Twisted Sister/Metal Meltdown(2016)


2016 Release….

Wowzer’s after about close to about 350 Post’s on all things Hard Rock round these parts  I think a Twisted Sister Review is in order!

AJ Pero Twisted’s original drummer passed away early  in 2015 so in the short space of a few month’s comes the Metal Meltdown Live From Las Vegas album which is a Tribute to their late drummer.

FYI- This is an iTunes audio review as you can buy it as well on DVD. I’m sure Mikey Ladano will review the DVD so sit tight kid’s!

The Player’s…….

Jay Jay French – rhythm & lead guitars, backing vocals
Eddie “Fingers” Ojeda – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Dee Snider – lead vocals
Mark “The Animal” Mendoza – bass guitar, backing vocals

Twisted Sister did the right thing in replacing Pero  with the great Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater/Winery Dog’s) and this dude can drum folk’s…..

The Song’s…

Twisted Sister, ‘Metal Meltdown’ Track Listing
1. “What You Don’t Know”
2. “The Kids Are Back”
3. Stay Hungry
4. “The Beast”
5. “Shoot ‘Em Down”
6. “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll”
7. “I Believe In Rock ‘N’ Roll”
8. “Under the Blade”
9. “I Am (I’m Me)”
10. “We’re Not Gonna Take It”
11. “The Fire Still Burns”
12. “The Price”
13. “Burn in Hell”
14. “A.J. Pero Tribute”
15. “I Wanna Rock”
16. “Come Out and Play”
17. “S.M.F.”

17 Live Tracks! Ton of F Bomb’s tossed around by vocalist Dee Snider! You Can’t Stop Rock N Roll Crank the video below….

Speaking of Snider. Give him props as the 17 song’s here posted he wrote and let’s face it he has the knack at writing pretty decent catchy song’s. Call a Spade a Spade if it wasn’t  for Snider’s whole schtick as a frontman back in 1984 I don’t think they would have lasted as long as they did….albiet back than in 1986 it was all over for them but for 2 years these guys ruled video channels and album sales…..

The Songs on Metal Meltdown are performed excellently! Portnoy on the drums is the key who drives the pace with his playing while Snider’s voice is still top-notch and the dude has kept himself in shape!  The sound is Raw almost Bootleg like direct from the soundboard that night. At the end of each song there are fade out’s in between tracks which is ok on one hand as you don’t get all the babble between songs but on the other hand there is no continuity. Too me it’s about the tunes …Let’s talk about a couple shall we?

Like the fact that We’re Not Gonna Take It and I Wanna Rock the two biggest tracks of their career  are played early and not  kept to the end of the show and that three songs(I Believe In Rock N Roll/Fire Still Burns/Come On Out And Play) are featured from the ill-fated Come On Out And Play album.

As I said a few sentences ago Snider is a good songwriter. What You Don’t Know  the opening track is a Runaway Train going off the tracks this track flat rocks out. Eddie and JJ’s guitars are raw sounding and they play some decent chops as I can respect their playing more now as back in the mid 80s when your up against the Dave Murray’s/Adrian Smith’s(Iron Maiden) of the world you’re gonna be scrutinized but 30 years have pretty much passed and we’re all a little more chill in the comparison angle of Rock!

Love the Sabbath like opening of The Beast and more for the fact that it’s on this release. Portnoy does a Bill Ward like Rumble N Grumble with his drums. How can ya not love this kind of stuff? Keeping with the Sabbath Vibe how about Burn In Hell? For every cute like single that came from the Stay Hungry album like We’re Not Gonna Take It/I Wanna Rock Snider could pull out some Sab like heaviness to keep the Hardcore Fan Base Happy. Portnoy slams out a real heavy like drum solo at the end of Burn In Hell….

Speaking of Portnoy he takes the drums to a frenzied clip on The Fire Still Burns and what a powerhouse track. Have not heard this tune in years and was a real cool revisit in 2016!

Snider could also write a decent slower paced track as The Price proves! Nice balance of the guitars that play a real hummable like Riff! Snider writes decent Pop Tracks delivered at High Volume.

 7  song’s from Stay Hungry (album) are featured as that was indeed the album that Shot them to Stardom. So if you’re looking for an update of how Twisted sounds in 2016 look no further than this one.

I guess the word on the street has it that these Sisters are folding up shop  and calling their last tour Forty And Fuck it.. If so Metal Meltdown is a fitting Farewell.







April Wine/Foreigner..July 27th 1993/Thunder Bay Ontario

imageSmack Dab in the middle of GrungerMania comes 70s/80s Rock Dawgs April Wine and Foreigner playing a one and only double bill full headlining set right smack in Good Ol Tbay….

The promoters pumped this one as the only Canadian Date these two AOR Titans would share a stage together  in 1993. Of course with my trusty sidekick Tbone off to the show we go!

April Wine in 1993 had a bounce back with their career with the Attitude release going Gold in Canada whereas Foreigner were back in the ring with singer Lou Gramm after he split in the late 80s and so here they be….

April Wine were up first and it’s basically all the cats from the heyday of the Wine in the early 80s except for the guitarist who went by the name (James! You ready for this…) Steve Seagal…not that Segal Ha! Along with Segal on guitar you had Brian Greenway/Myles Goodwyn an Wowzers Tbone, this is triple ax attack right before our eyes! Not the first time though the Gardens hosted a band with Three guitarists in tow. That Honour goes to Ted Nugent who back in 1981 showed up to Tbay with a Commnado Squad and obliterated my hearing (review of that show can be found on this site). Rounding out The Winer’s were Jerry Mercer on Drums and Jim Clench(RIP) on Bass.

April Wine were a real good band this night and aside from plugging a few tracks from the Attitude release it was a Greatest Hits Fest.

Still recall the opening 3 pack of songs that were played with opener Anything You Want which led into I Like To ROCK. Ooowatanite with the ringing Bell and Police Cherry Lights going off with Clench handling the lead vocals as well. Sign OF The Gypsy Queen/Roller/Just Between You And Me/Enough Is Enough so as you can see by these tracks that it was indeed a Hits set and why not!

Come to think of it this is the only time I have ever seen April Wine Live which is alright as they were here a few weeks back in early July  at our Blues  Festival (GAH!)  by all intent and purposes  were quite good from what I heard but man them Wine  dudes are looking ancient in 2016….

Back to 1993…..

After a quick turnover Foreigner with Lou and Mick Jones took to the stage and blasted out I believe Double Vision  that moseyed into one of my  fav tracks of Foreigner ever and that would be Long Long Way From Home ( the swirly synth at the beginning gets me every time).

Like April Wine everything Foreigner plays you’ve heard. Head Games/Dirty White Boy/Juke Box Hero(with an inflated Juke box Prop for added pleasure) basically its all hits of course I Want To Know What Love Is is dealt but man what can you do? I don’t wanna hear it but many that night did soooo stuff it Deke’s!

One kooky part of the show was that bass player Bruce Turgon did a solo which at first was kinda Gah! Than he just went bonkers riffing like a lunatic locked in with the drummer and they did a bass and drum dual thing and it was quite good including Turgon flinging back his long hair and soaking it in…

Me and Tbone giggled like a couple of school girls as we said Turgon was frozen from the 80s and was  starting to thaw in the warm July 1993 Tbay weather ….Needless to say he was amusing….

It was good to see Wine N Foreigner show up to Tbay when the musical climate was not favourable  for bands of their genre and basically sell out about 4000 tickets and put on a real good rock show! Which band was better that night? Too be totally fair they were both real good so it was $29 well spent!(1993 Prices)….



Swords And Tequila/ RIOT’S Classic First Decade



Martin Popoff is a great writer who has written a ton of books about bands that normally would not have books written about them.(U.F.O/Accept & Max Webster) are three that come to mind)

Brooklyn’s  Riot would be one of these bands who came Oh so close but due to record company/management issues and a great Lead Singer Guy Speranza quitting(just as they were about to go mega) fell a little short in making it to the Big Time! Shame really as Riot had a real good run of about 4 Albums and a Ep! (1979s Narita 1981’s Fire Down Under, 1983’s Restless Breed thru 1984’s Born In America)

Say what ya want but that’s a better run of albums than many an act you do know about! Hello Poison……!

Martin always does  his due diligence on talking to pretty much members of Riot especially Riot guitarist Mark Reale  who provides all kinds of real cool stories about recording (each classic album is reviewed with track by track commentary) with other interviews with former members like Rick Ventura,Kip Lemming and Manager Steve Loeb. 

Some heat is put on Loeb in this book by the other Riot member’s for making them sign deals that were lopsided and by having missed opportunities. Loeb himself explain’s his side of the story to Martin. Even today Drummer Sandy Slavin has posted remarks about the dealings of Loeb and assistant manager Billy Arnell on  his Facebook page not necessarily by name mind you but by “Management”.

1981’s Fire Down Under should have made these guys superstars.

Riot had all the Big League Managers at the time salivating to work with them! Managers from bands like Sabbath and Q Prime(Metallica/Def Leppard) but for reasons it always fell apart for these guys amongst record label turnover and Riot themselves switching labels they just could not gather up any real momentum and when they did finally  get momentum Singer Guy Speranza got married/found God and packed it in with Rock N Roll! Also for all the accolades Riot received they were making no money this as well could wear and tear on you mentally  as well.

Riot were in a lurch but they scored in the singer search and hired Rhett Forrester and released 1983’s Restless Breed (which back than was my first Riot Purchase) but once again Riot were dropped by their record company but it didn’t deter these fella’s as by 1984 out came the Real Good Born In America and touring the arenas with KISS but the fact that Riot was on a  Canadian Disco Label didn’t do them any favours in the marketing regions of Hard Rock!

Eventually like all bands that struggle they break up and Riot did and kudos to them for struggling to survive for as long as  they did!

1988 Riot was reborn with just guitarist Reale remaining and he put out the Thundersteel album which I  had bought on Cassette tape but it did not catch on with me as I was looking for the Fire Down Under/Restless Breed/Born In America Riot and for me it wasn’t there! Full props though to Mark for never stopping…..

Riot to this day is still going and Martin does champion there cause.

I should also mention that Martin steps up with the book with pictures of the bands/record and tour adds. Stuff I have never seen before even back in the mid 80s when I was listening to these guys the first time around!  The Book also has the whole Discography of the band which is very detailed and there’s a section of submitted Riot Fan Email’s explaining the passion they have for these guy’s music! Martin even talks to the guy that played with Rhett in a band from Calgary back in the late 80s when Rhett relocated there.

Remember what I said earlier about Martin doing his due diligence in regards to this book….

Riot is one of the few bands that have had its share to tragedy as well. Rhett Forester was murdered in an attempted Car Jacking back in 1994(Atlanta) and the case was never really solved while original singer Guy Speranza passed away from cancer in 2003. Mark Reale passed away from complications from Crohns disease in 2012.

Riot though are one of those Gems of a band that may have never hit the big time but for many out there they did!

Props to Martin for writing this book! Thanks Man! Also Thanks Martin for securing and sending me a copy of this Book!

Folks do yourselves a favour and support our local Canadian Homeboy’s Martin Popoff and Brent Jensen as they are fantastic writers! Search em out and tell them Deke’s sent ya!

Riot/Fire Down Under(1981)

Brooklyn’s  Riot released in 1981 what many consider(myself included) a bonafide all time great piece of executed Hard Rock! Why this album did not catapult these guys to Fame at the time is beyond me.  At the time Riot(1981) was opening for Rush on there Moving Pictures Tour so Riot were getting the tours as well in England they were going over a storm opening for Sammy Hagar so who knows what  the problem was perhaps the Record Company politics did them in as well as management or perhaps Fire Down Under was ahead of its time.

I tend to think it was all three …. management,record company and an album ahead of its time…

The Riot dudes that created this Epic Piece Of Rock are…

Guy Speranza – vocals
Mark Reale – guitar
Rick Ventura – guitar
Kip Leming – bass
Sandy Slavin – drums

This album has all the trimmings of a Super Duper Classic around Stick It In Your Ear HQ’s! The lead singing  is superb,the music muscle shown by the Fella’s is superb as well! This album can do no wrong….Case in point just the song titles along Kick Ass!

Side one

“Swords and Tequila” (Guy Speranza, Mark Reale) – 3:15
“Fire Down Under” (Speranza, Kip Leming) – 2:34
“Feel the Same” (Rick Ventura) – 4:30
“Outlaw” (Speranza, Reale) – 4:50
“Don’t Bring Me Down” (Speranza, Reale, Leming, Ventura, Sandy Slavin) – 2:57

Side two
“Don’t Hold Back” (Speranza, Reale) – 3:15
“Altar of the King” (Speranza, Reale) – 4:46
“No Lies” (Ventura) – 4:10
“Run for Your Life” (Speranza, Reale) – 3:16
“Flashbacks” (Speranza, Reale, Leming, Ventura, Slavin) – 4:02

Swords and Tequila is a bonafide superstar opener. Swords sets the pace and features the guitar wizardy of Reale and Ventura while Speranza kicks in the doors of your local Mexican Watering Hole and lays down the law vocally  and tells us how to get through the night! Big Time Muscle is this tune! Crank the video posted!

After Guy and crew demolish the Mexican Tavern they take things even further and faster and unleash Fire Down Under that keeps the song racing and you would think the Riot train was going to come off the rails it doesn’t  though as the boy’s keep it all together. Riot ramp things up to 100 mph and guess what folks? It all makes sense!

Feel The Same just chills the vibe right out as the verses are relaxed but the chorus takes it a notch and no it’s not a power ballad but a power track that will hoof you square in your man junk regions! Slavin drums an awesome vibe here….

Ok Track four being Outlaw is soon friggin good! Guitars lead off the charge and the boys toss down another tune about another round trip to the Mexican town with more tequila being spilled and searching for missing Gold! Check out the clip of Outlaw posted!

Don’t Bring Me Down is Riot Boogie Rock that shifts gears at a quick pace. This song is classic rock with a Metal Twist. I’m breaking protocol here and dropping down a third video and for Aaron at the KMA site I posted the lyrics to  the second verse where Guy chirps the word Chump!….. watch the vid and follow the words below….

You took my car, for just one night,
Out to cruise the scene, that’s what you told me.
Now the engine’s gone, the tailpipe’s bent,
My 8-Track’s playin’, Spring-st-st-steen.
You call me a wimp, you say I’m a chump,
Well your face is bent,
And you smell like gorilla dump.
Ooooh, don’t bring me down.
Ooooh, don’t bring me down.
No, no, no.

Slavin and Kip drive this tune while the guitar bite of Reale and Ventura is so bang on its sick! It’s tunes like this that make me miss 1981! Ha! Well kinda…don’t miss my Math Mark from that year!

Side 2  opens with Don’t Hold Back and Alter OF The King which are kinda like reader HMO’S homeboys Saxon. Its two tracks of straight ahead Power Rock with a twist in the Blender of Saxon and Riot mashed up!

No Lies is another awesome track that has Drum Boy Slavin leading the charge while Guy delivers it all vocally and this tune like I have said many a time on previous reviews of albums its one of those end of album GEMS!

Run For Your Life rocks out as well and keeps the Riot Xpress going (HMO I hear old school Saxon here!)while end of the album Flashbacks is basically Riot sampling a bunch of shows with a guitar threading across the track while you hear some announcer welcoming Riot to the Hammersmith Odeon and chants from the crowd hollering Riot….Riot….Riot.. Kind of a weird end of the album Hodge Podge of sounds but whatever and give these dudes credit as they sampled there Shit back in 81! See I told you a band ahead of its time!

The first 5 songs on this album(Side 1) are pure genius and it’s just one Swift Sonic Kick to the Chin as these guys dug deep and just keep swinging with so much Piss N Vinegar that it’s a shame that this album never went mega….

Side 2 is no slouch in the material but man you cannot beat the fury of the first 5 tracks in regards to Bad Boy Boogie Power Rock…

What also must be mentioned is that Guy Speranza and Mark Reale are no longer here so R.I.P Fella’s …..

Coming up I will be reviewing Martin Popoff’s excellent book on Riot  tilted Swords And Tequlia (Riots Classic First Decade)

Watch For it….

Hip Review: Aug 5, 2016, MTS Centre, Winnipeg

About A Week Ago My Best Pal T-Bone Scored The Ticket OF A Lifetime To This Show! When He Emailed The News My Return Message Was “Awesome And Review Please!” By Golly T-Bone Delivered Folk’s! Read On & Thanks T…… For Sharing…..


The famous quote from baseball’s Yogi Berra may never be more eloquently or bravely portrayed than the performance being given by one Mr. Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip who is demonstrating to all of Canada that “It ain’t over till it’s Fuckin’ over!” (Under the circumstances I felt the F-Bomb was a justified ad lib here.) A little piece of Canada appears to be dying right before our eyes and I don’t even understand how it can be so painful and yet on some level, so beautiful. But don’t let Mr. Downie see your tears of sadness because he’s on a mission to bring one last tour of celebration and joy to an entire nation. And he is delivering like a defiant mother-fucker!

I know one word cannot sum up the powerful performance I am so grateful to have witnessed on Friday Aug 5, 2016 at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, but the one word I have that comes close is, “Wow!” I was awestruck at the magnitude of the moment and only hope my almost 50-year-old mind allows me to store this memory away forever in safe keeping. Although I cannot profess to be the biggest Hip fan in the country because there are just so many down-right serious fanatics, make no mistake I am a Fan. A proud Canadian fan. This was the fifth time I have seen them perform live (not sure I have seen any other band more) and I also have owned many of their original albums while in more recent years having downloaded most of their entire back catalogue on i-tunes. The Hip are one of those bands that transcend their music to be more than a band, more than a mere ensemble of musicians but rather rise to a level of becoming an iconic representation of the country they are obviously so proud to call home. And in return we are only too proud to call them ours. Fuck you to the rest of the world. You have no idea what you’re missing out on. (In true Canadian fashion, I apologize if my last statement offends anyone. But I hope you get my point).

Gord’s lyrics along with the bands grass roots, blue collar blend of rock, blues & country styles took on deeper meaning than usual on this night. “Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy”? I mean “Come on!” it’s only the first song and I’m already choking back some waves of emotion. But I am pounding my fist in the air, standing in my seat like I owe him at least that much. Two songs later he’s singing about Courage and schooling us on the meaning of it. This is so awesome yet emotionally difficult to watch at the same time. Around this point the first of many chants of “Gordie, Gordie, Gordie…” erupts from the crowd. Next it’s Wheat Kings and where in the country does this song carry any greater meaning than Winnipeg? And from the roars the band knows that the Wheat Kings came to rock tonight. A couple songs later and Gordie tells us he’s ‘Tired as Fuck’ and I don’t even want to pretend to know what he’s going through right now but, Wow! This is Heavy. The first set closes with a couple of new songs from ‘Man Machine Poem’, “What Blue” and “In a World Possessed by the Human Mind” which sound fantastic live. This night is just so damn powerful to this point that I am already running out of words and phrases to express how amazing I feel this performance is. By the first brief intermission I am somewhat relieved for the opportunity to take a break from the emotional roller coaster. It is at this point I want to make one thing perfectly clear, because reading back over what I’ve written thus far one might think I’m describing a weak, frail, dying man that can barely perform. This could not be further from the truth. I know Gord Downie is very sick and as a result likely weakened from treatments and he is somewhat visibly frail but this man is leaving it all on the ice here. His voice is fantastic, his usual quirky signature stage moves are at times dramatic and humourous at others as we’ve grown to expect. During his time on stage he never stops moving. And his will to deliver the best show possible under the circumstances is just down right inspirational.

Another thing I should point out. Although I am obviously very hung up on Gord’s performance due to his present situation. Let it be known that the importance and gravity of the moment are not lost on the other members of the band who are equally important and impressive in delivering on this night. Let’s face it, this has to be difficult for them as well and they all play with hearts firmly on sleeves while pouring everything they’ve got into their playing which is perfect in tempo, synchronicity and groove this is a group of well-seasoned individual musicians who collectively are a powerful force especially in a live setting. Johnny Fay and Gord Sinclair are the foundation and engine that drives each song, while lead guitarist Rob Baker tastefully colours between the lines of the grooving rhythm laid down by Paul Langlois. These guys don’t play like it’s a job, they play like they love it and they mean it. They know what’s at stake and they will not disappoint.

I cannot go throught the entire set list song by song or I will end up repeating myself at nauseam, so instead highlights for me during what I will refer to as the second set are “Man-Machine-Poem”, “Poets”, “Bobcaygeon” and then following Phantom Power’s “Membership” there is another pseudo-intermission where Gord leaves the stage briefly (Wardrobe change) and the rest of the band remains to jam in his absence.

Following this break Gord re-joins the band for what is a mini ‘Road Apples’ set which begins with “Last of the Unplucked Gems”, “Little Bones” and “The Luxury”. Then during “Long Time Running” (One of my all-time favourites) I scared half the audience around me as I belted this one out as loud as I could as if I wanted Gordie himself to hear me. This set then closes with yet another ‘Road Apples’ classic “Twist My Arm”.

At this point all of the band with the exception of Gord (Downie) exit the rear of the stage and he remains alone under a spotlight, does not say a word but slowly and deliberately walks about all four sides of the stage, saluting the crowd and doing his very best it seems to try and make eye-contact and give a personal good-bye to all 16,000+ in attendance. The roar of the crowd during this whole time which felt like it lasted at least 10 minutes just progressively got louder and the weight of emotion in the building became almost unbearable. At this point I only stopped my aggressive clapping momentarily from time to time to wipe my eyes because at this point I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t care who can see… I am moved to tears.

When Gord finally did exit the stage there was no doubt this crowd wasn’t letting these guys go anywhere. Another chant of “Gordie, Gordie, Gordie…” (probably the fifth so far on the night to this point) roars through the rafters. And yes, I am yelling my fool-ass-off as well.

The crowd continues to roar but even if you weren’t looking you knew the band was climbing back on-stage as the roar finds yet another gear. This place is cooking! “Boots or Hearts”, “Opiated” and a little ditty no-one has probably ever heard of (something about New Orleans sinking) are played and the energy level remains at full fever pitch. Just before exiting the stage from this encore set Gord embraces each member of the band individually making meaningful eye contact with each of his long-time mates and has some words for them which from my vantage point looks like a “This is our last time in Winnipeg” moment. The band waves, the crowd roars and the boys exit the stage yet again.

More chants “Gordie, Gordie, Gordie …” The Peg knows this is it and they aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet and even if the fat lady was singing, you wouldn’t have been able to hear her. “What do ya say boys. Let’s give the ol’ Wheat Kings a couple more for ol’ time sake?” And so they do….

“Springtime in Vienna” and an emotional finale of “Ahead by a Century” where the line “The disappointing you’s getting me down” is powerfully repeated many times by Gordie as if to say “I’m sorry, I didn’t plan it this way”. Cymbal crash, Deafening Roar, Waves, Salutes, Emotion … and then ‘goodbye’ … Over!

“Wow!” As I said before it’s the only word I have.


Set 1:

At the Hundredth Meridian

Pigeon Camera

Courage (for Hugh MacLennan)

Wheat Kings


Tired as Fuck

What Blue

In a World Possessed by the Human Mind

Intermission :

Set 2:

Streets Ahead

The Lookahead

Man Machine Poem

At Transformation

Escape Is at Hand for the Travellin’ Man




Intermission :

Set 3:

The Last of the Unplucked Gems

Little Bones

The Luxury

Long Time Running

Twist My Arm

Encore 1:

Boots or Hearts


New Orleans Is Sinking

Encore 2:

Springtime in Vienna

Ahead by a Century

Georgia Satallites/In The Land OF Salvation And Sin(1989)


Plain and Simple these guys Kicked Ass! Only about a year later after this album was released The Satellites called it a day but Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Dan Baird released in 1992 the classic Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired but that’s getting ahead of ourselves….

Back in 1989 though the Boys along with Baird/ Rick Richards(guitar) Rick Price(bass) and Mauro Magallen(drums) released this Fantastic Slab Of Southern Fried Rock served with a shot of Jack Daniels with a swift kick up the backside!

When it comes to these Satellite’s people always talk about the self titled debut from 1986 that featured the enormous selling single Keep Your Hands To Yourself.

Fair enough that’s what got these guys on the Musical Map and back in Hair Metal 86 with all of your Talk Dirty like tunes mixing it up with the Carrie singles of the world come these Red Neck Rockers wearing Levi Strauss clothes/Greasy hair/Riding around in the back of pick up truck’s and Loud guitars  breathing  Smokey Fresh Air in a genre that’s polluted with Crap Rock. These fella’s show up on the door step,kick the door off the hinges and toss a party!

1988’s Open All Night had some real good tracks like Sheila,Dunk N Dine, and the title track but lost a little steam but that problem was fixed when these boys put out Salvation And Sin!

Salvation And Sin is 14 Tracks Of Blitzing Rock….

1 I Dunno 3:10
2 Bottle O’ Tears 3:52
3 All Over But The Cryin’ 5:11
4 Shake That Thing 5:12
5 Six Years Gone 3:09
6 Games People Play
Written-By – Joe South
7 Another Chance 4:33
8 Bring Down The Hammer 4:23
9 Slaughterhouse
Written-By – Rick Richards
10 Stellazine Blues 4:11
11 Sweet Blue Midnight 6:26
12 Days Gone By 3:34
13 Crazy
Written-By – Gina Webb
14 Dan Takes Five

I Dunno blasts off at rocket speed and Dan being the main songwriter writes wicked tales of the Good and Bad side of relationships as I Dunno is just that! Richards blasts a quick lightening bolt of a solo and Good Times/ Bad Times /I Dunno/Just Pick Up The Dice And Baby Let It Roll sings Dan! Yee F’n Haw!

Bottle O’ Tears is a great tune that features the ying and yang of vocal play between Richards and Baird! This song oozes Cool! Too get a good feel of this Georgia Fried satellite tune I posted a live clip from 1989 speaking of which I reviewed these guys when they showed up to Tbay (Dec 1989) and basically took mine and Tbones hearing and obliterated it! Fantastic Show  ….Anyhoo enjoy the vid and check out Rick Richards mic stand instead of guitar pics he has 3 smokes taped to his mic stand! That’s Rock N Roll Swagger!

Baird can write cool lost love ballads like All Over But The Cryin that doesn’t lag and that’s thanks to Mauro’s drumming as he pushes it out of any chance of  bordering on wimpy!

Another strong feature of the Satellites is that when they cover tunes like Games People Play they make it sound their own which is a plus for these guys. Bassist Price handles the lead vocals on this track while Richards plays some wicked cool slide geetar action!

The party can’t always be rocking Another Chance features acoustic and mandolins guitars while each guy in the Satellites takes a line(not that kinda line!) vocally and it shows that these guys can shift gears at a moments notice!

SlaughterHouse is an under 3 minute Blitz of guitar riff action that features Richards doing double duty both singing and playing the slide rock guitar action…..

As you all know by now how I dig end of the album Gems well let’s give a shout out to the last track on the album Dan Takes Five which barrels out of the gate with a heavy like an AC/DC opening barrage of guitars and drums and this song is just is so good and for Dan its therapeutic  as it’s basically him writing about himself going through his divorce….I posted the lyrics below talk about autobiographical but delivered with a SledgeHammer! Watch…I mean Crank the vid!

“Dan Takes Five”

Stuffed my heart in a bag slammed the back door
if I get home it’d be a home no more
took off runnin in the middle of the night
I was aimed for anything that felt half right
look out baby I’m gone a little ride
I see my name written on the center line
moon looks good air is cool
every bone been broken in the Golden Rule

Well I’m flyin through Dothan with radio
Taylor’s Ole Time Opry’s playin Hank Snow
sing’s my nightmares in his song
I say I’m with ya man I’m just movin on
look out baby your wish came true
you got your freedom the house and the whole F.U
I got the thangs that I need
I took the car my pride and three pairs of jeans

My brain is bleedin got nails in my spine
but I ain’t gonna stop ‘fore that empty line
radio’s fadin road’s like a snake
it’s two in the mornin’ and I’m wide awake
look out baby Gates of Eden got closed
but New Orlean’s open see the pretty lights glow
I’m goin in to get myself lost and found
it didn’t take too __damn long to tear a good thing down

It may not be ideal
but at least we’re not running at the mouth
I-10 to San Antone
woke up and went south
fleeced at the border
for thirty five and some change
but that’s a small price to pay
runnin from the pain
look out baby I’m gone a little ride
there’s a brush fire on the highway
gonna burn both side
wish I could throw our sins
in the flame and smoke
I’ll call you up if and when I reach hope

Wowzers what a way to end this album! From I Dunno to Dan Takes Five and everything  in between this album Smokes!

Cool Vs Gah! Round 5..Y&T….

Well Folks this is gonna be my last Cool Vs Gah! for a while. Thanks for coming along. Next week it’s back to my Babbling Reviews…..Lot’s of neat reviews of Bands coming up and maybe a Book or 2 Review tossed in for Good Measure…..(Cue Mr Books)

Meanstreak VS Contagious

Lotta people love these guys and fair enough as I dig at certain times their stuff as well…

The albums Black Tiger(1982)/Meanstreak(1983) and to a  certain degree In Rock We Trust (1984)  were very good rock records.

For me though albums like Down For The Count (1986) were just pieces of Fabricated gum ball alley cheese rock and it’s no surprise i totally lambasted poor Tbone and another friend of ours Jack Loaf for buying this…

I demolished Down For The Count but it’s funny though as fellow Bloggers Jompa and Destroyer of Harmony  dig Down For The Count still to this day  and fair enough……

Y&T Meanstreak Dudes…..

Dave Meniketti – vocals, guitar
Joey Alves – guitar, vocals
Phil Kennemore – bass, vocals
Leonard Haze – drums, vocals

Meanstreak is a fucking good track! Opening powerful riffage leads the assault  and it’s one of the best toons every written about a chic with a Meanstreak! Check out the lyrics and the video (cannot beat these Metal videos from 83-84) below..So true …hahaha

Overtime everyday of the week still the house ain’t big enough,
Spend your money so fast that you never see the green,
Big, better, best tell me where does it end,
Keeping up with the Joneses is tough
Better open your eyes boy, she just wanna buy buy buy,
Better wake up boy, I’ll tell you why

She’s got a mean streak,
But you love her so much you don’t want to see her mean streak,
Everybody knows she’s got you on a leash, mean streak,
Well she’ll laugh in your face, but your kissing her feet,
Your never good enough in the eyes of a woman with a mean streak

Every time that I look at you boy, I can see your a nervous wreck,
You try to hard to give her every little thing,
Big car, big pool, big house heart attack,
You better bend, or your gonna break
How far does it take you,
She just wanna buy buy buy,

She’s gonna break you, I’ll tell you why
It could be different now, if she thought you’d say goodbye,
But your too weak to try,
Things won’t change, till you open up your eyes,
How could you be so blind

Y&T man these guys with songs like that could not catch break here in North America so by 1987 one of the biggest bands around at the time Bon Jovi must have played with Y&T’s Musical Noggin so much so that they wrote and named an album after the song Contagious..

Contagious really for all intent and purposes  is not a bad track and out of these Cool Vs Gah deals this one I don’t mind when I’m in the syrupy hooky world of Jovi that is….

Check out the video of Contagious below as it features the lyrics with the song! Go ahead BMellis sing along! Do it!

The production is late 80s Hey America We Need A Hit Like…Stat! Like I said this isn’t a total Gah! Tune at times I can cut these guys some slack as i hammered pretty hard on that Down For The Count review but …..

I will say that guitarist Dave Meneketti’s voice still sounds real good in 2016 as it did in 1983! That’s saying something as I was gonna post a Live Clip  of Contagious from this year but I wanted you all to hear this late 80s Gloss…..




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