Traveling Wilburys: Vol 1(1988)

How about this Supergroup calling themselves the Traveling Wilburys featuring 5 Wilbury Brothers who go by the names of Nelson/Lefty/Otis/Charlie T and Lucky.

Or was we know them ….George Harrison/Jeff Lynne/Bob Dylan/Roy Orbison/Tom Petty.

Seriously some heavy hitters in the music biz listed above folk’s!

October 1988 out comes leadoff single Handle With Care and man this song hooked me as I was buying up everything not just Metal but if it was a good song so what the Genre was…

Mind you I thought the George Harrison album Cloud Nine was pretty decent and George was on top literally with Cloud Nine with When We Was Fab which was great song with a pretty slick video to go along with it . So when the Wiburys hit the retail shelves in 88 this was a no brainer pickup.

Vol 1 is 10 tracks featuring just straight ahead easy rock. Nothing calculated. Just soundS like 5 friends getting together and kicking out some mellow jams!

One of the interesting tracks is Tweeter &The Monkey Man  written by Dylan but submitted and credited to all the Wilburys. You gotta love this track as through all the mellowness it’s a tune about Cocaine/Hash/Dirty Cop and a sister named Jan!


Ghost: Ceremony and Devotion(Live)-2017


What a brilliant marketing move by Ghost as just last week (Dec 6th) Ghost announce’s that  they were going to  releasing a Live album in January 2018 and then BAM!! Two days later (Dec 8th) Ceremony and Devotion is released to streaming sites and iTunes.

Fooling everyone!

You gotta hand to Ghost founder Tobias Forge on how to shake things up and in this day and age surprise the Shit out of everyone and make yourself known and heard  about a new release! Great move!

Fret not Physical Product Lovers(HMO & Ladano) as Ghost will be making Ceremony and Devotion available in the stores (January 18/ 2018!) on  Double Vinyl/CD/Cassette and 8 track!

Yup you read that right! Cassette and 8 track! All the bases are covered for your listening pleasure!

Speaking of cassette tapes. Let’s rewind back a little bit!

My brother Todd was telling me  earlier this year about how great Ghost was as they were the announced opener on the Iron Maiden tour in which we had tickets to see…

I tried watching a couple of You Tube clips of Ghost and I found the whole crazy Satanic like  Church vibe a little much but Todd kept saying check it out in which I didn’t (haha)


We seen the Maiden show and Ghost that night in Minneapolis made me a fan by their stage  presentation and there musical chops as well as how well the songs were crafted! They won me over that night I mean the band behind Tobias or well his stage name of Papa Emeritus 0 and his backing band calling themselves the Nameless Ghouls (with their identities concealed) performed and played to perfection almost like a Broadway Production delivered at High Volume!

So once I came across this new release on  Friday and seen this was available it was a click quick and it’s my first purchase of Ghost and what better way as I do love the live album! (recorded in the U.S.A)

Ceremony and Devotion from opener Square Hammer where as the listener you can hear the stage explosions as Papa makes his appearance and starts singing is almost a throwback to the Alive album by KISS where you hear the explosions throughout the album.

Speaking of KISS. Ghost just like Simmons and Company after 3 studio albums release the Double Live Album kinda of interesting and a slick move you ask me! Perhaps following the KISS formula?

The songs here have a little more crunch live than what I have heard on the studio side of things. Love it when that Keytar kicks in during various tracks and make no mistake this band made of the Ghouls can play. Talented Ghouls you could say!

I won’t pretend to be the biggest fan of these guys but tracks like Mummy Dust/Absolution/Year Zero are well crafted tracks and for me though its Cirice which is the money shot! Cirice is an awesome track. I just love how the song mellows out and all you hear is Papa and the keys and then it ramps back up. That is the standout track for me back when I seen them live and on this release as well! 

15 tracks are here for your listening pleasure! Well played and delivered with that Live Feel!

Thanks to Todd for getting me into this band as it takes something real good at this point in time to make me want to branch out and check out new rock! Funny thing as  I have mentioned in some of my reviews that people need to listen with their ears and not look with their eyes when judging a band whether old or new. Ghost was the band that made me practice what I preach!

Get This!


Impact Albums: KISS Alive(1975)

Hey Folk’s! To keep things interesting round these parts I have decided to start a new series called “Impact Albums” in which I will discuss how an album by an artist/group has resonated with me through years and in some instances decades! Some of these albums I have reviewed but have decided to redo and rewrite them from a different angle.  Course when I started this Blog over Three and a half Years ago I was posting like a lunatic and now over time when I reread some of them it’s like “damn I should have said this in my review” Well here we go….

Well believe it or not I have not reviewed KISS Alive! Todays the day Kid’s!

Now I have made it no secret through various blogs that Alive in the KISSTORY of all recorded material is in both my Favourite KISS Live album category and it also lies in my Top 3 all time Favourite KISS Studio album’s category!

As we all know KISS redid and did a fabulous job at basically recording the whole thing in the studio(insert live audience). From what I’m lead to believe is  just Peter Criss’s drums were pretty much the only thing Live! Going on memory here folks with that little tidbit!

Guess what….I Don’t Care! 

ALIVE entered my world when I was 11(1978) to be exact and KISS has been part of my listening habits for almost 4 decades!( HOLY Shit!) While Demon and Starchild are still out there donning the grease paint and emptying thousands of wallets worldwide (at times mine as well) with a couple of Hired Guns filling the roles  of The Cat and The Spaceman there really seems no end in sight with these guys…


In 1978 well into 1979 KISS ruled supreme. My addiction began on rock mags buying up anything with KISS on the cover which went straight to the bedroom walls and God Bless my Sunday Church going Parents who never once told me to turn down the stereo once they realized I went bonkers for four dudes wearing makeup and once of them wearing kabuki like makeup and spitting fire and dripping blood from his yap!

Alive though from opener Deuce to end of album closer Let Me Go Rock N Roll deliver a quicker heavier tempo than the three studio albums (Self Titled Debut/Hotter Than Hell/Dressed To Kill) could  muster up! KISS Alive is KISS at its best! At the time of its release KISS was floundering. Album sales were nil but touring was there forte and by doing so they broke through and Alive kicked down the door’s and viola KISS was a household name!

Alive and of course ALIVE 2 were the first ever two live albums I had heard and of course they came with a Peter Criss( “On the drums!”says  Stanley) and Ace Frehley guitar solo! Something which fried my mind back than as I had no idea anyone did this until Neil Peart entered my world and had heard his drum solo for the first time and well I will leave it at that!

Alive featured rip-roaring songs which have of course become staples in their sets still like Duece/Rock N Roll All Night/Strutter. But for me it was those tracks basically Side’s 2 and 3 of Alive that I find the best. Nothin To Lose/C’mon And Love Me/Parasite/She make up Side 2 and it’s just Kiss getting down to business with little in the effect of Stanley stage raps(that’s to come) but man KISS are on fire as Gene Simmons takes the Frehley written Parasite over and Kiss slays this version while Gene goes right into the Street Hooker rock of She complete with the Space Ace solo workout……(speaking of which Ace’s solo on Hotter Than Hell is that indeed)

Not to be outdone. Side 3 of ALIVE with Watchin You/100,000 Years/Black Diamond has KISS stretching their musical muscle. Watchin You is a great track another Gene tune if  we are keeping score! 100,000 Years complete with Petey on the drum soloing and Paul yammering at the crowd about being ‘high” and the bad ass dude stuff that emulates itself through a frontman’s mic keeps the party going that night in Detroit or ummm the studio or wherever it was!

Black Diamond features Pete on the lead vocal( who sounds vocally  like Rod Stewart going straight into the depths of hell but make no mistake Pete had a good voice when the other two dudes would allow Criss to sing.) Black Diamond features that crazy ass long ending where there playing those power chords and letting them ring out and you hear pyro blasts.  Geezus hit the deck folks were under attack!

Must also mention Rock Bottom as well which is another track that is a KISS fav of mine. Too bad its been in the KISS song Graveyard more often than not but it’s another stellar track!

Still love this album to this day! The cover is KISS Live. Smart move as it’s a classic live shot (done at a sound check or so I believe) but it didn’t matter it got its point across and when I last seen KISS live (2003) the T-shirt I bought at the show  has the KISS Alive cover! Smart move fella’s!

How many times has DEke’S been ALIVE? 

Purchased on vinyl (1978) CD(1989)# also have it as part of KISS LIVE 1975-2000 4 CD set(2006) and finally bought this back on vinyl in 2016!

I’m Nuts…..!

#-the CD version I purchased on 1989 was atrocious! The suits and ties at the record label basically dubbed the vinyl straight to CD. It was a huge disappointment(audio was distorted in spots especially on C’mon And Love Me)  and I felt totally ripped off! Much greater improvement  when It was added to the KISS Live 75-2000 Set…


Impact Albums: Judas Priest-Point of Entry(1981)

Hey Folk’s! To keep things interesting round these parts I have decided to start a new series called “Impact Albums” in which I will discuss how an album by an artist/group has resonated with me through years and in some instances decades! Some of these albums I have reviewed but have decided to redo and rewrite them from a different angle.  Course when I started this Blog over Three and a half Years ago I was posting like a lunatic and now over time when I reread some of them it’s like “damn I should have said this in my review” Well here we go….

Summer of 1981 and as per the family protocol we would go camping for a few weeks every summer to a campground called “Sibley Provincial Park’ about an hours drive away from Thunder Bay. Basically there was nothing around  the park as once you were there you were there to stay as my parents would bring enough food/propane/you name it to make us last out there.

Isolated I suppose is the word I’m looking for!

For myself it was loading up on a ton of batteries to make sure my trusty Walkman would survive the ordeal! Vinyl was my deal but knowing I was going to be away from my record collection for two weeks I had to get something new and with that months allowance it came in the form of a cassette copy of Judas Priests “Point of Entry’.

At home I had  Unleashed In The East  the live album from Priest which I had purchased shortly after Priest’s no-show opening for KISS back in October of 1979.

For some goofy reason I never bought 1980’s British Steel until about 5 years after its initial release! Who knows what I was thinking! Clearly I was not thinking but come Summer of 1981 I needed new rock and Point of Entry was going to make or break my two weeks of isolation away from the comfy confines of my home!

Point of Entry was Priest dabbling with a commercial hard rock like sound. It’s basically an exact left turn from the pure Metal Live Sound of 79’s Unleashed!

Songs such as Heading Out To The Highway/Desert Plains perhaps could be classified as Classic Priest of yesteryear but it was songs like Don’t Go/You Say Yes/Hot Rockin/Solar Angels and my personal favourite Turning Circles simplified a change in direction perhaps a more modern rock sound with a tinge of perhaps what was going on in the early 80’s. The production is a fine mix of raw and polish. All of Point of Entry in my book is awesome!

For the hardcore Priest Fan Point of Entry might be the blip on the Metal Radar of Priest as they really ramped up some heaviness on 1982’s brilliant Screaming For Vengeance.  I love Screaming as it could and may be at one point another written post about it by itself but for me if you ask me on any day of the week what my favourite Priest album is it could be Point of Entry or Screaming For Vengeance! Perhaps a coin toss is in order?!

DEke’s Various  Points of Entry through the Decades..

I originally purchased P.O.E on Cassette Summer of 1981. Purchased on vinyl early 1983. Followed that buying it on CD around 1990 or so and finally reacquiring it as a reissue on Vinyl November 2017!

Bon:The Last Highway:The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DC’S Back In Black by Jesse Fink


You have to hand it to book writers like Jesse Fink,Greg Renoff and James Campion.

These three writers have each written classic books on bands that I grew up listening too and still listen to today!

Campion wrote the excellent Shout It Out Loud: The Making of KISS Destroyer while Renoff wrote the superb book on the early years of Van Halen titled Van Halen Rising, 

I liked the fact that both Campion and Renoff stuck to a certain era in regards to their books. James with just the KISS Destroyer album and Greg with early Van Halen.( nothing past 1978 in the Halen book) Greg and James did their homework folks as James interviewed KISS producer Bob Ezrin and the various studio people such as engineers involved with the making of Destroyer while Greg interviewed former Halen Bassist Micheal Anthony VH producer Ted Templeman and former VH lighting dude and Picasso Brother Pete Angelus.  

These two books(KISS and VH)  are worth your time to read!

A third book that should be included and is a mind blower of a read is   Bon Scott:The Last Highway: The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DC’s Back In Black by Jesse Fink.

We all know about Scott’s death back in February of 1980 due to choking on  his own vomit or is there more to it than that?

When you get Phil Carson(Atlantic Records President) and Tony Platt(Engineer on Highway To Hell) Mark Evans(Ex AC/DC Bass Player) giving this book glowing reviews we must be on to something here!

Jesse right at the start of the book says don’t be shocked to read about Bon doing all kinds of recreational drugs along with Alcohol being the big one but add cocaine and heroin to that list as well!

Fink does his homework here as this book chronicles the last three and half years of Bon’s life basically as the band began making inroads into the United States!

Fink interviews people at the very first AC/DC show Stateside back in the Summer of 1977 in Texas when AC/DC opened shows for Canadian band Moxy( whose singer Buzz Sherman(RIP) was considered for the frontman role in AC/DC after Scott’s passing) who Jesse interviewed as well for this book!

Fink talks to many people in this book as in the bands that AC/DC opened for like Sammy Hagar/Molly Hatchet/UFO/Cheap Trick/KISS/Foreigner/Alice Cooper. Interviews with Bon’s ex girlfriends/ex band mates/friends acquaintances etc! Jesse traveled  to these places to meet the woman in Bon’s life decades ago some living and one has passed on after the interview for this book.

Its crazy the wall that AC/DC puts up against people who want to interview the band etc as Fink tried and actually did get in contact with the band as Drummer Phil Rudd was going to be interviewed. But at the last-minute Rudd changed his mind that even Rudd’s lawyer didn’t know why. Fink is  thinking the organization of AC/DC had something to do with it. I agree with him.

I can’t emphasize how great a read this is. Its one of those books you cannot put down. Once your into these pages you really get an understanding that Bon was an outsider to the band he was in.

Basically Malcolm and even with the other guys in AC/DC were not close with Bon at all which kinda surprised but didn’t when you realize Bon filled up his down time with woman and booze.

I don’t want to give away to many details about this book as Fink throughly covers the timeline of Bon’s last 24 hours alive and interviews former U.F.O  members Pete Way and Paul Chapman who both admit to doing smack (early 80’s) and the known Dealer that was an acquaintance to them and  Bon as well.

Jesse than shifts gears and talks about the supposed lyric book that Bon had written lyrics for Back In Black that mysteriously disappeared when Bon Passed.

It’s no secret that all of us AC/DC fans have talked about the lyrics taking a dip after Back In Black and especially after 1981’s For Those About To Rock. Not that they were bad it’s just that flare that Bon had for writing lyrics was gone and the point Fink makes about the line in You Shook Me All Night Long about ‘Knocking Me Out With Those American Thighs’ was line Bon used in regards to his American girlfriends as far back as 1976!. Hmmmm. More food for thought!

Ask Doug Thaler(Ex Motley Crue Manager) his thoughts on the lyrics to You Shook Me All Night Long!

Jesse has a section where he has Angus telling different stories in regards to the lyrics on Back In Black with actual credit quotes and sources from interviews that Angus and company had conducted over the years. Interesting…..

I could go on with numerous stories but I  don’t wan to ruin it for you if you’re a  fan of this band. Do seek this book out! It’s available everywhere. Tons of info, different scenarios,confusion and whose telling the truth about Scott’s death?

Since AC/DC always decides to shut everyone out of their business which  fair enough it’s their deal and such . It’s good to read about a Singer that put them on the map and whose death is still felt by many decades later!

One of the best Books out there…. Jesse writes a story that needed to be told and makes you wonder what actually went down!

Get it….

Here’s my own theory…Bon Scott passes away in February of 1980.  AC/DC hire Brian Johnson. Write and Record Back In Black(supposedly). AC/DC than ends up playing my hometown of Thunder Bay Ontario Canada in July of 1980 on their Canadian Tour! All this takes place in 5 months!

I’m thinking after I read Jesse’s book that the Back In Black album was completely done and Johnson and the Young brothers tweaked a few things in regards to the lyrics as the music was fully recorded and Johnson just had to sing the songs. Fink interviews someone who was asked to audition but turned it down but what they reveal makes you think about it!

Just Saying…..



#616: None of My Exes Live in Texas (But One Lives in Thunder Bay) —

Hey Folk’s Check out my pal Mikey Ladano’s post about the place Deke’s call home…….

GETTING MORE TALE #616: None of My Exes Live in Texas (But One Lives in Thunder Bay) “You’re going to meet a lot of girls here.” — The Boss, at The Record Store, summer 1994. Here’s the sad fact of the matter. Even though it was promised to me like some kind of perk, I […]

via #616: None of My Exes Live in Texas (But One Lives in Thunder Bay) —

Black Sabbath-The End: Live In Birmingham(2017)


So Black Sabbath has closed up shop and you know what? I kinda believe them as Ozzy is out there back doing his solo thing and it sounds like that’s going to  take up the next few years anyways BUT with any artist saying they are retiring could be a big bunch of B.S!

Time will Time…

Ozzy along with Tony Iommi/Geezer Butler / Tommy Clufetos and Adam Wakeman have documented their last ever show together as Sabbath this past February back where it all started. (Birmingham  England)

The End album is the end result from Sabbath which is a 17 song set that entails basically the bands whole Ozzy fronted  career.

From opening track Black Sabbath right through to the last  tune Paranoid and all points in between the Sabs lay down that doom n gloom stomp like hammer to the head that these guys are known for!

Course there is the obvious tracks like War Pigs/N.I.B/Children of the Grave and Fairies Wear Boots ( love the drumming by Tommy on this track)

The Ol Buzzards though play some cool different tracks like Hand of Doom/Dirty Woman/Behind The Wall of Sleep and a cool version of Under The Sun/Everyday Comes and Goes.

The standout track for me on all of this is After Forever. I always loved how they fused those Happy like riffs that begin on a track and within a millisecond were all onboard the bus driven by Ozzy going straight to HELL! The verses on this song are so wicked and I just the love the groove … Hey BMellis! Put your toast and coffee down and crank this as the video is posted at the top! Update: they yanked the video  in its place is War Pigs

The musicianship on The End is brilliant. The production is left a little raw so kudos to the boys for not polishing it up in the studio! Iommi plays likes there’s no tomorrow while Butlers bass is jacked up on this album and him and Iommi more than once lock into those dual like Bass/Guitar riffs and all bets are off!

At some  points on this album you can hear Wakeman adding some rhythm guitar behind Iommi’s brilliant solo’s of doom which is alright and at least they credit him as such!

Clufetos drumming is excellent as well.  I know people are going to go no Bill Ward blah blah blah. I get it but it is what it is. You want Sabbath or no Sabbath.

Sure Bill is missed and I totally enjoyed his drumming once I dug deep into the Sabbath catalogue and reviewed those 8 Bill driven albums before the whole Vancouver debacle of a Ozzy no-show back in March 2016! The song Never Say Die from said album is one of my fav Ward drumming tracks as Bill swings it like a jazz drummer trying to kick down  the Gates of Hell!

Ozzy well ,is he singing live or did the studio Wizard do his magic? Dunno and quite frankly at this stage of the game who cares! I do like the fact that Ozzy isn’t cussing his brains out like he did on live albums like his solo Live And Loud double release  from 92 where after each verse it was a ‘go F’ing crazy’ over and over. If  you are there live  its a hoot. To own a copy of it gets tiring   after a while….

Still though Ozzman sounds vocally good here! And whether its live or Memorex (HA! Been wanting to use that line for months now! Anyone remember?) It’s just great to hear some loud Sabbath Rock!

Overall this is a great live album and when it was released back on November 17th it came out the same day as the mighty Iron Maidens  Live Chapter!

Now how’s that for a couple of heavyweight releases!

Get This!


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