Styx: Caught In the Act (1984)

Well folk’s this is my final Styx review! Thanks for  reading and commenting along the way as well! By digging into these albums I  at the age of 50 finally have found an appreciation  of the music of Styx!

Better late than never I suppose….. Actually the current incarnation of Styx I have followed a lot more closely than the DeYoung version of Styx. It is indeed too bad that they are currently fighting over all things like tunes as in Mr Roboto which Styx has put back in there set which makes me laugh like… seriously? Styx though minus Dennis put out the brilliant “The Mission” album last year and it was a solid rock album that both dented mine and Mikey Ladano’s Top Releases of 2017!

So like many bands in the 70’s/80’s Styx released the Double Live Album that they titled ‘Caught In The Act’ which was recorded in New Orleans back in 1983.

I just picked this album up about 2 months ago on vinyl for $5.00! What a deal! It’s in great shape and  once again the packaging is awesome!

‘Music Time’ opens the album which is the lone new studio track that Styx recorded for this release and in keeping the theme of discontent in the ranks that started with the ‘Kilroy Was Here’ album, especially between Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw. Music Time is a DeYoung composition and Shaw disliked it so much and was one of the deciding factors on him leaving Styx shortly after this live album came out. Tommy didn’t even want any part of the video made for Music Time.

You would never know if you had bought this album back in 1984 that Styx were off the rails.  I mean one of the shots looks like their playing stadiums for this tour so Styx was still a big drawing card live but on the inside they were beyond repair!

Once ‘Music Time’ finishes Styx begin the live portion with 13 live Tracks beginning with  ‘Mr Roboto’ followed by ‘Too Much Time On My Hands’. Caught In The Act as a live album sounds pretty good a little to polished at times especially  when Mr Roboto is played. The vocals sound live the music sounds a little to smooth. Who knows for sure and that’s just my observation. I’m always a little sceptical when bands produce their own live albums like Styx did here.

There is a sprinkling of the Styx Ballads that being ‘Babe’ and ‘Don’t Let It End’ so once you get past the fluff Styx do  flex their rock muscle live with songs like ‘Blue Collar Man’/’Rockin The Paradise’.

All the hits as well ‘Come Sail Away’/’Crystal Ball’. A great cross-section of material up to that point in the Styx catalogue.

I will say that listening to this album you can hear the difference in the Styx sound. Styx 1983 is more a straight head  approach in the songs whereas Styx 2018 is more of a technical beast than Styx in the 80’s.

Course everyone goes on about that Dennis should be back in the band  and blah blah blah. Fair enough but my renewed interest in Styx was intrigued by the fact that Tommy and JY hired Canuck Lawerence Gowan who is a fine vocalist and brilliant pianist in his own right!

I like both versions (1983/2018 Styx) and by doing these album reviews found a whole new appreciation of this band and that’s thanks to a fellow named Gowan who joined!

Styx a band I kinda dismissed way back yonder ends up being a pretty decent rock act when they wanna crank it up!



Styx: Kilroy Was Here(1983)


So what does a band do when there pervious album goes Triple Platinum?

In Styx‘s case the triple Platinum Album was Paradise Theater.   Styx than decide’s to make a complete left turn and release a concept album called Kilroy Was Here which confused everyone including the public when Kilroy only went Platinum upon its release in 1983.

More importantly Kilroy killed Styx  after this release. The band toured the album and basically called it a career with both Dennis De Young and Tommy Shaw releasing their own solo albums.

The band was no more!

Concept albums in the world of rock are hit n miss! I guess Styx perhaps thought like so many bands that these are the  kind of records that the public will eat it up!

Nope….not all the time.

It was DeYoung’s idea for the Kilroy album. Full out concept album and  it takes one listen now in 2018 to realize why Styx imploded! Kilroy was DeYoung’s deal. He wanted it to succeed. It didn’t!

Each band member took on a different persona for the album.

James Young is ‘Dr Everett Righteous’/Tommy Shaw is ‘Jonathan Chance’/Chuck Ponazzo is ‘Lieut. Vanish/ John Ponazzo is ‘Col Hyde’.

Dennis DeYoung is………’Robert Kilroy’

The album is based around  Kilroy who was a rock star and is falsely imprisoned and makes friends with Jonathan  Chance and they plot an escape from prison!

Kinda Goofy but I guess certain substances make you do silly things!

Course everyone has heard the debut single ‘Mr Roboto’.  Which is a tune everyone knows whether you own this album or not.’ Domo Arigato,’… you all know it…

The songs that follow are a hodge podge mix of super sappy ballad’s  ‘Don’t Let It End’/’Just Get Through This Night’/’Haven’t We Been Here Before’ and bizarro rock tracks like ‘Heavy Metal Poisoning’ while the rest is more mid temp rock tracks like ‘Cold War/Double Life’.

Surprising that the mellow stuff takes up a good portion of the album. The musicianship is top-notch as you expect but the album is kinda ummm weird! A  eleven   minute video was also  made for this album which I have never seen so if you have…let me know!

Also read that when Styx hit the road to support Kilroy,Tommy and Dennis would do a little a bit of acting in-between the Kilroy numbers in the set which must have been wild to witness live  especially if you were at the show drinking beer and smoking dope and here’s two guys reenacting Kilroy before your eyes! HAHA!

I could only imagine the huge rows of arguments that the band had internally over this album! I read that the label wanted to release the Shaw ballad “Haven’t We Been Here Before” but Tommy refused to have it released so the label went with a DeYoung track ‘High Time’ instead.

Too be fair Kilroy is one of those albums for the collection. It’s cool to have as its a great discussion piece as well it’s  fun to share some of these tracks with my daughter Lexie who is 19 years old!

I will give Styx credit as with their previous albums they went all out with the Gatefold sleeve(lyrics and pics)and made a cool looking package and Kilroy is no different.

In case you were wondering this supplement for protective sleeves came as an insert so if you need any let me know…



10 Questions With…Cory Churko


Pretty psyched to share with you all this segment of ’10 Questions With.’

Cory Churko is a Canadian Guitarist/Fiddler who is currently on the road with Shania Twain and as well is Shania’s Musical Director. Not only that but Cory is a multi instrumentalist and  in the past has played with Reba,Kelly Clarkson and Jordan Smith. 

If you think Cory is all Country Music. Think again!

Cory also is the six stringer in the Canadian Rock Band ‘Toque’ who put out a killer release of cover tunes last year of many different Canadian  Classic Rock Acts. He gives us some inside scoop on the next Toque release. As well Cory has his own line of guitars from Prestige Guitars and he’s been making money as a performer at a real young age!! Now that’s impressive! Pretty damn cool stuff for a Fella from Saskatchewan!

I really appreciate Cory getting back to me. Trust me Folks this is a great read!

Take it away Mr Churko!

1- Ok Cory. How does one go from jamming guitar growing up in Western Canada to playing sold out shows as Shania Twain’s Guitar Player/Fiddle Player and Musical Director?

 I literally got a call out of nowhere on my answering machine back in December 97. I had already quit the music business and was enjoying a new life in computer animation. I had played many years in the bar/night club scene across Canada and was burnt out, After 6 months in my new career I got a call from Mercury records in Toronto saying they were looking for a young energetic fiddler for one of the acts they had on their label. I didn’t call him back cuz I thought it was probably for a new artist and I was tired of living hand to mouth. He called a few days later to follow-up and left another message saying it was for Shania Twain. I flipped out ha ha and called him back instantly. A couple of weeks later I was in NYC playing on the David Letterman Show.

2-I don’t know if Guitar for Hire is the appropriate tag but at times in the past were you ever worried about how the hell I’m gonna make my next truck payment when you were starting out? Guess what I’m trying to say is that the stress for that must be enormous at times?

I still have those moments ha ha ha…it really is feast or famine in this business and you can have an amazing year and then nothing the next year. It really is about diversity. I try to make myself as valuable as possible doing many things well rather than being a master of just one. It really makes things more interesting as well to be able to wear different hats. Between my studio skills as a producer and a mix engineer as well as my multi-instrumentalist skills I somehow get by ha ha ha!

3-Toque features yourself, Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz. Between the three of you’s. You guys are constantly working if not with each other but with other acts. How  do you guys make the schedule for Toque work?

It’s definitely the most challenging thing about Toque but also the thing that makes the project special. Everyone fills in a shared google calendar and once we’re done we look for the holes and Target those down times to do Toque related things. This second album was largely recorded after Todd and Brent were finished rehearsing with Slash who has a studio about 2 blocks from my house. What are the chances of that in a city as big as Los Angeles!

4-Speaking of Toque I loved the debut album. Your guys cover of Aldo Nova’s Fantasy/Queen City Kids ‘Dance’ as well as Saga’s ‘On The Loose” are wicked especially your solo on Fantasy. With so much Canadian rock to pick from who decided what tracks made the debut?

Well, each of us made a list of the songs we’d like to do and then we looked at the common denominators and that was the first album! The second album was very similar process. We just throw it out there and vote. All of us are usually on the same page about it.

5- I understand you have a followup to the Toque debut coming out soon. Care to share anything about it? Inside secret scoop kinda stuff?

Well, we included 3 songs with female singers. Obviously you’ve heard our version of Ironic. That was fun to do and is receiving a lot of positive feedback. We managed to convince one of the other female singers to make a cameo on her song and it turned out so good. We have an original song on this new album and can’t wait to share it. It’s written in much the same style as these other classic hits. We have a song by a Canadian band from the 90s too other than the Alanis song.

6-Your Brother Kevin is a successful producer. (Ozzy Osbourne and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few) Have you guys ever counted who has sold more albums with your involvement? Kinda of a brother rivalry thing?

Ha ha ha well if you’re counting involvement then Shania definitely has the edge there but he should get the award because he made, wrote and produced those records whereas I played a part more in the promotion of Shania’s records.

7-First album ever purchased with your own money!

Hmmmm…. I really can’t recall. I had so many of my Dad’s records around as well as my sibling’s records that it probably wasn’t a big deal to me when I did buy the first. I also started making my own money at 7 years old playing wedding dances so I was probably pretty young when I did buy my first record. I think I was buying 45s before I bought albums. it was probably Meco Empire Strikes Back Theme. I’m gonna go with that one…I played the crap outta that record. Check it out!

8-If you had to go with 5 all time fav albums what would they be?

Queen a Night at the Opera

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

Radiohead OK computer

Jesus Christ Superstar,

The Darkness Permission To Land,

Def Leppard Hysteria

Oops that’s 6!

9-Arena or stadium gig. What band performer was the best that you watched from the crowd?

Roger Waters – The Wall tour either that Or Queen with Adam Lambert (I never got to see them with Freddie)

10- Feel Free to plug your stuff or whatnot! Thanks so much for doing this!

Thanks for the questions – Follow my band Toque on social media everyone!! @toquerocks on IG, Facebook Toquerocks, Twitter @toquerocks and ToqueRocks on YouTube








Monster Truck: True Rockers(2018)

A band leading off with a single before the album hits the street can be a tricky move in this day and age with the likes of FaceCrack/Twitter and whatever else people communicate with.

Back in June of this year  Hamilton Ontario Rockers Monster Truck released  their upcoming single from the soon to be released album ‘True Rockers’ a tune called ‘Evolution’.

I listened to the song right away at there FaceCrack page and you could hear  a musical directional change. More of a modern tweaked like rock  sound. Fair enough but upon first listen I was on the fence about it and I shot a message to Mikey Ladano telling hIm that Monster Truck has a new tune out and I’m not  to sure about it.

I wasn’t the only one in that thinking as the publics comments on Evolution were brutal. People were hammering on them for sounding like Nickleback/Shinedown and what not. It was harsh man people were unloading on them big time. Monster Truck on that lazy Sunday June afternoon got lit up quicker than a Christmas Tree!

Freedom of Speech I suppose but you know the band was reading the comments and I’m sure a bit of freak out came from their camp. Think about it for a second.  You craft a bunch of songs for months as everyone was digging your previous release which in the Trucks case was 2016’s brilliant ‘Sittin Heavy’ and you drop a new tune and people go bonkers over the shift in the musical direction!

So what does Monster Truck do? They go on the Defence and…..

Less than a week later Monster Truck dropped a second single which was the title track of the album called ‘True Rockers’ which has more a traditional Monster Truck vibe to be with the Hammond Organ meshing up with a heavy distorted guitar driven by the drums….

Click the video posted above and crank it! That’s more like it! Heck, ‘True Rockers’ the song even features Dee Snider rapping out a bunch of vocal lines in a Preacher like vibe!

Still though I didn’t take the bait as iTunes  had the album on preorder with Three Songs available upon the preorder. I still didn’t bite.

Until I read last week an interview with Monster Truck Bassist/Vocalist Jon Harvey on the Ultimate Classic Rock webpage in which Jon talks about Evolution and another  track on the album ‘Young City Hearts’…

Here’s what Jon said about these two tracks when asked by Dee Snider himself about taking a commercial slant on two of the albums Eleven Songs.

“We thought we kind of have to do it,” he said. “We have to put this thing out there. … And our fans are like, ‘What the fuck are you guys doing?’ But in my opinion, it’s like, ‘I don’t know. We’re just trying something else’ and we felt like it was time to actually do it. But the rest of the record sounds like a normal Monster Truck record, but we’ve got these two songs and they’re always gonna be there. You know what I mean?”

Honest answer if anything. No sooner did I finish reading that interview with Dee and Jon that fellow blogger Brian’Bop’ Zinger who also hails from Monster Trucks backyard of Hamilton dropped a review a day before the actual street date of the album was available  which was this past Friday (September 14th).

Here’s the Link to Bop’s Review and he reviewed each track so click it and check out some great writing!

Bop’s review sold me on ‘True Rockers’. So Friday morning before I headed out the door to work I zipped onto iTunes and purchased the album which features the songs..

1. True Rocker
2. Thundertruck
3. Evolution
4. Devil Don’t Care
5. Being Cool Is Over
6. Young City Heart
7. Undone
8. In My Own World
9. Denim Danger
10. Hurricane
11. The Howlin’

I have listened to this album more than a few times since its release on Friday and its a Freakin Fantastic  listen!

Kudos to these guys for putting out what I can easily say may be one of the best albums of 2018! It’s right up there with the recent ‘Ghost’ album (Prequelle)  that came out this past June!

Yeah man ‘True Rockers’ is that good! Jon Harvey 
Jeremy Widerman Brandon Bliss Steve Kiely have slammed one out of the park!

The album is chock full of huge blasts of rock especially when they get into that heaviness when the Keys/Guitar/Drums and Bass all collide  together which forms a HUGE Sound!

Hell the album even has harmonica and cowbell at various points! Who the hell doesn’t like Harp and Cowbell on tunes?

More Cowbell? Fuck Yeah!

So yeah you got ‘Bop’ to thank for this review!

The crazy thing is our local radio station 94 Fm like so many artists  plays the same songs  over and over on some kind of loop as it can get nauseating at times…

But over the long haul the track ‘Evolution’ has grown on me and I can tell ya  a good song is a good song.

In the end that’s all that matters right?

‘Don’t Fuck With The Truck’





Styx: Paradise Theatre(1981)


Styx release another concept album titled ‘Paradise Theatre’ which is basically about a  Theatre in Chicago that was booming with business from the 1930’s on but as the late 50’s turned into the  early 60’s the theatre went ‘Bust!

The album artwork is exceptional for this album. Just check it out as the front cover (pictured above) shows the Theatre in its heyday whereas the back cover(pictured below) shows the theatre run down. I had no idea the artwork for this was brilliant until I got this album. I had only ever seen the Cassette copy of it…

Not only is the artwork exceptional but so is the production! Styx once again produced this album in-house and I can tell you gone is the sterile pop radio AM fodder  sound of 79’s Cornerstone. In its place is a more refined harder edge sound well let me clarify that. Harder sound being Styx having a harder more direct production which sounds so much more lively than Cornerstone.

Paradise Theatre opens with Dennis DeYoung and his minute a half  piano interlude called ‘A.D 1928’ which segues right into opening track ‘Rockin The Paradise’ in which Dennis kicks ‘Babe’ to the curb and finds his rocking shoes and delivers a great opening number! Rockin The Paradise sets the tone for the album and it draws you in as a listener! Listen to that solo by Tommmy Shaw!

One of the biggie singles from this album is Shaw’s ‘Too Much Time On My Hands’ has Tommy handling both lead vocals and the solo as well. One of the biggie Styx Rock Hits! Damn catchy chorus as well!

‘The Best of Time’ was the other biggie single perhaps the biggest single from this album which features DeYoung blasting out some huge pomp AOR Rock. DeYoung knows how to craft singles I will give him that but when it comes to Styx I prefer the Shaw songs as they had a lot more oomph in them! Keep reading though as there is a secret weapon as well on this album….

Side 2 begins with another DeYoung track ‘Lonely People’. 

Did I just not tell you all that Shaw wrote all the rocking Styx stuff or had a hand in it? Well ‘She Cares’ has Shaw going all mushy gushy so there ya go! What do I know?!


Remember the comment I made about the  ‘Secret Weapon’ on this album? Well that secret weapon is in the form of Mr James Young who on Side 2 of Paradise Theatre steals the show with two brilliant written tracks. Those being the Cocaine inspired ‘Snowblind’ and the brilliant ‘Half Penny-Two Penny’ which has Young handling the lead vocals as well!Snowblind is a slow stomper of a track whereas Half Penny-Two Penny features one of the best choruses in regards to Styx tunes as the song drives along during the verse and man what a well executed chorus! Love the first verse of Half Penny Two Penny…

Half penny, two penny, gold Krugerrand
He was exceedingly rich for such a young man
Sad story, old story
Bring out the band
Another divorce just a few hundred grand!

All Hail James Young! The dude whose material on this album is never talked about but that’s a changing RIGHT NOW!

I have gotten out of posting youtube videos but I’m posting a Live Clip of Half Penny-Two Penny with James Young looking like a young  James Hetfield while Tommy Shaw looks like he’s a teenager with that Haircut! I  will add that the solo Shaw plus in Half Penny is simply amazing!

After the brilliant back to back Young tracks the album ends with two short tracks in the two and a half-minute ‘A.D 1958 followed by the 28 second DeYoung piano play out ‘State Street Sadie’.

Paradies Theatre is a pretty decent listen. A more focused album than the previous ‘Cornerstone’ album. As you may recall in my previous reviews of albums that I always talk about end of album tracks that I call “GEMS’.  Those two Young tracks pretty much in my mind steal the show at the Theatre!

Well played Mr Young!

10 Questions With….Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly is a top go to  Guitar Guy in the Rock Landscape known as Canada. Guitar for Hire some may say but read on about all the endeavours that Mr Kelly has been in and is currently involved with. Little more to it than the Guitar For Hire aspect I would say. 

Case in point. Sean has released two classical guitar  albums that have both charted in the Billboard Classical Album Charts. Being in and involved(songwriting etc) with various bands such as Crash Kelly/Trapper/Helix/Lee Aaron/ Honeymoon Suite/Carole Pope/Nelly Furtado well…I could keep going! Plus he’s a good buddy with an Guns N Roses guy! 

Just by his resume which you will discover when you read this interview is just how busy Sean is!

I would personally like to thank Sean for hopping on board and being a great sport at answering my fan boy questions…

Take it way Mr Kelly…

1-Hey Sean thanks for doing this! We have a connection and that would be the Long Way To Heaven Tour by Helix back in 1985. You caught the show in North Bay and myself here in Thunder Bay. Was that the show that spurred a young Kelly to pursue a career in music?

Yes it was! It was a double bill with Honeymoon Suite, and it was a total game changer, very inspiring! To think that I would be afforded the chance to work with both of these bands at some point in my life was unimaginable then, but it definitely instilled in me the belief that Canadian bands could compete in every way on the world stage. Both bands were on fire that night!

2-By recording/writing/performing with artists like Honeymoon Suite/Helix/Nelly Furtado and currently Lee Aaron how the hell do you find any downtime?

Haha, well…it helps that my career vocation is also my passion and hobby!  It can be a challenge to balance family life with my music pursuits, but I really try to make sure any time I have is not wasted on frivolous things. I derive my greatest pleasure in life out of the time I spend with my family, and making/enjoying music. Carve in a little time for staying healthy, and a balance can be achieved.

3-Speaking of which. According to Carl Dixon on Brent Jensen’s NSTS podcast your now playing guitar with the Mighty Coney Hatch. Those four Coney albums are classics. When you open those shows for Steve Harris’ British Lion any thought on recording the Coney Stuff live? If so could you please bug em to record it?

Let’s just say I’m all for it, and would love to see that happen. I can’t wait to hit the road with the Hatch, one of my all time fave bands!

4-The book that you wrote from a few years back “Metal On Ice” is great read in all things Canadian Metal/Hard Rock. Many great stories about all kinds of Canadian bands journeys across the Canadian Highways. Is there a followup in the works?

I’ve knocked around a few book ideas, and would love to do another one. However, my immediate future involves writing and recording new music, performing live, and working on some other music related projects. In other words, I’m having too much fun with my guitar to put it down to pick up a pen (or type)!

5- Gilby Clarke is a pal of yours. I know you have played Bass for Gilby and he has worked with you back in the Crash Kelly days as a producer. Any chance on doing some string bending together recording wise which I think would be fantastic! Just Saying!

I recently did a guitar clinic and charity gig with Gilby and Bumblefoot, and it was amazing to reconnect. I always welcome the opportunity to make music with Gilby, and while there is nothing planned, I’d be honoured to record with him at some point in the future.

6-Who would be on your bucket list to work/record with?

Oh man, so many! First off my head would be Alice Cooper, Heart, and Paul Rodgers…I’d love to write with Nikki Sixx…I recently did a few songs with Lita Ford and Dee Snider at Rock n Con in London, would love to write with both of them…The list is endless really! I just love working with people passionate about rock n roll music!

7-First album ever purchased?

Thriller by Michael Jackson….this was followed by Metal Health by Quiet Riot, Pyromania by Def Leppard, Stay Hungry by Twisted Sister and Shout at the Devil by Mötley Crüe…but yes, Thriller was the first!

8-If you had to go with 5 all time favourite albums(studio/live) what would they be?

This is an almost impossible question, and my list is ever changing….today,  let’s go with

1984 – Van Halen

Hysteria – Def Leppard

Appetite for Destruction – Guns N Roses

Billion Dollar Babies – Alice Cooper

Live and Dangerous – Thin Lizzy

*this could change in the next hour….haha!

9-Arena/Stadium show? What is hands down the best show you ever saw as a member of the audience?

It would have to be Van Halen, August 1986, 5150 tour at CNE Stadium with Loverboy and BTO….first time I ever heard the power of Eddie Van Halen live, life changing experience.

10-Feel Free to plug whatever you’re doing here currently! Thanks so much for doing this!

Still performing with the amazing Lee Aaron in support of the Diamond Baby Blues album (so proud to be a member of this incredible band,a real blessing in my life) heading out on the road this fall for some dates with the legendary Coney Hatch, Alan Frew from Glass Tiger, and also working on some brand new music from Crash Kelly (single to be released before Christmas!). I am working on some very cool projects with my pal Steve Gillis at Guitars for Vets, and am also writing with Brian Vollmer from Helix (we have some kicking new songs in the works!)….along with that I am teaching Vocal Music with the Toronto Catholic District School Board, and still doing workshops/mentoring for Canada’s Music Incubator.

Thanks for the great questions, all the best Derek!

Photo of Mr Kelly taken by Alan Zilkowsky.


Linden Hudson: Co-Writer of the ZZ Top ELIMINATOR album!



Yup you read that title right! I did some research on Linden Hudson as I thought what a great ’10 Questions With… Linden Hudson’ it would have been!

But I tried through FaceCrack/Websites/and other social avenues to track Linden down but to no avail which is a shame. But if you ever come across this Blog Sir please feel free to contact me. Would love to hear your story about your involvement with ZZ TOP.

Please watch the  clip the video posted above that features some demo’s of the mega selling Eliminator album from the Top’s!

You will hear  snippets of four songs from Eliminator along with a story to go along with the songs on how they were recorded plus on one of the tracks you hear some blazing harmonica playing!

From my take on it. Sounds like Billy Gibbons and Linden Hudson wrote and recorded in demo form pretty much the whole album together or most of it.

The video is a fascinating as you can read along on  what was going on for the four tracks here that are posted . All  I will say is that it looks like Frank Beard and Dusty Hill got a lot of time off during the actual recording of the final result of Eliminator!

I have no idea why Linden was not acknowledged but after my recent interview with Jonathan Valen this stuff makes sense.

I still hold this album in High Regard as its easily one of all my time Fav’s! But credit should be given where credit is due.

Here are a couple of quotes I found online from Interesting stuff!

FROM THE BOOK: ZZ TOP – BAD AND WORLDWIDE (ROLLING STONE PRESS, WRITTEN BY DEBORAH FROST): “Linden was always doing computer studies. It was something that fascinated him, like studio technology. He thought he might understand the components of popular songs better if he fed certain data into his computer. It might help him understand what hits (song releases) of any given period share. He first found out about speed; all the songs he studied deviated no more than one beat from 120 beats per minute. Billy immediately started to write some songs with 120 beats per minute. Linden helped out with a couple, like UNDER PRESSURE and SHARP DRESSED MAN. Someone had to help Billy out. Dusty and Frank didn’t even like to rehearse much. Their studio absence wasn’t really a problem though. The bass and drum parts were easily played with a synthesizer or Linn drum machine.” 

FROM THE BOOK: “ZZ TOP – BAD AND WORLDWIDE” (ROLLING STONE PRESS, BY DEBORAH FROST): “With the release of their ninth album, ELIMINATOR, in 1983, these hairy, unlikely rock heroes had become a pop phenomenon. This had something to do with the discoveries of a young preproduction engineer (Linden Hudson) whose contributions, like those of many associated with the band over the years, were never acknowledged.”

FROM THE BOOK: ​SHARP DRESSED MEN – ZZ TOP (By DAVID BLAYNEY) : “The integral position Linden occupied in the process of building El​iminator was demonstrated eloquently in the case of song Under Pressure. Billy and Linden, the studio wizards, did the whole song all in one afternoon without either the bass player or drummer even knowing it had been written and recorded on a demo tape. Linden synthesized the bass and drums and helped write the lyrics; Billy did the guitars and vocals.

Also here’s a pic below of the credits on the back cover of Eliminator. It does not say anywhere where it Eliminator was recorded.

Oh thats right  it was recorded over at Linden’s place.

Something to think about Folk’s!










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