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Iron Maiden- The Book of Souls/Live Chapter(2017)


Mikey Ladano posted on FaceCrack that he was posting his review of Live Chapter the same day it came out but the catch was he was posting it at Two Minutes To Midnight! Awesome Idea so for a first time ever Blogger slider move I have as well  posted my review of Live Chapter  at the Two Minute To Midnight mark as well! Another first is I have never reviewed a new release album on the day it hit the shops or in my case iTunes and today is the day of new  Live Maiden(Nov 17th/17)

As You Were….

Once again Iron Maiden  have taken this fanboy for over 36  years and have delivered an absolute monster Live Album called Live Chapter that has basically knocked me on my ass!

IT’S SOOOOOOOO GOOD! Following protocol there is a ton of “Scream for Me(insert city here) through out as well!

Live Chapter is taken from various cities(15 songs from 14 cities) that Maiden visited on its Book of Souls Tour in 2016/17!

The album opens with Book of Souls opener If Eternity Should Fail. First of all Bruce Dickinson is on fire on this album. His vocals are stellar. Course Maiden have aged. Bruce is about to turn 60 but who can sing and do that scream and have the energy that he has? Yeah exactly…no one! He is the deal throughout this album. I still love the outro of this song with that piped in vocal “Good day my name is Necropolis’ especially when I heard it live pumped at what over a 100,000 Watts  in Minneapolis! Beyond Awesome!

Speed of Light and Wrathchild complete with that Dickinson wail just keep the momentum moving forward! Crank Wrathchild the video that I posted below from  Live Chapter!

Children of the Damned is a great version from Montreal Quebec as Bruce intros the song in French! Nice rip of the guitars during the solos and I have to say Nicko McBrain’s drums mixed by Tony Newton and Maiden Bassist Steve Harris sound exceptionally brilliant! Added points for Nicko’s Gong Smash at the end of the track! Tbone! We need to catch the next Maiden show in Montreal at the Bell Centre! Just saying!

That was the great thing with this tour as they mixed up old classics with a steady blast of current songs and why not as Book of Souls is right up there as a great album in the Catalogue of Maiden! Death or  Glory featuring Bruce telling the crowd to “climb like a monkey” while Adrian Smith actually dabbles with a bit of slide guitar on the solo to shake it up a bit!

Steve Harris starts off The Red and Black with a little jam out on the  Bass and the song is 13 minutes of all things Maiden! Lotsa Vocals/Lotsa Riffs/Lotsa Tempo Changes/Lotsa everything mixed in!  You get the picture right?

Course no Maiden show would be complete with out the inclusion of The Trooper! Song is so powerful live…Great Adrian/Dave Murray soloing while Nicko just drums like its nobodies business!

Ok I gotta say Powerslave has to be in my all time Top 5 ever Maiden Tunes! Dickinson wrote a classic here folks! Love the aggression of the guitars during the verses yet the chill out avenue  the guitars go before the solo’s ramp up and Dave Murray  lifts off as his fingers burn that fretboard during the solo! Not to be outdone I love as the solo’s wrap up and Nicko does his patented McBrian drum rolls. My brother Todd can confirm this as when Nicko played this part at the Minneapolis I basically lost my shit!

The Great Unknown another newbie is a great tune as it builds and builds up to the chorus. More great soloing and holy hell that’s all I can keep saying is the playing is monstrous on here!

Ok just a few paragraphs back I said Powerslave would be in my all time Top 5 Maiden songs of all time! The tune Book of Souls would be as well! Steve Harris and Janick Gers composed a standout track and Bruce’s vocals soar on this song during the chorus! 10 minutes and 49 seconds of pure sonic brilliance all wrapped up in a fantastic track and BAM another smash of Nicko’s Gong and song just shoots into a whole other level! Maiden go bonkers and Gers when he’s not flinging around his six string and doing aerobic workouts delivers an absolute stunner of a solo!

The classic Fear of The Dark has more sizzle in its step live as Maiden just rock it non stop. The chops are huge! Iron Maiden (the song) ends the main portion of the show and we all know  Eddie pops up behind Nickos drums after Harris and Nicko do their bass/drum swirl a whirl and Kaboom Maiden is done!


Number of The Beast leads off the encore and Bruce blows out our eardrums with that wail! Wail away! The Boys play this track like its 1982 all over again! No dip whatsoever  in the Maiden Music Chops Section folks!

Blood Bothers is another newer Maiden track but when I say that its already 18 years old! Blood Brothers is a fantastic Irish Jig like boot up you backside and Bruce delivers the chorus in spades. Tons of solos and Tons of Bruce dipping and diving in the upper and lower registers of his voice!

Wasted Years wraps up the whole shebang! Adrian Smith wrote this tune which is my Bro’s fav  Maiden song! Love the riffing at the beginning of this song and its basically Maiden writing a single but with a sledgehammer taken to the side of your noggin! But man give it up for Adrian Smith as he has a flair for writing a real cool rock single without pussing out!

Well what can I say! This album is brilliant from start to finish! The production is crisp with a little roughness added to it to not make it sound weak! Steve Harris bass is mixed deadly! I think its the best live album mix of Harry’s bass tone since 1985’s Live After Death! Bruce is brilliant! Janick/Dave/Adrian fling wicked leads throughout and Nicko holds down the fort and as well his drums sound deadly!

Live album of the Year! Easy Peasy! 





Bruce Dickinson/What Does This Button Do?(2017)


We all know about Bruce Dickinson’s  resume which includes Fencing/Beer Brewing/Owning and Operating  his own Aviation Company/ Licensed 747-757 Air Line Pilot/Solo Artist/Book Writer/Cancer Survivor and that band  he sings for. The Mighty Iron Maiden!

Here come’s Bruce telling his story and if your wondering Bruce used no Ghost Writer in this book! Everything you read in this book is from his own handwriting as he wrote this book in between shows on Maidens Book of Souls World Tour (  ironically enough Maiden releases the Double CD Live Chapter  which is out today!)

Bruce tells his tale from his early days of growing up/being bullied at various boarding schools until he came across someone in their room at school playing Deep Purple.

Bruce found his voice so to speak and this is where the book lifts off and he writes about his earliest bands right into his first professional band that being Samson.  In Samson he was given the name Bruce Bruce( which he hated) and from there caught the watchful eye of Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood.

I’m not going to give away too much about the Maiden stories in this book as there are some fascinating insights on those Maiden albums from the 80’s. I will say that if you’re looking for any kind of dirt on anyone go look elsewhere as Bruce mentions that he will not discuss anyones business as if they want it discussed they could write their own book!

Well played move by Bruce! He does write about the dynamic between him and Steve but keeps it professional in the book.

Course he mentions about his solo career(Bruce gives a very detailed look at the time he went to Sarajevo to play a show. There’s a picture in the book that shows what bullets can do) and leaving Maiden in 93 yet returning 6 years later and since than they have not stopped!

Aviation plays a huge part in the  Bruce story as well as taking on Cancer and beating it and coming back stronger than ever!

I could have jammed a ton of stories in here but that would take the fun out of it so better yet pick it up and give it a read!

Ok ok there’s a cool story about Bruce, a Domintrax and a Dungeon  taking place in Halifax Nova Scotia circa 1984!

Ha..I’ll leave it at that!

Total MUST Own!

Kim Mitchell/Shakin’ Like A Human Being(1986)

A little ways back when I reviewed Def Leppard’s  1992  release Adrenalize album it was one of those albums that was good to revisit but I had kinda moved on from it.

Here’s what I wrote..

“Up til recently I have not listened to this album in a real  long time. It’s like when you bump into someone you haven’t seen in a long time  and you get caught up and then move on. That’s what Adrenalize is to me!”

Another one of those albums I thought  would resonate this way with me as well would be Kim Mitchell’s 1986 release Shakin’ Like A  Human Being. 

Now if we roll back in time. 1986 I was 18 going on 19 and in the summer of that year Akimbo dropped the Shakin album and I bought it right away on cassette tape and it became my Summer of 86 go to tape in the Sony Walkman for my bike rides to and from my job that summer in the local hospital. I very seldom bought tapes. It was always vinyl so…….

The fact that Kim was riding high with the current single Patio Lanterns  in the charts as well as the album selling like hotcakes! (Shakin is certified triple platinum in Canada). Plus Kim was bringing his 1986 Tour to Tbay at our local Gardens that summer as well was another score! (I reviewed that show a ways back)

So yeah to make a long story even longer this cassette got played to death. Once the end of summer came and Kim’s Arena rock show passed I was onto other albums. One being Iron Maiden’s Somewhere In Time release which came out in September of 86 and derailed my school studies for that month as I was staring at that cover when spinning it continuously like a lunatic when I would get home from another hard day of academic studies!

86 had some stellar releases as in Maiden/Van Halen/Judas Priest/Dave Roth/Bon Jovi/AC/DC with Who Made Who/Boston/ZZ Top/RATT  and I’m sure many more so eventually Shakin slipped through the cracks and got replaced by my listening buds with all the above bands and others as well!

Perhaps one reason was that over time my go to Kim albums are the superb excellent 5 song Ep from 1981 and 1984’s Akimbo Alogo record that has Kim blazing huge ball’s of sonic mastery on his 6 string. In other words the Master of his own Domain! Ha…

Shakin though is a different record. Opener Get Lucky Boys & Girls is as good as an opener Kim track as any. Great driving bass line/drums synced with Kim’s guitar and his cool laid back rock voice make this an absolute winner! Second track In my Shoes features drummer Paul Delong smacking those tom’s like no one’s business! Almost a ZZ Top like Afterburner synth sound pushes this albums tracks as well

Kim’s rock tracks on this albums are excellent.  Thats The Hold/Hitting The Ground and the very quirky City Girl (with the line of “City Girl likes to keep her Meatloaf warm”) Keeps the Kim Rock Machine rolling at full tilt.

Basically its the other 5 tracks that take this album into a whole other level which I can say I was a noob towards for what…31 years!

Yeah there was the goofy Easy To Tame video. Alana Loves Me which the song does pick up speed in the chorus along with Peter Fredette’s backing vocals. Speaking of which Peter is a great vocal foil for Kim’s laid back rock voice at times. Patio Lanterns the mid tempo track that MuchMusic played the heck out of the video  back in 86 as well picks up some steam in its chorus as well. Cameo Spirit a great track featuring some real good backing vocals makes this album take another sonic turn one in which you don’t expect! In Your Arms that leads off Side 2 features Kim picking a clean sound guitar and this song borders on a mid tempo like summer breeze. A whole different vibe here folks. Actually the whole second side is one big chill pill except for City Girl and Hitting The Ground.

Pye Dubois writes all the lyrics while Mitchell handles the music end of things and this partnership lasted for a real long time from Kim’s old band Max Webster through to RockLandWonderland I believe. (Actually for all Max Webster/Kim solo questions ask Mikey Ladano as he’s a great source of this stuff)

Revisiting this album 31 years later and checking the lyrics out a little more closely this album is dripping with a ton of lost love in its words. Holy Hell whose disaster of a relationship ended up as the main source of inspiration on this album? Kim or Pye? Yikes….! As shitty as life can be at least Alana Loves Me! Ha!

So after all those years away and once I seen this album in Montreal it was a no brainer to pick up!

An album that for all intent and purposes I filed away as a couple of great tracks ends up being full of Great Tracks! Basically one of those good to see you’s followed by an actually  great to see ya!

Thats Shakin Like A Human Being!



Vinyl Hunting In Montreal! Part 3….

Dateline/Friday October 27th/2017/Montreal

So after our morning hangout at Beatnick Records it was back for a vinyl drop-off  at the hotel and off to lunch for myself and Tbone.

After lunch we decided to head back to out hotel for a bit of chill time but it wasn’t long before T looked at the third and last stop of our Vinyl Hunting expedition.

Thanks to Aaron with that email that he sent naming the go to shops to visit in Montreal. Tbone said from our downtown hotel to Aux 33 Tours would be an hour walk which we could have done the next day but T decided  “lets take a cab” and do this!

No twisting  my arm!

Once we entered Aux 33 this place was Huge! I mean Huge! Rows of records everywhere.  Sealed/Used/Bootleg albums. Wherever you turned man it was vinyl galore! So cool and my first thought was “If I had unlimited funds this would get out of hand pretty damn quick!”

Case in point as they post on their website Used Records Dropped In Our Bins. They have three categories that fall under this title. Daily/The Current Year/For The last 365 Days.

So when I wrote this up on November 3rd  the stats were  for Nov 3rd a total of 406 records were dropped off that day alone!!

The total for 2017 is 64,640! The last year’s total was a whopping 76,535 albums that have passed through this record shop alone!

Back in Montreal when Tbone read me the stat’s I couldn’t even fathom it as I had to ask him to repeat it …hahaha…..

This place had a zillion records wrapped and used! I didn’t know where to start but one of the first albums I cam across was the excellent Powerstation* album. It was a great copy and had the sticker price of $1.99! Bam! Sold! The next one I grabbed as a no brainer was Eat Em & Smile** by David Lee Roth.

Tbone was scouring through the daily drop bins and he called me over as he found a copy of Rush’s Signals*** which is my all time fav-o Rush album. (Speaking of Rush they had a couple of Permanent Waves albums recorded in St Louis back in 1980 which again I was tempted…damn temptation!)

Great call T and thanks for spotting RUSH, Also added to my collection was Don’t Look Back**** by Boston that I only had ever owned on cassette back in what? 1980? Haha…Another great score! Nice old throwback Gatefold sleeve with that one as well!

Out of say 70,000 plus records they had one Kim Mitchell album and that was Shakin Like A Human Being***** and I quickly grabbed that one as well as back upon its release in 1986 I also bought this one on cassette but have always been fond of this one as for my money alone opening track Get Lucky Boys and Girls is an absolute classic Akimbo track if there ever was one!

Records Records everywhere… The great thing is we were in no Rush(no pun) to leave….

On this trip I purchased 6 used albums and 4 sealed albums! Considering I had not really thought about buying that much beforehand  I was pretty stoked to get these albums!

This was great adventure and I got Tbone to thank for this trip! The dude took care of everything and I mean everything!  As you all know is he’s been my Rock N Roll Wingman for about 42 years now. There is no one I would rather be in the trenches with that’s for sure!

The 4 days we were in Montreal we just chilled out. The only thing that was planned was the hockey game that took place on the Saturday Night and even though my Rangers lost to the Habs(5-4)  it was still a hoot to be in a hockey crazed market watching an Original 6 matchup with my best pal T who too much his chagrin was sitting amongst a bunch of Ranger Fans!


*-Powerstation debut is a classic! Period! The first 20-30 seconds with those drums mashing up with the bass is pure Gold! The album soars sonically after that!

**-Eat Em Smile is Roth still acting like he’s about to committed to the Looney Bin but what a friggin brilliant supporting cast if there was ever one playing behind him! Played my daughter Elephant Gun as I wanted her to hear the Bass rip n roar of Billy Sheehan! Lexie was impressed to say the least!

***-Signals. So good to secure this copy and I like I told my pal Kevin this is worth the purchase just for that pic of Lifesons haircut! Seriously though this is one of those impact albums!

****-For me Boston starts and ends with the late great Brad Delp! Don’t Look Back is a great simple Boston Hard Rock Gem! Love the light colours of a rock record and the gatefold as well!

*****- Akimbo comes through on Shakin Like A Human Being! For me over the past 3 decades this has become the sleeper album for myself in the Mitchell recorded library! Love the laid back feel and smooth production plus love the inside black sleeve that on one side in the bottom corner has a pic of lyricist Pye Dubious! 


(Thanks for reading along!)




Vinyl Hunting In Montreal! Part 2….


Dateline/Friday October 27th 2017/Montreal Quebec 

The weather on  Friday in Montreal was not to bad for a fall day. Kinda crisp air made mine and Tbone’s 40 minute walk in the morning to our second Record Store Stop on this trip which was the real cool store Beatnick Records.

Of course we got there about 15 minutes before the store opens at 11am so we kept walking around the area until the door opened at 11 and there were about 5-6 people waiting to get in!

Once inside the set up of Beatnick is cool and I have the pics to prove it.  Tons of sealed albums. Current releases/Used albums and CD’s,

Aaron in his original email said we would not leave Beatnick empty-handed and he was right with that call! More on that later…..

I hit the Hard Rock section quicker than a Shea Weber slapshot! A ton of goodies before me and a ton of Iron Maiden which had me drooling. Beatnick had a cool double live AC/DC Japanese Radio Broadcast from the Back In Black Tour for 35 bucks which I passed on but they even had the Whitesnake 1987 the one with full 87 and Live show. I toyed with buying it but as Tbone said its hard to buy another copy of it when I had just gotten it off of iTunes that same morning as well!  True That…

The three purchases I did make were Def Leppard’s* double Reissue of Hysteria  /Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind **and The Tragically Hips debut album  Up To Here***. All sealed and ready for the taking!

Up at the counter(paying for my stuff) myself and Tbone had a chat with a fella named Spike who had all the time to talk to us about music. Spike was a great guy. He told us about shows he had seen in Montreal like the Scorpions which you know was one of those impact shows as he kept referring back to it. Nothing wrong with that!

deKe’s And Spike!

We probably chatted almost close to an hour and it was a great conversation as Spike was interested about us and how we had to travel great distances to go to any concerts worthwhile as all we ever got in Tbay was pretty much Cancon and American acts whose time had passed! In other words nothing has changed over the years!


Beatnicks is highly recommended for anyone who goes to Montreal on a vinyl hunting mission! They have a ton of stuff! Even had a Iron Maiden Powerslave tourbook from the 1984 tour for sale!

Such a great shop!

*- Hysteria when Lep announced the 30th Anniversary Reissue’s this was  a must as I originally purchased it upon its release day back in 1987 on Cassette and a year later (1988)on CD. Love the artwork/the packaging with the gatefold is slick. All the credits and even the lyrics are included! Bravo and oh yeah RIP Steamin Clark!

**- Speaking of Gatefolds Maidens Piece of Mind reissue is one as well with lyrics on one side and the band pic with them gathered at the table with the brain. My daughter Lexie loves the look on Adrian Smiths face in the picture!

***-Up To Here is a kick ass debut and for myself those first two Hip albums(Road Apples being the other) are so live sounding its beyond cool! Kudos to the late Don Smith who produced those first two albums and basically by the sounds of it recorded them live off the floor! Stellar comes to mind!

Check Back Here On Friday for Part 3!

Vinyl Hunting In Montreal! Part 1……


DATELINE/ Thursday October 26th 2017/ Montreal Quebec.

F.Y.I- This is a 3 parter….Today Part 1!

As many of you folk’s know I recently had a huge Birthday! My best pal of the past 4 decades TBone along with his cool wife Christine decided to take moi to Montreal for 4 full days of whatever we wanted to do. The only thing that was scheduled was to take in a NHL game between the New York Rangers(My team) and the Montreal Canadians (Tbone’s Homeboys) Saturday night at the Bell Centre.

Christine sat this trip out as she knew that myself and T have not done a dude road trip in about 15 years! The last one was back in November 2002 to go and see Rush  down in Minneapolis….

It’s been awhile….

It was only a few weeks ago I found out about this getaway so one of the first dudes I contacted was fellow Blogger Aaron from the KMA Blog as I knew Aaron had mentioned in some blogs that he lived in Montreal for a few years so I knew Aaron would be the go to for the cool record shops.

By Golly Mr Books did not disappoint!

In a matter of minutes Aaron replied to my email which he basically told me about 3 cool Record Shops and sent Google map info on where they were located in town. I quickly forwarded Aaron’s email to Tbone…..

Montreal here comes Tbone and Deke’s!

So once settled in our hotel it was time to plot our course so after a great Burger and Beer(at the Burger Bar) it was off on foot to our first Record Store stop and that was Cheap Thrills which is located in what looks like an old house and after you enter the porch you head up what seems like a set of crooked stairs  into Cheap Thrills.

Upon entering you walk right into a bunch of vinyl. Sealed section is kept separate whereas  all the used vinyl and books(tons of books) are spread throughout there own section. This place has a chill vibe amongst its employees to say the least.(ha) I wanted to score  on this trip  some CULT and Hanoi Rocks vinyl but came up short which by the end of our time in Montreal was no big deal!

Tbone dug in and started looking for me but to no avail so I moved on as I did not have a set plan to buy anything  but I give Cheap Thrills credit they had a decent supply of The Tragically Hip sealed albums and the one that caught my eye was Road Apples* which is one of my all time fav’s….

I wasn’t ready to commit on that first day in Montreal  as I wanted to see what the other stores had before I took the plunge. Moving forward if were keeping score I did return to Cheap Thrills 3 days later and purchased Road Apples (sealed) and Billy Joel’s Glass Houses** (used). They even had Ozzy’s Blizzard of Ozz used for about $14 but I dunno why, I just passed on it.

Definitely a cool place to check out. Total chill pill like environment as you could spend hours in there and the sales staff would not care as long as you brought Rolling Papers or a Bong!

Funny thing was while I was browsing away from the sales counter in the used bins T was by the sales counter and overheard the sales dude say “that fella over there has the copy of Road Apples” so I guess there were seeing if the Hip stuff was going to move out of their bins.

Well it did!

Coming up ….

Deke and T meet Spike!

*- It was cool to score Road Apples on vinyl as I had mentioned to Tbone that the Hip came out at a time(1989) right in the midst of the CD Generation as apart from the EP and Up To Here which I owned on cassette tape all the other HIP albums I owned  were all on CD’s!

**- What can you say about Glass Houses? The only Joel album I have ever owned  and probably ever will at this point as its so good from the opening You May Be Right. Billy is a partied out mess on this album which are the kind of tales/songs I tend to lap up as a listener!

Check Back On Wednesday For Part 2!





Whitesnake and more importantly David Coverdale has  been in the press lately promoting the huge mega selling 1987 album that featured the classic Still of the Night single amongst others!

This reissue intrigued me as to Dave went the extra mile and added bonus tracks that were not on the Canadian version originally along with a live show from 1988(more thoughts on that below) and as fellow blogger Destroyer of Harmony states the real ticket here are the demos that were finally made available 30 years later to hear how these tunes were constructed!

This is a monster reissue  with 44 tracks, clocking in at 3 hours and 57 minutes!

The Demos as of right now I cannot stop listening too.

What you get is Coverdale and John Sykes creating the songs we have heard a million times over yet at their earliest stages with just Dave and John jamming with Dave jibber jabbing words trying to make sense and add words to the guitar riffing of Sykes.

You can hear as the song progresses from its earliest stages as Coverdale has basically dubbed in as the song goes along to the actual demo form with the whole band playing. Basically the evolution as the title implies.

The 11 songs that make up the demo portion are as Destroyer stated are GOLD!

Sykes is a fuckin monster on these demos! His playing is ferocious on these demos! He alone is worth the listen as you hear him figure stuff out and as the song progresses to the solo sections he takes off!

Beyond a doubt he is brilliant!

Still of The Night begins and you can hear Dave figuring out words and John noodling around. Whats even cooler you hear an actual telephone ring in the background  and Dave adds “he hears the bells ringing” Amazing stuff with  Coverdale clapping along to keep a beat as Sykes riffs and before too long you hear the song advancing to the actual demo stage and the solo is magic!

Bad Boys has a drum machine and at the beginning is in slow mo but as the song progresses you hear them speed up to the point that its faster than the studio version that we all have heard!

Straight from the Heart has a whole different chorus as Dave sings Love Drives You Crazy. I cannot believe these stayed buried for 30 years! Dave noodles around on a keyboard while John and him fool around with vocal lines.

Crying In The Rain is an absolute monster on the demo. Sykes destroys the six string during his solo as drummer Anysely Dunbar and bassist  Neil Murray hold down the fort!

Listen to the song posted above which is Is This Love where Sykes blazes a huge solo at the end of the demo. So friggin good!

Children of the Night in its earliest form is a great track. I have always loved this tune. Sykes just cranking out huge riff after riff….

I never understood Coverdale’s motive for firing John Sykes/ Anysley Dunbar/ Neil Murray and producer Mike Stone as soon as their parts were done but after listening to these demos I see why!

Sykes is the deal here and it sounds like Coverdale wanted all the fame which is what he got but don’t forget the dude who wrote the riff’s!

Sykes though was smart. To this day he collects 50 percent of the publishing off of this album and perhaps thats why he doesn’t do too much publicly!

After Sykes was booted Coverdale hit the road with a whole new version of Whitesnake which featured Vivian Campbell/Rudy Sarzo/Tommy Aldridge/Adrian Vandenberg.  Added on to this deluxe 87 album  is a live show from Tokyo from 1988.

This audio show is ok to say the least as its heavy on the 1987 and Slide It In albums but the guitar work especially during the solos are disappointing to say the least as neither Vandenberg or Campbell have the firepower that Sykes brought to the table!

Basically Adrian and Vivian took these solos to the shop! A butcher’s shop that is. I don’t get it as Vandenberg on his own solo material is awesome as was Campbell in DIO/Def Leppard but in Whitesnake its a different sloppy ball game. Maybe a bad night in Tokyo? Too much hairspray? Too much Tawny?


I wonder if Sykes has ever heard this live show? If so he is probably laughing and he must have really laughed when on the 1988 MTV Music Awards (I think it was) when Vandenberg used a violin bow during their performance of Still of the Night!**

No wonder Robert Plant went bat shit crazy when he seen that!

** I checked and watched  Vandenberg as he does indeed use the violin bow during the Snakes appearance on the 87 MTV Awards! Watching it gave me a chuckle how Coverdale took what he and Sykes created and flushed it down the crapper by this performance just to sell a few more million copies!

I miss the 80’s!