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Stream Dream: Yes-90125 (1983)

Starting a new series here folk’s called Stream Dream. The deal with this will be since  I have joined Apple Music and as everyone streams music now I thought why the heck not since my vinyl collection has taken off I thought I would smash out some quick to the point reviews nothing in great detail and post about some albums that have come out past and present that for some reason that I haven’t reviewed yet or I never bothered to purchase back in the day. Ok, the day is actually as far back as 1978!

Here we go. Hope you all dig this…

YES, it is! 

After reading about YES in the latest issue of Rock Candy I thought perhaps it was time to do a deep dive into the “90125” record. 

“90125” (which is the band’s catalog number on this album) came out in November 1983. 

The leadoff single “Owner of a Lonely Heart” has one of the best opening riffs of a rock tune ever. Guitarist and principal songwriter Trevor Rabin nails one of the catchiest licks on the six-string ever.

YES for many like myself came onto my radar with this tune as MuchMusic had the video on high rotation and whenever it came on I watched it and as I said that opening Rabin riff just draws you in.

Hook, Line, and Sinker!

YES, and bands like Deep Purple (who would release the brilliant “Perfect Strangers” around the same time as the YES record)) were viewed as ‘old farts’ back in 1984

Kinda funny as both bands are still going in 2021 but back in those days of the early 80s bands that came from the 70s, they had to adapt to the sounds and technology of what the sounds of the 80s were becoming.

YES was one of those bands and this album exemplifies that change.

Change is good and in these guys’ case, it was as it sounds like YES was on life support as original ax guy Steve Howe was in supergroup Asia for a time until that band disintegrated around this time.

1. Owner of a Lonely Heart (4:27)
2. Hold On (5:15)
3. It Can Happen (5:39)
4. Changes (6:16)
5. Cinema (2:09)
6. Leave It (4:10)
7. Our Song (4:16)
8. City of Love (4:48)
9. Hearts (7:34)

Total Time 44:34

– Jon Anderson / lead vocals
– Trevor Rabin / guitars, keyboards, vocals
– Tony Kaye / keyboards
– Chris Squire/bass, vocals
– Alan White/drums, percussion, Fairlight CMI, vocals.

“Owner of a Lonely Heart” is the song that everyone knows but check out “Hold On” as Rabin and White lock-in with some cool like prog blues I guess you could say that they shift gears musically.

 Another surprise to me was the fact that in most of the tunes has Jon Anderson co-sharing the mic with Rabin and Squire. 

“Cinema” is a 2-minute musical prog rock out that earned these guys a Grammy back in 84 whereas “City of Love” I would have to say is one of those End of the Album Gems. Such a great track. Big power riffs, offbeat drums, and a chorus that just lifts off. 

When I would think of this band the first thing that comes to my mind is proggy but if you look at the number of tunes on this album (9) and the length of the album as a whole (44 minutes) YES I suppose they might as well figure to strip back the length of tunes and settle on a more commercial like vibe.

Trevor Rabin is the key to this album as his guitar has an edge to the use of the keyboards and programming going on around him.

It worked. This is a great album. Give it a spin or a stream!

deKe’s Stream A Rater- 7.5/10








Rock Candy Magazine: Dec 2020/January 2021 Issue

I have not done a “Rock Candy Magazine” review in a bit. As you already know I’m a huge fan of this magazine as it features a bunch of those brilliant Kerrang writers from the ’80s.

Since I have a tie-in with a review coming up that is featured in this issue I thought “Oh what the hell”.

Who that band or artist you ask?  Well, you will have to wait a few days to find out. How’s that for a cheap plug! 

Rock Candy is up to Issue 23 now (Yup I have all 23) and as always the writers have stepped up.

By checking out the cover above you can see all the musical goodies that are inside.

First of all, is a 10-page tribute to Eddie Van Halen which is very well done. 

“Yes” is the main focal point here and it’s a great read as there are new interviews with Trevor Rabin and Jon Anderson on the making of the mega-selling “901025” release back in 1984.

Pretty cool interview with Snake Sabo from Skid Row as he talks about recording the brilliant “Slave To The Grind” release. In what will come as no surprise to anyone they were having trouble with Bach already. lol

Rick Allen from Def Leppard discusses quite openly what he went through on that night of his accident and the amazing perseverance he went through to get back into the studio to finish Hysteria.

Look at that pic above it’s Ladano’s fav Bible Belters Stryper in which Micheal Sweet talks about the success and hassles of being well…Stryper!

Now the Award for best picture (see below) in this issue of Rock Candy goes to! Drum roll, please! 

Bam! That my friends is the one and only Pat Benetar! Wowzers what a great-looking woman and R.C take an in-depth look at all the shit and hassle Pat took in the late 70’s and early 80’s on getting her music out there in a male-dominated business!

Pat had to deal with a lot of creeps but guitarist Neil Giraldo as we all know together had a bunch of great selling albums and huge singles during the roaring ’80s.

Something I didn’t know is that Giraldo played lead guitar on Rick Springfields “Working Glass Dog”. Yup, that’s Neil on “Jessie’s Girl”.

Rock Candy never disappoints as they always make each issue interesting and #23 is no exception!

Stream Dream: RAINBOW-Bent Out of Shape (1983)


Starting a new series here folk’s called Stream Dream. The deal with this will be since  I have joined Apple Music and as everyone streams music  I thought why the heck not since my vinyl collection has taken off. I thought I would smash out some quick to the point reviews nothing in great detail and post about some albums that have come out past and present that for some reason that I haven’t reviewed yet or I never bothered to purchase back in the day. Ok, the day is actually as far back as 1978!

Here we go. Hope you all dig this…

“Rainbow” came on my radar back in 1982 with the excellent “Straight Behind The Eyes” release that had Ritchie Blackmore(guitar) and Joe Lynn Turner(vocal) smashing out what was one fine piece of rock on that albums nine tracks.

Rainbow was big business in North America so when 1983 rolled around out came “Bent Out of Shape” in August of that year. For some reason I avoided it. You would have thought that how much I loved the SBTE’s record from the year before I would jump all over it but maybe due to my finances at the time may have had more to do with it than anything else. 

So here we are in a Rock N Roll Lockdown so what better way to get acquainted with a 37 year old release in 2021.

Through “Bent Out of Shape’s” ten songs you know that crazy ‘Man In Black’ Richie was driving the Rainbow bus into a harder rock version of Foreigner. Basically Foreigner like rock without the saxophone.

The key though is the vocals of Joe Lynn Turner whom Richie knows can deliver the singles with Turners smooth as silk delivery to get those songs on the Billboard Charts. 

“Street of Dreams”  is one of the best hard rock singles of the 80’s. The synth in the tune almost at times overdrives Richies guitar but perhaps Richie was being more of a team player at whatever helped the cause to get the album/song heard. Turner does his part delivering the perfect vocal. 

If you’re worried about Richie just wanting hits, hits and hits and burying his guitar in the mix. Fret not Strat lovers as Mr Blackmore at times turns the volume knob on the Marshall up to 10 and lets it rip on tracks like “Fire Dance”, the musical blues tinged “Anybody There”, “Drinking With The Devil” and album closer “Make Your Move”.

Even though Rainbow was going for that corporate Hard Rock Sound you can’t fault Richie as he was leaving his Medieval Castle Dragon Rock and looking for some serious American Dollar.

dEke’s Stream A Rater: 7.5/10

Track Listing:
1. Stranded
2. Can’t Let You Go
3. Fool for the Night
4. Fire Dance
5. Anybody There
6. Desperate Heart
7. Street of Dreams
8. Drinking With the Devil
9. Snowman
10. Make Your Move

Rainbow is:
Ritchie Blackmore – Guitars
Roger Glover – Bass, Percussion
Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals
David Rosenthal – Keyboards
Chuck Burgi – Drums


KISS: Alive And Forever (2002)

For many KISS “Alive Forever” put together by Curt Gooch and Jeff Suhs is the Holy Grail of the painted one’s touring history.

Released back in 2002 “KISS Alive Forever” has been out of print since then.

Copies of this paperback book are going anywhere from $134 to $600 Canadian.

That’s crazy but there are fans I’m sure would and will pay this price!

I’m not one of them…

In saying that, a move I normally don’t do I was actually surfing iBooks through Apple, and for some reason, I typed in KISS.

In the midst of other KISS books on the market, there was Alive Forever in digital form for $25. 

Still a little steep for me for a digital copy but compared to the prices mentioned above 25 bucks was cheap.

So I bought the digital copy.

So if you read my post the other day on the Julian Gill “KISS On Tour 2020” Gill right off the bat mentions that “Alive And Forever” is the holy grail of KISS Books.

The difference between the two is that Gill features no interviews with people involved with KISS at various points during there touring history whereas Gooch and Suhs do interview a ton of people involved with KISS except KISS themselves (SHOCKER)

(check out that pic of Gene’s hair catching on fire in Ottawa Ontario back in 1975)

The authors did their homework, big time!

This book took over 7 years of research as the authors sifted over 10,000 pictures (200 are in the book)  and as I mentioned interviews by the people that were there at various points during Kiss touring history.

That’s the clincher and is the selling point of this book as you get the scoop from everyone involved in KISS including roadies, wardrobe consultants, bands that opened for KISS, and stories of KISS spending habits that got them into trouble in the 80s, as well as a hidden off the stage keyboard/sample fella named Gary Corbett(more on him shortly) who was with KISS during the late 80s.

The best part of the book I find is that whole 1980-1992 era of KISS when record sales were dipping and Stanley and Simmons were in mid life crisis mode! Not that they would ever admit to it but I will say I enjoyed it.

During that era especially starting at the 1981-83 period KISS was crumbling. If you click the post above (The one with the pic of ACE you will see for yourself KISS was in trouble) you get a sense of how business was being run. 

The best part is how KISS made Ace seem like a part of the band when he wasn’t as their record contract would be void and would have to be renegotiated which did indeed happen and Gene and Paul took a hit financially at the time. 

How about KISS management in early 88 telling Gene and Paul to chill out on the spending as the debts were mounting. What does KISS do? They fire management and hire Stanleys shrink for a short time to run the band.

Gary Corbett as I mentioned adds some great insight into being the hired gun to play keyboards, backing vocals, and samples on the Crazy Nights Tour.

Corbett says at one point during the Crazy Nights tour KISS would send him home as tickets weren’t selling in some markets to save money and when they would play the bigger markets the call would come to Gary to show up.

One interesting story that appeared in this book and along with the Gill “KISS On Tour 2020” was back in late 1989 when KISS released “Hot In The Shade” album and wanted to tour to plug the album. 

The only problem was the promoters were not biting on a KISS tour. At one point a promoter offered a theatre tour to KISS as they felt the demand wasn’t there for an arena run. 


Out came the single ‘Forever’ and it went Top 10 and guess what? The promoters came knocking  for arena dates and KISS did the smart thing by taking on two hot current bands as opener at the time, that being Slaughter and Winger who were selling platinum so Gene and Paul knowing this would help the cause in selling tickets took the plunge and it worked as it was the best selling KISS tour ticket wise since 1979’s Dynasty Tour.

Once 1996 rolls around the makeup goes back on and the original four are back. But by 2000 that’s over as Peter is given his pink slip read the post below.

What better way than Peter knowing he’s gone than to trash his drumkit at the end of his last show at the time! 

You cannot make this kind of shit up!

My apologies for the scans as it was a pain to do it this way but I wanted to show you all how the format of the book looked like.

Now here is something cool. Now it’s common knowledge that if you are a KISS fan the Creatures of the Night Tour was a flop. A lot of has been made of that but in this book well take a look below…

Gooch and Suhs calculated the Top 5 least attended tours. 

Here friends is the proof that 1992’s Revenge Tour and 1983’s Lick It Up Tours drew fewer fans per show than 1982’s Creatures of the Night Tour.

I knew the Revenge tour was iffy at best but what surprised me was all the hoopla that was made by KISS ditching the makeup in 83 putting out a good album in Lick It Up that went Gold yet the tour before it (Creatures) had an album that sold less yet more people attended the shows.

KISS fans are a funny bunch. Myself included.

The only real knock I have on this is the mistakes in writing which surprised me as did they not have an Editor?

But in a way that’s cool as the sloppy writing reminds me of my blog!

In having said that…

“KISS: Alive Forever” was a great read. I would have preferred a paperback copy but you sometimes have to do what ya gotta do.

Seek this one out!




Martin Popoff – Top of the Bill on this week’s LeBrain Train – Friday Jan. 15 —

Hey Folk’s. Watch us this Friday Night with the one and only Martin Popoff who has written over 85 books along with about 8000 music reviews in a long storied career of Rock Journalism that still continues to this day.

We are psyched to get a guy with Martins caliber as he is very respected in the Metal Community and as Martin said today he’s looking forward to our “Friday Night Throw Down!”

Click The link below for all the important info…Join us!

I am pleased to announce this week’s guest:  none other than Martin Popoff, Canadian music scribe extraordinaire!  Martin will be joining us to talk about his many books, YouTube shows, and assorted awesomeness.  It is a conversation I have been hoping to have for, oh, 20 years (give or take). The LeBrain Train:  2000 Words or […]

Martin Popoff – Top of the Bill on this week’s LeBrain Train – Friday Jan. 15 —

KISS: On Tour 2020 Edition

Julian Gill has put together a massive book that has all of the KISS Tour Dates from 1972 to 2020.

This book is filled with a ton of info and I have always been a geek with this kind of stuff. Tour dates/attendance and how much money was made.

Unlike RUSH who authorized their awesome book on this format a few years ago (“Wandering The Face of the Earth”) dealing with KISS, on the other hand, you won’t get any official stuff like this from them but what you will get are some hardcore fans putting these books together and releasing them.

Gill over the course of 700 plus pages in this book has listed as much info as possible on every possible KISS show from the beginning which was November 1972 when Gene, Paul, and Peter auditioned as a three-piece for Epic Records. 

Did you know that? I sure didn’t. It’s stuff like that which is very interesting to me. 

Each tour is documented by a writeup which leads to all the dates for that year.  Example ‘Rock N Roll Over Tour’ and the amount of touring they did behind it. 

What is fascinating is not so much the KISS glory years on the road (1975-79) but those tours starting from the aborted American Tours for both 1980’s “Unmasked” and  1981″The Elder” releases as in the United States those albums that were deemed flops.

KISS did a tour in 1980 as they went to Australia where it was mass hysteria as both the Unmasked album and single Shandi were riding high on the charts.

Where this book comes in as a great read is that the KISS shows made 3 million dollars on that Australian tour which is a ton of money but the promoter still lost $250,000 grand on the tour as KISS showed up with an entourage of 45 people and lived it up.

The live it up motto would haunt KISS into the 80’s even more but that’s a story for another time. ( come back in a few days as I will explain it in my next book review)

What I decided to do was ask KISS Superfan the one only John T Snow as he has seen KISS five times in the ’80s. So you can get a good look at how this book is set up.

Here are John’s dates followed by what was printed in KISS On Tour 2020 for each show that the Snowman saw in Atlanta.  You can click on each review to make it bigger as it will be easier on your eyes.

Dec 26, 1983;


Jan 9, 1985;

Dec 31, 1985

Feb 10, 1988


July 20, 1990

Thanks for sharing those dates Snowman!  As you can tell by those five pics you can get a feel for how this book is laid out.

Even better is the fact that Gill mentions the aborted Canadian Tour that KISS had planned for Canada on the “Hot In The Shade Tour” back in October 1990! 

Damn it if Thunder Bay wasn’t going to be one of those stops! See for yourself posted above!

I knew about this date back then as there is a story tied to it but that’s for another time. Ask me next time I’m on the Lebrain Train!

“KISS 2020 Tour Edition” is a massive read and was actually priced really decent at Amazon ($40 Canadian) and is a great addition to any KISS Fan out there.






Adrian Smith: Monster of River Rock (2020)

Adrian Smith is one of my favorite guitar players/songwriters’s ever. Just check out those Maiden classics like “Die With Your Boots On”, “Two Minutes To Midnight”, “Wasted Years”, “The Wicker Man” that all begin with that Smith trademark opening riff. 

I’m more surprised and if you’re a Maiden fan you could relate to this statement that I was psyched out that Adrian of all the guys in a band decided to write a book!

“Monsters of River Rock, My Life As Iron Maiden’s Compulsive Angler” is the title of Smith’s book, and as you can tell he loves fishing.

When I preordered the book back in July it had a delivery date of early October. By the time I finally got the book it was more like mid-November. 

In between the book being released first in Europe in September the reviews were mixed. Many comments were “there’s not enough talk about Maiden” ” Too much chat about fishing”  “the book is 70-30 % fishing” etc.

I get it folk’s but like his pal, Bruce Dickinson’s book where Bruce talks about his love of aviation and keeps his private life out of it Adrian goes down that same road in talking about his love of fishing but does open up about his private life somewhat.

You can’t really knock Adrian on how he wrote the book. The title says it all and even though I’m not a fisherman myself you can’t knock the man’s passion which is music and angling.

Over the 300 pages, Adrian writes about how his father took him fishing as a youngster every Sunday when he was a young lad, and from there that ruled his life until the young lad came across Deep Purple’s Machine Head and he packed in his fishing rod and picked up the guitar.

Being a Maiden fan I wanted to read about some history in regards to the band that has made itself a household name.

Adrian writes about how he grew up with Dave Murray and the two of them always stayed in contact with each other. When Maiden was looking for a guitar player in late 1979 Dave and Maiden’s main man Steve Harris asked Adrian to join them.

Adrian at the time turned them down saying his band Urchin was making some progress and didn’t want to pack it in. 

As fate would have it a year later Urchin had called it a day. Working at a dead-end job with no money as he couldn’t afford the bus home Smith was walking when guessing who he bumped into?

Steve Harris and Dave Murray were walking coming right towards him and after some small chat Harris told Adrian point-blank that “Maiden was making a guitar change would he be interested?”


Adrian knew this was his last chance as he said he could see Harris with a stern don’t waste my time if your not 110% committed look whereas Murray had a grin knowing that his friend had better say yes!

Adrian said yes and we know the rest. But as he writes imagine if he had enough money to take the bus home that day he would have never bumped into Dave and Steve.


Being a Canuck it was a hoot to read about Adrian’s Canadian Adventure.

Smith writes candidly that after the 13 months Powerslave Tour ended in mid-1985 he and his Canadian girlfriend now his wife Nathalie rented a Trans Am and hit all the fishing lakes around Banff Alberta and as Adrian writes it wasn’t the smartest idea to rent a fast car for dirt roads in which he posted a pic of the car lying on the side of the road in a ditch.

Here’s another cool little story from his book below on another brilliant Smith composition “Stranger In A Strange Land”.

Stories like this are their weight in gold as I had no idea of this taking place and that was back in 1986-7.

Smith does an awesome job of weaving in and out his passion for fishing as well as his timeline of being in and out of Maiden. (Smith left Maiden in 1990 but both he and Bruce returned in 1999)

Definitely worth the read.


Dave Mustaine: Rust In Peace-The Inside Story of a Megadeth Masterpiece

Happy New Year’s Folks. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting nothing but Book Reviews. Hope you find some interesting reviews here that may even pique your interest in checking this stuff out.

A cool concept for a book really from Dave Mustaine and his ‘Deth buddies.

Write a book on the timeline that took your band from basically being a minor league team into a major league team.

“Rust In Peace: The Inside Story of the Megadeth Masterpiece” is a great read over its 208 pages.

Once I dug into this book it was a two day read as I could not put it down.  

This book comes right from the people who were there recording “Rust In Peace”.  

Dave Mustaine, David Ellefson, Marty Freidman, Mike Clink(producer) all get their say in the making of a game-changer album in their mega world.  Sadly ‘Deth drummer Nick Menza passed away back in 2016.

Chapter One begins with Megadeth on tour promoting 1988’s “So Far So Good So What” release and touring Europe opening for Iron Maiden (along with David Lee Roth and KISS) on that summer’s Monsters of Rock Tour.

Plain and simple Megadeth is a mess. Both Dave’s are strung out on heroin and are having issues, to say the least at what is happening off stage instead of what’s happening on stage.

Basically, their management yanked them off the tour and sent them back to LA to pull it together which took time as both Dave’s were in and out of rehab more times I could count. 

The two Dave’s were so out of control with drug abuse ( you name it they did it) that they fired their management at the time and hired Doc Mcghee but before they even recorded the album Mcghee quit as there manager as Doc said he was tired of cleaning up Motley Crue and certain members of Bon Jovi. 

Enough was enough came the word from everyone around the Megadeth camp. 

Album four from these guys would be the make or break record and of course, we all know it definitely made the ‘Make’ category.

The two Dave’s basically canned guitarist Jeff Young and drummer Chuck Beehler (who in this book talks openly about his time in the band). 

The book focuses on the rehab stint’s of course as well as the auditions of guitarists and drummers and the recording process of the Rust In Peace album.  A real good read as the book has a good flow.

Ok here’s a few juicy tidbits of info for you. Maybe you will know this info already but I didn’t…

-Marty Friedman before joining Megadeth had actually auditioned for Ozzy before Zakk Wylde got the job.

-Being a drummer in Megadeth is no easy feat as ask the two techs who got the job of the full-time drummer when the main guy wasn’t cutting it anymore. Original drummer Gar Samuelson (RIP) was replaced by his drum tech Chuck Beehler and a few years later Beehler himself was replaced by his drum tech who was Nick Menza! No such thing as job security in Megadeth!

-Producer Mike Clink was on speed dial when Guns N Roses would begin recording their “Use Your Illusion” records as Clink would bow out of the recording which is what happened towards the end of the recording of the ‘Deth album. Needless to say this irked Mustaine!

Publishing and writing and what basically boils down to money are also featured predominately in this book. 

Below is a paragraph from Mustaine that sums it up.

Chris Poland was the original guitar player in Megadeth on their albums so as you can see alumni have come in and out of this band over that time period.

Once the album hit the streets and touring as part of the European and North American Clash of the Titans tour as well as opening Judas Priest’s Painkiller Tour pushed this album to Platinum and in return made Megadeth a headline act once 1992’s “Countdown To Extinction” came out.

As the 90s went on eventually Menza and Friedman both left replaced by other players yet come 2015 there was talk of a reunion but to make a long story short, money(Shocker) and one person not being up to snuff in the chops department put an end to any chance of a reunion. 

This was a great read as you can see the inner workings of a band on its rise but almost coming unglued due to the excesses of the two Dave’s but cleaning up gave them a new lease on a career which is still going to this day.



World Premiere Video: Current River- Hodder To Hell(2021)

Well the masses have spoken and Tbone has listened and after 27 years the title track of the original 8 song cassette tape has been given the 2021 upgrade including a video! Now everyone out there can see the area in which we all grew up in.

 I will add that the solo on this tune is another one of my favorites from Tbone as he rips off licks from all the greats!

Enjoy Folks… 

Cut The Covid 2020- Current River Playlist.

Well, Folk’s 2020 is now almost behind us but let’s hope for a better 2021!

So to ring in the New Year what better way to celebrate than to have a 4 pack of tracks of Current River videos at your disposal! 

2 Live Tracks (recorded live on TV 1994) which many of you have seen and 2 Studio Tracks (recorded at Graceland North late 1992 early 1993) that Tbone a little ways back made videos for which a few of have seen.

Now your wondering where the title of this post came from? Well, when I told Tbone I was doing this he chirped “Cut The Covid” which is what I went with as back in 94 we released a live tape called “Cut The Crap”

Crap in 93 and Covid in 2020 go hand in hand don’t ya think?

“Masonry Man” posted below was the leadoff track of the infamous “Hodder To Hell” cassette tape that was written about a friend of ours who had I swear to god a noggin made out of cement. The lyrics are self-explanatory for the most part and the best part of the song is the guitar solo in which Tbone goes from a George Harrison vibe to an attempted Eddie Van Halen rapid picking clip and somewhat miraculously pulls it off!

I can honestly say that this is easily in my all-time TOP 10 Guitar Solo’s as no one to my knowledge has inner channeled George and EVH in 15 seconds like Tbone did back in the winter of 1993!

The second track below is “57-90” which is us attempting an Irish Jig like song. For many when they saw the title and heard the lyrics of “57-90” they thought we wrote about someone passing on. Not the case folk’s as 1957-1990  were the years our highschool was open and you can watch the video and spot a young deKe’s (wearing a Krokus shirt) and rock god in waiting- Tbone during the clip.

As many of you have recently seen and commented( God Bless You All!) are the two live songs from the local TV appearance back in the spring of 94. “Cops At Robins” and “Bush Jacket Boys” is our attempt at goofy rock!

Robins was a donut shop in town that the Cops all migrated to for their coffee breaks and living in Current River we had Robin’s donut shop so the Cops were an easy topic to write about!

One of my fav lines in the song is…

“Strap their one-ton truck to the bank machine push the pedal to the metal and get away clean”

That line actually rings true as a couple of dudes did indeed back a truck through a bank here in Thunder Bay and stole a bank machine and supposedly drove it by a donut shop back in 1992! 

Not too sure if they ever got caught but it makes for a great story!

“Cops At Robin’s what do we got here, enough coffee and donuts to last us a year!”

The second song “Bush Jacket Boys” tells the story of a young grunger dude going up to an old aging rocker in the early 90s.  The chorus says it all…

“Before Seattle and the grunge rock noise Current River gave birth to the Bush Jacket Boys”

Happy New Year Folks!

See ya in 2021!