Cool Lil Numbers…..ALICE IN CHAINS/Man In The Box

When I think of getting out of bed every Monday to start another work week I think these lyrics just about  sum it up …

I’m the man in the box,buried in my shit,won’t you come and save me….

I’m the dog who gets beat,shove my nose in shit,won’t you come and save me ,save me…….

Hahahaha it’s not that bad but man AIC lay down a beauty of a track here…..

1991 and if you read my Van Halen concert review from the 1991 F.U.C.K Tour  AIC were the opening act and although they weren’t received with the greatest of ruckus from the crowd ( Halen sings about Poundcake while AIC fight back with We Die Young!)I still recall this track and since my younger brother Todd was buying stuff on his own(at the time) this is one he bought so I scooped it and it was to listen to Man In The Box.

Love how the song just shoots out of the gate with that slow Seattle pub crawl of a groan kinda like if your shutting down your Bender at 5 am! The drums by Sean Kinney set the pace big an nasty them drums sound! Mike Starr(RIP) drops down some serious low end on the bass and Jerry Cantrell what a great guitar player live and in studio! Layne Staley(RIP) trips out the vocal and man you think he is the Man In The Box! Fair enough!

The Chorus is the real thing and is bonafide ass kicker. Love the interplay of vocals between Staley and Cantrell! You got Staley and his deep down in the hole type like vocal and you got Cantrell with the clean laid back slick rock vocal! Between  them it works to a friggin T!

Kinney on the kit man the drums just kicks serious ass on this track! Hard to believe that half of this band has passed on. Saying that i guess  I’m pretty damn lucky to have caught em live when I did(just the once)

If your reading this before the start of your work day crank this one up…

Deny Your Maker!

11 thoughts on “Cool Lil Numbers…..ALICE IN CHAINS/Man In The Box”

  1. Jeez Deke, might be time to find a new job!

    Pair this one with Highway To Hell for a morning work drive sensation!

    Man I came to AIC with Dirt and worked my way backwards. This is a cool track. NICE ONE!

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  2. Great choice, Deke. I’m not the biggest fan of Facelift (preferring Dirt and the self-titled record), but some of the songs on that one are up there with their best stuff. This one and the other one you mention there (We Die Young) being two of them. Never saw them live, unfortunately. But I still get lost in that music …

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    1. J, I also really dig Down In A Hole…great track….if for the fact they weren’t touring with HALEN I would have never seen them…..


  3. Hey Deke, I have seen the new AIC twice in the last two years and I can honestly say they are in my top 3 of live bands. I walked into the first gig expecting very little but after the first song (rain when I die) I was AMAZED to say the least…..The ‘new’ guy singing has the chops and the second song that night (them bones) proved to be a wee bit of time travel for me, it was the 90s again …..and that feeling lasted all night. Since then ive been buying their post-Stayley stuff and have not been let down yet! I think my favorite cut by AIC is ‘check my brain’ its a powerhouse song both on CD and live. If you have not heard it please give it a spin, you wont regret it:)


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