DEF LEPPARD/Saturday Night High N Dry….Kinda!

Def Leppard/Nov 14 1992 / Duluth Arena

Cool that this vid was from the actual show that myself,my brother Todd, Al,Mr Tony ‘Anvil’ Gallo and Cementhead went too! Good ol You tube!…

So Leppard was still doing pretty big business in 92 considering more than a few bands from the Northwest region of the USA were making a ton of noise and selling a ton of records but here is Leppard in all there glory on a Saturday night in Duluth Minnesota playing on there In The Round Stage with no opening act in front of a sold out house 5,000 and not worrying about the massive shift in musical climate that is going on outside!

This is probably the last of the big arena shows put on by a band of Leppards size for quite a few years after! Who knew that there record sales would dwindle after Adrenalize  and there concert turnouts as well! Who knew ? I didn’t and neither did  the 5,000 others but wow Leppard was touring with new guitarist Viv Campbell he formerly of Dio and that MTV Glitzed version of Whitesnake! Campbell was a great addition to the lineup. He played all of Steve Clark’s parts for those keeping score at home. Anyways the curtain drops at the start of the show and Lep launches into Lets Get we go and now into Tear It Down (see vid) Women is up next love the outro solo at the end of the song. Too Late For Love,Hysteria, Make Love Like A Man and now were into the Phil Collen guitar solo! The dude is talented but he riffs like a looney tune on the fret board way to much overkill in my book man. Collen is great talent in the song structure but leave him to his own devices ie soloing I will pass thanks but hey I’m crammed down on the floor so I ain’t got no choice but too listen to him in Duluth!

The tribute to Steve Clark is next and that’s White Lightening. Foolin comes next,Animal and now Viv Campbell’s solo turn and he pulls a melodic yet effective solo and does not go down Collen Shredding Avenue! I mean listen to Campbell’s solo on Dios Rainbow In The Dark( great solo) for example.  Thanks Viv for not blowing out my eardrums on a shred fest fretboard workout that night at the Duluth Arena!

Campbell’s solo launches the band into God Of War and this folks is the big production number of the show. Four pods at each corner of the stage on a rail attached to the ceiling roll out over the crowd the pod opens and lights spin around I mean it’s the Gods Of Wars ,pretty cool effect from what I recall. Rocket fires up the crowd but is it just me or is Elliot’s voice a lot different live than on record,no it’s not me it’s fact man. Mutt Lange and his studio trickery. I wonder if when Lange was working for ACDC if he would have put Johnson throw the old vocal enhancer….not!

I guess  I’m being too critical here but seriously the backing vocals are good live  but compared to the studio polish,well I prefer the live better. And now cue the  acoustic song and that would be for Bringin On The Heartbreak which they electrify towards the end of the song segueing into Have You Needed Someone So Bad. Rock Of Ages with crowd interaction into mega hit 1988 Pour Some Sugar On Me! Leppard splits underneath to the cozy confines of there In The Round Stage!

There back and they finish up the show with back to back hits in Love Bites and Photograph!

If you wanted to attend a greatest hits show while plugging said current release well this was the show for you! Out of the 17 songs played 16 were from Pyromania, Hysteria and Adrenalize! Basically the first two studio outputs are ignored! So Leppard in 1992 are not playing for the fans from 1981( me!) but for the fans from 1983-1992. Don’t got me wrong it was a good show,but man to ditch a lot of good material from On Through The Night and High N Dry! What can you do! Leppard was a $$$$$ making machine back than. Give people want they want and I guess that’s what the Minnesotans wanted on that Saturday Night(High N Dry lite )November 1992!



8 thoughts on “DEF LEPPARD/Saturday Night High N Dry….Kinda!”

  1. Took a while for me to appreciate Adrenalize. I drifted off and then came back when they brought out Retroactive. After that I went back to Adrenalize and got into it more. I totally agree with you on Collen, great on the songs but not a great for the big extended widdles! Campbell buries him in that department.

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  2. Agreed on Viv’s shredding.

    WOuld have been awesome to hear White Lightning. That’s a quality tune that I do not have a live version of on anything, and you know my Def Lep collection is pretty damn extensive.

    Did they play Stand Up? That’s my fave Adrenalize track.


  3. No I was surprised they didn’t play Stand Up..I thought when I seen em that was the single that they were plugging. Would have perferred Stand Up over Have You ….
    Just for you Mikey…more Duluth reviews will be coming down the pike for u!

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  4. That’s quite a show, Deke. No opening act! That’s rarer, especially for a touring band like DL, isn’t it? Sounds like a helluva show. Shame about the first two records getting missed out – they’re on my list for Taranna, I wanna hear them for myself.

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