time to go home and let the pups out for a pee……
Day 2: Bernie Torme (ex Gillian, and some work with Ozzy) and I can say the crowd seems to love it, I’m not a fan of a guy whose instrument is twice as loud as everyone else on stage never mind the 10 minute solos every song (see BLS) I begrudgingly give them a 5/10, the backup band seemed to enjoy themselves…next was Girlschool (see above, pure shite)
Then out came Geoff Tate who’s doing Operation MindCrime on his tour, sadly I preferred Empire but am a fan irregardless…the man’s voice is still smooth and spot on and the band is a perfect fit with one guy doing all backup vocals, guitar, keys and bongos as the other members of the band had their hands full. I was quite impressed but the ungodly theatrics by Geoff were vomit inducing as he looked to be auditioning for a spot in a west end play, the barf bucket was at hand as his daughter slowly paced out on stage wearing a horrible black cape and dollar store blonde wig, she took about 2 minutes to get to her spot and 15 seconds to sing her lines as her DAD over acted and fell at her feet….we all emptied our full buckets and Geoff sang us a few more songs before leaving stage to a massive applause….I gave it 8/10 but the acting got a solid 0/10…..
NEXT… Wayward Sons (lead vocals by Toby Jepson, formerly of little Angels, a popular UK band back in the day) wow…….just wow….I can say if I still smoked/drank I would have went for a beer and a dart when these guys hit the stage because I pre-listened on Amazon music and wasn’t too impressed, cookie cutter rock n roll….BUT….once in a while there’s a band that is ONLY meant for live shows and this band is one of them, I was blown away at the showmanship and stage presence of this entire band, from the kick-u-in-the-face guitars to the gritty vocals I was impressed as hell, the lead singer said it was great to be playing live again as he actually stopped playing for a few years and got a job when the gigs dried up, he said that the album they released in 2017 was their last shot at it and was very thankful to the entire crowd…..a solid 9/10….
Then it was the highlight of the night, The Dead Daises .….sweet jeebus…now THATS how a band should be!!! They had the crowd up and pumping fists and singing along by song number two….John Corabi has vocals for days and a great sense of humour…..the band is as tight as hell. While looking at the crowd in the middle of song 3. I saw not one person who wasn’t in the zone and having a ball, it was up there with the best acts I’ve seen, they played 20 minutes  over and almost had to be torn off stage but the crowd wanted more and Johnny and the boys delivered…..if they come to TBay check em out!!!!
Best £70 spent for these tickets…..already buying tickets for next year.
Oh…..funny wee PS this is the first concert I’ve ever been to that had a bar selling alcohol and another bar selling pies (meat,haggis,fruit,macaroni etc) Best smelling Concert Hall in history!!!


Ace Frehley: Spaceman(2018)


Yeah man I’m totally eating crow on this one!

Reason being is a few weeks back when I blogged about Peter Criss I wrote that under the ‘Who Care’s’ files Ace Frehley on that same day that I posted about Criss, Ace  released a new album which I couldn’t care less about!

Ummm. About that last sentence ….

You see here in blogging nation I love reading actual music reviews written by my friends who actually buy their own music! They don’t get it free! In other words they take their hard-earned dough and put it towards purchasing it and in the end when you gamble on buying music  you hope you like it! If It’s a dud well that just plain old sucks!

John T Snow and Mikey Ladano both reviewed ‘Spaceman’ the new release from the loose cannon himself Ace Frehley. The final verdict was they both really liked it! 

Now what am I supposed to do with that scenario?

 I commented with some babble on their posts saying that those two Jokers(Ladano and Snow) were killing me saying that it was a decent rock record! Ladano gave it a 4.25 out of 5 score while John gave Spaceman an 8/9 score as there are 9 tracks on the album! Pretty decent percentage  if you ask me.

So I waited and waited well only a week and then I took the plunge and bought Spaceman and I can honestly tell you all that I really dig this release!

I’m not going to go track by track on this album as you can read Mikey’s and John’s reviews here by clicking the links below and while you’re at it follow their well written blogs. Hey Folk’s nothing beats BlogNation!

John T’s Review….

Mikey’s Review….

Ace is smart! 9 song album(just like first solo release) with the last track being a musical only tune just like  how Ace delivered  it  on  his very first solo album when he was in KISS from 40 years ago! 1978 to be exact!

SpaceMan track listing…37 minutes of Ace N Roll!

“Without You I’m Nothing”
“Rockin’ With the Boys”
“Your Wish Is My Command”
“Bronx Boy”
“Pursuit of Rock and Roll”
“I Wanna Go Back”
“Mission to Mars”
“Off My Back”
“Quantum Flux”

Well golly golly if Ace’s old sparring partner the one and only Mean Demon Gene Simmons doesn’t show up and not only cowrote two real slick rock tracks in Your Wish Is My Command and opener Without You I’m Nothing but Genie Gene slaps a real cool Bass Line on Without You I’m Nothing as well!.  

Frigg Yeah! Simple hit you between the eyes Rawk N Roll! Listen to the track I posted below called ‘Pursuit of Rock N Roll’ which is one of my faves from this album and its track 5 so it goes to show you that Ace is back and he told you so!( Yeah that last  line  I just typed was pathetic! ha)

See that’s the thing with Ace. He knows what his parameters are in regards to his songwriting and his singing style! His voice has held up quite well and I have always loved his straight ahead rock vocal. Little bit of edge mixed with a blend of cool. I still love to this day his lead vocal on Hard Times  from the Dynasty album! 

I have watched a few You Tube interviews of Ace plugging this album and  he’s out there at times (in space yet) funny and whats more of a mindblower is that he pieced this whole record together and had a hand in writing all the tracks which is what you would classify under the ‘Amazing’ category!

As you would expect Ace’s guitar playing is excellent as its just Ace! He knows his deal as he doesn’t hot dog  the fretboard.  Ace just does what Ace does. Keeps it simple sounding and not turning his solo’s into wank a doodle fest’s!  I love the reckless abandon of his playing especially come solo time as it sounds like he’s going off the rails! The lyrics as well are not genius. Kinda simple basic but if Ace started getting all serious with the lyrics no one would buy into it whatsoever! 

Ace does a majority of the all the guitars on this album. The drums are handled by a few guys including Ace’s old buddy Anton Fig whom you all know drummed on Ace’s 78 solo album as well as Frehley’s Comet and a few KISS albums as well like Dynasty and Unmasked. Fig lays down a wicked drum groove on the ‘Pursuit of Rock N Roll’!

Ace does a cover version of Eddie Money’s tune ‘I Wanna Go Back’ which is pretty good tune as well and to be honest with you all I don’t think I ever hard the Money Man’s version of this song. Thats the cool thing with Ace as he can sing cover tunes and make em should like his own! Case in point The Rolling Stones cover of 2000 Man on the Dynasty album.

I’m not going to get into the whole Ace firing his live band recently as John has  already gone down that road BUT I will add that Ace’s new young hires are a great band and the clips I have seen they are excellent musicians   I’m thinking Ace needed a push of Youngblood in his band and he’s got Gene(again) to thank for that!

ANYHOO… 6 Things to Ponder about the Spaceman!

1- I will add that I think this album is some of Ace’s best solo work since 78! Yeah it’s that good! As much as I didn’t think this album would be that good Ace proves some doubters wrong(me) and puts out a solid blast of ROCK! 

2-As goofy and simple as the lyrics are to ‘Rockin With The Boys’ the song itself just sticks with you long after its ended…

3-It’s crazy to think but I don’t even think KISS themselves has a record in them that can be this good!

4-Nice to be surprised by the outcome of Spaceman but Ace should be thanking the true fans like John and Mikey who dug it and bought it right off the bat!

5-You know you cannot beat just simple Hard Rock N Roll with a added shot of the let’s keep it simple folk’s! Hey I’m not the only thinking this way as Spaceman debuted at #16 on the Canadian Charts!

6-Ace is indeed back and dEke’s told ya so! (with a bit of a push mind you!)


Hard Rock Album and Concert Reviews! (Odd Book Review as well!)