Dirty Honey: Dirty Honey (2021)

Another Resolute Records score…

About a year or so ago I streamed Dirty Honey(and wrote about it) and I liked what I heard so much so that when I saw that Resolute Records had it for a great price on vinyl it was a quick click add to the  checkout cart.

These four young guys are a throwback to the cool sounds of 70s and 80s rock. (case in point check out there cover version of Aerosmith’s “Last Child”).

I will add that one of the good things about streaming from Apple Music is the fact that you can try before you buy.

Sometimes it’s hard teaching an old dog (moi) new tricks

Dirty Honey was a success on that format.

Great vibe and great tunes it’s all here for the taking. So sit back and crank this sucka for a great freaking time!


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